Business Loop I-35A in Laredo travels approximately four miles along portions of Old U.S. 81 (San Bernardo Avenue) and later U.S. 83 Business. The route was established on March 26, 1991, following parallel San Bernardo Avenue south from IH 35, Exit 3B to the one-way couplet of Houston and Matamoros Streets near the south end of the freeway. Houston Avenue takes the route west to Salinas Avenue south, which provides a direct route to the port of entry for the Gateway to the Americas International Bridge (the historic south end of U.S. 81). The loop turns northward along Convent Avenue (old U.S. 81) north to Matamoros Street east and San Dario Avenue north to directly transition into IH 35 north.

Business Loop I-35 North U.S. 83 South Texas State Highway 359 East
Business Loop I-35 follows Matamoros Street east from Convent Avenue to merge with U.S. 83 south & SH 359 east one block between Santa Ursula and San Dario Avenues. The business route turns northward to IH 35 at San Dario Avenue. 09/29/07
Business Loop I-35 North
A Business Loop I-35 shield appears at the corner of San Dario Avenue north and Matamoros Street (U.S. 83 south & SH 359 east) east. Business Loop I-35 leads directly to IH 35 north and otherwise provides return access to Downtown via Houston Street in one block. 09/29/07
Five lanes of San Dario Avenue prepare to split at Houston Street (Business Loop I-35 south) for the beginning of Interstate 35 at Victoria Street. U.S. 83 turns north onto the freeway from Houston Street west as well, with U.S. 59 beginning at Exit 2 via Lafayette Street. 09/29/07
Business Loop I-35 North - San Bernardo Avenue
San Bernardo Avenue flows southward from Del Mar Boulevard to its split with Santa Ursula Avenue. Northbound travelers taking Business Loop I-35 along San Bernardo Avenue are defaulted onto Santa Ursula Avenue south at their apex. Santa Ursula comprises a frontage road to IH 35 & U.S. 83 south to Calton Road and the freeway end at Victoria Street. 09/29/07
Business Loop I-35 South - San Bernardo Avenue
Santa Ursula Avenue splits with Business Loop I-35 (San Bernardo Avenue) south as the frontage road for IH 35 & U.S. 83. An access ramp connects San Bernardo Avenue south with Santa Ursula Avenue ahead of Calton Road. 09/29/07
Reassurance marker posted for Business Loop I-35 (San Bernardo Avenue) south at Tesoro Lane. A diamond interchange joins Interstate 35 & U.S. 83 with Calton Road to the immediate east. 09/29/07
Business Loop I-35 U.S. 83 South
Interstate 35 ends at the signalized intersection with Victoria Street northeast of Downtown Laredo. U.S. 83 overtakes Santa Ursula Avenue for two blocks to combine with Texas 359 east along Matamoros Street. Business Loop I-35 branches westward onto Houston Street west to provide access to the Gateway to the Americas International Bridge via Downtown. 09/29/07
Houston Street carries U.S. 83 north from Guadalupe Street west to San Dario Avenue north to IH 35. Texas 359 follows the street to end at Santa Ursula Avenue opposite Business Loop I-35. 09/29/07
U.S. 83 (Santa Ursula Avenue) next intersects Houston Street, which carries Business Loop I-35 west to Salinas Avenue. 09/28/07
U.S. 83 South
U.S. 83 turns east onto Matamoros Street, combining with the beginning of SH 359. Texas 359 travels 135.03 miles from Laredo to Hebbronville, San Diego, Alice, Mathis and U.S. 181 at Skidmore. U.S. 83 follows SH 359 east for 2.2 miles before turning southward again en route to Zapata and the Lower Rio Grande Valley. 09/29/07
Business Loop I-35 South - Houston Street
Houston Street (Business Loop I-35 south) west at San Agustin Avenue north. 09/28/07
Flores Avenue flows south from Business Loop I-35 (Houston Street) into the central business district, one block east of Convent Avenue (Business Loop I-35 north / old U.S. 81). 09/28/07
Houston Street west
Business Loop I-35 turns south onto Salinas Avenue, which ends as a loop west parallel to Water Street. Santa Maria Avenue provides a direct route from Houston Street to the Americas International Bridge via Water Street east. 09/28/07
Santa Maria Avenue south at Matamoros Street, which carries Business Loop I-35 back to IH 35 east from Convent Avenue. Water Street east to the Rio Grande River bridge lies seven blocks ahead. 09/28/07

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