Interstates 57 south & 70 west
Three interchanges serve the city of Effingham along Interstates 57 south & 70 west starting with U.S. 45 (Exit 162) in 0.75 miles. The city of 12,328 (2010 census) is named for the Effingham County, which derives its name from Thomas Howard, a British general and 3rd Earl of Effingham, who sided with the American colonies in 1775. Photo taken 10/16/04.
U.S. 45 enters Effingham from Sigel to the north, parallel to a Canadian National Railroad line that doubles with AMTRAK service from Effingham between Carbondale and New Orleans to the south and Chicago to the north. Photo taken 12/27/09.
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2 photos
Interstates 57 & 70 west reach the Exit 162 folded-diamond interchange with U.S. 45 (3rd Street). U.S. 45 joins U.S. 40 along Fayette Avenue briefly through downtown Effingham to the south. The route resumes a southern course to Heartville and Flora, leaving the I-57 corridor in the process. Photo taken 10/16/04. Second photo taken 12/27/09.
Reassurance shield assembly for Interstates 57 south & 70 west posted along a rural swath between U.S. 45 and the confluence of commercial center of Keller Drive (Illinois 32 & 33) and Ford Avenue / Outer Belt West. Photo taken 12/27/09.
North 1400th Street passes over Interstates 57 & 70 on the one mile approach to Illinois 32 & 33 (Keller Drive). The overpass was replaced between 2004 and 2009. Photo taken 12/27/09.
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2 photos
Avenue of Mid America lines the northern quadrant of the modified diamond interchange between Interstates 57 & 70 and Illinois 32 & 33 (Keller Drive). Several big box stores line the frontage of busy Keller Drive as the arterial leads southeast to become Henrietta Street through to the U.S. 40 turn onto Fayette Avenue from National Avenue. Interests to Lake Shelbyville should follow Illinois 32 north from its split with IL-33 west to Beecher City. Photo taken 10/16/04. Second photo taken 12/27/09.
Exit 160 carries drivers from Interstates 57 & 70 directly to the intersection of Keller Drive and Evergreen Avenue west. Evergreen Avenue connects with Outer Belt West, a December 21, 2011-completed arterial route stretching south from IL-32 & 33 at Ford Avenue to U.S. 40, southwest of Exit 159. Illinois 32 begins in Effingham and travels 66 miles north to end at IL-48 by Cisco and Exit 158 of Interstate 72. Illinois 33 goes for 92 miles from Beecher City east to U.S. 50 near Vincennes. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Fayette Avenue extends west from its split with U.S. 40 & Indiana 33 at Henrietta Street to meet Interstates 57 & 70 at a partial-cloverleaf interchange (Exit 159) in one quarter mile. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Interstate 70 west prepares to split from Interstate 57 south in two miles as Exit 159 departs for Fayette Avenue in Effingham. Fayette Avenue meets Outer Belt West to the west nearby and continues east 1.4 miles to U.S. 45 (Banker Street) in downtown. Photo taken 10/16/04.
The final set of shields for Interstates 57 south & 70 west reside ahead of the U.S. 40 (National Avenue) and Conrail under crossing. Visible to the east is a 198 foot cross located off Pike Avenue. Photo taken 10/16/04.
One mile northeast of the tri-level stack interchange (Exit 157) where Interstates 57 and 70 part ways for Mt. Vernon and St. Louis respectively. Work commenced on October 5, 2010 to rebuild I-57/70 at Effingham. Construction includes replacing the I-70 bridges over the Little Wabash River and repaving the 2.1 mile stretch between U.S. 40 and Exit 157. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Two lanes continue for both Interstates 57 south and 70 west at Exit 157. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Interstate 70 resumes its westward journey to St. Louis while Interstate 57 angles southwest to Salem and Mt. Vernon. Interstate 70 merges with Interstate 55 south in 72 miles en route to East St. Louis. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Veering southward from the Interstate 70 westbound mainline along I-57. Interstate 70 continues ten miles to its next interchange and 92 miles to downtown St. Louis. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Interstate 57 south
Interstate 57 leads south through a wooded area east of the Little Wabash River and parallel to North 1175th Street. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Watson and Mason are villages along Illinois 37 served by Exit 151 in six miles. Mt. Vernon is an hour away with Memphis still a long ways out at 316 miles. Photo taken 12/27/09.
One mile north of the Exit 151 trumpet interchange and access road to adjacent Illinois 37. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Illinois 37 begins at U.S. 45 east of the village of Mason and travels 4.1 miles southwest to the access road to Interstate 57. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Illinois 37 continues southwest from the Exit 151 access road to the village of Mason. The state route shadows Interstate 57 through to Pulleys Mill near the split with Interstate 24 east. Photo taken 12/27/09.
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2 photos
Interstate 57 curves southwesterly and spans the Little Wabash River over bridges built in 1963. The 240-mile tributary of the Wabash River flows south from near Mattoon to New Haven. Photos taken 12/27/09.
Cutting a swath through wide open farm land, southbound traffic next approaches the Exit 145 diamond interchange with North 750th Street (County Road 29) near the village of Edgewood. Photo taken 12/27/09.
750th Street becomes Iowa Street in adjacent Edgewood, connecting Interstate 57 with Illinois 37 in town. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Exit 145 departs Interstate 57 south for County Road 29 and Edgewood. Illinois 37 exits the village of around 500 for La Clede and Farina. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Reassurance marker for Interstate 57 south posted ahead of the underpass for Broad Street (County Road 27) and an abandoned Baltimore & Ohio Railroad line. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Edgewood is 49 miles north of Mt. Vernon and 304 miles from Memphis via Interstate 55 south. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Interstate 57 continues on a southwest diagonal to nip the northwest corner of Clay County at the 1st Avenue / County Road 00 North over crossing. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Drivers continue immediately into Fayette County after a 1,000 feet or so in Clay County. A forested carriageway split lies ahead as I-57 crosses Dismal Creek. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Farm land opens on the southwest horizon as Interstate 57 sees this shield assembly beyond the County Road 2850 East overpass at milepost 140. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Illinois 185 sees a diamond interchange (Exit 135) with Interstate 57 at the village of Farina. Photo taken 12/27/09.
One half mile north of the Exit 135 off-ramp to Illinois 185. IL-185 follows Washington Street southeast from I-57 to its end at Illinois 37 (Chestnut Street) in Farina. Photo taken 12/27/09.
West from Interstate 57, IL-185 reaches St. Peter in six miles and U.S. 40 outside Vandalia in 19 miles. Overall the state route totals 50 miles from Farina to Hillsboro. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Interstate 57 continues southwest parallel to the East Fork of the Kaskaskia River from Farina into Marion County. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Marion County, home to 39,437 as of the 2010 census, was carved from swaths of Jefferson and Fayette Counties in 1823 and named for Revolutionary War General Francis Marion. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Interstate 57 bypasses the city of Kinmundy to the north and sees a diamond interchange (Exit 127) for the city of under 1,000 to the southwest. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Kinoka Road meets Interstate 57 at Exit 127, 1.75 miles west of Illinois 37. Kinoka Road stretches eight miles west to intersect U.S. 51 outside the village of Patoka. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Exit 127 leaves Interstate 57 south for Kinmundy and Patoka. Illinois 37 continues south from Kinoka Road to Alma. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Another carriageway split follows Exit 127 along Interstate 57 south. Photo taken 12/27/09.
U.S. 50 is displayed in place of Salem, the Marion County seat, on this mileage sign 31 miles north of Mt. Vernon. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Interstate 57 turns due south ahead of Davidson Creek, bisecting several more farms on the approach to Salem. Photo taken 12/27/09.
U.S. 50 (Main Street) sees a folded-diamond interchange with Interstate 57 on the west side of Salem. The US highway provides the main commercial route for Salem, linking downtown with I-57 at Exit 116. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Interests to Carlyle Lake are directed onto U.S. 50 west and those to Stephen A. Forbes State Park along U.S. 50 east from Salem toward Omega. Photo taken 12/27/09.
U.S. 50 travels 183 miles west from Vincennes, Indiana to St. Louis, Missouri in Illinois. The route was once touted as the proposed corridor for Interstate 64 until officials from Evansville lobbied for a more southerly course. A new alignment for the US Highway was built in anticipation of this from Carlyle west to Summerfield. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Odin and Sandoval are within a nine mile drive of U.S. 50 west from Exit 116. Eastward, U.S. 50 vacates Salem on a 25-mile drive to Flora and a merge with U.S. 45. U.S. 50 was once a transcontinental route at 3,231 miles from San Francisco to Ocean City, Maryland. The route ends in Sacramento now but still travels an impressive 3,011 miles. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Ramps for Exit 116 orientate on the north side of U.S. 50 because of the nearby CSX Railroad line that passes under I-57 beyond this shield assembly. Photo taken 12/27/09.
The third to last southbound rest area of Interstate 57 in Illinois follows at a carriageway split east of Vermilion Creek. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Two exits remain before Interstate 57 south enters Mt. Vernon in 20 miles. Memphis is now 275 miles away. Photo taken 12/27/09.
The entrance to the southbound rest area follows the Cross Road / County Road 900 North overpass. A southbound facility is also present beyond the forested median. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Illinois 161 sees a diamond interchange (Exit 109) with Interstate 57 at the final Marion County exit. Photo taken 12/27/09.
One half mile north of the Illinois 161 (McCord Street) off-ramp to Centralia. IL-161 ends 1.2 miles east at Illinois 137 near Carter and Kell. Photo taken 12/27/09.
A 59-mile route, IL-161 travels nine miles west to Centralia and ends at Fairview Heights in the St. Louis suburbs. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Interstate 57 leads south three miles to the Jefferson County line. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Motorists enter Jefferson County at the Walnut Hill Road over crossing. Created in 1819 from portions of White, Edwards and Franklin Counties, Jefferson County, named for Thomas Jefferson, is home to 38,827 as of the 2010 census. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Interstate 57 from milepost 106 south to the Missouri State line is designated the Ken Gray Expressway, an southern Illinois Congressman who in 1956 helped draft the Interstate Highway Act.1 Photo taken 12/27/09.
The first of six Jefferson County interchanges joins Interstate 57 with South Street at the village of Dix in one mile. Photo taken 12/27/09.
South Street becomes Dix-Irvington Road (County Road 39) west of Exit 103 en route to Irvington and U.S. 51 in Washington County. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Exit 103 consists of a folded-diamond interchange because of the adjacent Norfolk Southern Railroad line. Drivers bound for South Street depart I-57 from the bridge over the railroad. Illinois 37 follows Main Street nearby and continues nine miles into Mt. Vernon via Salem Road. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Interstate 57 next merges with Interstate 64 east on the north side of Mt. Vernon in six miles. Memphis is 263 miles to the south via Interstates 57 to 55 from Sikeston, Missouri. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Interstate 57 sees a pair of carriageway splits on the seven mile drive south from Dix to the tri-level stack interchange (Exit 96) with Interstate 64 west. Photo taken 12/27/09.
One mile north of the Exit 96 off-ramp to Interstate 64 west on I-57 south. I-64 stretches 130 miles across southern Illinois, entering the state with Interstates 55 & 70 across the Poplar Street Bridge from St. Louis and leaving across the Wabash River at Grayville. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Nearing the Richview Road overpass and ramp departure for Interstate 64 west along Interstate 57 south. I-64 travels a rural route from Mt. Vernon to Shiloh, where the St. Louis suburbs commence. Photo taken 12/27/09.
St. Louis lies 74 miles to the west along Interstate 64 from Exit 96 as Interstate 64 east joins Interstate 57 south for 4.14 miles through western reaches of Mt. Vernon. Photo taken 12/27/09.
Interstate 64 east merges onto Interstate 57 on the one mile approach to Illinois 15 (Exit 95). Illinois 15 enters Mt. Vernon from Ashley, 13 miles to the west. Photo taken 12/27/09.



  1. "Gov. Blagojevich renames a portion of I-57 "Ken Gray Expressway" to honor long-time Congressman." Office of the Governor Press release, May 8, 2008.

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