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Interstate 40 follows the Pigeon River into Cocke County, Tennessee near the settlement of Browns. Intersecting the freeway at the first Volunteer State interchange is Waterville and Green Corner Roads. Waterville Road parallels the Pigeon River east to Waterville, North Carolina at the state line; Green Corner Road stems east from the Exit 451 diamond interchange onto Snowbird Mountain. Exit 451 provides access to Martha Sundquist State Forest, a facility offering both hunting and fishing opportunities, and whitewater rafting along the Pigeon River. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Meeting Interstate 40 next are Cripple Creek and Hartford Roads at the Exit 447 partial-cloverleaf interchange at Hartford. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Cripple Creek Road spurs northeast along Cripple Creek to the settlement Raven Branch. Hartford Road straddles the north banks of the Pigeon River parallel to Interstate 40 northwest to Denton. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Interstate 40 and the Pigeon River circumvent Stone Mountain to the south between Hartford and Denton. Departing the freeway next is the Exit 443 off-ramp onto the Foothills Parkway south. Designed to be Tennessee's version of the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Foothills Parkway exists in two sections at present with the eastern segment linking Interstate 40 with U.S. 321 at Cosby. Photo taken 05/01/05.
A trumpet interchange (Exit 443) constitutes the east end of the Foothills Parkway at Interstate 40 near Denton. Like the Blue Ridge Parkway, commercial vehicles are prohibited along all sections of the Foothill Parkway. A six-mile drive carries drivers west to U.S. 321, a US highway serving the northern reaches of Great Smoky Mountains National Park at Pittman Center and Gatlinburg (U.S. 441). Photo taken 05/01/05.
Interstate 40 travels north-south from Denton to Newport, still essentially along side the Pigeon River. Pictured here is the one-mile guide sign for U.S. 321 south and Tennessee 73 (Denton Road) north. U.S. 321 follows Wilton Springs Road west to Tennessee 32 (Cosby Highway), representing the commercial route for traffic destined to Gatlinburg from I-40. Photo taken 05/01/05.
U.S. 321 northbound merges onto Interstate 40 between Exits 440 and 435, bypassing its original alignment (Tennessee 32) to the east. Tennessee Secondary 73 comprises a loop northeast from U.S. 321 & Interstate 40 to U.S. 25 & 70 (Broadway) at the Cocke County seat of Newport. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Tennessee 32 (Cosby Highway) continues north from U.S. 321 (Wilton Springs Road), 5.7 miles to cross paths with Interstate 40 at Exit 435. U.S. 321 leaves Interstate 40 for the town of Newport. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Westbound at the Exit 435 diamond interchange with Tennessee 32 (Cosby Highway) south and U.S. 321 north into Newport on Interstate 40. U.S. 321 travels northeast from Newport to Greeneville, Johnson City, and Elizabethton. The US highway merges with U.S. 25 & 70 briefly along Broadway in downtown Newport; U.S. 25 south & 70 east continue from town 12 miles to Del Rio and 20 miles to the North Carolina state line. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Interstate 40 generally bypasses Newport to the west as it makes its westward turn to Edgemont and Dandridge. U.S. 25 north & 70 west continue west 1.1 miles from U.S. 321 (Cosby Highway) to the U.S. 25 split into U.S. 25W and U.S. 25E. U.S. 25E travels north to Baneberry, White Pine, and Morristown while U.S. 25W continues along U.S. 70 west to Exit 432 of Interstate 40. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Exit 432B provides return access to Newport by way of Wilsonville and U.S. 70 east & 25W south. A directional-cloverleaf interchange joins the US highways with Interstate 40 at U.S. 411. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Interstate 40 west at the Exit 432B ramp departure to U.S. 25W south & 70 east. U.S. 25W north & 70 west parallel Interstate 40 northwest to Reidtown and Douglas Lake and next meet the freeway at Exit 415. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Exit 432A serves the southbound beginning of U.S. 411, which initially shares pavement with U.S. 25E & 70 before venturing west to Chestnut Hill, Harrisburg, and the Sevier County seat of Sevierville. U.S. 411 travels overall between Clevenger and Leeds, Alabama. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Interstate 40 turns northwest and travels in between Douglas Lake to Exit 424 with Tennessee 113 at Oak Grove. Photo taken 05/01/05.
A partial-cloverleaf interchange joins Tennessee 113 with Interstate 40 beyond the Douglas Lake Bridge. The state route begins at nearby U.S. 25W & 70 and heads northeast to White Pine and U.S. 25E. U.S. 25W south & 70 west turn westward from Oak Grove into the Jefferson County seat of Dandridge. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Westbound drivers next approach the southern terminus of Interstate 81 at Exit 421. Interstate 81 continues the Interstate 40 push east from Knoxville to the Tri-cities area of Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Interstate 40 meets Interstate 81 at a directional interchange in rural Jefferson County. Exit 421 provides a single lane ramp northeast to White Pine, Morristown, and Interstate 26 to Kingsport and Johnson City. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Red advisory signs such as this one are posted on Tennessee freeways for the U.S. 25E tunnel northward to Cumberland Gap. Vehicles carrying explosives (hazardous materials) should use Interstate 75 north into Kentucky. Others may use the tunnel under escort. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Interstate 81's northbound beginning departs Interstate 40 west at Exit 421. Interstate 81 travels northeast along the spine of the Appalachian Mountains from the Tri-Cities area to Roanoke, Martinsburg, Hagerstown, Harrisburg, Scranton, Binghamton, and Syracuse among other points. Interstate 81 in conjunction with Interstate 40 west, 75 south, 24 west, and 59 south links Canada with the Gulf Coast. Photo taken 05/01/05.
With the addition of traffic from Interstate 81 south, Interstate 40 expands to six overall lanes from Dandridge to Knoxville. Exit 417 departs next for Tennessee 92, a north-south arterial joining the freeway with U.S. 25W & 70 in north Dandridge. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Exit 417 carries drivers to Tennessee 92 from Interstate 40 west outside Dandridge. Tennessee 92 continues northward seven miles to Jefferson City and U.S. 11E and overall 23 miles to Rutledge and U.S. 11W. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Douglas Lake and Cherokee Dam lie a short distance to the south of Exit 417 via Tennessee 92 south. SR 92 was widened to four lanes and realigned in 2000s between Dandridge and Bays Mountain to the north. Photo taken 05/31/07.
The aforementioned second meeting of I-40 west and U.S. 25W & 70 is located west of Dandridge at Exit 415. U.S. 25W & 70 continue to shadow the freeway westward all the way into Knoxville. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Interstate 40 west at the Exit 415 partial-cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 25W & 70 near the settlement of Greenhill. U.S. 25W & 70 meet the freeway again at Exit 394 in east Knoxville. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Deep Springs Road crosses paths with Interstate 40 at a diamond interchange (Exit 412) north of Tennessee 139 on Douglas Lake. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Deep Springs Road south from Exit 412 to Tennessee 139 west leads travelers to Douglas Dam. Northward, the local road connects with U.S. 25W & 70 to the southeast of Strawberry Plains. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Tennessee 66 provides a gateway to the Smoky Mountains area from Interstate 40 at Exit 407. The four-lane divided highway connects the freeway with U.S. 441 at Sevierville for the southward drive into the tourist town of Gatlinburg. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Tennessee 66 begins at Interstate 40 (Exit 407) and ends at split of U.S. 441 south from U.S. 411 north in Sevierville. U.S. 441 continues the four-lane highway five miles to Pigeon Forge and its merge with U.S. 321. U.S. 411 east continues to Chestnut Hill. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Westbound Interstate 40 at the Exit 407 diamond interchange with Tennessee 66 (Winfield Dunn Parkway) south and Snyder Road north. The entire eight mile corridor between Exit 407 and U.S. 411 & 441 lies wholly within Sevierville. Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park lie 24 miles southward along U.S. 441. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Leaving Sevier County, Interstate 40 enters Knox County on the approach to Exit 402 with Midway Road. Midway Road acts as a short connector between the freeway and Thorngrove Pike. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Exit 402 consists of a rural diamond interchange with Midway Road. Thorngrove Pike transitions into Southeast End Road to U.S. 25W & 70 to the north of Midway Road and continues southward adjacent to Hightop into Riverdale. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Another 12 miles of driving lies between Midway Road in eastern Knox County and downtown Knoxville. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Meeting Interstate 40 next is Strawberry Plains Pike at the Exit 398 diamond interchange east of Knoxville. Strawberry Plains Road veers southwest from U.S. 25W & 70 (Asheville HIghway) at Trentville to Tennessee State 168 southeast of the city. The road in conjunction with U.S. 11E leads drivers to Strawberry Plains itself. Photo taken 05/01/05.

Knoxville Map - AARoads

Entering the greater Knoxville area on Interstate 40 westbound near the Exit 394 diamond interchange with U.S. 11W-25E-70 (Asheville Highway). The three US routes share 6 miles of roadway from Interstate 40 to the community of Trentville. U.S. 25E enters the Interstate system at Exit 394, joining Interstate 40 westbound to Interstate 640. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Interstate 40 spans the Holston River and enters the Holston Hills section of Knoxvillle. U.S. 11E south & 70 west continue along Asheville Highway from U.S. 25W and Exit 394 into the Burlington community of the city. Photo taken 05/01/05.
The 0.75 mile guide sign for Exit 393 (Interstate 640 west & U.S. 25E north) is posted within the Exit 394 interchange. Interstate 40 maintains six lanes through this stretch. A late 1990s construction project saw the freeway expand from four to six lanes between Knoxville and Interstate 81 (Exit 421). Photo taken 05/01/05.
All hazardous materials based cargo must utilize the Interstate 640 Knoxville Bypass in lieu of Interstate 40 through the central business district. Interstate 640 constitutes a ten-mile loop of the city. The official FHWA Interstate Route Log and Finder only attributes 7.03 miles to Interstate 640, since the westernmost three miles share an overlap with Interstate 75. Photo taken 05/01/05.
An auxiliary lane accompanies Interstate 40 & U.S. 25E westbound through to Exit 393. U.S. 25E continues onto Interstate 640 for seven miles to meet I-75 at Exit 3. There the US highway leaves the Interstate system from ramps protruding northwest from the exchange of I-75 and 640. Photo taken 05/01/05.
A semi-directional T interchange comprises the eastern terminus of Interstate 640. The six-lane Knoxville bypass mainly serves northern reaches of the city and Interstate 40 westbound motorists bound for the city of Lexington, Kentucky via Interstate 75 northbound. Photo taken 05/01/05.


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