Interstate 64 outer loop
Crossing into Chesapeake, the outer loop of Interstate 64 approaches the Exit 297 diamond interchange with U.S. 13 & 460 (Military Highway). U.S. 13 & 460 part ways with U.S. 58 near the exchange with Interstates 64, 264, and 664 in Portsmouth and continue the Military Highway east to the Broadmoor and Gilmerton communities of Chesapeake. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Exit 297 departs Interstate 64 for U.S. 13 & 460 (Military Highway). U.S. 13 & 460 travel east across the Elizabeth River to a split at Bainbridge Boulevard near Portlock. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Interstate 64 angles southeast and passes over Yadkin Road and a Norfolk Southern Railroad on the 0.75-mile drive to Exit 296 with U.S. 17 north & 17 Business south (George Washington Highway). Photo taken 09/05/10.
A three-quarter cloverleaf interchange joins Interstate 64 with George Washington Highway near Deep Creek in Chesapeake. U.S. 17 south merges onto the Hampton Roads Beltway outer loop to Exit 291. That relocation occurred by winter 2002, creating a business loop of U.S. 17 southward to the 2006-completed alignment east of Dismal Swamp Canal. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Interstate 64 Outer (west) & U.S. 17 south
Interstate 64 & U.S. 17 overlap 4.31 miles eastward to Virginia 190 (Great Bridge Boulevard), ahead of the confluence of Interstate 464 north to Norfolk, Virginia 168 (Oak Grove Connector) south to Great Bridge and Battlefield Boulevard (Virginia 168 Business). Photo taken 09/05/10.
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
Traveling a causeway adjacent to Deep Creek, Interstate 64 outer & U.S. 17 south rise and cross the South Branch of the Elizabeth River on a 1967-built draw bridge. Photos taken 09/05/10.
A lengthy collector distributor roadway departs in one mile, handling all traffic movements to Exits 291-290 for Virginia 168 south to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Interstate 464 north to downtown Norfolk and Virginia 168 Business (Battlefield Boulevard). Photo taken 09/05/10.
Exit 292 leaves the Hampton Roads Beltway outer loop for the continuation of U.S. 17 south to Dominion Boulevard and Virginia 190 (Great Bridge Boulevard). U.S. 17 follows Great Bridge Boulevard briefly through Dozers Corner to Dominion Boulevard (former Virginia 104) southwest to Herberts Corner. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Taking the Exit 292 lone ramp, motorists reach Great Bridge Boulevard and see this set of shields. Virginia 190 travels a circuitous route 15.43 miles from Virginia 166 (Bainbridge Boulevard) nearby to Virginia 225 (Independence Boulevard) in Virginia Beach. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Interstate 64 Outer & Virginia 168 north
Virginia 168 north joins the collector distributor roadway of Interstate 64 outer (west) to Exit 290A. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Virginia 168 Business travels south from Exit 290B along commercialized Battlefield Boulevard to Oak Grove. Virginia 168 continues Battlefield Boulevard north to industrial areas of Norfolk at Edmonds Corner. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Nearing the full cloverleaf interchange with Battlefield Boulevard on Interstate 64. Big box retail and numerous office complexes occupy the landscape south of the Hampton Roads Beltway to Volvo Parkway and east to Greenbrier Parkway. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Exit 290B departs Interstate 64 outer for Virginia 168 Business south. The business route totals 14.40 miles in length between the Beltway and south end of the Chesapeake Expressway. It was first signed in 1981 when the Great Bridge Bypass opened. Extensions followed in 1999 along Battlefield Boulevard north to Exit 209 and in 2001 through Hickory when the toll road opened.3 Photo taken 09/05/10.
A parting shot of the Interstate 64 outer & Virginia 168 northbound split at Exit 290A. Virginia 168 continues north to Ocean View in Norfolk. The 30.11-mile route once ran along the Interstate 64 freeway to the Williamsburg area. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Interstate 64 Outer
The collector distributor roadway from Interstate 464 continues east to Exit 289 with Greenbrier Parkway as of July 2009. A slip ramp provides access from the beltway mainline. Photo taken 09/05/10.
A $98.6-million project was completed in July 2009 that expanded Interstate 64 from six lanes to 14 overall including a pair of two-lane c/d roadways. Drivers merging onto the freeway from Battlefield Boulevard may use either the c/d roadway to Greenbrier Parkway or take a flyover ramp onto the freeway mainline. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Exit 289B follows onto Greenbrier Parkway southbound to Greenbrier Mall and Virginia 190 (Kempsville Road) at Butts. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Looking at the Exit 289A ramp departure from within the full cloverleaf interchange between Interstate 64 and Greenbrier Parkway. Greenbrier Parkway ends a short distance northward at U.S. 13 (Military Highway) and Dunbarton Drive north. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Next in line for drivers of Interstate 64 outer is Exits 286 with Indian River Road. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Reassurance marker for Interstate 64 posted near the Virginia Beach city line. Shields posted on the inner/outer portion of the Hampton Roads Beltway do not include a cardinal direction banner. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Entering the most populous city in the state of Virginia, Virginia Beach. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Indian River Road constitutes a suburban arterial running southeast from Barrets Corner to Acredale in Virginia Beach. Connections with Ferrell Parkway continues the divided highway east to Virginia 165 (Princess Anne Road) at Gallops Corner. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Like the previous three exits, Exit 286 is a full cloverleaf interchange. Exit 286B departs in one half mile for Indian River Road east to southern reaches of Virginia Beach. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Interstate 64 outer at the Exit 286B ramp departure. Indian River Road winds southeast through a hodgepodge of subdivisions, wetlands, and a few remaining agricultural areas to end at Muddy Creek Road west of North Bay. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Exit 286A loops onto Indian River Road west to Providence Road (former Virginia 409) and the city of Chesapeake. Once west of the Virginia Beach line, Indian River Road upgrades to Virginia 407, a 2.32-mile route west to Virginia 168 (Campostella Rd). Photo taken 09/05/10.
Interstate 64 west
Interstate 64 West north of Interstate 264 (Exit 284), one mile south of U.S. 13 & Virginia 166 [unsigned from Interstate 64] (Exit 282) Notice the I-64 Reversible lanes (HOV-2 during rush hour in peak direction), which exist from I-264 (Exit 284) to I-564. Photo taken 03/21/09.
I-64 West closing in on US 13/VA 166 as the right lane is exit only here. US 13 parallels I-64 on Military Hwy from US 58 to VA 165/VA 166 slightly southwest of I-64. US 13 overlaps with VA 166 (not signed from I-64 or in Virginia Beach) from there to north of I-64 at Diamond Springs Rd in Virginia Beach on Northampton Blvd. VA 166 follows Diamond Springs Rd north to end at US 60; however, US 13 follows Northampton Blvd as a six-lane expressway with interchanges at VA 225 (Independence Blvd) and US 60 (Shore Drive) ahead of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel toll plaza. The CBBT leads U.S. 13 north along Virginia's Eastern Shore to Salisbury, Maryland. Photo taken 03/21/09.
Two lanes exit off I-64 West for US 13/VA 166 at Exit 282. I-64 West here is signed for the "Naval Base", "Hampton", and "Richmond". Photo taken 03/21/09.
I-64 West is still signed for the "Hampton Roads Beltway Outer Loop" up to I-664 as indicated. All of I-664 and I-64 from Exits 264-299 is signed as the "Hampton Roads Beltway". Photo taken 03/21/09.
The next exit for I-64 West is at VA 165/Military Hwy (Exit 281). VA 165 takes over Military Hwy north of US 13 and parallels I-64 up to its intersection at the western end of VA 170/Little Creek Rd. Photo taken 03/21/09.
I-64 West at VA 165/Military Hwy (Exit 281). The next three interchanges are for Norview Ave (Exits 279B-A), VA 194/Chesapeake Blvd (Exit 278), and VA 168/Tidewater Dr (Exits 277B-A). Photo taken 03/21/09.
2 photos
2 photos
Now I-64 West closes in on VA 247 (not signed from I-64)/Norview Ave (Exits 279B-A). Norview Ave connects VA 165 and Norfolk Int'l Airport with VA 337/Hampton Blvd. Exits are for both directions on VA 247/Norview Ave, which contradicts the 3/4 Mile overhead, which only displays "Norview Ave EAST". Photos taken 03/21/09.
2 photos
2 photos
The first photo is I-64 West at VA 247 East/Norview Ave (Exit 279B). Use VA 247 east to VA 165 and Norfolk International Airport. The second is for VA 247 West/Norview Ave (Exit 279A), which connects to VA 337. Photos taken 03/21/09.
The next exit is for VA 194 North/Chesapeake Blvd (Exit 278) in 1/2 mile. Photo taken 03/21/09.
I-64 West at VA 194 North/Chesapeake Blvd (Exit 278). VA 194 follows Sewells Point Rd and Chesapeake Blvd from VA 166 west of US 13 to US 60 in the Ocean View area. The truck to the left is blocking the I-64 West pull through panel still signed for "Naval Base", "Hampton", and "Richmond". Photo taken 03/21/09.
The next interchange is for VA 168/Tidewater Dr (Exits 277B-A). VA 168 connects to NC 168 (which connects to US 158 and the Outer Banks) at the state line and soon becomes the Chesapeake Expressway up to I-64 (Exit 291)/I-464/US 17. North from Interstates 64 & 664, Virginia 168 follows city streets to Downtown Norfolk before following Tidewater Dr north of VA 337 and US 460 north to end at US 60 in Ocean View, north of the second I-64 interchange. Photo taken 03/21/09.
I-64 West at VA 168 North/Tidewater Dr (Exit 277B). VA 168/Tidewater Dr actually has an interchange with VA 165/Little Creek Rd before its north end at US 60. Photo taken 03/21/09.
2 photos
2 photos
Interstate 64 westbound at Exit 277A (Virginia 168 south). Virginia 168 (Tidewater Drive) travels southward the freeway through downtown Norfolk to Chesapeake. The highway eventually upgrades into the Great Bridge Bypass and the tolled Chesapeake Expressway en route to North Carolina 168 near Moyock. Photo taken 03/21/09. Second photo taken 01/06/01.
Before the left exit to I-564 West (Exit 276B), which connects to VA 406 and VA 337 in the Naval Base, there is an off-ramp to VA 165/Little Creek Rd (Exit 276C). Traffic connecting to US 460 West must use VA 165 as there is no direct access to the highway from Interstate 64 west. Traffic connecting to US 460 East should use Exit 276A after the I-564 split. Photo taken 03/21/09.
Here is the exit for VA 165/Little Creek Rd (Exit 276C). VA 165 travels west on Little Creek Rd to end at VA 337 south of the Naval Base. The left lanes split for I-564 West (Exit 276A) next. Photo taken 03/21/09.
2 photos
2 photos
A left exit constitutes the western beginning of Interstate 564 (Exit 276C) from Interstate 64 west. Exit 276A follows on the right side to Virginia 165 (Little Creek Road). The state highway intersects Virginia 168 (Tidewater Drive) and U.S. 460 (Granby Street) nearby. A direct ramp from Interstate 64 to Granby Street is provided beyond the Interstate 64/564 split. Photo taken 01/06/01. Second photo taken 03/21/09.
I-64 West at the exit for US 460 East/Granby St (Exit 276A). Use US 460 East, which actually travels south here, for Downtown Norfolk. I-64 West narrows to four lanes after I-564 through the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel (HRBT) until after VA 169 (Exit 268) in Hampton. The four-lane section of I-64 here is congested throughout daytime hours on weekdays especially during peak hours. Weekends can be bad through here as well throughout the year especially during the summer months with heavy loads of beach traffic. Photo taken 03/21/09.
The next interchange is at Bay Ave (Exit 274), which also connects I-64 to the Naval Base from the west. Photo taken 03/21/09.
I-64 West at Bay Ave (Exit 274). The next interchange is at US 60/4th View St in the Ocean View Section of Norfolk. Photo taken 03/21/09.
I-64 West at the exit for US 60 East/4th View St (Exit 274). US 60 basically follows 4th View St to Ocean View Ave before heading east and south onto Shore Dr and Atlantic/Pacific Ave on the Virginia Beach Oceanfront before ending in the Rudee Inlet area. However, US 60 West traffic follows a slightly different routing to get to I-64 West by using Mason Creek Rd and Tidewater Dr before turning left onto 4th View St1. US 60 multiplexes with I-64 from here to VA 143 (Exit 268) in Hampton. By the way, the construction on the right is for a new sound wall. Photo taken 03/21/09.
Interstate 64 & U.S. 60 west
Here's a set of I-64/US 60 West shields on the Hampton Roads Beltway Outer Loop as US 60 follows I-64 through the HRBT. Photo taken 03/21/09.
Now on the I-64/US 60 West bridge at the Willoughby Spit just before the HRBT. The last interchange before the HRBT is at W Ocean View Ave (Exit 272). Photo taken 03/21/09.
Exit 272 departs Interstate 64 & U.S. 60 west for West Ocean View Avenue. Ocean View Avenue was a part of Virginia 168 until 19802 and also represented where US 60 entered I-64 for the HRBT before US 60 was moved onto I-64 back at 4th View St. The HRBT is situated just past the onramp from W Ocean View Ave. Photo taken 03/21/09.



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  • 01/06/01 by AARoads.
  • 03/21/09 by Mark Moore.
  • 09/05/10 by Will Weaver.

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