The Business Loops along Interstate 40 in Arizona are all former sections of U.S. 66. Originally, Business Loops were established in order:

  • Kingman (4.0 miles)
  • Seligman (4.1 miles)
  • Ash Fork (1.5 miles)
  • Flagstaff (9.5 miles)
  • Winslow (3.6 miles)
  • Joseph City (2.7 miles)
  • Holbrook (4.8 miles)

In 2003, the business loop through Kingman was decommissioned. In 2005, the loop in Flagstaff east of U.S. 89 was decommissioned. In 2007, the loop through Winslow was decommissioned.

Business Loop I-40 Flagstaff
This is the first eastbound Business Loop I-40/Historic U.S. 66 after the exit from Interstate 40 near the western terminus. 05/24/03
Eastbound Business Loop I-40/Historic U.S. 66 enters Flagstaff. Flagstaff is at an elevation of 5,910 feet above sea level. 05/24/03
Eastbound Business Loop I-40/Historic U.S. 66 next meets southbound SR 89A, which leads south to Interstate 17 and Interstate 40. SR 89A continues southwest to Sedona and Prescott; Interstate 17 leads south to Phoenix. Northern Arizona is located to the southeast of this intersection. 05/24/03
Eastbound Business Loop I-40/Historic U.S. 66 after the SR 89A traffic signal in downtown Flagstaff. The highest point in Arizona, Humphrey's Peak (elevation 12,663 feet), dominates the Flagstaff skyline and is home to the Fairfield Snow Bowl ski resort. 05/24/03
After passing SR 89A, the signs start to point to U.S. 180, the fastest route from Flagstaff to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. 05/24/03
The next major intersection along eastbound is for Junction Northbound U.S. 180, which leads north to the ski resort on Humphrey's Peak as well as Grand Canyon National Park. U.S. 180 serves as the primary connection from Interstate 17 northbound to the Grand Canyon via the business loop. 05/24/03
Eastbound Business Loop I-40 at Junction Northbound U.S. 180 to the Grand Canyon. Note the lack of directional banners; U.S. 180 is mostly an east-west highway through Arizona, but for its final act it heads northwest into the national park. Signage indicates that U.S. 180 northbound ends at its junction with SR 64; however, southbound signage begins upon leaving the park. 05/24/03
Located along the south edge of the business loop at the end of Birch Avenue, this shield assembly shows all the major routes in the area except for U.S. 180. A left turn leads to East Interstate 40 and North U.S. 89; a right turn leads to North U.S. 180, West Interstate 40, South SR 89A, and South Interstate 17. 05/24/03
Eastbound Business Loop I-40/Historic U.S. 66 (Santa Fe Avenue) at the Switzer Canyon Drive traffic signal. Making a left here leads northwest to meet U.S. 180. 05/24/03
The signing along eastbound is inconsistent; the business loop is sometimes signed alone, with historical U.S. 66 shields, or to U.S. 89 northbound. U.S. 89 starts its northerly journey to Canada at the upcoming junction between Business Loop I-40 and U.S. 89. 05/24/03
Eastbound Business Loop I-40/U.S. 66 trailblazer signage for northbound U.S. 89. 05/24/03
A very old segment of U.S. 66 veers off of eastbound Business Loop I-40 here ("Frontage Road"). The concrete roadway extends for a short distance before returning to asphalt. The business loop, meanwhile, connects to north U.S. 89 and Interstate 40. 05/24/03
In another quarter mile, U.S. 89 northbound begins, marking the southern terminus of a truncated route. Prior to 1989, U.S. 89 extended south from Flagstaff to Prescott and Wickenburg via SR 89. Passing through Phoenix joined with U.S. 60, U.S. 89 connected to Tucson via SR 79 and SR 77. U.S. 89 was replaced by Interstate 19 between Tucson and Nogales. 05/24/03
Former eastbound Business Loop I-40 exits to the right; northbound U.S. 89 becomes the mainline as it leads northeast out of Flagstaff toward Wupatki National Monument, Page, and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. 05/24/03
U.S. 89 north begins at this exit ramp; the former business loop exits to the right to rejoin Interstate 40. 05/24/03
Former Business Loop I-40 Winslow
On the west end of Winslow, Former Business Loop I-40 can be seen. To the right is an older alignment of Former U.S. 66. 11/12/06
Historic U.S. 66 is a designated scenic route through Arizona. 11/12/06
The former Business Loop is well-signed through Winslow. This is where eastbound Former Business Loop 40 turned to join Second Street (the historic alignment of U.S. 66). 11/12/06
Standin' On A Corner Park is located along Eastbound Former Business Loop 40 at Second Street and Kinsley Avenue. The Park was dedicated in 1999, and is named after the song lyric from The Eagles song, "Take It Easy". 11/12/06
Advance signage for SR 87, 1/2 mile. 11/12/06
Use the right lane for SR 87 south to Payson and Phoenix. 11/12/06
Eastbound reassurance shield assembly for Business Loop Interstate 40 at old U.S. milepost 254. 11/12/06
Business Loop Interstate 40 east & SR 87 north follow a four lane divided highway out from Winslow toward Exit 257 of Interstate 40. 11/12/06
A rest area lies along Business Loop I-40 & SR 87 west of the interchange with Interstate 40. 11/12/06
Business Loop Interstate 40 east & SR 87 north turn to enter the diamond interchange with Interstate 40. A frontage road continues alongside the freeway to Second Mesa. 11/12/06
SR 87 at Interstate 40. 11/12/06
Former Business Loop I-40 West
Old U.S. 66 west at SR 87 & Business Loop I-40 south of their diamond interchange with Interstate 40. 11/12/06
2 photos
2 photos
SR 87 south near Interstate 40. 11/12/06
Enter the city limits of Winslow along Business Loop I-40 west & SR 87 south. 11/12/06
A close look two Historic U.S. 66 reassurance shields posted along Business Loop I-40 in Winslow. 11/12/06
SR 87 splits from Historic U.S. 66 / Business Loop I-40 (3rd Street) west in downtown Winslow. 11/12/06
2 photos
2 photos
Business Loop I-40 follows W 3rd Street out from Downtown Winslow toward Interstate 40 at Exit 252. 11/12/06
Business Spur I-40 Winslow
The eastbound beginning of Business Spur Interstate 40. 11/12/06
An end shield stands at the west end of Business Spur Interstate 40. 11/12/06
Business Loop I-40 Ash Fork
Eastbound shield assembly for Business Loop Interstate 40 & Historic U.S. 66. 11/12/06
Approaching Interstate 40 & SR 87 along Business Loop Interstate 40 east. 11/12/06
Business Loop I-40 Williams
An embossed cutout replica for U.S. 66. 11/12/06
Former Business Loop I-40 Kingman - West
12 photos
12 photos
12 photos
12 photos
12 photos
12 photos
12 photos
12 photos
12 photos
12 photos
12 photos
12 photos
The Kingman business loop was a state-maintained facility until 2003, when it was decommissioned as a state route. At that time, the business loop designation was removed, and only brown Historic U.S. 66 shields remain along the route (Andy Devine Avenue). These photos show the remaining U.S. 66 shields, many of which are offset by the former location of the business loop shields. In spite of all of the business loop shields being removed, several guide signs (including those along westbound Interstate 40 and a couple of signs located along Andy Devine Avenue) still point to Business Loop I-40 as it were still an active route. The business loop decommissioning was made official by AASHTO in May 2003. Beale Street, which has its own exit, is the original route of U.S. 66 through downtown Kingman, but the historic shields remain on the later alignment of U.S. 66 along Andy Devine Avenue. At the Oatman turn off, U.S. 66 turns left along its old alignment, while the former business loop continues north to meet Interstate 40 and U.S. 93, as evidenced by the final set of signs. 05/24/03, 10/24/03
Westbound (former) Business Loop I-40 approaching Interstate 40 and U.S. 93. Northbound U.S. 93 continues straight ahead, while ramps connect to eastbound Interstate 40/southbound U.S. 93 and westbound Interstate 40. 10/24/03
Former Business Loop I-40 meets its western terminus in Kingman at the interchange with Interstate 40. 10/24/03
Former Business Loop I-40 Kingman - East
Business Loop I-40 follows Beale Street east from Exit 48 of Interstate 40 and U.S. 93 to merge with Historic U.S. 66 at Andy Devine Avenue. 03/03/07
Eastbound distance sign listing the distances to Peach Springs and Seligman on Business Loop I-40 east. 03/03/07
Interstate 40 trailblazer posted along Business Loop I-40 east. 03/03/07
Historic U.S. 66 reassurance marker posted along Andy Devine Avenue east in Kingman. 03/03/07
Approaching the parclo interchange with Interstate 40 & U.S. 93 on Business Loop I-40 (Andy Devine Avenue) east. 03/03/07

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  • 03/03/07 by Kevin Trinkle.

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