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Interstate 70 U.S. 24 East
Interstate 70 stays south of Flagler to a diamond interchange (Exit 395) with County Road 5. 04/23/17
Exit 395 departs Interstate 70 & U.S. 24 east for County Road 5 south and Ruffner Avenue north. The Flagler business district resides less than a mile to the northwest. 04/23/17
A 9.8 mile exit less stretch ensues east from Flagler to Siebert. 04/23/17
Seibert is the first of five incorporated towns along Interstate 70 and U.S. 24 through Kit Carson County. With over 4,000, Burlington, 42 miles ahead, is the largest of the communities. 04/23/17
Interstate 70 & U.S. 24 sink southward to span the Republican River near Flagler Reservoir. 04/23/17
The freeway bends back to the north and bee lines east from milepost 399 to Siebert. 04/23/17
U.S. 24 emerges from Interstate 70 along the north side frontage road at County Road 12. Inventoried as Route 024B, U.S. 24 runs independent of I-70 east through Seibert to Burlington. Colorado 59 connects the freeway with the extant portion of U.S. 24 via Exit 405 in one mile. 04/23/17
A 173.35 mile highway, Colorado 59 originates 41 miles to the south at U.S. 40 & 287 in Kit Carson and ends at Sedgewick and U.S. 138 near the Nebraska state line. 04/23/17
Interstate 70 east
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Interstate 70 continues solo from Seibert east six miles to Vona and 31 miles to Burlington. 04/23/17
Vona, a small town of around 100, is located just north of Exit 412 along U.S. 24. 04/23/17
County Road 23 north becomes unsigned Business Spur I-70 at the diamond interchange (Exit 412) with Interstate 70. The Vona Business Spur goes for 0.528 miles to 1st Avenue and U.S. 24 (North Street). 04/23/17
Motorists continue 6.9 miles east from Vona to Exit 419 to Stratton. 04/23/17
Interstate 70 is 23 miles out from Burlington and 291 miles west of Salina, Kansas. Goodland, 59 miles ahead, is the first major destination of I-70 east in Kansas. 04/23/17
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Passing by milepost 416, Interstate 70 dips to cross the East Branch of Spring Creek. 04/23/17
SH 57 (Colorado Avenue) provides a 0.535 mile link from forthcoming Exit 419 to the Stratton town center in one mile. 04/23/17
Colorado 57 is unmarked at the diamond interchange (Exit 419) with I-70 and at U.S. 24 (4th Street) in Stratton. The short segment is all that remains of a once longer route to Kirk and U.S. 36. 04/23/17
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Traveling due east, Interstate 70 progresses eight miles to Bethune and 16 miles to Burlington. 04/23/17
The KYLE Railroad, U.S. 24 and I-70 all kink southward across a ridge along Landsman Creek beyond milepost 426. 04/23/17
One mile ahead of Exit 429 for Bethune, a town of over 250, on Interstate 70 east. 04/23/17
Eastbound I-70 at the diamond interchange (Exit 429) with County Road 40. Bethune lies just north of U.S. 24 and east of CR 40, a half mile north of Exit 429. 04/23/17
Traversing agricultural areas to the southeast of Bethune on Interstate 70 east. 04/23/17
The final two interchanges along Interstate 70 serve the city of Burlington, seven miles ahead. Salina, Kansas is still a four hour drive away. 04/23/17
Parallel U.S. 24 comes into view in this scene along Interstate 70 east at Beaver Creek. 04/23/17
Business Loop I-70 overlays U.S. 385 (Lincoln Street) north and U.S. 24 (Rose Avenue) east through Downtown Burlington from Exit 437. The business route is not posted along either surface street, with signs instead displaying just the US routes. 04/23/17
U.S. 385 represents a lightly traveled route through the eastern counties of Colorado. South from Burlington, the US highway goes 38 miles to the Cheyenne County seat of Cheyenne Wells. North from 8th Street, U.S. 385 extends 54 miles to the Yuma County seat of Wray. 04/23/17
A diamond interchange (Exit 437) joins Interstate 70 with the commercial strip along Lincoln Street north to U.S. 24 (Rose Avenue). U.S. 385 doubles as the High Plains Highway scenic route north to Julesburg and south to U.S. 40 at Cheyenne Wells. 04/23/17
Interstate 70 arcs northeast along the south side of Burlington to a diamond interchange (Exit 438) with Rose Avenue. 04/23/17
Rose Avenue is officially Route 070Q (Business Spur I-70) between Exit 438 and the state maintained segment of Old Highway 24 (Route 024D) nearby. Guide signs reference U.S. 24, as Route 024D ends just east of CR 50 and Exit 438, with U.S. 24 making an implied overlap with Interstate 70 to the Kansas state line. 04/23/17
Exit 438 leaves Interstate 70 east for Business Loop I-70 and U.S. 24 (Rose Avenue) west to U.S. 385 (8th Street) and the Burlington business district. County Road V ties into Exit 438 from farm land to the east. 04/23/17
Interstate 70 U.S. 24 East
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A 12.3 mile exit less stretch ensues east from Burlington to Kanorado, Kansas. 04/23/17
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2 photos
The trio of Interstate 70, Old US Highway 24 (north side frontage road) and the KYLE Railroad bee line four miles east to the railroad siding of Peconic. 04/23/17
Interstate 70 and Old US Highway 24 make an S-curve to bypass Peconic from milepost 444 to 445. The freeway straightens out again to the County Road 59 underpass. 04/23/17
An eastbound weigh station operates along Interstate 70 & U.S. 24 just beyond the Kansas state line. 04/23/17
K-267 spurs north from Exit 1 to the rural city of Kanorado in 1.75 miles. 04/23/17
Entering Sherman County, Kansas, Interstate 70 concludes the 449.59 mile trip across Colorado. 04/23/17


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