Traveling 5.75 miles, Business Loop I-55 in New Madrid County overlays U.S. 61 & 62 east from I-55 between Exits 44 and 49. The two-lane roadway bypasses the New Madrid street grid, with Old Kings Highway, Mott Street, Main Street and Highway U (Dawson Road) acting as the de facto business route to Downtown New Madrid.

Business Loop I-55 & U.S. 61 north and U.S. 62 east
U.S. 61 north & 62 east meet Interstate 55 at a diamond interchange east of Howardville. Business Loop I-55 joins the duo east by this shield assembly into the city of New Madrid. 12/19/09
Route U follows Dawson Road west to intersect Business Loop I-55 and U.S. 61-62 at the New Madrid city line. The east-west route continues four miles west to Lilbourn. 04/13/13
Business Loop I-55 & U.S. 61 south and U.S. 62 west
Business Loop I-55 south begins at the diamond interchange with U.S. 61 south & 62 west in a rural area north of the New Madrid city limits. 04/13/13
Passing over I-55, U.S. 61 south & 62 west meet the return ramp to Sikeston. 04/13/13
Route U crosses paths with Business Loop I-55 south at the New Madrid city line. The supplemental road follows Dawson Road east to Main Street, the Hunter-Dawson Home Historic Site and the New Madrid Farrenburg Levee. 04/13/13
West from Business Loop I-55 & U.S. 61-62, Route U proceeds four miles to the city of Lilbourn. 04/13/13
Route U curves southeast from Business Loop I-55 over a portion of the old Kings Highway, which remains in service as a residential road south to Waters Street. Kings Highway was the predecessor to U.S. 61 northward to St. Louis. 04/13/13
A formal city limits sign follows south of Route U along Business Loop I-55 south. 04/13/13
Reassurance markers posted for Business Loop I-55 and U.S. 61-62 between Route U and Pinnell Lane. The trio are a part of the Missouri Great River Road system. 04/13/13
Scott Street is the first of three residential streets tying into Business Loop I-55 south at this flasher. 04/13/13
Returning to open farm land, Business Loop I-55 and U.S. 61-62 bend westward to again meet Interstate 55. 04/13/13
Interstate 55 north lines the west end of the New Madrid city line to Route U. 12/19/09
Interstate 55 continues north uninterrupted back to the other end of the Business Loop and 22 miles to Sikeston. 04/13/13
Business Loop I-55 ends as U.S. 61 south & 62 west cross over I-55. 04/13/13
U.S. 61 & 62 venture west to Howardville and south to Marston while I-55 bee lines 12 miles to Portageville. 04/13/13

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