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Interstate 65 North
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3 photos
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Just east of Mobile County, Interstate 65 north kinks eastward over northern reaches of The Basin to rise again over the Middle River. The Middle River bisects the land between the Mobile and Tensaw Rivers, doubling as the county line north from Little Lizard Creek to the Tensaw River. Photos taken 05/12/16.
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Descending from the Middle River crest, Interstate 65 passes over Mifflin Lake. Mifflin Lake is more of a marshy stream than a conventional lake. Photo taken 05/12/16. Second photo taken 07/15/05.
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The final crest takes Interstate 65 north over the Tensaw River. The Tensaw River flows south from the Mobile River into Mobile and Polecat Bays. Photos taken 05/12/16.
The first of four Baldwin County interchanges joins Interstate 65 with SR 225 three miles south of Stockton. When Spain owned Florida, its boundary extended westward along the 31st parallel. In 1799, this boundary was marked by the Ellicott Stone in Stockton, which started life as an international border town. The stone is named for Major Andrew Ellicott, the surveyor of the border appointed by President George Washington. Photo taken 05/12/16.
One half mile west of the diamond interchange (Exit 34) with SR 225 on Interstate 65 north. SR 225 parallels the Tensaw River southward to Historic Fort Blakeley State Park and Spanish Fort. The Civil War history at Fort Blakeley and Spanish Fort played key roles in the Confederacy's last stand. Photo taken 05/12/16.
SR 225 travels 23.91 miles overall between U.S. 31 (Spanish Fort Boulevard) and SR 59 in Stockton. Much of the state route is rural, except for the southernmost stretch of roadway at Spanish Fort. Photo taken 05/12/16.
The roadways of Interstate 65 expand outwards with a forested median between Exits 31 and 34. Photo taken 05/12/16.
Meeting Interstate 65 next is SR 59, a 93.67-mile route between Uriah and Gulf Shores. The state route provides one of two direct routes to the Baldwin County seat of Bay Minette. Photo taken 05/12/16.
One half mile west of the diamond interchange (Exit 34) with SR 59. SR 59 links rural areas of northern Baldwin County with the resort communities of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. The highway doubles as Gulf Shores Parkway from SR 287 south to the Gulf of Mexico. The four to five lane highway constitutes the main route to the coast from points north. Photo taken 05/12/16.
Exit 34 leaves Interstate 65 north for SR 59. SR 59 travels a short distance northwest to Stockton and Vaughn. Southward the highway meets SR 287 (Rabun Road) at Hand and McMeans Avenue in Bay Minette. Photo taken 05/12/16.
SR 59 south leads to Faulker State Community College in Bay Minette. The state route also connects the county seat with Loxley, Robertsdale, Summerdale, and Foley. Photo taken 02/08/06.
Confirming marker for I-65 north posted after SR 59. Photo taken 07/15/05.
The ensuing mileage sign again lists Bay Minette as the next destination city. Montgomery is 138 miles to the northeast. Photo taken 05/12/16.
SR 287 follows Rabun Road (Gulf Shores Parkway) north from SR 59 (McMeans Avenue) and Hand Avenue in Bay Minette to end at Interstate 65 (Exit 37). The state route travels 6.25 miles overall between Courthouse Square (U.S. 31) and Exit 37. Photo taken 05/12/16.
SR 287 was expanded to five overall lanes by 2001 between SR 59 and Interstate 65 as part of the overall Gulf Shores Parkway route. Baldwin County 47 extends north from Exit 37 to Rabun. Photo taken 05/12/16.
Northbound Interstate 65 reaches the diamond interchange (Exit 37) with SR 287 (Gulf Shores Parkway) south and CR 47 (Rabun Road) north. CR 47 arcs northeast to Jack Springs Road, where it splits into separate branches to Lottie / Redtown and Perdido respectively. Photo taken 05/12/16.
Advancing northeast, Interstate 65 continues another 10.5 miles to the Escambia County line. Photo taken 05/12/16.
Perdido is the next destination along Interstate 65 north. The capital city is now 134 miles away. Photo taken 05/12/16.
The freeway again expands to accommodate a forested median north of the Hoyle Bryars Road overpass and the St. Stephens Baseline, the 30th parallel. Photo taken 02/07/06.
Baldwin County 47 returns to Interstate 65 by way of Rabun to Exit 45 near the community of Perdido. Photo taken 05/12/16.
One half mile west of the diamond interchange (Exit 45) with County Road 47 on Interstate 65 north. County Road 47 connects with U.S. 31 near the Escambia County line west of Atmore. Photo taken 05/12/16.
Northbound Interstate 65 at the ramp departure (Exit 45) to CR 47. CR 47 meets one of the three branches of CR 61 in Perdido. An east-west branch follows the CSX Railroad west to Hoyle Bryars Road and east to the Escambia County line, a north-south component follows Lottie Road across I-65 to Lottie and Redtown, a third branch loops west from CR 47 to U.S. 31 on Cemetery Road. Photo taken 05/12/16.
Interstate 65 enters Escambia County just east of the Baldwin County 61 (Lottie Road) overpass. Photo taken 07/15/05.
Escambia County 1 (Jack Springs Road) meets Interstate 65 at the first of three countywide interchanges. The county road travels southeast from Exit 54 to Freemanville and Atmore. Photo taken 07/15/05.
The diamond interchange with Escambia County 1 (Jack Springs Road) serves the Poarch Creek Indian Reservation nearby. County Road 1 travels northwest from Interstate 65 to Jack Springs and Booneville, eventually meeting SR 59 east of Chrysler. Photo taken 07/15/05.
Exit 54 provides one of two routes to Atmore via Escambia County 1 south to Howard Street, ending at SR 21 (Main Street) north of downtown. Photo taken 07/15/05.
Continuing north of Atmore, Interstate 65 next meets SR 21 at Exit 57. SR 21 represents an important corridor between Atmore and Monroeville, carrying four lanes southward to Atmore and the Florida State line, where it transitions to SR 97. Photo taken 06/01/02.
Drivers pass under the Escambia County 14 overpass on the half mile approach to Exit 57. SR 21 travels 278.47 miles north from Florida to Piedmont in northeastern Alabama. Photo taken 07/15/05.
Interstate 65 northbound at the diamond interchange (Exit 57) with SR 21. Operated by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, the Wind Creek Gaming Center high rise hotel and casino rises along the south side of the freeway.
Northward, SR 21 continues eight miles to Huxford and 13 miles to SR 59 at Uriah. Photo taken 07/15/05.
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2 photos
Interstate 65 next meets SR 113, which connects the freeway with Flomaton near the state line. Logically drivers would not follow this path to reach the border town and instead use SR 21 south to U.S. 31 north. Photos taken 07/15/05.
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2 photos
Low rolling hills and pine forest represent the landscape along the 12-mile exit less stretch between Atmore and Barnett Crossroads. Interstate 65 spans Wet Weather Creek and Big Escambia Creek in these two scenes. Photos taken 07/15/05.
SR 113 leads north 14 miles from its split with U.S. 29 & 31 outside of Flomaton to end at Interstate 65. The state route travels 15.46 miles overall between Exit 69 and the Florida state line. Photo taken 07/15/05.
SR 113 represents an important trucking and travel corridor between Pensacola, Florida with Interstate 65. SR 113 to U.S. 29 south at Flomaton provides the most direct route to Pensacola from Interstate 65 in Lower Alabama.
CR 17 continues SR 113 north from Exit 69 to CR 40 at the community of Barnett Crossroads. CR 40 leads east to Wallace and SR 41. Photo taken 07/15/05.
Exit 69 departs Interstate 65 north for SR 113 south and Escambia County 17 north. Four-laning of SR 113 between Exit 69 and U.S. 29 & 31 was completed on November 12, 2008 at a cost of $22.7-million. Work commenced September 11, 2007 on the project. Planning however began in 1967 to four lane the corridor between SR 113 and U.S. 29. While U.S. 29 was widened by 1990 in Florida, only right of way was acquired by Alabama in the 1970s.1 Photo taken 07/15/05.
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2 photos
Reassurance shield and northbound mileage sign posted 24 miles from the Escambia County seat of Brewton and 103 miles from Montgomery. Photos taken 10/06/16.
Looking at northbound straight away between Barnett Crossroads and the county line. The freeway crosses Dean Creek in the distance. Photo taken 04/13/12.
Interstate 65 concludes a 27.92-mile drive through Escambia County and enters Conecuh County. Photo taken 10/06/16.

  1. "Widened Highway 113 Opens Joint Alabama And Florida Project.", November 13, 2008.

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