Designated in 1989 to replace U.S. 48, Interstate 68 stretches 32 miles from Interstate 79 outside Morgantown to Garrett County, Maryland. Construction of the freeway commenced in 1965 as part of Appalachian Regional Commission Development Corridor E, with I-68 completed in West Virginia on November 15, 1975.1

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Interstate 68 scenes
West Virginia Secondary 69/19 northbound at the diamond interchange with Interstate 68 (Exit 10) near Cheat Lake. This photo was taken before construction of West Virginia 43 broke ground. The Mon-Fayette Expressway now begins here as a freeway leading north to Uniontown, Pennsylvania. Photo taken 08/07/04.
West Virginia Secondary 69 was the connector between Interstate 68 (Exit 10) and West Virginia Secondary 857 (Fairchance Road). This movement was replaced by West Virginia 43 when it opened in November 2011.
SSR 857 is a continuation of the Pennsylvania 857 numbering from Fayette County south to the Ices Ferry Bridge at Cheat Lake. Photo taken 08/07/04.
West Virginia Secondary 857 provided the original connection between Interstate 68 and Pennsylvania Turnpike 43 (Mon-Fayette Expressway) via Pennsylvania 857 and Gans Road. Photo taken 08/07/04.
2 photos
2 photos
A historical look at SSR 857 (Fairchance Road) southbound at SSR 69 near Cheat Lake. SSR 69 joined Fairchance Road with Interstate 68 (Exit 10) until the it was replaced by the Mon-Fayette Expressway (WV 43). Photos taken 08/07/04.
SSR 73-12 spurs south from Old Route 73 (SSR 73/73) to meet Interstate 68 at a diamond interchange within Coopers Rock State Forest. Photo taken 06/24/12.
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2 photos
Multiple shields and a guide sign direct motorists onto Interstate 68 west for Cheat Lake and Morgantown from SSR 73/12 south. Photos taken 06/24/12.
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2 photos
Interstate 68 West Virginia shields posted at the eastbound on-ramp to the freeway from SSR 73/12. There is no outlet south of the freeway outside Coopers Rock State Forest. Photos taken 10/12/01.
Morgantown Street (SSR 73/12) eastbound at West Virginia 26 in the town of Bruceton Mills. West Virginia 26 intersects Interstate 68 one quarter mile to the south via a diamond interchange (Exit 23). Photo taken 10/12/01.


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