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Made official by AASHTO on October 27, 1995, the Ames Business Loop for Interstate 35 follows a stair stepped route 7.2 miles west of Exits 111A and 113. Following the U.S. 30 freeway west from I-35, Business Loop I-35 departs at Exit 148 for U.S. 69 (Duff Avenue) north to Lincoln Way, the pre-freeway alignment of U.S. 30. Lincoln Way carries the route west to the central business district along side U.S. 69 to Grand Avenue. Lincoln Way continues west to Iowa State University while Business Loop I-35 turns north on Grand Avenue to 13th Street for its return to I-35.

Business Loop I-35 North U.S. 30 West
Business Loop I-35 emerges from a loop ramp onto U.S. 30 west ahead of Exit 151A for Interstate 35 south to Des Moines. U.S. 30 bypasses Ames to the south along a four-lane freeway between I-35 and W Avenue in Boone County. Photo taken 04/12/13.
The next five interchanges all serve the city of Ames starting with Exit 150 at Dayton Avenue. Dayton Avenue winds north from a diamond interchange with U.S. 30 by a number of industrial parks through east Ames to Bloomington. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Business Loop I-35 north & U.S. 30 west span the South Skunk River immediately west of Dayton Avenue. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Business Loop I-35 part ways with U.S. 30 west at a parclo interchange for U.S. 69 (Duff Avenue) north in Ames. Photo taken 04/12/13.
U.S. 69 leads south from Ames nine miles to Huxley. Ames Municipal Airport (AMW) lies west of Duff Avenue via Airport Road nearby. Photo taken 04/12/13.
A trailblazer directs Business Loop I-35 onto Duff Avenue north for the start of a 2.5-mile overlap with U.S. 69. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Business Loop I-35 U.S. 69 North
Duff Avenue constitutes a busy commercial arterial north from Airport Boulevard and U.S. 30 to Lincolnway and Downtown Ames. A set of reassurance markers for Business Loop I-35/U.S. 69 precede 16th Street. Photo taken 04/12/13.
16th Street parallels the U.S. 30 freeway east to Dayton and Bell Avenues and west to Jack Trice Stadium, home to Iowa State Cyclones football. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Chestnut Street connects Duff Avenue with box box retail on both sides of Business Loop I-35 & U.S. 69 at the next traffic light. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Crossing Squaw Creek, Business Loop I-35/U.S. 69 (Duff Avenue) continue to intersect 5th Street, a local road serving more retail and a number of apartments to the west. Photo taken 04/12/13.
3rd Street leads west from Duff Avenue to become 4th Street to University Boulevard for Jack Trice Stadium and Hilton Coliseum. Photo taken 04/12/13.
More retail lines 3rd Street both east of Duff Avenue and west of Walnut Avenue. Business Loop I-35/U.S. 69 north turn west in two blocks. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Lincoln Way traverses Downtown Ames west as Business Loop I-35/U.S. 69 to Grand Avenue. Also known as the Lincoln Highway, the historic auto trail leads east to link Ames with the city of Nevada. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Business Loop I-35/U.S. 69 are well signed at the turn onto Lincoln Way west. Duff Avenue continues north across Union Pacific Railroad tracks to the Brandshell and Wilson-Beardshear neighborhoods, meeting Business Loop I-35 again at 13th Street. Photo taken 04/12/13.
A Lincoln Highway trailblazer stands along Lincoln Way west after the merge with Business Loop I-35/U.S. 69 north. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Reassurance shields for Business Loop I-35/U.S. 69 north follow at Sherman Avenue. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Kellogg Avenue heads north from 3rd Street to crosses paths with Lincoln Way at the next traffic signal. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Clark Avenue south and Walnut Avenue north come together at Business Loop I-35/U.S. 69 (Lincoln Way). Photo taken 04/12/13.
Passing by another shopping center, Business Loop I-35/U.S. 69 prepare to split with Lincoln Way for Grand Avenue north to the Garden District. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Grand Avenue spurs southward to 4th Street and a rail trail along the former Chicago & North Western Railroad line. Northward the route doubles as Business Loop I-35 to 13th Street and U.S. 69 to the city line. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Business Loop I-35 U.S. 69 South
Shields posted for Business Loop I-35/U.S. 69 south along Duff Avenue between 5th Street and Squaw Creek. Photo taken 10/04/08.
Business Loop I-35 South U.S. 30 East
Business Loop I-35 south joins U.S. 30 east from U.S. 69 (Duff Avenue) one half mile ahead of the diamond interchange (Exit 150) with Dayton Avenue. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Eastbound motorists span the South Skunk River one mile out from the cloverleaf interchange (Exits 151A/B) with Interstate 35. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Interstate 35 trailblazers are posted throughout the Ames area along alternate routes to the freeway. The concept is similar to the Emergency Detour routes used for inclement weather and other road closures across the state. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Dayton Avenue serves a sprawling industrial area from Exit 150 north to Lincoln Way (County Road E41) and 13th Street, west of I-35 at Exit 113. The road ends at 18th Street nearby. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Business Loop I-35 south returns to Interstate 35 south in one half mile via Exit 151A. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Decorative posts line both sides of the U.S. 30 freeway between Dayton Avenue and Interstate 35 as the gateway to Ames. Photo taken 04/12/13.
Interstate 35 leads due south 25 miles to combine with Interstate 80 west at the capital city of Des Moines. References to Business Loop I-35 here are unusual, considering that the route concludes here. Photo taken 04/12/13.
A loop ramp carries drivers onto Interstate 35 north to Mason City, Albert Lea and the Twin Cities in Minnesota. U.S. 30 continues from Ames to Nevada as an at-grade expressway. Photo taken 04/12/13.

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