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Interstate 59 South
A second reassurance shield posted along the stretch between Attalla and Steele follows the county line. This stretch of freeway is designated the Korean War Memorial Highway. Photo taken 06/25/12.
One mile northeast of the Exit 174 diamond interchange with Steele Station Road on Interstate 59 south. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Steele Station Road begins at Black Creek Parkway and Sutton Street, by Interstate 759 at Rainbow City, and arcs southwest by Northeast Alabama Regional Airport to end at U.S. 11 (Main Street) in the town of Steele. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Exit 174 leaves Interstate 59 south for Steele Station Road. St. Clair County 42 stems west from U.S. 11 at Steele along Chandler Mountain Road onto the adjacent mesa. Photo taken 06/25/12.
A forested median remains in place along much of the drive south to Ashville from Steele. Photo taken 06/25/12.
The city center of Ashville is ten miles away from Steele via I-59 south and U.S. 231 south while Birmingham is 47 miles to the southwest. Photo taken 06/25/12.
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2 photos
Weary travelers along Interstate 59 see the first rest area since the welcome center near the Georgia state line next. The westbound side facility straddles the Ashville city line. Photos taken 06/25/12.
U.S. 231 follows 5th Avenue northwest from central Ashville to meet Interstate 59 at a diamond interchange (Exit 166) in one mile. The US route leaves I-59 on a 14-mile trek to the Blount County seat of Oneonta. Photo taken 06/25/12.
U.S. 231 south merges with U.S. 411 in 2.69 miles for the start of a 4.10-mile overlap. South from the split, U.S. 231 continues to Pell City while U.S. 411 branches southwest to Odenville and its terminus at Leeds. Northward, U.S. 231 intersects U.S. 11 in 1.12 miles at Whitney Junction. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Southbound Interstate 59 shield posted at the crossing of Muckleroy Creek. Photo taken 06/25/12.
The city of Springville lies 13 miles to the west along Interstate 59 south. Birmingham is now 39 miles out. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Seemingly uninterrupted stands of pine forest line both sides of Interstate 59 and a swath of median between County Roads 36 and 31. Photo taken 06/25/12.
SR 23, a 12.61-mile route from Springville east to Ashville, meets Interstate 59 at Exit 156 in one mile. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Simmons Mountain comes into view along the southern horizon as motorists along I-59 south draw to within one half mile of the Exit 156 diamond interchange. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Exit 156 parts ways with Interstate 59 south for SR 23. SR 23 concludes 0.39 miles to the north at U.S. 11 (Main Street) in Springville. Eastward, the state route reaches St. Clair Springs in 1.82 miles and Cool Springs in 6.98 miles. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Interstate 59 traverses the north end of Jones Mountain and skirts by central Springville. Photo taken 06/25/12.
SR 174 (Marietta Road) meets the freeway at the next southbound exit in one mile. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Cahaba and Red Mountains appear on the half mile approach to the Exit 154 diamond interchange. SR 174 ends at U.S. 11 (Main Street) in Springville, 0.64 miles to the west. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Heading east from Exit 154, SR 174 encircles Simmons Mountain southward on a 7.81-mile course to U.S. 411 at Odenville. The state route shares a brief overlap with the US highway before turning east ten miles to end at U.S. 231 outside Pell City. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Turning more to the south, Interstate 59 curves around the periphery of Simmons Mountain before passing through a portion of the Springville city limits. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Trussville, a suburb of Birmingham, is 11 miles to the southwest. Downtown Birmingham is 12 miles further. Photo taken 06/25/12.
U.S. 11 and Interstate 59 swap sides through the town of Argo. Exit 149 connects the two via Liles Lane in one mile. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Southbound Interstate 59 on the half mile approach to the Exit 149 diamond interchange with Liles Lane. Photo taken 06/25/12.
U.S. 11 (Gadsden Highway) remains east of Interstate 59 from Argo southward through the city of Trussville. Liles Lane spurs west from Exit 148 to Chinquapir Ridge and Advent Circle. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Interstate 59 crosses into Jefferson County just ahead of the Exit 148 off-ramp to Liles Lane. Photo taken 06/25/12.
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2 photos
Interstate 59 enters the city limits of Trussville ahead of Exit 145. Downtown is still nine miles away via I-59 south to Chalkville Road from Exit 141.
Beyond the first Advent Circle overpass is the proposed location of the east end of the Birmingham North Beltine (Interstate 422). Photos taken 06/25/12.
The first of two interchanges in Trussville joins Interstate 59 with Deerfoot Parkway at Mt. Olive Church Road. This exit opened to traffic in 1989. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Deerfoot Parkway crosses Red Mountain north of Interstate 59 to link Trussville with the city of Clay. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Entering the folded diamond interchange with Deerfoot Parkway on Interstate 59 south. Mt. Olive Church Road stems west from the end of the off-ramp at Exit 143 to a local church. Southward, Deerfoot Parkway meets Happy Hollow Road on the south side of the freeway en route to U.S. 11 (Gadsden Highway). Photo taken 06/25/12.
Vann Valley spreads out ahead of Interstate 59 south beyond the bridge across the Cahaba River. The headwaters of the river reside nearby on Red Mountain. Photo taken 06/25/12.
A short distance further is a diamond interchange (Exit 141) with Chalkville Road. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Chalkville Road comprises a busy commuter route as it joins Interstate 59 with central Trussville, eastern reaches of Center Point and the city of Pinson. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Exit 141 leaves Interstate 59 south for Chalkville Road. A number of travel amenities and retail shopping centers lie both west and east of the exchange. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Travelers along Interstate 59 south enter a valley between Red and Little Sand Mountains and parallel Pinchgut Creek. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Two miles north of the split with Interstate 459 (Exit 137) south on Interstate 59 south. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Tractor trailers not destined for local deliveries in Birmingham or bound for Interstate 65 to points north must use Interstate 459 to bypass the city. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Forthcoming Exit 137 with Interstate 459 consists of a tri-level stack interchange with a left side departure to the south belt line. Photo taken 06/25/12.
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2 photos
Interstate 459 connects southbound I-59 with I-20, between Irondale and Leeds, in four miles and I-65 at Hoover in 18 miles. An original button copy sign was replaced with a Clearview-font based sign by 2011.
Travel times for the Birmingham area began to appear on dynamic message boards by 2009. Photo taken 06/18/05. Second photo taken 06/25/12.
Pressing southwest toward the northern terminus of Interstate 459 at the one half mile sign bridge of Exit 137. Interstate 459 opened to traffic between I-59 and I-20 in 1978. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Two lanes are allocated for both both routes at the Interstates 59/459 split (Exit 137). The bypass of Birmingham is suburban in nature carrying six lanes through the eastern and southern metropolitan communities of Irondale (Exits 29 and 27), Mountain Brook (Exits 23 and 19), Vestavia Hills (Exit 17), Hoover (Exits 19, 15, 13B/A, 10), and Bessemer (Exits 6 and 1). Photo taken 06/25/12.
An Interstate 459 shield accompanies the Exit 137 gore point sign of I-59 south. Attached to the flyover in the background is the first sign of Exit 32 (U.S. 11 / Gadsden Highway) for Roebuck Plaza and Trussville. Photo taken 06/25/12.
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2 photos
Now within the city limits of Birmingham, Interstate 59 southbound approaches the Exit 134 diamond interchange with Roebuck Parkway. This junction serves SR 75 and the Huffman and Roebuck neighborhoods of the city. Photos taken 06/25/12.
Speed limits reduce to 60 miles per hour as Interstate 59 approaches Exit 134 to SR 75 (Roebuck Parkway). The state route ends 0.7 miles south of the freeway at Esplanade Drive. Photo taken 06/25/12.
U.S. 11 passes under Interstate 59 and lines the north side of the freeway from Roebuck Plaza to East Lake. Roebuck Parkway intersects U.S. 11 north ahead of the SR 75 transition onto Parkway East. Parkway East comprises a commercial arterial northward through Jones Valley to Center Point. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Drivers bound for Roebuck Parkway depart Interstate 59 south at Exit 134. SR 75 totals 113.22 miles in length between Birmingham, Pinson, Oneonta, Albertville and the Georgia state line in Dekalb County. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Nearing the half diamond interchange (Exit 132) with U.S. 11 (1st Avenue North) on Interstate 59 south. U.S. 11 crosses paths with I-59 from the East Lake neighborhood to Wahouma. Photo taken 06/25/12.
The last Interstate 59 interchange before the merge with Interstate 20 westbound is Exit 132 with 1st Avenue North. U.S. 11 also intersects Interstate 20 at its first independent exit of Interstate 59 at Exit 130B. I-20/59 will again intersect the U.S. highway at Exit 108 in Bessemer. Photo taken 06/25/12.
A wye interchange connects U.S. 11 (1st Avenue North) southbound with Interstate 59 south two miles out from the trumpet interchange (Exit 130) with Interstate 20 east. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Interstate 59 expands to six overall lanes beyond the half diamond interchange (Exit 131 of I-59 north) with Oporto-Madrid Boulevard. Photo taken 06/25/12.
One mile north of the Exit 130 off-ramp onto Interstate 20 east to Leeds and Moody. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Passing over 66th and 65th Streets North, Interstate 59 prepares to merge with Interstate 20 west at Exit 130. Interstate 20 enters Birmingham from Oxford, Anniston to the east. The 1,539-mile route joins Alabama's largest city with Atlanta and Augusta, Georgia and Columbia and Florence, South Carolina. Photo taken 06/25/12.
Exit 130 consists of a sharp loop ramp onto Interstate 20 east ahead of Red Mountain and Irondale. I-20 travels 148 miles to Atlanta from I-59. Photo taken 06/25/12.
An Interstate shield accompanies the gore point sign, which is typical ALDOT practice for freeway to freeway junctions. Photo taken 06/25/12.


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