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Designated in 1992 and completely signed by 1998, Interstate 39 extends 182.72 miles north in the Badger State. The freeway designation runs concurrently with Interstate 90 from Illinois at Beloit, north toward Madison, where I-94 joins the pair. The three overlap between the capital city to a point just south of Portage. There I-39 combines with U.S. 51 north to Plover, Stevens Point and Wausau.

Interstate 39 ends at an interchange with Wis 29 west of Downtown Wausau. The freeway continues north along U.S. 51 another 24 miles to Merrill, and as a varying expressway / freeway to Tomahawk and the Oneida County line.

The I-39/90 Expansion Project underway through 2021 rebuilds a 45 mile long stretch of I-39/90 from the Illinois state line to Madison. Work modernizes the freeway by rebuilding bridges, reconfiguring outdated interchange designs and widening the freeway to six or eight overall lanes. One of the larger projects is the Systems Interchange being built with Interstate 43 north and Wis 81 west. Work there runs from Summer 2019 to Fall 2021.

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