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Interstate 70 east
2.25 miles ahead of the cloverleaf interchange (Exit 231) with Earth City and Maryland Heights Expressways, drivers are alerted to the forthcoming exchange with Interstate 270 (Exits 232A/B). Photo taken 05/03/12.
Interstate 70 passes by the Riverport Levee District of Maryland Heights on the one mile approach to Exit 231. Riverport Business Park, a 525-acre master planned development, lies south of I-70 and west of Maryland Heights Expressway. Photo taken 05/03/12.
Exit 231A departs in one quarter mile for Maryland Heights Expressway south. The expressway represents a controlled access route leading south to Chesterfield. Since July 2012, the route is now a part of MO 141, which was extended north from MO 364. The portion south of MO 364, dubbed the Page-Olive Connector, was constructed between summer 2010 and July 14, 2012 at a cost of $99-million. It joined a relocated stretch of MO 141 that leads south from a new SPUI at MO 340. That portion broke ground in March 2010 and was completed for $65-million.1 Photo taken 05/03/12.
A sign formally welcomes eastbound motorists to St. Louis County just ahead of Exit 231A to Maryland Heights Expressway south. Photo taken 05/03/12.
Maryland Heights Expressway and Missouri 141 form a commuter route alternative to Interstate 270 from Interstate 70 south to U.S. 61 & 67 in Jefferson County. Photo taken 05/03/12.
Exit 231B loops onto Earth City Expressway, which continues Maryland Heights Expressway north through the Earth City industrial area to Missouri 370 at Missouri Bottom Road in Bridgeton. Two lanes meanwhile prepare to depart the Interstate 70 mainline for Interstate 270, a 50.6-mile belt freeway encircling St. Louis south to Kirkwood and Mehlville and east across the Chain of Rocks Bridge to Glen Carbon and Troy, Illinois. Photo taken 05/03/12.
Exit 232 is a turbine nterchange with sweeping ramps and flyovers connecting both freeways. Two lanes join Interstate 270 south through Maryland Heights, Creve Coeur and Sunset Hills. The freeway uses Memphis as a control city for the connection with I-55 leading south from St. Louis. Photo taken 05/03/12.
All traffic to Interstate 270 leaves in unison from Interstate 70 at Exit 232. Interstate 270 turns east here through Bridgeton to Hazelwood and Florissant as a bypass route of St. Louis for I-55 north to Chicago and I-70 east to Indianapolis. Photo taken 05/03/12.
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2 photos
Traffic partitions for Interstate 270. I-270 leads south eight miles to I-64 & U.S. 40 and 15 miles to Interstate 44. I-270 north turns east and meets I-170 in six miles and the split of I-55/70 in 30 miles. Photos taken 05/03/12.
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2 photos
Ramps between Interstates 70 and 270 intertwine at four points within their interchange. The northbound ramp passes under both freeway mainlines before joining Interstate 270 two miles out from the Missouri 370 east end. Photos taken 05/03/12.
Leaving I-270, Interstate 70 enters Bridgeton and sees three interchanges for the city of 11,550 (2010 census). A parclo A2 interchange (Exit 234) joins the freeway with MO 180 (St. Charles Rock Road) in one half mile. Photo taken 04/13/13.
Missouri 180 (St. Charles Rock Road) originates at Interstate 270 in Bridgeton and leads southeast 13.90 miles to end at the St. Louis city line in Wellston. Photo taken 04/13/13.
U.S. 67 (Lindbergh Boulevard) meets I-70 next at a cloverleaf interchange in a half mile. Cypress Road follows at Exit 235C in one mile. Photo taken 04/13/13.
North from Exit 235B, U.S. 67 (Lindbergh Boulevard) winds through a tunnel below runways of St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL). Per legislature passed in 2002, vehicles carrying hazardous cargo are prohibited from the tunnel north of Natural Bridge Road (Highway B).2 Photo taken 04/13/13.
Exit 235A leaves Interstate 70 east beyond the Fee Fee Road overpass for U.S. 67 (Lindbergh Boulevard) south to Saint Ann, Maryland Heights and Creve Coeur. Lindbergh Boulevard was the original belt route around St. Louis, carrying the designations of U.S. 50 Bypass, U.S. 66 Bypass, U.S. 67 Bypass. Photo taken 04/13/13.
U.S. 67 arcs east from STL Airport to the city of Hazelwood, serving the Boeing complex and other businesses along the north side of the airport. 2.1 miles of the route was realigned between fall 2001 and September 2004 during the $1.1 billion Phase 1 expansion to add a third runway at the airport.2 Photo taken 04/13/13.
The control tower at St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL) comes into view as Interstate 70 nears the off-ramp (Exit 235C) to Cypress Road. Photo taken 04/13/13.
A fourth eastbound lane joins I-70 from U.S. 67 north to Cypress Road. Highway B begins at Exit 235C, taking Cypress Road north to Natural Bridge Road west as part of a 2.93 mile route to Missouri 180 (St. Charles Rock Road) by I-270. Photo taken 04/13/13.
Eastbound drivers enter the parclo interchange (Exit 235C) with Cypress Road. Cypress Road leads south to Missouri 180 (St. Charles Rock Road) at Saint Ann. Lambert International Boulevard stems east from the Highway B western turn to a Missouri Air National Guard facility and the passenger terminal at STL Airport. Photo taken 04/13/13.
Interstate 70 enters the northern wedge of St. Ann's city limits from Coldwater Creek east to Exit 236 (Pear Tree Drive). Photo taken 04/13/13.
Interstate 170 appears for the first time at 2.25 miles out. Forthcoming Exit 235 provides the main access point to St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL) via Pear Tree Drive east to Airflight Drive north. Photo taken 04/13/13.
A parclo interchange (Exit 236) ties I-70 east with adjacent Pear Tree Drive at the city of Edmundson. Pear Tree Drive becomes Natural Bridge Road (former Missouri 115) east into the city of Woodson Terrace. Photo taken 04/13/13.
A Metrolink line rises along the north side of Interstate 70 linking the Main and East Terminals of St. Louis Lambert International Airport. Photo taken 04/13/13.
The remaining portion of Missouri 115 branches southeast from Interstate 70 at a wye interchange (Exit 237) in one half mile. Photo taken 04/13/13.
Interstate 170, a north-south freeway joining I-270 at Hazelwood with I-64 at Richmond Heights crosses paths with Interstate 70 in 1.25 miles. A second Berkeley city interchange ties the freeway with North Hanley Road. Photo taken 04/13/13.
Signs for Interstate 170 generally omit control cities. The 11.25-mile freeway joins a bevy of suburbs including Florissant, Overland, University City and Clayton. Photo taken 04/13/13.
Missouri 115 begins as Interstate 70 crosses the Berkeley city line. The state highway angles southeast through Bel Ridge, Normandy and Pine Lawn before reaching the city of St. Louis at the Wells Goodfellow neighborhood. Photo taken 04/13/13.
Exit 237 partitions with I-70 east for the continuation of Natural Bridge Road east. Missouri 115 totals 10.26 miles to I-70 again at Hyde Park in St. Louis. The route previously overlapped with I-70 west to Cypress Road and a surface route west to the former Mississippi River Bridge linking Bridgeton and St. Charles. Photo taken 04/13/13.
Exits for Interstate 170 depart from both sides of Interstate 70 east beyond the James S. McDonnell Boulevard overpass. Photo taken 04/13/13.
This mileage sign predates the conversion of Exit 240 from a cloverleaf interchange into a SPUI. Exits 239 and 240 now depart just a quarter mile from one another. Photo taken 04/13/13.
The roadways of Interstate 70 separate as the freeway enters the multi-level interchange (Exits 238A/B) with Interstate 170. Photo taken 04/13/13.
Exit 238A parts ways with I-70 east for Interstate 170 south to Clayton and Richmond Heights. Missouri's I-170 is the lone entry for I-170 along the 2,153 mile freeway. A second I-170 was signed in Baltimore, Maryland between 1979 and 1983. Photo taken 04/13/13.
Left Exit 238B departs I-70 east under a Metrolink flyover for Interstate 170 north through Berkeley. Interstate 170 was designated in 1983 over Missouri 725 when the freeway was fully open between U.S. 40 and Interstate 270. Photo taken 04/13/13.
North Hanley Road emanates from Graham Road in the city of Florissant to parallel I-170 southward through Berkeley, Kinloch and Exit 239. Highway N (Florissant Road north / University Boulevard south) crosses I-70 just to the east at Cool Valley and Exit 240. Photo taken 04/13/13.
Metrolink lines the south side of Interstate 70 to the diamond interchange with North Hanley Road. Photo taken 04/13/13.
Exit 240 departs from under the Hanley Road overpass for University Boulevard south to the University of Missouri-St. Louis. I-70 proceeds east from Highway N into the city of Normandy ahead of Bermuda Road (Exit 241A). Photo taken 04/13/13.
North Hanley Road winds south from Exit 239 through the village of Bel-Ridge to Hanley Hills, Vinita Terrace and University Hills. Photo taken 04/13/13.
A $47.97-million project reconstructed Exit 240 into a SPUI to enhance the exit as a gateway to the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Work also included expanding Florissant Road into a tree-lined boulevard and shifting the I-70 travel lanes southward. The contract was awarded in January 2001 with work completed in spring 2003.3
Highway N otherwise leads north 5.21 miles along Florissant Road to Interstate 270 (Exit 27) and south along University Boulevard to Missouri 115 (Natural Bridge Road). Photo taken 04/13/13.
2001-03 construction realigned the eight-lane freeway east of Highway N (Exit 240) to eliminate a dangerous curve. Previously known as the Bermuda Triangle due to the high accident rate, the stone cliff southeast of Exit 240 was scaled back allowing for the smoothing of the curve eastward to Bermuda Road (Exit 241A).3 Photo taken 04/13/13.
The westbound ramp to Hanley Road roughly follows the former curve of Interstate 70 leading south to Bermuda Road. Bermuda Road connects I-70 with the village of Pasadena Park to the south. Photo taken 04/13/13.
North from the diamond interchange (Exit 241A) with I-70, Bermuda Road curves to Norwood Hills Country Club in Jennings to leave Normandy for the city of Ferguson. Photo taken 04/13/13.
A collector distributor roadway joins Highway N with Interstate 70 east and I-70 east with Bermuda Road as motorists enter the Normandy city limits. Photo taken 04/13/13.
One quarter mile ahead of Exit 241B with Lucas & Hunt Road. This interchange sequence sign still reflects separate ramps for Jennings Station Road and Goodfellow Boulevard. Photo taken 04/13/13.
Interstate 70 travels through the 84-acre village of Norwood Court to Lucas & Hunt Road (Exit 241B). Photo taken 04/13/13.
Lucas & Hunt Road doubles as Highway U for 2.29 miles south to Woodrow Avenue at Velda City and north to West Florissant Avenue at Country Club Hills. Photo taken 04/13/13.
A tight six-ramp parclo interchange joins Interstate 70 with Highway U (Lucas & Hunt Road) at Northwoods and southwest Jennings. A similarly compact cloverleaf interchange connected I-70 with Jennings Station Road until it was reconstructed in 2000.4 Photo taken 04/13/13.
The first three St. Louis city exits appear on this mileage sign. Bircher Boulevard comprises an east side frontage street through the Mark Twain I-70 Industrial area. Exits 243C and 244A both join the adjacent road within the next two miles. Photo taken 04/13/13.
The Express Lanes of Interstate 70 commence in 1.75 miles at the Union Boulevard overpass. The two lanes flow inbound only to Broadway (Exit 249D). Photo taken 04/13/13.
Interstate 70 curves ahead of the Exit 242 off-ramp for both Goodfellow Boulevard and Jennings Station Road. A new collector road was built between the two surface roads in 2000, combining Exits 242B with 243A. Photo taken 04/13/13.
Jennings Station Road ventures south from Exit 242 into the city of Pine Lawn and north through Jennings to Flordell Hills. Goodfellow Boulevard parallels to the east in St. Louis through the North Pointe and Walnut Park West neighborhoods. The former St. Louis Army Ammunition Plant site lies just south of the diamond interchange with I-70. Photo taken 04/13/13.
12.89 miles of Interstate 70 east through St. Louis County conclude at the St. Louis city line. Eastbound travelers enter the independent city just ahead of the Goodfellow Boulevard overpass. Photo taken 04/13/13.

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