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Interstate 65 South
The Bartholomew County seat of Columbus, with a population of about 44,000, is served by the next two interchanges. Photo taken 06/06/12.
U.S. 31 crosses Interstate 65 from Taylorsville to Edinburgh at Exits 76B/A for the first time since Exit 106 at the Indianapolis beltway. Photo taken 06/06/12.
Exits 76B/A consists of a six-ramp parclo interchange with U.S. 31 adjacent to North Park and Taylorsville. U.S. 31 comprises a four-lane divided highway north from Columbus to Franklin. Photo taken 06/06/12.
Camp Atterbury is located north of Exit 76 A-B via U.S. 31 north and Hospital Road west of Edinburgh. IUPUI-Columbus and Ivy Tech are located to the south near the Columbus area. Photo taken 06/06/12.
Southbound Interstate 65 at the Exit 76 B off-ramp, which heads to U.S. 31 north to Camp Atterbury and Edinburgh. An outlet mall and several restaurants serve motorists north of the interchange. Photo taken 06/06/12.
A loop ramp takes southbound Interstate 65 travelers onto U.S. 31 south toward Taylorsville and Columbus. Photo taken 06/06/12.
Past Exit 76 B-A, the Taylorsville rest area serves southbound Interstate 65 motorists. The next rest area is 51 miles away north of the Louisville area. Photo taken 06/06/12.
The Taylorsville rest area turns off of south Interstate 65. Photo taken 06/06/12.
The city of Columbus is only six miles away from the Taylorsville rest area. Seymour and Louisville follow at 24 and 75 miles respectively. Photo taken 06/06/12.
A view of Interstate 65 as it heads south toward the Indiana 46 interchange (Exit 68). Camp Atterbury lies to the west of the interstate along this stretch while the city of Columbus itself lies to the east. Photo taken 06/06/12.
Visitors Centers serving the city of Columbus and the town of Nashville in Brown County are reached via Indiana 46 to the east and west respectively. Photo taken 06/06/12.
State Road 46 (Jonathon Moore Pike) comes together with I-65 at Exit 68 in one half mile as a commercialized arterial. Indiana 46 is a 153.7-mile route traveling across nearly the width of the state between Terre Haute and U.S. 52 a short distance from West Harrison and the Ohio State line. Photo taken 06/06/12.
Points of interest served by Indiana 46 include Brown County State Park south of Nashville and Indiana University in Bloomington. Indiana 46 travels for 16.7 miles to Nashville and 29 miles to Bloomington, connecting the two largest communities in South-central Indiana. Photo taken 06/06/12.
Exit 68 parts ways with Interstate 65 south for Indiana 46. Jonathon Moore Pike carries the state road east to the north end of SR 11 near Garden City and a roadway split of 2nd (east) and 3rd (west) Streets into the city core. SR 46 otherwise joins Columbus with Greensburg and the Interstate 74 corridor to the east. Photo taken 06/06/12.
A decorative arch bridge supports the roadways of Interstate 65 above Indiana 46 within the single point urban interchange (SPUI). Exit 68 was reconfigured from a wide diamond interchange into a SPUI in 1996. Photo taken 06/06/12.
The small town of Ogilville is seven miles away, with Seymour being the next major community at a distance of 21 miles. Louisville is 71 miles away now, a good hour in decent traffic. Photo taken 06/06/12.
Meeting Interstate 65 next is Indiana 58 east and County Road 450 South at the Exit 64 diamond interchange. Photo taken 06/06/12.
Indiana 58 begins at Exit 64 and ventures west 2.6 miles to Ogilville and 14.6 miles southwest to Freetown. Overall the state road totals 122 miles between south Columbus and Merom (Indiana 63) near the Wabash River / Illinois state line. Photo taken 06/06/12.
Interstate 65 leaves the city limits of Columbus on the approach to Exit 64. Annexations have pushed the city outward to encompass a Toyota plant nearby and Exit 68. Walesboro, an unincorporated community to the east, lies along Indiana 11. The diamond interchange was rebuilt in 2011 to better handle the industrial traffic around it. Photo taken 06/06/12.
Now leaving the Columbus area, Seymour is next at 13 miles. The Scott County seat of Scottsburg is the next major community following Seymour at 35 miles. Louisville is 65 miles away. Photo taken 06/06/12.
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2 photos
A mixture of forest and farm land sets the tone for southern Bartholomew County as Interstate 65 parallels the East Fork White Creek. Photos taken 06/06/12.
The next two interchanges along Interstate 65 serve the Jackson County city of Seymour, home to 17,500. Photo taken 06/06/12.
Indiana 11 crosses paths with Interstate 65 at the Exit 55 six-ramp partial interchange near Little Acre. Photo taken 06/06/12.
County Line Road passes over Interstate 65 just south of the Jackson County line. Also known as County Road 1100 South, the rural highway kinks to cross over the freeway at an angle that places it off the actual Jackson County boundary. Photo taken 06/06/12.
One half mile south of the Exit 55 ramp departure to Indiana 11. Indiana 11 travels south 2.8 miles to Rockford and 4.9 miles into Seymour. Northward the state road parallels Interstate 65 to Jonesville, Waynesville, Walesboro and Garden City. Photo taken 06/06/12.
An overhead sign directs drivers onto Exit 55 for State Road 11. SR 11 exists in two segments: the southern branch arcs between SR 135 at Mauckport and SR 62 near Lanesville for 30 miles. The northern portion stretches 26 miles from Dudleytown (SR 250) to Indiana 46 at Columbus. Photo taken 06/06/12.
A set of seven-based mileages on the distance sign past Exit 55. Seymour, Scottsburg and Louisville are seven, 27 and 57 miles away respectively. Photo taken 06/06/12.
A pair of 1960-constructed bridges span the East Fork White River along Interstate 65. Construction work was ongoing to repair them during the time of this picture. Photo taken 06/06/12.
On the other side of the East Fork of the White River, a weigh station approaches in one mile. Photo taken 06/06/12.
The weigh station exits off of Interstate 65 south near the one-mile approach to Exit 50 B-A. Photo taken 06/06/12.
Interstate 65 south now nears the halfway point in between Indianapolis and Louisville at Exit 50 B-A with U.S. 50. Photo taken 06/06/12.
U.S. 50 travels for 3,008 miles from Interstate 80 in Sacramento, California to Ocean City, Maryland. In Indiana, the highway goes for 171.5 miles as a major two-lane highway across south-central Indiana from Vincennes eastward through Washington, Shoals, Bedford, Brownstown, Seymour, North Vernon, Versailles and Lawrenceburg before continuing east toward Cincinnati, Ohio. Photo taken 06/06/12.
The Jackson County Visitors Center and Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge Center can be reached via U.S. 50 east off of Exit 50 A. Photo taken 06/06/12.
U.S. 50 (Tipton Street) meets Interstate 65 at the Exit 50 A-B cloverleaf interchange. Exit 50 B turns off Interstate 65 south for a loop ramp onto U.S. 50 west. U.S. 50 (Tipton Street) goes through the city of Seymour, which contains a large assortment of motorist's services and businesses, serving the city of 17,500. West of Seymour, U.S. 50 continues for ten miles to the Jackson County seat of Brownstown before it heads west toward Bedford and Vincennes. Photo taken 06/06/12.
Exit 50 A turns off via a loop ramp toward U.S. 50 east with an immediate intersection with U.S. 31 before continuing into Jennings County and the town of North Vernon, 12 miles to the east. From there, it heads east toward Versailles and Cincinnati, Ohio. Photo taken 06/06/12.
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2 photos
Reassurance shield and mileage signs follow on the 51-mile drive to Louisville from Seymour. Uniontown and Scottsburg lie before at eight and 21 miles. Photos taken 06/16/12.
Interstate 65 travels across the far eastern tier of Jackson County in between Exits 50 and 41, crossing under U.S. 31 and over the Vernon Fork of the Muscatatuck River. Photo taken 06/16/12.
Southbound Interstate 65 next meets Indiana 250 at Exit 41 in eastern Jackson County. Photo taken 06/16/12.
Indiana 250 exists in two segments along a path that travels from Brownstown to the west to Patriot on the Ohio River in Switzerland. The portions are separated by the Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge, formerly the Jefferson Proving Grounds. Photo taken 06/16/12.
Exit 41 joins I-65 with SR 250 at a diamond interchange to the immediate west of the small town of Uniontown and U.S. 31. Crothersville is 3.7 miles south of Uniontown via U.S. 31. The western segment of SR 250 travels from U.S. 50 in Brownstown and goes east for 33.5 miles to SR 7 northwest of Madison. The other 34.8 mile segment continues a few miles to the east at U.S. 421 and continues east toward Patriot. Photo taken 06/16/12.
Crothersville is five miles away (via U.S. 31 north from Exit 36), with Scottsburg at 13 miles and Louisville at 43 miles. Photo taken 06/16/12.
Interstate 65 nears its final crossing with U.S. 31 until Clarksville in one mile via Exit 36. Photo taken 06/16/12.
U.S. 31 serves the nearby communities of Crothersville, one mile to the north, and Austin, two miles to the south in Scott County. Photo taken 06/16/12.
A folded diamond interchange, created by the Louisville & Indiana Railroad to the west of U.S. 31, leaves Interstate 65 south at Exit 36. Photo taken 06/16/12.
The Scott County communities of Austin (four miles) and Scottsburg (nine miles) are up next with Louisville at 39 miles. Photo taken 06/16/12.
Interstate 65 south crosses the Vernon River to enter Scott County. Photo taken 06/16/12.


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