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Interstate 29 U.S. 275 North
I-29 heads nine miles north from the Pottawattamie County line to Council Bluffs. Photo taken 02/20/20.
Joining Iowa 92 (Veterans Memorial Highway) west toward Lake Manawa State Park, U.S. 275 parts ways with Interstate 29 north at Exit 47. Photo taken 02/20/20.
Interstate 29 North
As part of the Council Bluffs Interstate System Improvement Program, Interstate 29 was realigned onto new bridges spanning Mosquito Creek leading into the parclo interchange (Exit 47) with U.S. 275/Iowa 92 (Veterans Memorial Highway). Photo taken 02/20/20.
U.S. 275 combines with Iowa 92 west to the South Omaha Veterans Memorial Bridge into Nebraska. Iowa 92 forms part of a multi state route with N-92 west to Wyoming and east into Illinois at the Quad Cities. Photo taken 02/20/20.
Interstate 29 proceeds north into a systems interchange (Exit 48) with I-80/U.S. 6. The ensuing ramp departs for I-80 east to Des Moines and U.S. 6 east to Oakland. Photo taken 02/20/20.
Providing access to the succeeding Council Bluffs exits, I-29 runs side by side with the I-80 west Express roadway. Although not marked at Exit 48, U.S. 6 was realigned onto I-80 east to Exit 8 in 2016. Photo taken 02/20/20.
Construction started in 2006 on the Council Bluffs Interstate System Improvement Program. Interstate 29 previously combined with I-80 west from a three-wye interchange just north of MSR 92. Photo taken 02/20/20.
The Council Bluffs Interstate System Improvement Program reconfigured the former east split interchange with I-80 to eliminate left exit ramps. I-29 and I-80 were also separated in a Local / Express freeway configuration leading west toward the Missouri River. Photo taken 02/20/20.
I-29 / I-80 Local runs along the outer roadways beyond Left Exit 48B for I-80 Express. Photo taken 02/20/20.
Interstate 80 Express provides an uninterrupted drive west to the Missouri River Bridge into Omaha, Nebraska. A second access point for I-80 lies ahead at the West Systems Interchange where I-29 turns north. Photo taken 02/20/20.
I-29 was relocated onto the outside roadways along the concurrent section with I-80. The folded diamond interchange joining I-29/80 with S Expressway (old Iowa 192) was reconfigured so that the ramps tie into I-29 alone. Photo taken 03/28/16.
Reflecting the mileage of I-29, the exit for S Expressway was renumbered from 3 to 49. Iowa 192 north to Kanesville Boulevard (old U.S. 6) in Downtown Council Bluffs was decommissioned in 2018. Photo taken 03/28/16.
Running alongside I-80, Interstate 29 crosses Indian Creek west of S Expressway. Photo taken 03/28/16.
A diamond interchange (Exit 50) joins Interstate 29 with S 24th Street near the Mid-America Center retail complex. Photo taken 03/28/16.
An Iowa Welcome Center is a part of the Western Historic Trails Center, located south of I-29/80 to the west of S 24th Street. Photo taken 03/28/16.
S 24th Street links I-29 with U.S. 275/Iowa 92 to the south and 23rd Avenue west to Mid-America Center. Photo taken 03/28/16.
Advancing 0.75 miles from the S 24th Street overpass, I-29 enters the directional T interchange (Exit 51) with Interstate 80 west into Omaha, Nebraska. Photo taken 03/28/16.
Accented by Odyssey, a composition of four sculptures, the 24th Street overpass provides a gateway into Iowa and the city of Council Bluffs. Created by artist Albert Paley, the four pieces range from 46 to 61 feet in height.1 Photo taken 03/28/16.
Eppley Airfield (OMA) lies along the west banks of Missouri River, north of I-480 along Abbott Drive. Photo taken 03/28/16.
I-29 north and I-80 west formerly split at a three-wye interchange. The two stay separated through a rebuilt systems exchange here now. Photo taken 03/28/16.
Reassurance markers for the previous I-29/80 overlap westbound. Photo taken 03/28/16.
The final configuration shifted traffic so that departing traffic for I-80 west into Nebraska departs from the outside lanes. Photo taken 03/28/16.
A temporary traffic pattern partitioned traffic two two lanes for both I-29 north and I-80 west. Two lanes depart from I-29 north for Interstate 80 west into Omaha while the freeway mainline turns north with three lanes here now. Photo taken 03/28/16.
The northbound roadway for Interstate 29 was realigned so that the flyover from I-80 east merges from the outside lanes. The freeway proceeds north a quarter mile to a folded diamond interchange (Exit 52) with Nebraska Avenue. Photo taken 06/18/15.
The exchange joining I-29/U.S. 6 with Nebraska Avenue at Exit 52 was completed in 1969. Construction underway from November 2019 to October 2021 rebuilds the interchange to current design standards. Photo taken 06/18/15.
The Union Pacific Railroad Bridge spanning I-29/U.S. 6 ahead of 9th Avenue (Exit 53A) was reconstructed to allow for eight overall lanes along the freeway. Work was completed in Summer 2019. Photo taken 06/18/15.
Starting in late 2020, the West Broadway Interchange project lowers I-29/U.S. 6 to grade level at 9th Avenue (Exit 53A) and shifts left exit ramps with I-480 to the right side. Photo taken 06/18/15.
U.S. 6 combines with I-480 west across the Missouri River Bridge into Downtown Omaha. U.S. 6 was realigned onto I-80 west and I-29 north around Council Bluffs in 2016. Photo taken 06/18/15.
Interstate 480 constitutes an urban loop joining Council Bluffs with Downtown Omaha. The north leg leads west to U.S. 75 (North Freeway) at Midtown. The west leg combines with U.S. 75 south to I-80 by Hanscom Park. Photo taken 06/18/15.
The directional T interchange with I-480/U.S. 6 includes ramps with Broadway (old U.S. 6) to the east. These will be replaced by a new at-grade roadway intersecting new frontage roads built along I-29. Photo taken 06/18/15.
Interstate 29 North
A cloverleaf interchange joins Interstate 29 north with I-680 west to the Mormon Bridge and Omaha, Nebraska and CR G37 (Old Mormon Bridge Road) east to the city of Crescent. Photo taken 04/20/07.
Prior to Fall 2019, Interstate 680 combined with I-29 for 9.91 miles between Crescent and Loveland. Photo taken 04/20/07.
The city of Missouri Valley lies 14 miles north in Harrison County. 131 miles to the east, Des Moines referenced the former continuation of I-680 east to Interstate 80 near Minden. Photo taken 04/20/07.
I-29 advances north to a diamond interchange (Exit 66) with Rosewood Road. Photo taken 04/20/07.
CR L19 follows Rosewood Road across I-29 at Exit 66 west to 145th Street and east to 152nd Street. 152nd Street extends north to Sumac Road, west of the settlement of Honey Creek. Photo taken 04/20/07.
152nd Street and a CN Railroad line run along the east side of Interstate 29 northward through Rockford township. Photo taken 04/20/07.
Interstate 680 previously branched east from I-29 north at Exit 71. The northern leg of I-680 was renumbered to I-880 in Fall 2019. Photo taken 04/20/07.
Interstate 880 climbs into the Loess Hills east from I-29 along a rural course 17.2 miles to I-80 in Minden township. Photo taken 04/20/07.
A folded diamond interchange (Exit 72) with CR G12 (Desoto Avenue) lies immediately north of I-880 at the community of Loveland. Photo taken 04/20/07.
Providing part of a regional connection between Sioux City and Des Moines, the northern leg of I-680 was designated as Interstate 80N until 1966. Photo taken 04/20/07.
Interstate 880 stems east from I-29 at a trumpet interchange (Exit 71). Photo taken 04/20/07.
I-29 proceeds a half mile north from I-880 to the loop ramp (Exit 72) for CR G12 (Desoto Avenue). CR G12 spurs west to Wilson Island State Park along the Missouri River. Photo taken 04/20/07.
Linking I-29 with CR L20 (Old Lincoln Highway) at Loveland, Desoto Avenue was previously designated as Iowa 382. Old Lincoln Highway was historically a part of U.S. 75, U.S. 30 Alternate and later Iowa 183. Photo taken 04/20/07.
2 photos
2 photos
Turning northwest across the Boyer River, Interstate 29 crosses into Harrison County. Photos taken 04/20/07.
Weight stations formerly operated along both sides of Interstate 29 north of the Boyer River. Photo taken 04/20/07.
Curving back to the north, I-29 advances two miles to a parclo interchange (Exit 75) with U.S. 30. Photo taken 04/20/07.
An Iowa Welcome Center is located 4.8 miles to the northeast of I-29 along U.S. 30 at the Harrison County Historical Museum / Lincoln Highway Center. Photo taken 04/20/07.
U.S. 30 travels west from Exit 75 ten miles to the city of Blair, Nebraska. Downtown Missouri Valley is 1.5 miles to the east. Photo taken 04/20/07.
Exit 75 leaves I-29 north for U.S. 30 west to the DeSoto Wildlife Refuge and east to the Harrison County seat of Logan. Photo taken 04/20/07.
2 photos
2 photos
Vacating the city of Missouri Valley, Interstate 29 angles northwest six miles to Modale. Photos taken 04/20/07.
The second rest area along Interstate 29 north in Iowa lines the freeway beyond milepost 78. Photo taken 04/20/07.
280th Street spans Interstate 29, 1.25 miles south of the diamond interchange (Exit 82) with Harrison County Road F50. Photo taken 04/20/07.
Modale is just west of Exit 82 via CR F50 (270th Street) and Martin Street. CR F50 replaced Iowa 300 between I-29 and the rural city. Photo taken 04/20/07.
Interstate 29 advances 65 miles north from Modale to Sioux City. Photo taken 04/20/07.
The west end of Iowa 127 connects with Interstate 29 less than a mile from the city of Mondamin. Photo taken 04/20/07.
Iowa 127 travels 15.9 miles from I-29 at Exit 89 to U.S. 30 by the Harrison County Courthouse in Logan. Photo taken 04/20/07.
Confirming marker posted north of the diamond interchange (Exit 89) with Iowa 127 east. Photo taken 04/20/07.
The city of Little Sioux lies east of the succeeding exit along I-29 north. Sioux City is 58 miles away. Photo taken 04/20/07.
2 photos
2 photos
Parking areas line both sides of Interstate 29 by Round Lake State Wildlife Management Area in Morgan township. Photos taken 04/20/07.
County Road F20 replaced Iowa 301 east from Exit 95 to River Sioux and Little Sioux. Photo taken 04/20/07.
CR F20 meanders east to Loess Hills State Forest from Little Sioux to Iowa 183 at Pisgah. Photo taken 04/20/07.
Interstate 29 proceeds north from Exit 95 to the Monona County line alongside CR K45 (old U.S. 75). Photo taken 04/20/07.

  1. City of Council Bluffs, Iowa - 24th St. Bridge (I-29 & I-80). Public Art & Practice - Projects web site.

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