Interstate 70 east
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2 photos
Exit 69 leaves Interstate 70 east for the adjacent Exit 68 collector distributor roadway, leading drivers to the southbound on-ramp to the Indianapolis Beltway in three miles. I-74/465 share 20.60 miles of pavement from Speedway on the west side of Indianapolis and Five Points to the east. 11/05/09, 12/22/11
Flyovers join the c/d roadways with Colonel H. Weir Cook Memorial Drive north, the access road to the passenger terminal of Indianapolis International Airport (IND). A new terminal for Indianapolis International Airport opened on November 11, 2008 to replace the original terminal at the end of Airport (now Sam Jones) Expressway. Realignment of Interstate 70 shifted the freeway south to accommodate the airport expansion between the Six Points Road (Exit 68) and the Beltway. 11/05/09
Now on the collector distributor ramp heading east toward the I-465/74 interchange, a two lane ramp from the Colonel H. Weir Cook Memorial Drive join the collector distributor setup. Interstate 70 around the Indianapolis International Airport acts like an express-local setup with the mainline Interstate 70 continuing with no exits until Exit 75 (Sam Jones Expressway). 12/22/11
An eastbound marker for Interstate 70 resides between the six lane mainline and adjacent c/d roadway. During construction of I-70 in 2004, westbound travelers used these lanes temporarily as a curved section of freeway was added to accommodate runway expansion to the north. Perimeter Road today runs alongside the former right of way. 11/05/09
Two miles west of the former Exit 73 off-ramp to Interstate 465 north to Gary and Interstate 74 west to Champaign-Urbana, Illinois on the I-70 mainline. 11/05/09
A two lane slip ramp provides access to Interstate 70 east ahead of the Beltway for motorists that joined the freeway from Ameriplex or Ronald Reagan Parkways. 12/22/11
The collector distributor roadway defaults onto I-465/74, serving the beltway both north and south. Interstate 74 totals 428.81 miles overall from the Quad Cities to Interstate 75 in Cincinnati. This figure does not include the portions of Interstate 74 built in North Carolina. 12/22/11
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3 photos
3 photos
This series of photos looks at the former Exit 73 approach signage to the original loop ramp onto Interstate 74 west & 465 north from the Interstate 70 eastbound mainline. The loop ramp was eliminated in 2011 with upgrades to the interchange. 11/05/09
The Indianapolis skyline can be seen in the distance as the three lane exit ramp prepares for its interchange with I-465/74. 12/22/11
The three lane exit ramp for I-465/74 flow underneath the High School Road bridge. Until the completion of the interchange at Exit 69 (Exit 73 for westbound traffic), these ramps only carried traffic for Interstate 465 south and Interstate 74 east. Now, all traffic for the 53-mile Indianapolis beltway and Interstate 74 use these ramps. 12/22/11
The improved interchange with I-70 and I-465/74 replaced a loop ramp for eastbound to northbound traffic with a two lane flyover ramp. Southbound traffic head straight onto southbound I-465/74 where the auxiliary lane becomes the exit ramp for Kentucky Avenue/SR 67 South (Exit 8). 12/22/11
A reassurance shield for Interstate 70 greets travelers east of the interchange with I-465/74. 12/17/11
A half mile away from Exit 75 for both the Sam Jones Expressway and Raymond Street. Sam Jones Expressway was previously named the Airport Expressway before being renamed for Sam Jones, a local civic leader in 2007. The change was made after a new terminal of Indianapolis International Airport opened north of Exit 68, rendering the Airport Expressway name irrelevant. 12/17/11
Approaching Exit 75 (Sam Jones Expressway/Raymond Street) a new Travel Time Sign alerts motorists of the distance and estimated time to reach Interstates 65 and 465. As of late 2011, the signs were not yet operational. 12/17/11
Now at the ramp for Sam Jones Expressway, which becomes a four lane divided arterial east to Tibbs Avenue where it becomes Raymond Street. Raymond Street remains a well-traveled four to six lane arterial across the Near Southside of Indianapolis and connects with Southeastern Avenue, which leads to Interstate 74 east at Interstate 465. 12/17/11
Interstate 70 continues northward from Sam Jones Expressway (Exit 75) by the former Stout Field and Drexel Gardens to a diamond interchange (Exit 77) with Holt Road. 12/17/11
Turning northeast to the Exit 77 off-ramp for Holt Road. Holt Road heads south from Interstate 70 to the Stout Field area, Maywood and Kentucky Avenue (former State Road 67) at Mars Hill. Abandoned plans for the road southward focused on a southeasterly course across the White River and south to Interstate 465 and Southport Road near where it currently intersects Tibbs Avenue. 12/17/11
Button copy interchange sequence sign listing the distances to Holt Road (Exit 77), Harding Street (Exit 78) and West Street (Exit 79A) on the Interstate 70 approach to downtown Indianapolis. 11/05/09
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2 photos
Holt Road continues north from Interstate 70 (Exit 77) to West 10th Street in Speedway. The arterial ends at a stub by a CSX Railroad line at West 11th Street. Holt Road was intended to continue north to 30th Street and northeasterly to Lafayette Road (old U.S. 52). Current plans do call for the road to extend north to a new roundabout intersection with 16th Street to create a new access road from the south to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 11/05/09, 12/17/11
Indianapolis' skyline comes into view from the Interstate 70 viaduct over CSX Railroad lines between Holt Road and Tibbs Avenue. Home to 839,489 as of the 2010 census, the capital city of Indiana was founded in 1820 and was named by combining Indiana and the Greek word Polis, which means city. The city and County of Marion merged to form a single government entity in 1970. 11/05/09
A transmission corridor passes over Interstate 70 near the freeway crossing of Eagle Creek. 11/05/09
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2 photos
One mile west of the folded diamond interchange (Exit 78) with Harding Street on Interstate 70 east. All signage along Interstate 70 from Exit 77 (Holt Road) to Exit 80 (Interstate 65) were replaced during the one-day closure of that highway as part of the Eli Lilly Company's Day of Service which provided for some landscaping to be done by some of the interchanges. 11/05/09, 12/17/11
Interstate 65 appears on this interchange sequence sign posted three miles out from the 2.13-mile merge with the north-south freeway. 12/17/11
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2 photos
Harding Street begins from adjacent Oliver Avenue to the north of Exit 78 and leads southward to the Lilly Industrial Center and I-74/465 at their split with SR 37 south. 11/05/09, 12/17/11
A guide sign directs traffic heading for the IU Medical Center, the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis campus, and Bankers Life Fieldhouse (formerly Conseco Fieldhouse) to use Exit 79A (West Street). 12/17/11
A collection of points of interest are featured on this services sign posted ahead of the Exit 79A and 79B off-ramps to downtown Indianapolis. The sign in this case refers to the various attractions at White River State Park, which is touted as the only urban state park in Indiana. The Indianapolis Zoo, Indiana State Museum and IMAX theatre, Eiteljorg Museum, NCAA Hall of Champions Museum, and Victory Field, the home of the AAA Indianapolis Indians, all call White River State Park home. 12/17/11
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2 photos
Exit 78 departs Interstate 70 east on the 1.25-mile approach to the split-diamond interchange (Exit 79A) with West and Missouri Streets. Harding Street was envisioned as the Harding Freeway in the 1968 Transportation Plan for Indianapolis. The freeway would have begun at the Beltway interchange with SR 37 and lead north along the current surface alignment to Interstate 70. Paralleling the CSX Railroad from Oliver Avenue north, the Harding Freeway would see interchanges at Washington Street (old U.S. 40) and New York Street before branching west from the railroad corridor to an interchange with the unbuilt North Leg Extension and 10th Street Expressway and north to Interstate 65 near the current Kessler Boulevard exit.1 11/05/09, 12/17/11
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2 photos
Traveling a viaduct from River Avenue to the White River, Interstate 70 advances another half mile to Exit 79A for Missouri and West Streets. SR 37 used the one way street couplet northward to Washington and Maryland Streets (former U.S. 40). 11/05/09, 12/17/11
A collection of points of interest are featured on this services sign posted ahead of the Exit 79A and 79B off-ramps to downtown Indianapolis. These include the Indianapolis Zoo, White River State Park, Indiana Statehouse and Government Center, Indiana Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium. 11/05/09
Lucas Oil Stadium, home of Super Bowl XLVI in 2012, replaced the RCA Dome as the home of the NFL Indianapolis Colts. The original Colts stadium opened in 1983 and was closed and demolished by December 2008 to make way for an expanded Indiana Convention Center. 11/05/09
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2 photos
Exit 79A lowers from the eastbound viaduct to intersect West Street south and Missouri Street north. To the north, the couplet of West and Missouri Streets form a six lane arterial known as West Street which forms the western leg of the Downtown beltway. Original plans did call for this corridor to be converted into a freeway to form an Inner belt, similar to that of Columbus, Ohio.
The next exit in 1/4 mile is for Illinois and Meridian Streets. Until recently the exit referred to the exit as Illinois and McCarty Streets, but was changed since the ramp from Exit 79B became Meridian Street to the north. 07/31/09, 12/17/11
Traffic lights govern the movements between the eastbound connector road of Exit 79A between West and Missouri Streets. Missouri Street north serves Lucas Oil Stadium and Victory Field, home of the Indianapolis Indians AAA Baseball club. 11/05/09
Exit 79B leaves Interstate 70 east via a slip ramp. That ramp breaks off into two separate ramps, one leads to Illinois Street, which travels one way northbound one block north of Meridian Street. The other ramp leads to Madison Avenue, which is a short road that runs directly into Meridian Street itself, which runs underneath the interstate in between the two ramps. Previously, this exit referred to the exit as McCarty Street, which is the first west-east road that the exit ramp reaches. Madison Avenue, which is an orphan from the longer Madison Avenue to the south of Interstate 70, becomes Meridian Street at South Street a few blocks to the north. 12/17/11
Now approaching the South Split interchange with Interstate 65 (Exit 80). The left two lanes continue Interstate 70 through the multiplex with Interstate 65 to the east of downtown. The right lane, along with the entrance ramp from Meridian Street (Madison Avenue) southbound will form the two lanes that will follow onto Interstate 65 south. 12/17/11
Interstate 70 east becomes four lanes wide near Exit 80, known locally as the South Split. For one and a half miles, Interstate 70 multiplexes with Interstate 65. Interstate 65 travels 887.30 miles overall and 261.27 miles within the Hoosier State. Completion of the north-south freeway within the state occurred in 1976 as well, that last segment was the one through Downtown Indianapolis. 12/17/11
The right two lanes split off from Interstate 70 east at the South Split (Exit 80). Interstate 65 heads south toward Beach Grove and Louisville, Kentucky. Ultimately the highway heads through Nashville, Birmingham, Montgomery and Mobile, Alabama. Interstate 70 joins Interstate 65 north through their brief multiplex. At the South Split, the control city for Interstate 70 east is Columbus, Ohio, but at the North Split and interchanges east of there it is Dayton, Ohio. This reflects a difference in signage as older signage reflected a control of Columbus and newer signage said Dayton. Likewise in Columbus, Ohio, older signs say Indianapolis and newer signs say Dayton. 12/17/11
Interstate 65 North Interstate 70 East
Interstate 70 east joins Interstate 65 north south of the Virginia Avenue overpass at the 3/4 mile approach to Exit 111 for Washington Street (former U.S. 40 and U.S. 421). The multiplex between I-65/70 use Interstate 65's mile markers for exits and remain depressed for the southern half to Washington Street. 12/17/11
North of the Virginia Avenue overpass, the left lane becomes a travel lane for Interstate 65 north toward Chicago while the far right lane becomes an exit only lane for Exit 111 (Washington Street). Interstate 70 east continues in the middle two lanes. This stretch of the multiplex from the South Split to Exit 111 is known for the traffic shifting lanes to transition from one interstate to another. Even northbound Interstate 65 traffic has to move over two lanes to continue onward. For these reasons, this stretch of interstate is known as the Spaghetti Bowl. 11/05/09
Traffic for Bankers Life Fieldhouse (formerly Conseco Fieldhouse) is directed to use Exit 111 to Washington Street. Traffic bound for the Indiana State Fairgrounds are encouraged to stay on Interstate 70 to Exit 85B (Keystone Avenue). 12/17/11
The City Market can be reached by using Exit 111 to Market Street. Until the ramp was redesigned in 2008, the Exit 111 ramp ran straight to Market Street. The rebuilt interchange shifted the ramp to reach Washington Street, one block south of Market. Market Street can be reached by going north for one block from the ramp along Pine Street. The home of President Benjamin Harrison, located in the Old Northside neighborhood can be reached via Exit 113 (Meridian Street) further north. 12/17/11
An entrance ramp from Calvary Street to the left becomes the fifth lane going northbound Interstate 65 and eastbound Interstate 70 underneath a series of overpasses. The far right lane continues on its course toward Exit 111 and Washington Street. Washington Street, originally the National Road and later on U.S. 40, is the main west-east road across Indianapolis, connecting Downtown with the Holy Cross, Willard Park, Irish Hill, and Irvington neighborhoods. U.S. 421 also ran down Washington Street to the Southeastern Avenue intersection, just east of Exit 111. Southeastern Avenue carried U.S. 421 southeast toward Cincinnati. 12/17/11
The far right lane now exits for Exit 111 to Washington Street. As previously mentioned, Market Street can be reached from this ramp one block north of Washington Street. Market Street leads to Monument Circle, the heart of Indianapolis, and the Indiana Statehouse. As the interstate multiplex ascends from its depression, the right two lanes become dedicated to Interstate 70 eastbound traffic while the left two lanes carry the Interstate 65 northbound traffic. 12/17/11
Now passing over Washington and Market Streets, the Interstate 65/70 multiplex takes on a different character for its northern half as an elevated highway. Interstate 70 east exits off the multiplex in one half mile via Exit 112A. The multiplex from the South Split to the North Split was rebuilt in the early 2000s as part of a two-month project known as Hyperfix. The project rebuilt many of the bridges and the concrete sections of the multiplex. 12/17/11
I-65/70 near their partition (Exit 112A) east of downtown Indianapolis. The freeway passes over East Michigan Street in this scene as ramps from Pine Street join both sides of the Interstate pair. Interstate 65 continues toward the west as it on its northward journey toward Lebanon, Lafayette, Gary and Chicago, Illinois at the interchange locally known as the North Split. Provisions at the forthcoming directional interchange were made for the unconstructed Northeast Freeway. The Northeast Freeway was planned to head north to the unbuilt 30th Street Freeway and northeast along a corridor paralleling Sutherland Avenue, Fall Creek Parkway North Drive and Binford Boulevard to Interstate 69.1 07/31/09
Interstate 65 continues along a two lane directional ramp from Exit 112A and Interstate 70 east. The freeway turns west toward a split-diamond interchange (Exit 113) with Pennsylvania Street south, Meridian Street (former U.S. 31 & SR 37), and Illinois Street north. 11/05/09
The barriers between the parting I-65 north and I-70 east conceal a concrete stub built in anticipation of the Northeast Freeway northbound. 11/05/09
Along with the entrance ramp from Pine Street, the exit ramp onto Interstate 70 eastbound is three lanes wide. The Hyperfix project expanded this ramp and is the reason that the signage now reads a control city of Dayton instead of Columbus. As the ramp turns toward the northeast, it picks up two exit ramps from Interstate 65 southbound. 12/17/11
Interstate 70 east
Now east of the North Split (Exit 112A), Interstate 70 east swells to five lanes. The failure to build the Northeast freeway brought more traffic from suburban Hamilton County and northern Marion County to use Interstate 465 to Interstate 70 on the Eastside. Because of that, the stretch of Interstate 70 from the North Split to Interstate 465 is the busiest highway in the city and among the busiest in the state. The far right lane will become an exit ramp for Exit 85 A-B (Rural Street/Keystone Avenue) in one mile. 12/17/11
Approaching Exit 85 A-B (Rural Street/Keystone Avenue) a new Travel Time Sign alerts motorists of the distance and estimated time to reach Interstate 465 and SR 9. As of late 2011, the signs were not yet operational. 12/17/11
Construction in 2007-08 rebuilt a six-mile stretch of I-70 from between the merge with I-65 and I-465. The "Super 70" project widened the road in portions and added a bridge over the CSX Railroad and Sherman Drive in place of a lowered stretch of freeway to improve visibility and drainage. Low-mast lighting was also removed along the stretch. 12/17/11
A six-ramp parclo interchange joins I-70 with Keystone Avenue north and Rural Street south at Exit 85. Keystone Avenue north to 38th Street links I-70 with the Indiana State Fairgrounds. 12/17/11
At Exit 85A Rural Street heads south from Interstate 70 through Woodruff Place to the five-point intersection with English Avenue (former U.S. 52) and Southeastern Avenue (former U.S. 421). Using Rural Street and English Avenue take travelers back to Keystone Avenue, which continues south to Interstate 65 before ending at Edgewood Avenue. 12/17/11
The far right lane exits off at Exit 85B, a loop ramp onto northbound Keystone Avenue. Keystone Avenue meanders north to Fall Creek Parkway / Binford Boulevard (former SR 37) where the street used to become SR 431 north. Keystone Avenue remains a busy four lane arterial all the way to the county line where it becomes Keystone Parkway through Carmel. 12/17/11
Now on top of the new bridge for Interstate 70 over the CSX Railroad and Sherman Drive. A CSX Railroad line and Sherman Drive used to pass over Interstate 70 west on the half-mile approach to Exit 85 and the divided Keystone Way. "Super 70" construction elevated the freeway above both the railroad line and adjacent street in 2007. Exit 87 for Emerson Avenue is one mile away. 12/17/11
Interstate 70 passes the Pogues Run Park to the right as it is now a half mile from the parclo interchange with Emerson Avenue (Exit 87). Emerson Avenue leads through residential areas south of Interstate 70 to Sunnyview, Irvington and Beech Grove. 12/17/11
Exit 87 departs Interstate 70 west for Emerson Avenue. Emerson Avenue continues north through residential neighborhoods to Millersville and East 56th Street. 12/17/11
East of Exit 87 (Emerson Avenue), Interstate 70 widens to five lanes in preparation for its split with Interstate 465 traffic. Traffic for both Interstate 465 and Shadeland Avenue will exit in the right three lanes in one mile. A diagrammatic sign explains how the lanes will be exiting off at the exit. 12/17/11
Crossing over Arlington Avenue, Interstate 70 is now a half mile from the exit for both Interstate 465 and Shadeland Avenue. Interstate 465 carries a myriad of other routes along its encircling of the city. U.S. 31, 36, 52, and 421 follow the east side of the beltway along with SR 37 and 67, but none of those are acknowledged here. 12/17/11
Nearing Exit 89, the left three lanes will continue on Interstate 70 east while the right three lanes will exit off onto Interstate 465 and Shadeland Avenue. Shadeland Avenue meets the freeway at the adjacent folded diamond interchange and represents the predecessor to the beltway (old SR 100). Interstate 465 was built between 1959 and 1970 and replaced SR 100 along the stretch between Exits 20 and 25. 12/17/11
Now at Exit 89, Interstate 465 north heads toward Lawrence with connections to U.S. 36 & SR 67 (Pendleton Pike) east, Interstate 69 & SR 37 north to Fort Wayne, U.S. 31 north to Kokomo, and U.S. 421 north to Michigan City among others. To the south, it links with Interstate 74 to Cincinnati, and Interstate 65 to Louisville. Among the three lanes that exit off at Exit 89, the left two lanes continue toward Interstate 465 north, carrying the bulk of the commuter traffic to Hamilton County. The far right lane continues toward the folded diamond interchange with Shadeland Avenue. 12/17/11
In between Shadeland Avenue and Interstate 465, a slip ramp from the collector distributor ramp that carries traffic onto Interstate 465 north and south, heads onto Interstate 70 east for those entering from Shadeland Avenue. The larger Exit 89 complex was rebuilt as part of a reconstruction of Interstate 465 on the east side in the early 2000s. 12/17/11
Now passing underneath Interstate 465, the parclo interchange with Post Road (Exit 91), is now one mile away. 12/17/11
East of Exit 89 (Interstate 465/Shadeland Avenue), Interstate 70 east is four lanes wide with the far right lane becoming an auxiliary lane for Post Road via Exit 91). Post Road consists of an arterial leading south to U.S. 40 (Washington Street) and the Wanamaker area near Interstate 74 and north to U.S. 36 & SR 67 (Pendleton Pike) at Lawrence. 12/17/11
The Indiana State Police Museum, Memorial and Eternal Flame are reached by taking Post Road south of Exit 91 to 21st Street. 12/17/11
Two exit lanes exit off at Exit 91 (Post Road). The road was originally named for Fort Benjamin Harrison which was previously located in Lawrence at the spot where Post Road ended to the north. Today, it is Fort Harrison State Park. Post Road remains the most important north-south road across the Warren Township suburbs of Indianapolis. 12/17/11
East of Exit 91 (Post Road), Interstate 70 is reduced to four lanes as it begins to leave the Indianapolis urbanized area. By 2012 however, the stretch of Interstate 70 from Exit 91 to Exit 96 (Mount Comfort Road) will be widened to six lanes. Mount Comfort is 5 miles away while the Hancock County seat of Greenfield is 14 miles away. Dayton, Ohio is 107 miles away. 12/17/11
Interstate 70 enters Hancock County just over a mile west of Exit 96 (Mount Comfort Road). 12/17/11

  1. 1968 Transportation Plan for Indianapolis, AARoads Forum post by Revive 755.

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