Business Loop I-55 follows U.S. 61 (Kingshighway) north through Cape Girardeau between Exits 93B and 99. The route combines with Missouri 34 north from Shawnee Parkway through a retail strip to Osage Park and the Jackson city line at Interstate 55. This Cape Girardeau business loop ended there until 1994, when the Jackson business loop was signed.

Continuing north from Exit 99 alongside both U.S. 61 and Missouri 34, Business Loop I-55 follows Jackson Boulevard to Hope Street. Hope Street turns the route north into Downtown Jackson as Missouri 34 combines with the beginning of MO 72 west. U.S. 61 and Business Loop I-55 take Hope Street north to Washington Street west and High Street north from central Jackson to Rotary Lake Park. The pair exit Jackson parallel to Hubble Creek and return to I-55 at a diamond interchange (Exit 105). This Business Loop for I-55 totals 15.79 miles.

Business Loop I-55 & U.S. 61 north and Missouri 34 west
Business Loop I-55 continues west from Exit 99 of I-55 along U.S. 61 north & Missouri 34 west on Jackson Boulevard. 0000
A left turn takes drivers onto a short access road linking Business Loop I-55 north with the southbound on-ramp to Sikeston. 0000
Sikeston is a 32 mile southward from the mid-point of Business Loop I-55 while Interstate 55 reaches Blytheville, Arkansas in 105 miles. 0000
The access road connects Exit 99 south with Business Loop I-55 & U.S. 61 south into Cape Girardeau. Missouri 34, a 104 mile route between U.S. 60 east of Van Buren and the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge across the Mississippi, follows Business Loop I-55 for 9.5 miles between Jackson and Cape Girardeau. 0000
Business Loop I-55 & U.S. 61 south and Missouri 34 east
Business Loop I-55 & U.S. 61 (Jackson Boulevard) expand with a wide grassy median to the diamond interchange with Interstate 55. Pictured here is the southbound on-ramp to I-55 for Sikeston and Memphis, Tennessee. 0000
A Business Loop I-55 shield accompanies shields for U.S. 61 south & Missouri 34 east after the southbound off-ramp (Exit 99) from I-55. The Jackson business loop directly transitions into the Cape Girardeau business loop, which follows Kingshighway southward. 0000
A short access road links the two directions of Business Loop I-55 with Interstate 55 north. 0000
Signalized intersections lie at both roadways of Business Loop I-55 and U.S. 61-Missouri 34 on the access road between the northbound on and off-ramps for Interstate 55. 0000

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