Located entirely within Wisconsin, the 191.55-mile Interstate 43 connects Beloit to Green Bay via Milwaukee. Initially planned as an extension of Interstate 571, the Green Bay-Milwaukee section of I-43 was completed in 1981, replacing U.S. 141 along a majority of the corridor. In 1987, an additional 72 miles of Interstate 43 was commissioned, extending the freeway along the Rock Freeway (then Wis 15) southwest from Milwaukee to Interstate 90 in Beloit. Within the Milwaukee area, I-43 from Green Bay overlaps with Interstates 41 & 894 along the Airport Freeway and with I-94 along the North South Freeway.

Interstate 43 Wisconsin Highway Guides


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    Connect with:
    Interstate 39
    Interstate 41 / U.S. 41
    Interstate 90
    U.S. 10
    U.S. 12
    U.S. 141
    U.S. 151

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