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Interstate 40 east
Interstate 40 leaves Interstate 75 and approaches the Exit 386 interchange complex with Middlebrook Pike (Tennessee 169) and the southbound beginning of U.S. 129 (Alcoa Highway). Photo taken 10/15/11.
Four lanes of Interstate 40 travel east to Exit 387. University of Tennessee traffic is directed southward onto the U.S. 129 (Alcoa Highway) freeway to the U.S. 11 & 70 (Cumberland Avenue) off-ramp toward downtown. Photo taken 11/08/09.
Tennessee Secondary 169 follows Middlebrook Pike east from West View to end at Tennessee Secondary 62 (Western Avenue) opposite University Avenue. U.S. 129 and Interstate 40 meet at a tri-level stack interchange above SSR 169. The 582-mile route travels initially as a freeway across the Tennessee River to the University of Tennessee Medical Center. The US highway continues south to Knoxville Airport (TYS), Maryville and the Great Smokey Mountains. Photo taken 10/15/11.
Exit 386A leaves Interstate 40 east for the intersection of Sutherland Avenue and Partners Place. Partners Place connects with SSR 169 (Middlebrook Pike) west while Sutherland Avenue provides the link to SSR 169 east to University Avenue. Exit 387 serves aforementioned SSR 62 via Dale Avenue east to 17th Street NW and Western Avenue. Photo taken 11/08/09.
Interstate 40 eastbound at the Exit 386B ramp departure to U.S. 129 (Alcoa Highway). U.S. 129 ends at Chiefland, Florida.
Interstate 275 begins in one mile via Exit 387A from downtown Knoxville and U.S. 441 (Henley Street). The 2.98-mile route joins Interstate 40 with the split of Interstate 75 north & 640 east. Photo taken 10/15/11.
Exit 387 follows and drops down to parallel Dale Avenue as the U.S. 129 northbound on-ramp nears the merge with Interstate 40 east. Interstate 275 begins in one half mile and links Downtown Knoxville with Interstate 75 leading northwest to Lake City and Lexington, Kentucky. Photo taken 10/15/11.
The addition of U.S. 129 traffic expands Interstate 40 east to five overall lanes ahead of the two-lane ramp departure of Exit 387A onto Interstate 275 north. Photo taken 10/15/11.
Downtown Knoxville comes into view as Interstate 40 lower from the 17th Street underpass to Exit 387A (Interstate 275 north). A stacked directional-cloverleaf interchange joins Interstate 275 with Interstate 40 and Henley Street south to U.S. 441 via Exit 388. Photo taken 10/15/11.
Exit 387A leaves Interstate 40 east for Interstate 275 north as the freeway passes under SSR 62 (Western Avenue). Exit 388 follows as a southbound ramp to both Henley Street and 11th Street to Western Avenue. Photo taken 10/15/11.
Exit 388 follows onto Henley Street southbound and U.S. 441 to South Knoxville. Greenouts applied to Exit 388 signage cover the U.S. 441 reference as the Henley Street Bridge over the Tennessee River was closed on January 3, 2011 for a multi-year reconstruction project. The official detour utilizes Exit 388A to James White Parkway (SR 158 west to SR 71 south) across the South Knox Bridge. Photo taken 10/15/11.
Interstate 40 passes under several ramps to Interstate 275 and Henley Street. An on-ramp joins the eastbound side from Dale Avenue next. Photo taken 10/15/11.
Entering the 2009-completed "SmartFix" section of Interstate 40, travelers take a five-lane eastbound viaduct through to a tri-level stack interchange (Exit 388A) with Tennessee 158 (James White Parkway) west to Summit Hill Drive and Downtown Knoxville. Exit 389 follows as a reconfigured diamond interchange with Hall of Fame Drive. Photo taken 11/08/09.
The "Smartfix" construction project redesigned Exit 388A to eliminate left-hand movements to Tennessee 158 (James White Parkway) and increase capacity. Tennessee 158 was also improved southward to Summit Hill Drive. Tennessee 158 otherwise follows James White Parkway southward to Tennessee 71 and Neyland Drive west along the Tennessee Riverfront to the University of Tennessee. Photo taken 11/08/09.
A parting shot of Exit 388A and the westbound beginning of Tennessee 158 (James White Parkway). Tennessee 158 constitutes a 4.5-mile loop from Interstate 40 west to U.S. 11 & 70 (Cumberland Avenue), west of U.S. 129 (Alcoa Highway). Tennessee 71 continues James White Parkway east to South Knox Boulevard across the Tennessee. Photo taken 11/08/09.
Originally the carriageways of Interstate 40 partitioned at James White Parkway through a tri-level stack interchange. "Smartfix" combined the carriageways on one overpass above ramps to Tennessee 158 and a reconfigured East 5th Avenue. Photo taken 11/08/09.
Hall of Fame Drive was extended northward by November 2007 to connect with Exit 389. The surface arterial continues to U.S. 441 (Broadway). Photo taken 11/08/09.
An decorative overpass carries Hall of Fame Drive above Interstate 40 at Exit 389. The north-south road derives its name from the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame, where Hall of Fame Drive begins. Photo taken 11/08/09.
Continuing east, Interstate 40 passes over North 6th Avenue and Mitchell Street on the three-quarter mile approach to Cherry Street (Exit 390). Photo taken 11/08/09.
Exit 390 claims the right-hand lane for the Cherry Street diamond interchange. Cherry Street leads north to Cecil Avenue near the North Knoxville community. Photo taken 11/08/09.
Interstate 40 eastbound at the Cherry Street off-ramp (Exit 390). Cherry Street connects the freeway with parallel U.S. 11 & 70 (Magnolia Avenue) at the Park City neighborhood of Knoxville.
The Lane Ends sign was added by 2011. Photo taken 10/15/11.
Eastbound travelers leave the "Smartfix" section of Interstate 40, Exit 393 with the east end of Interstate 640 lies two miles ahead. Photo taken 11/08/09.
U.S. 11 (Magnolia Avenue) splits into separate components at Burlington. U.S. 11W follows Rutledge Pike north to Exit 392 and John Sevier. U.S. 11E follows U.S. 70 (Asheville Highway) east to Chilhowee Hills and Trentville. Photo taken 11/08/09.
Knoxville Zoological Park lines the eastbound side of Interstate 40 ahead of the Exit 392 partial-cloverleaf interchange. Exit 392 directly connects with Knoxville Zoo Drive west from U.S. 11W (Rutledge Pike). Photo taken 11/08/09.
Exit 392 parts ways with Interstate 40 east for U.S. 11W (Rutledge Pike). U.S. 11E and 11W recombine at Bristol. U.S. 11W stretches 111 miles through Rutledge, Rogersville and Kingsport while U.S. 11E utilizes a more southerly route 120 miles through Morristown, Greeneville and Johnson City.
Interstate 640 begins in one half mile and loops westward 7.03 miles back to Interstate 75. Photo taken 11/08/09.
Diagrammatical overhead posted for Exit 393 (Interstate 640 west) on Interstate 40 east at the Spring Hill Road overpass. An unstacked directional interchange joins the two freeways south of U.S. 11W (Rutledge Pike). Photo taken 11/08/09.
Two lanes depart Interstate 40 east at Exit 393 to Interstate 640 west. Interstate 640 west doubles as U.S. 25W north through to Exit 3B (Clinton Highway). U.S. 25W joins Interstate 40 east briefly from Interstate 640 to Exit 394. Photo taken 11/08/09.


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