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Interstate 10 West Interstate 35 North
IH 10 west and IH 35 north combine for 2.1 miles northbound to western reaches of Downtown San Antonio. Exit 154A departs just beyond the SL 353 (Nogalitos Street) overpass for Powell and San Marco Streets. Photo taken 12/31/02.
Exit 154A connects IH 10 / 35 north with Powell Street east to adjacent Nogalitos Street (old U.S. 81) and San Marcos Street north to industrial areas west of Apache Creek. Photo taken 12/31/02.
Traffic partitions into a upper and lower level configuration between Laredo and El Paso Streets. The lower level branches away from the mainline to the left, connecting IH 10 / 35 with SS 536 (South Alamo Street). Photo taken 12/31/02.
Motorists headed west along IH 10 & U.S. 87 from IH 35 are directed to use the upper level of the freeway, as those travel lanes stay to the right. Exit 154B departs next for South Laredo Street and Cevalios Street. Photo taken 12/31/02.
Points of interest for Exit 154B and South Laredo Street include the Produce Terminal and the University of Texas at San Antonio. Photo taken 12/31/02.
Exit 154B leaves IH 10 west & IH 35 north as the freeway partitions into lower and upper levels. Photo taken 12/31/02.
Advance signage for Exit 155A from the IH 10 / 35 lower level for SS 536 (South Alamo Street). SS 536 represents the former surface route of U.S. 281 leading south from Downtown. Photo taken 12/31/02.
The split roadways of IH 10 / 35 northbound converge less than a half mile ahead of Exit 155B for Cesar E. Chavez Boulevard (former Durango Boulevard). Photo taken 12/31/02.
IH 10 leading northwest from IH 35 (Exit 156) is the McDermott Freeway. Photo taken 12/31/02.
Exit 155B to Cesar E. Chavez Boulevard is the main exit into Downtown San Antonio from Interstate 35. Area attractions include The Alamo, the Tower of the Americas, and the Arneson River Theatre. Photo taken 12/31/02.
IH 10 west & U.S. 87 north separate from IH 35 north along a two-lane ramp (Exit 156) through a directional T interchange. Photo taken 12/31/02.
Interstate 10 west & U.S. 87 continue northwest from Exit 156 to Boerne and western Kendall County, where they split for Kerrville and Fredericksburg respectively. Photo taken 12/31/02.


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