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Interstate 69 South
A transmission corridor accompanies Interstate 69 through rural areas of northern Allen County. Pictured here is a crossing of the lines above Cedar Creek. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Spanning Ely Run ahead of the future interchange between Interstate 69 and Union Chapel Road under construction in 2012. Photo taken 11/06/11.
The Union Chapel Road exit will be the 9th Fort Wayne area interchange of Interstate 69 south. Union Chapel Road connects Royville and Coldwater Road (former Indiana 327) to the west with Tonkel Road (Former Indiana 427) to the east. Photo taken 11/06/11.
A 10.5 mile exit less stretch (until the Union Chapel Road interchange opens) concludes with the Exit 316 diamond interchange at Dupont Road. Dupont Road carries Indiana 1 east to Leo Road on a 5.6 mile trip to Leo-Cedarville. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interstate 69 expands to six overall lanes with a barrier median ahead of Exit 316. Indiana 1, a two portion state road, begins at Exit 316 and ventures northward 40.7 miles to Saint Joe, Butler, Hamilton, and U.S. 20 at Ellis. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Dupont Road continues west to Dupont Hospital and the commercialized junction with Coldwater Road (the original alignment of U.S. 27 through north Fort Wayne). Exit 315 with the north end of Interstate 469 and the merge with U.S. 30 west is next in one mile. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Emergency detour routes for both Interstates 69 and 469 follow Dupont Road away from Exit 316. These routes are signed for road closures due to heavy snow events and other road closures. Photo taken 11/06/11.
The on-ramp from Indiana 1 forms an auxiliary lane to the Exit 315 trumpet interchange with Interstate 469 & U.S. 30 east. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Reassurance shield posted for Interstate 69 south as the freeway passes by Dupont Hospital. An on-ramp in the background connects Interstate 469 west with parallel Auburn Road. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interstate 469 & U.S. 30 east provide a direct route to the new U.S. 24 expressway leading northeast from New Haven to Defiance, Ohio. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Completed on October 23, 1995, Interstate 469 constitutes a 31-mile loop around the east side of Fort Wayne. U.S. 30 follows the bypass to New Haven (Exit 19), rejoining its original alignment southeast to Van Vert and Lima, Ohio. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interstate 69 south & U.S. 30 west
Coldwater Road meets Interstate 69 south at a busy directional cloverleaf interchange (Exit 312) in one mile. Photo taken 11/06/11.
U.S. 30 joins Interstate 69 south from Interstate 469 west to connect with its expressway leading west from Fort Wayne. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Coldwater Road, the original alignment of U.S. 27 and later route of Indiana 327, provides a direct route to downtown Fort Wayne via Clinton Street and U.S. 27. Interests to Fort Wayne International Airport should remain along Interstate 69 to the Airport Expressway off-ramp at Exit 299 in lieu of traveling through the city. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Auburn Road passes over Interstate 69 south & U.S. 30 west on the half mile approach to Coldwater Road (Exit 312). Drivers bound for either Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) and Ivy Tech Community College should take Exit 312A onto Coldwater Road south to connect with Indiana 930 (Coliseum Boulevard). Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interstate 69 south & U.S. 30 west briefly expand to four lanes ahead of the Exit 312 off-ramp to Coldwater Road. All traffic interests to the north-south arterial depart in unison. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Exit 312 expands to two lanes as it departs Interstate 69 south. Coldwater Road travels south from County Road 327 in DeKalb County through Royville and suburban north Fort Wayne to Northcrest and Glenbrook Square Mall. Coldwater Road carried U.S. 27 northward until the completion of Interstate 69, when the US Highway shifted to a long distance overlap to Lansing, Michigan. Indiana 327 was signed in its place until it was truncated northward to Butler Center. Photo taken 11/06/11.
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2 photos
Sound walls line Interstate 69 & U.S. 30 to the Exit 311 cloverleaf interchange with Indiana 3 (Lima Road) north. Photos taken 11/06/11.
Indiana 3, a two-part state road, begins at Exit 311B and continues Lima Road north as a six-lane expressway to Dupont Road and four-lane highway to Kendallville. SR 3 totals 44.8 miles from Fort Wayne to Brighton.
Exit 311A onto Lima Road south represents the historic routing of Indiana 3 south to Clinton Street and the U.S. 27 couplet through downtown. Indiana 3 was removed from the state system between Exit 311 and Markle by 1972 when Interstate 69 was completed. Photo taken 11/06/11.
U.S. 27 commences a 1,364-mile route to Miami, Florida from Exit 311A of Interstate 69 & U.S. 30. The US highway is the lone remaining route utilizing surface roads within the Interstates 69-469 loop of Fort Wayne, using a combination of Clinton Street and Lafayette Street/Spy Run Avenue through the central business district.
U.S. 27 originally ended near Grayling, Michigan, but was truncated from Exit 311 northward in 2002 in a bi-state effort to remove the lengthy overlap with Interstate 69. South from Fort Wayne, U.S. 27 combines with U.S. 33 to Decatur before parting ways to Portland, Winchester and Richmond. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Spanning Spy Run Creek, Interstate 69 south & U.S. 30 west see their paired shield assembly on the half mile approach to the Exit 309 cloverleaf interchange. Photo taken 11/06/11.
U.S. 30 west joins U.S. 33 north along Goshen Road from Exit 309B to an adjacent trumpet interchange. Goshen Road continues northwest as the path of U.S. 33 toward Churubusco while U.S. 30 follows an expressway west to Columbia City. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Exit 309B leaves Interstate 69 south for U.S. 30 west to U.S. 33 north. U.S. 33 joins the Fort Wayne area with Goshen and Elkhart, the route's northern terminus. U.S. 30 continues west as a four-lane highway throughout Indiana, serving cities such as Warsaw, Plymouth, Valparaiso, Hobart, and Merrillville. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interstate 69 & U.S. 33 south
Indiana 930 continues Goshen Road southeast to Coliseum Boulevard as the former in-city routing of U.S. 30. Coliseum Boulevard encircles central Fort Wayne to Washington Boulevard (former U.S. 24 & Indiana 14) east of downtown. The state route totals 13 miles between Exit 309A and Exit 19 of Interstate 469 at New Haven. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Traveling southwesterly, Interstate 69 & U.S. 33 next meet the eastern terminus of Indiana 14 (Illinois Road) at a cloverleaf interchange (Exit 305). Photo taken 11/06/11.
Passing by an industrial park and over two Norfolk Southern Railroad lines, Interstate 69 & U.S. 33 south draw within one half mile of Illinois Road (Exits 305B/A). Illinois Road east of the freeway originally carried Indiana 14 to Jefferson Boulevard and a merge with then-U.S. 24 into downtown. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Exit 305B parts ways with Interstate 69 & U.S. 33 south for Indiana 14 (Illinois Road) west to South Whitley. The state road travels 123 miles overall between Fort Wayne and U.S. 41 at Enos. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Motorists bound for Illinois Road east to Jefferson Pointe shopping center, where the road merges with Jefferson Boulevard (old U.S. 24), leave Interstate 69 & U.S. 33 south via Exit 305A. Indiana 14 followed U.S. 24 east to New Haven, and Dawkins Road from there to Edgerton and Ohio until 1995, when Interstate 469 was completed. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Six lanes of Interstate 69 wind through southwest Fort Wayne between several subdivisions. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Approaching the busy six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 302) with Jefferson Boulevard east and U.S. 24 west along Interstate 69 & U.S. 33 south. Photo taken 11/06/11.
U.S. 24 west leaves Interstate 69 north for Roanoke, Huntington, Wabash, Peru and Logansport as part of the Hoosier Heartland Industrial Corridor linking Toledo, Ohio with Lafayette, Indiana. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Jefferson Boulevard was the route of U.S. 24 through Fort Wayne until the route shifted to Interstates 69 and 469 to bypass the city to the south. Jefferson Boulevard, also old Indiana 37, remains a busy commuter route leading northeast to various retail areas and the central business district. U.S. 24 west continues the suburbs of Fort Wayne to Ellisville. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interstate 69-U.S. 33 south & U.S. 24 east
2 photos
2 photos
Interstate 69 south, U.S. 33 south and U.S. 24 east continue with six overall lanes for the mile leading south from Jefferson Boulevard. Beyond Fox Islands Park, the freeway becomes a rural four-lane roadway. Photos taken 11/06/11.
Shield assembly posted for the overlapped trio at a Norfolk Southern Railroad underpass. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Open farm land and forest stands represent the landscape over the next 76 miles to Anderson. Indianapolis concludes beyond the then-suburban freeway end in 113 miles. Photo taken 11/06/11.
The left lane concludes at the Yohne Road overpass of Interstate 69 southbound. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Lower Huntington Road meets Interstate 69 and U.S. 24-33 at a diamond interchange (Exit 299) in one mile. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Airport Expressway stems east from Lower Huntington Road nearby as a four-lane highway to Fort Wayne International Airport and southern reaches of Fort Wayne. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Southbound at the Exit 299 off-ramp to Lower Huntington Road. Lower Huntington Road meanders northeast from Airport Expressway to several quarries and the Waynedale community of Fort Wayne. Westward the road continues to Winters Road near the GM Truck and Bus assembly plant. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Leaving Fort Wayne, Interstate 69-U.S. 33 south & U.S. 24 east see their final reassurance shield assembly. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interstate 469 west returns to Interstate 69 south in two miles. Anderson and Indianapolis follow in 72 and 109 miles respectively. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Exits 296B/A comprise a directional cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 469 east to New Haven and Lafayette Center Road west to Roanoke. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Lafayette Center Road was built over by Interstate 469 between Interstate 69 and Indianapolis Road (former Indiana 3) to the east. The road west serves the GM Fort Wayne Assembly plant en route to County Road 900 North in Huntington County.
U.S. 24 east & U.S. 33 south join Interstate 469 east to Exits 11 and 21 respectively. Photo taken 11/06/11.
A two-lane ramp departs Interstate 69 south for west Lafayette Center Road to accommodate traffic to the adjacent GM plant. Exit 296A follows as a cloverleaf ramp onto the eastbound beginning of Interstate 469. A 31-mile loop, I-469 is generally rural in nature with the exception of suburban expansion along the northern arc. Photo taken 11/06/11.
U.S. 24 circumvents Fort Wayne east to New Haven, where the road joins its original alignment east to Woodburn. Construction is underway in 2012 to replace the two-lane alignment with a four-lane expressway as part of the Fort to Port Corridor linking Fort Wayne with Toledo, Ohio. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Exit 296A carries drivers onto the merge of Lafayette Center Road east with Interstate 469. U.S. 33 uses I-469 to link between I-69 and U.S. 27 south to Decatur. U.S. 33 continues from Indiana to Columbus, Ohio and ultimately Richmond, Virginia. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interstate 69 South
Interstate 69, now without a companion for the first time since Exit 315, continues 107 miles to Indianapolis. Adjacent cities of Huntington (via U.S. 224 west) and Marion (via Indiana 18 west) round out the control points on this mileage sign. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Interstate 69 nips the northwestern corner of Wells County ahead of an abandoned rest area and this reassurance shield. Photo taken 11/06/11.
Entering Huntington County along Interstate 69 south ahead of Flat Creek at the County Road 1100 North overpass. Photo taken 11/06/11.


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