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Interstate 39 & U.S. 51 north
Wis 21 crosses paths with Interstate 39 & U.S. 51 at a diamond interchange (Exit 124) in one mile. Photo taken 06/15/15.
Exit 124 leaves I-39 & U.S. 51 north for Wis 21 (Follett Drive) at Coloma. The trunk highway travels 13 miles east to the county seat of Wautoma and 29 miles west to Necedah. STH-21 runs 123 miles overall between Sparta and Oshkosh. Photo taken 06/15/15.
A sweeping curve takes Interstate 39 & U.S. 51 northwest from Coloma along a ridge (1,200 feet above sea level) to the Hancock town line. Photo taken 06/15/15.
The village of Hancock is next along the freeway in six miles. Stevens Point is now a half hour away. Photo taken 06/15/15.
A weigh station lies one mile north of milepost 126 along I-39 & U.S. 51. Photo taken 06/15/15.
The Waushara County weigh station is a rarity on the Interstate system, as it operates within the freeway median. Photo taken 06/15/15.
Flat farm land spreads to the west as Interstate 39 & U.S. 51 progress north toward Hancock. Photo taken 06/15/15.
County V angles northeast from Wis 21 on the Adams County line to run along side I-39 & U.S. 51 to Exit 131 in Hancock. Photo taken 06/15/15.
North Lake Street carries CTH-V east from the diamond interchange (Exit 131) with I-39 & U.S. 51 through Hancock to Pine Lake. Photo taken 06/15/15.
Interstate 39 & U.S. 51 advance north from Hancock 1.5 miles to enter the town of Plainfield. Photo taken 06/15/15.
The village of Plainfield is located five miles to the northeast via I-39 and Wis 73 east. The freeway otherwise extends north another 61 miles to Wausau. Photo taken 06/15/15.
14,100 vehicles per day (vpd) were recorded on this rural stretch of Interstate 39 & U.S. 51 in 2014. Photo taken 06/15/15.
Wis 73 travels east-west across Interstate 39 & U.S. 51 at a diamond interchange just outside Plainfield. A 265-mile route, Wis 73 previously met Interstate 39 with I-90 and U.S. 51 at Edgerton. The state trunk highway travels north from there to Wautoma, where it turns more westerly to Exit 136. Photo taken 06/15/15.
Beyond Exit 136, Wis 73 northbound continues another 13 miles to Wis 13. Wis 13 leads due north to Wisconsin Rapids while Wis 73 takes a circuitous route to the Wood County seat via Nekoosa and Port Edwards along the Wisconsin River. Photo taken 06/15/15.
Reassurance markers for Interstate 39 & U.S. 51 north posted after Exit 136. Photo taken 06/15/15.
Interstate 39 & U.S. 51 travel 22 miles north to Stevens Point and 55 miles to Wausau. Photo taken 06/15/15.
County D leads west five miles from the village of Almond to connect with the freeway at a diamond interchange (Exit 139) in one mile. Photo taken 06/15/15.
Interstate 39 & U.S. 51 commence a 33-mile stretch through Portage County at the town of Pine Grove. Photo taken 06/15/15.
Exit 139 parts ways with I-39 & U.S. 51 north for County D. CTH-D ventures west 6.6 miles to end at CTH-F near STH-73. The county trunk highway east forms a long arc east to Almond, Blaine and CTH-J outside Plover. Photo taken 06/15/15.
Confirming markers for I-39 & U.S. 51 posted beyond the South Branch of Tenmile Creek. Photo taken 06/15/15.
3rd Avenue spans the freeway in the distance as I-39 & U.S. 51 travel just west of Mosquito Bluff. The adjacent hills rise to 1,240 feet above sea level. Photo taken 06/15/15.
County W stems west from County J, north of Almond, to cross paths with Interstate 39 & U.S. 51 at Bancroft in one mile. Photo taken 06/15/15.
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 143) with Portage County W (Main Street) on I-39 & U.S. 51 north. CTH-W dog legs north two miles before turning west along the Plover town line to CTH-U, seven miles out from the Wisconsin Rapids city center. Photo taken 06/15/15.
Interstate 39 & U.S. 51 continue uninterrupted northward 7.8 miles across agricultural areas west of Keene. Photo taken 06/15/15.
Minocqua, in far northern Oneida County, debuts on mileage signs 117 miles out. Four exits serve the city of Stevens Point from I-39 starting in 12 miles. Photo taken 06/15/15.
A distant ridge line appears to the east as I-39 remains across flat farm land. County BB runs along the hillside from Keene to Wis 54. Photo taken 06/15/15.
Northbound drivers reach the village of Plover at the upcoming diamond interchange (Exit 151) with U.S. 51 Business and Wis 54. Wis 54 ventures 22 miles from Waupaca to combine with U.S. 51 Business north along Post Road to the village center. Photo taken 06/15/15.
U.S. 51 Business loops 9.6 miles through Plover, Whiting and Stevens Point between Exits 151 and 161. Wis 54 overlaps with the route to Plover Road (CTH-B), where it turns west along a divided highway then expressway leading to Wisconsin Rapids.
Greenouts in place reflected a detour taking STH-54 north to Exit 153 from May 18 to September in 2015. A $2 million project reconstructed the intersection of U.S. 51 Business & Wis 54 with Maple Drive into a single lane roundabout. This work also included extending sidewalks north to County B.1 Photo taken 06/15/15.
Continuing north, the southern outskirts of Plover remain rural to the commercial strip along Plover Road (Portage County B). Photo taken 06/15/15.
County B extends Plover Road east from Wis 54 as a commercial arterial to a diamond interchange (Exit 153) with I-39 & U.S. 51. Photo taken 06/15/15.
Exit 153 leaves the freeway north for Plover Road. The four-lane stretch of CTH-B runs east another two miles as the trunk highway continues to U.S. 10 between Amherst and Amherst Junction. Photo taken 06/15/15.
Several subdivisions in east Plover line the freeway north to Exit 156. Photo taken 06/15/15.
Mosinee, home to nearly 4,000, is the next city north of Stevens Point along Interstate 39 in 27 miles. The interstate ends in 34 miles, just shy of Wausau. Photo taken 06/15/15.
A parclo interchange (Exit 156) joins I-39 & U.S. 51 with County HH (McDill Avenue) one mile ahead by the Crossroads Commons big box retail center. Photo taken 06/15/15.
County HH travels across south Stevens Point, through the village of Whiting and along northern reaches of Plover on a 8.7-mile route between Wis 66 and County J. Photo taken 06/15/15.
A community interchanges identification sign outlines the three Stevens Point exits from Interstate 39 & U.S. 51 over the next five miles. U.S. 10 west and Wis 66 east come together at Exit 158 next. Photo taken 06/15/15.
Separate ramps (Exits 158A/B) at a six-ramp parclo interchange depart in one mile for U.S. 10 east to Amherst and Waupaca and Wis 66 west to Park Ridge and Downtown Stevens Point. Photo taken 06/15/15.
Exit 158A carries motorists onto U.S. 10 ahead of a commercial strip to the Stevens Point city line. Beyond Stevens Point and Custer, U.S. 10 constitutes either an expressway or freeway east to Interstate 41 and Appleton. Photo taken 06/15/15.
Wis 66 west follows the pre-2010 alignment of U.S. 10 across Stevens Point to County C (Clark Street). The trunk highway follows Main Street west from Iverson Park to a couplet through Downtown. Photo taken 06/15/15.

  1. "North Central Region Road Construction Update." The City Times, May 1, 2015.

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