Interstate 65 south
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2 photos
Southbound travelers climb the hills of Brindley Mountain on the 11-mile drive to Cullman, seat of the county by the same name. Photo taken 12/28/09. Second photo taken 11/07/11.
Alabama 157, the University of North Alabama Highway, provides a four-lane divided highway linking the Interstate 65 corridor at Cullman with Muscle Schoals and Florence (home of the college). Widening of the highway between Exit 310 and U.S. 72 Alternate & Alabama 20 was completed in the summer of 2007. Photo taken 11/07/11.
One mile north of the Exit 310 diamond interchange with Alabama 157 (University of North Alabama Highway) on Interstate 65 south. The state route joins Cullman with the Lawrence County seat of Moulton, 32 miles to the northwest. Photo taken 11/07/11.
Winding southward on the half-mile approach toward the Exit 310 off-ramp for Alabama 157. SR-157 travels 91.06 miles overall between U.S. 278, east of Cullman and the Tennessee state line, north of Cloverdale. Photo taken 12/28/09.
Exit 310 carries motorists to Alabama 157 and northern reaches of Cullman from Interstate 65 south. SR-157 originally ended at U.S. 31 (2nd Avenue NW), 1.2 miles to the east. An extension east to U.S. 278 opened in 1983 as a bypass of Cullman. Photo taken 11/07/11.
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2 photos
Interstate 65 stays west of Cullman on the 46-mile drive to Birmingham. Photos taken 11/07/11.
Fromhold Road passes over Interstate 65 on the one mile approach to the Exit 308 diamond interchange with U.S. 278 (4th Street SW) outside Cullman. Westward, the US highway ventures 12 miles to Jones Chapel and 21 miles to Addison. Photo taken 11/07/11.
U.S. 278 joins Cullman with the Winston County seat of Double Springs, 37 miles west of Exit 308. Outside of Gadsden and Cullman, the 197-mile route across Alabama remains relatively rural. Photo taken 11/07/11.
Exit 308 departs Interstate 65 south for U.S. 278. U.S. 278 merges with Alabama 69 north 1.8 miles to the east at Downtown Cullman and U.S. 31 (2nd Avenue SW). Interests to the Ave Maria Grotto in east Cullman should follow the tandem east to St. Bernard Drive. Photo taken 11/07/11.
Alabama 69 and Interstate 65 south converge at the community of Good Hope and Exit 304. Photo taken 11/07/11.
One half mile north of Exit 304 with Alabama 69 north and County Road 437 (old Alabama 69) south along Interstate 65. There is no one-mile guide sign for the diamond interchange. Photo taken 11/07/11.
Southbound Interstate 65 at the Exit 304 ramp departure to SR-69 north and CR-437 south. Alabama 69 follows Cherokee Avenue northeast from Good Hope to a merge with U.S. 31 in Cullman. The state route continues north from the county seat to Guntersville and a conclusion of its 280.60-mile route. County Road 437 spurs southwest to Loretto and Lewis Smith Lake. Photo taken 11/07/11.
Interstate 65 & Alabama 69 south
Interstate 65 & Alabama 69 south share 4.04 miles of pavement east of Lewis Smith Lake. The original route of Alabama 69 was flooded by the creation of Lewis Smith Lake. It utilized County Road 110 south of the lake and aforementioned CR-437 north of it. Photo taken 11/07/11.
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2 photos
A pair of rest areas line the sides of Interstate 65 & Alabama 69 south of the County Road 616 overpass. This is the second southbound facility for travelers along I-65 within the state. The next rest area lies south of Birmingham near milepost 215. Photos taken 11/07/11.
Alabama 69 parts ways with Interstate 65 one mile south of the rest area for Dodge City, Bremen and the Walker County seat of Jasper. Photo taken 11/07/11.
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2 photos
A diamond interchange facilitates the movements of Alabama 69 away from Interstate 65 at County Road 490. CR-490 leads north to Cullman as Alabama 69 enters Dodge City nearby. A Clearview-font based guide sign replacement was installed between 2009 and 2011. Photo taken 12/28/09. Second photo taken 11/07/11.
Jasper lies 37 miles southwesterly along Alabama 69. The state route continues from there to Northport and Tuscaloosa and ultimately Jackson in Clarke County. Photo taken 11/07/11.
Interstate 65 south
Lowering toward Marriott Creek along Interstate 65 southbound at a reassurance marker. Buttermilk Mountain appears below. Photo taken 11/07/11.
Interstate 65 winds between Prospect Mountain to the west and Stout Mountain to the east, paralleling Marriott Creek toward Black Bottom and Exit 291. Birmingham is about a half hour to the south. Photo taken 11/07/11.
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2 photos
Fall colors show on the foliage along side Interstate 65 through the Marriott Creek valley east of Prospect Mountain. Photos taken 11/07/11.
Alabama 91 crosses paths with Interstate 65 at a diamond interchange (Exit 291) in one mile. Photo taken 04/14/13.
Traveling 38.16 miles, State Route 91 begins at U.S. 278 at Holly Pond to the northeast and ends at Alabama 69 in Wilburn. Alabama 91 serves Colony nearby and interests to the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament. Photo taken 04/14/13.
Hanceville is an 11-mile drive northeast along SR 91 at U.S. 31. West of Exit 291, the state route arcs six miles to Arkadelphia and 14 miles to SR 69.
All guide signs for Exit 291 were replaced with panels using Clearview font by 2014. Photo taken 11/07/11.
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2 photos
28 miles north of downtown Birmingham, Interstate 65 crosses the Mulberry Fork of the Warrior River. The river separates Cullman and Blount Counties and represents the northern extent of six-lane Interstate 65 from the Birmingham metropolitan area. Photos taken 11/07/11.
Blount County 5, not acknowledged along Exit 289 guide signs, meets Interstate 65 in one mile at a diamond interchange. Photo taken 11/07/11.
County Road 5 meanders northeast from Interstate 65 to the Mill Creek gap in Duffy Mountain to end at U.S. 31 near Blount Springs. Photo taken 11/07/11.
Exit 289 departs Interstate 65 south for Blount County 5. Empire resides in Walker County and is accessible via Walker County 22 from Empire Road (Walker County 543), the continuation of Blount County 5. Photo taken 11/07/11.
Interstate 65 angles southeast by Hamilton Mountain. Photo taken 11/07/11.
U.S. 31 arcs 12 miles southwest from Garden City to merge with Interstate 65 at Exit 287 in one mile. Photo taken 11/07/11.
Warrior, the first Jefferson County town along Interstate 65 and U.S. 31 south, follows in nine miles. Photo taken 11/07/11.
An elongated diamond interchange brings U.S. 31 southbound onto Interstate 65 from Bee Line Highway adjacent to Bryant Mountain. Poplar Trail spurs south from the interchange as former U.S. 31 to Thomas Mountain. Photo taken 11/07/11.
Exit 287 branches away from Interstate 65 south for U.S. 31 (Bee Line Highway) north five miles to Blount Springs and Poplar Trail south. Photo taken 11/07/11.
Interstate 65 & U.S. 31 south
Construction of Interstate 65 overtook the original U.S. 31 alignment through Reid Gap and is why the two routes overlap for the second time in Alabama. Photo taken 11/07/11.
The cosigning of Interstate 65 & U.S. 31 lasts just 3.01 miles as the routes split ahead at Exit 284. U.S. 31 returns to its original route into Warrior. Photo taken 11/07/11.
A folded-diamond interchange facilitates movements of U.S. 31 south from Interstate 65 to Alabama 160 east at Smoke Rise. Skyline Drive ties into the junction from Rickwood Caverns State Park to the west. White Oak Trail (former U.S. 31) stems north from the east. Photo taken 11/07/11.
Exit 284 traffic from Interstate 65 south loops onto an access road carrying U.S. 31 south to SR 160 nearby. SR 160 begins and leads 18.41 miles northeast to Hayden, Nectar, and Cleveland. Photo taken 11/07/11.
Interstate 65 south
Interstate 65 quickly enters Jefferson County beyond Exit 284. The county line concludes a 6.92-mile stretch in western Blount County. Photo taken 11/07/11.


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