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Interstate 41 & U.S. 41 north
Interstate 41 advances north from the Winnebago County line one mile to a diamond interchange (Exit 137) with Wis 125 (College Avenue). Photo taken 05/30/11.
Three exits depart in quick succession for the town of Grand Chute from Interstate 41 ahead of the eastern turn to Appleton. Photo taken 05/30/11.
Exit 137 departs I-41 north for College Avenue and the Fox River Mall area. STH-125 lines College Avenue east for 2.6 miles to STH-47 (Memorial Drive) and Downtown. CTH-CA extends College Avenue west directly to Appleton International Airport (ATW). Photo taken 05/30/11.
Interstate 41 runs just east of Fox River Mall to the diamond interchange (Exit 138) with Wis 96 (Wisconsin Avenue). Wis 96 between Greenville Drive (CTH-GV) and Badger Avenue was formerly apart of U.S. 10 until the route shifted southward onto the Wis 441 freeway. Photo taken 05/30/11.
Construction in 2011 added auxiliary lanes along then-U.S. 41 between the Wis 125 (College Avenue) on-ramp and the Wis 96 (Wisconsin Avenue) off-ramp. Work also expanded Exit 138 northbound and 137 southbound to two lanes.1 New APL signs were installed in both directions of the freeway. Photo taken 06/07/16.
Exit 138 leaves Interstate 41 north for Wis 96 (Wisconsin Avenue). The state trunk highway travels just 56 miles between Fremont and I-43 at Denmark within Outagamie and Brown Counties. Locally the route crosses Appleton en route to Little Chute and Kaukauna. Photo taken 06/07/16.
Motorists along Interstate 41 north next meet Wis 15 west and County OO (Northland Avenue) east a parclo interchange (Exit 139). Photo taken 05/30/11.
An auxiliary lane accompanies I-41 north to Exit 139. Wis 15 begins ahead and follows an expressway built to bypass the Fox River Mall area for Greenville and Hortonville to the northwest. Photo taken 05/30/11.
Wis 15 replaced Wis 76 west from Wisconsin Avenue (former U.S. 10) to Greenville and U.S. 45 from there to New London. County OO stems east from the trunk highway end along Northland Avenue, an arterial running across the north side of Appleton. CTH-OO east provides access to CTH-A, which I-41 pass under without direct access. Photo taken 05/30/11.
Curving eastward, Interstate 41 meets STH-47 in two miles while Kaukauna and Green Bay lie 11 and 30 miles ahead respectively. Photo taken 05/30/11.
Crossing over a Canadian National Railroad line, one mile west of the diamond interchange (Exit 142) with Wis 42 (Richmond Street). Wis 42 begins in Menasha and heads north from there to Downtown Appleton and Interstate 41. Photo taken 05/30/11.
Exit 142 leaves Interstate 41 north for Wis 47 (Richmond Street) south to Downtown Appleton and north to Mackville, Black Creek and Shawano. Photo taken 05/30/11.
Sound walls buffer Interstate 41 from residential streets adjacent to the freeway to the forthcoming diamond interchange (Exit 144) with County E (Ballard Road). Photo taken 05/30/11.
Outagamie County E serves an industrial area of Appleton on the 1.7 mile drive south to Wis 96 (Wisconsin Avenue). Ballard Road takes the route north to Applecreek Road through the north Appleton suburbs. There CTH-E branches northeast to Freedom, Hobart and STH-54 and 172 in Brown County. Photo taken 05/30/11.
I-41 continues just a half mile east to reconvene with the Tri County Freeway at a trumpet interchange (Exit 145). Photo taken 05/30/11.
Wis 441 separates Appleton and Little Chute south to the Fox River, which the Tri County Freeway crosses ahead of Kimberly and south Appleton. Photo taken 05/30/11.
Wis 441 south meets County OO (Northland Avenue) to the immediate south of Interstate 41. CTH-OO remains parallel to I-41 to CTH-J besides Exit 150. Photo taken 05/30/11.
Reassurance marker posted as Interstate 41 & U.S. 41 enter the Little Chute village limits. Photo taken 05/30/11.
The first of three interchanges for Little Chute lies 1.5 miles ahead with County N (Freedom Road). I-41 turns northeast from adjacent Kaukauna on the 25-mile drive to Green Bay. Photo taken 04/15/16.
Forthcoming County N south serves Little Chute and the eastern Fox Cities communities of Kimberly and Combined Locks. Photo taken 04/15/16.
Northbound I-41 at Exit 146 for CTH-N (Freedom Road). CTH-N north leaves Little Chute and ends in five miles at CTH-E near the community of Freedom. Photo taken 04/15/16.
An array of businesses flank the Interstate 41 diamond interchange (Exit 146) with County N (Freedom Road). Photo taken 05/30/11.
I-41 reassurance shield posted by a local Little Chute sign. The windmill is chosen as the village logo to pay homage to the Dutch settlers that founded the village. Photo taken 04/15/16.
Wis 55 stretches from the eastern shores of Lake Winnebago to the Michigan state line. The trunk highway crosses paths with Interstate 41 at a diamond interchange (Exit 148) in one mile. Photo taken 04/15/16.
Exit 148 departs I-41 north for Wis 55 (Delanglade Street) south to Kaukauna and north to the city of Seymour. Photo taken 04/15/16.
Interstate 41 turns more northward between an industrial park area on the one mile approach to County J. County J represents the second Kaukauna interchange. It is mainly used by traffic traveling from Green Bay. Photo taken 04/15/16.
A dumbbell interchange (Exit 150) joins Interstate 41 with CTH-J. This was the last exit along the original 1960s era freeway for I-41 / U.S. 41. U.S. 41 past this point was not converted to freeway until 2000. Photo taken 04/15/16.
Green Bay is 17 miles away from the County JJ (Edgewood Drive) overpass. Photo taken 04/15/16.
County U straddles the Outagamie/Brown County line for most of its length. The trunk highway meets Interstate 41 at Exit 154 in one mile. Photo taken 04/15/16.
A northbound weigh station operates along Interstate 41 just ahead of the off-ramp (Exit 154) for County U. Photo taken 04/15/16.
South from Exit 154, County U serves the Village of Wrightstown to Wis 96 (Main Street). Photo taken 04/15/16.
Northbound traffic enters Brown County just ahead of the CTH-U on-ramp outside Wrightstown. Photo taken 05/30/11.

  1. "Northeast Wisconsin road construction projects for 2011." WisDOT media release, February 25, 2011.

Photo Credits:

  • 05/30/11 by AARoads.
  • 04/15/16 by Peter Johnson.
  • 06/07/16 by Peter Johnson.

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