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Interstate 64 East
A reassurance marker for I-64 east stands beside the northbound overpass of I-77. Photo taken 10/02/10.
SSR 19/41 (Fitzpatrick Road) spans the freeway as the two ramps from I-77 come together. Lewisburg, seat of Greenbriar County and a city of under 4,000, is the primarily control point for I-64 east from Beckley. Photo taken 10/02/10.
An S-curve takes Interstate 64 northeast away from the West Virginia Turnpike by Fitzpatrick. Photo taken 10/02/10.
Just 17,920 vehicles per day were recorded on Interstate 64 to the south of Beckley in 2013. The freeway leads east initially with a truck climbing lane. Photo taken 10/02/10.
Interstate 64 bypasses Beckley to the south to the East Beckley Bypass at Exit 124. Lewisburg lies 50 miles to the east, followed by Lexington, Virginia and the merge with I-81 north in 121 miles. Photo taken 10/02/10.
A trumpet interchange (Exit 124) lies two miles ahead with the south end of the East Beckley Bypass, a controlled access route winding north to West Virginia 41 (Stanaford Road) along the east side of Beckley. Photo taken 10/02/10.
SSR 25 (Sullivan Road) crosses over Interstate 64 as the freeway curves northeast ahead of Exit 124. The East Beckley Bypass, also known as the Z-Way because the roads connected to form a "Z" pattern in various phases,1 was extended north 1.6 miles from Grey Flats Road to WV 41 (Stanaford Road) on December 5, 2011 after two years of construction for $33.4 million.2,3 $18.15-million in construction commenced on October 8, 2014 and running through May 2016 extends the route another 1.33 miles to Industrial Drive.3 Photo taken 10/02/10.
U.S. 19 & West Virginia 3 wind along Beaver Creek southeast from Beckley to Beaver, Daniels and Shady Spring. The pair partition at Fayette Street, with WV 3 turning west toward Downtown Beckley and U.S. 19 taking Eisenhower Drive north through east Beckley to Skelton. Photo taken 10/02/10.
Exit 124 loops away from I-64 east for the East Beckley Bypass north. Upon completion, the Z-Way will end at U.S. 19 & WV 16 near Skelton. Photo taken 10/02/10.
County Route 9/9 (Airport Road) ties into Interstate 64 at a six-ramp parclo interchange just north of the WV 307 easterly turn onto Scott Ridge Road. Photo taken 10/02/10.
An auxiliary lane accompanies a truck climbing lane to expand I-64 east to four lanes to Exit 125A for SSR 9/9 (Airport Road) south. West Virginia 307 extends Airport Road south across Scott Ridge to U.S. 19 & WV 3 at Beaver. Photo taken 10/02/10.
Exit 125A expands to two lanes as it departs Interstate 64 east for West Virginia 307. WV 307 parallels I-64 east along Scott Ridge Road to Grandview Country Club and SSR 9 (Grandview Road). Photo taken 10/02/10.
Exit 125B follows onto SSR 9/9 (Airport Road) north to Clifftop and Raleigh County Memorial Airport (BKW) and its adjacent industrial park. Photo taken 10/02/10.

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