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Interstate 40 U.S. 74 East
Wiggins Road loops north from U.S. 19/23 (Smokey Park Highway) to meet I-40/U.S. 74 at Exit 37. U.S. 19/23 travel close by between Turnpike and Candler Heights. Photo taken 05/31/07.
U.S. 64 Truck emerges from obscurity in this shield assembly posted beyond the Wiggins Road on-ramp. The truck route of U.S. 64 follows U.S. 74 northeast from Murphy to Interstate 40 and continues with U.S. 74 east along Interstate 26 to Hendersonville. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Asheville is the seat of Buncombe County; Downtown lies 13 miles to the east via Interstate 240. Photo taken 12/31/13.
Weigh stations follow on both sides of I-40/U.S. 74 near Justice Ridge. Photo taken 12/31/13.
Trucks depart I-40 & U.S. 74 east beyond the Morgan Road (SR 1220) overpass for the weigh station. Photo taken 12/31/13.
U.S. 19/23 (Smokey Park Highway) travel from Candler and Hominy eastward to the cross paths with I-40 & U.S. 74 at Exit 44 in one mile. The US route pair travel through the western suburbs of Asheville including Enka, Sand Hill and Sulphur Springs via Patton Avenue. Photo taken 12/31/13.
Interstate 40 widens from the parclo interchange (Exit 44) with U.S. 19/23 to I-26 & 240. A $42.9-million design-build project expanded the freeway to eight overall lanes between October 2005 and May 2008.1 Photo taken 12/31/13.
The Swannanoa Mountains come into view as I-40/U.S. 74 east reach the off-ramp (Exit 44) to U.S. 19/23 (Patton Avenue). The tandem enters the city limits of Asheville northeast of the freeway en route four miles to their merge with I-26/240 near Downtown. Photo taken 12/31/13.
An auxiliary lane accompanies I-40/U.S. 74 east to the directional interchange (Exits 46A/B) with I-26/240 east. The upcoming exchange sees the departure of U.S. 74 from I-40 onto I-26 eastbound. The 36 mile overlap between the two highways concludes at Columbus. Photo taken 12/31/13.
One-half mile from the ramp departure of Exit 46A to I-26/U.S. 74-U.S. 64 Truck east on Interstate 40 east. I-26 & U.S. 74 travel north-south from Asheville to the city of Hendersonville, a distance of roughly 18 miles. Beyond there I-26 begins its southeasterly turn toward Spartanburg, Columbia, and Charleston, South Carolina. Photo taken 12/31/13.
Until August 5, 2003, Exit 46 represented the western terminus of Interstate 26. Coinciding with the opening of a nine mile stretch of freeway between Mars Hill and Sams Gap to the north, Interstate 26 saw extension from Asheville to Interstate 81 and the Tri-Cities region of Tennessee. Photo taken 12/31/13.
Interstate 40 East
Bridges for the I-26 eastbound mainline and the left side ramp from I-26 west to I-40 west pass above as the left side ramp (Exit 46B) for I-26 west / I-240 east parts ways. Interstate 240 commences a 9.14 mile urban loop here, coinciding with I-26 for roughly four miles to the U.S. 19-23-70 junction at Downtown Asheville. Photo taken 12/31/13.
Interstate 40 departs the exchange with I-26/240 and U.S. 74 and quickly approaches NC 191 (Brevard Road) at Exit 47. Brevard Road serves the western reaches of the city and the Western North Carolina Farmers Market. Photo taken 05/31/07.
An auxiliary lane accompanies Interstate 40 east from the I-26 eastbound on-ramp to the folded diamond interchange (Exit 47) with NC 191 (Brevard Road). Photo taken 12/31/13.
The two roadways of I-40 converge east of Hominy Creek and west of the NC 191 (Brevard Road) overpass. Photo taken 12/31/13.
Exit 47 loops away from I-40 east to NC 191. Brevard Road carries NC 191 south 1.5 miles from Haywood Road to Interstate 40. South from here the state route continues 1.75 miles to a parclo interchange with I-26/U.S. 74 at the Asheville Outlets retail center. Photo taken 12/31/13.
Leaving NC 191, Interstate 40 spans the French Broad River through rural lands south of Asheville. Beaucatcher, Piney and Cisco Mountains rise to the northeast. Photo taken 12/31/13.
The town of Black Mountain is the next control point for I-40 east in 17 miles. Statesville, where the freeway meets Interstate 77, is 104 miles away. Photo taken 12/31/13.
Two miles west of the three quarter cloverleaf interchange (Exit 50) with U.S. 25 for the Biltmore Estate and Biltmore Village Historic District along Interstate 40 east. Photo taken 12/31/13.
Forthcoming U.S. 25 (Hendersonville Road) provides the main surface route into Downtown Asheville from Biltmore Forest, Valley Springs, and Skyland. Photo taken 12/31/13.
Interstate 40 enters the town of Biltmore Forest at the crossing of Ram Branch on the one half mile approach to U.S. 25 (Exit 50). U.S. 25 follows McDowell Street northward into the city of Asheville. The US highway serves Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College and Mission Hospitals Memorial Campus. Photo taken 12/31/13.
Vanderbilt Road crosses over Interstate 40 as Exit 50 departs for U.S. 25 (Hendersonville Road). U.S. 25 follows Hendersonville Road, McDowell Street, Southside Avenue, Biltmore Avenue and Broadway Street on the 3.7 mile drive between Interstate 40 and Interstate 240 at Downtown Asheville. Photo taken 12/31/13.
Swannanoa Mountain rises along the eastern horizon as Interstate 40 advances east of the London Road underpass. Photo taken 12/31/13.
Nearing the folded diamond interchange (Exit 51 ) with U.S. 25A (Sweeten Creek Road) along I-40 east in East Biltmore. Photo taken 12/31/13.
Exit 51 departs Interstate 40 east for U.S. 25A (Sweeten Creek Road). U.S. 25A parallels U.S. 25 to the east along Brook Street and Sweeten Creek Road between Arden and the city of Asheville. A number of industrial businesses line the route as U.S. 25 parallels a railroad corridor. Photo taken 12/31/13.
Little Cedar Mountain appears to the east as Interstate 40 encircles the Oakley community in southeast Asheville. Photo taken 12/31/13.
Interstate 240 returns to Interstate 40 alongside U.S. 74A at Gashes Creek and Exits 53A/B. I-240/U.S. 74A travel west toward Downtown Asheville while U.S. 74A east leads away from the city to Reynolds and Fairview. Photo taken 12/31/13.
A directional cloverleaf interchange joins Interstate 40 with Interstate 240 west & U.S. 74A at Exits 53A/B. U.S. 74A travels twenty miles east to Bat Cave and the merge with U.S. 64. U.S. 64/74A continue a short distance from there to Chimney Rock and Lake Lure. Photo taken 12/31/13.
Exit 53A leaves Interstate 40 east for U.S. 74A (Charlotte Highway). U.S. 74A ventures 44 miles east to U.S. 221 at Rutherfordton. Photo taken 12/31/13.
U.S. 74A quickly enters a grade separated intersection with the Blue Ridge Parkway nearby. The Blue Ridge Parkway stays south and east of Asheville on its northeasterly route to Mount Mitchell. Photo taken 12/31/13.
A loop ramp carries drivers onto U.S. 74A west for the westbound beginning of Interstate 240. I-240 and U.S. 74A trave; five miles to meet Interstate 26, gaining U.S. 70 along the way. However initially U.S. 74A parts ways with Interstate 240 for Fairview Road to NC 81 (Swannanoa River Road). The departing US highway serves the Western North Carolina Nature Center. Photo taken 07/16/05.
Interstate 40 travels by Hemphill Knob and next meets Porter Cove Road (Exit 55) at a diamond interchange. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Eastbound reassurance shield posted ahead of the Blue Ridge Parkway overpass near Little Cedar Mountain. Photo taken 05/31/07.
With a traffic jam in progress, Interstate 40 reaches the Exit 55 off-ramp to Porter Cove Road. Porter Cove Road spurs south from adjacent U.S. 70 (Tunnel Road) to Porter Cove on the Swannanoa Mountains. Photo taken 05/31/07.
U.S. 70 travels east from eastern reaches of Asheville at Beverly Hills, Oteen and the Veterans Hospital to Swannanoa just north of Interstate 40. Connections with the Blue Ridge Parkway north lead motorists to Mount Mitchell State Park. Photo taken 05/31/07.


Photo Credits:

  • 07/16/05 by AARoads.
  • 05/31/07 by AARoads and Carter Buchanan.
  • 12/31/13 by AARoads and Carter Buchanan.

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