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Interstate 70 east
Interstate 70 is now one mile away from the Exit 96 parclo interchange with Mount Comfort Road, (also known as County Road 600 West). The interchange is less than a mile south of the town of Mount Comfort. Photo taken 12/17/11.
The Indianapolis Regional Airport (formerly Mount Comfort Airport) can be reached by taking County Road 600 West north of Exit 96. The upcoming interchange with Mount Comfort Road was changed from a diamond interchange to a parclo interchange due to the suburban growth of western Hancock County, as it is the only exit from Indiana 9 to Post Road. Photo taken 12/17/11.
Exit 96 departs Interstate 70 at the new parclo interchange with Mount Comfort Road (County Road 600 West). Mount Comfort Road heads north through the town of Mount Comfort and McCordsville (located along U.S. 36/Indiana 67). The road continues north as Olio Road which leads to Exit 10 off of Interstate 69. To the south, the road intersects with U.S. 40 around Gem and continues south to New Palestine at U.S. 52. Photo taken 12/17/11.
East of Mount Comfort Road (Exit 96), the interstate becomes four lanes for its trek toward Greenfield (six miles), Richmond (56 miles), and Dayton (102 miles). Richmond is the largest community on Interstate 70 in between Indianapolis and Dayton. Photo taken 12/17/11.
Interstate 70 east to Exit 104 (Indiana 9) is a fairly busy highway at peak hours with traffic from Greenfield and suburban Hancock County utilizing it toward Indianapolis. Future plans call for Interstate 70 to be widened to six lanes from Post Road (Exit 91) to Indiana 9 (Exit 104). As of 2012, the stretch up to Mount Comfort Road (Exit 96) was widened to six lanes. Photo taken 12/17/11.
Indiana 9 (North State Street) interchanges with Interstate 70 on the north side of Greenfield. The state road constitutes a 196-mile route between the Michigan line and Indiana 46 east of Columbus. Photo taken 12/17/11.
Exit 104 comprises a diamond interchange with Indiana 9 (North State Street) 2.5 miles south of Maxwell and 2.5 miles north of U.S. 40 (Main Street) and downtown Greenfield. Photo taken 12/17/11.
Eastbound Interstate 70 at the Exit 104 ramp departure to Indiana 9 (North State Street). Indiana 9 merges with U.S. 36 & Indiana 67 seven miles northward at Pendleton and heads 19 miles south to Interstate 74 at Shelbyville. Photo taken 12/17/11.
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East of Exit 104 (Indiana 9) the final rest area along Interstate 70 in Indiana approaches in two miles. The next rest area is the Ohio welcome center 54 miles away. Photos taken 02/29/12.
Modern rest areas lie on both sides of Interstate 70 east of Exit 104 (Indiana 9). An original westbound only facility was abandoned midway between Exit 115 and the Henry County line. Another eastbound facility existed in Wayne County, but that has since been abandoned as well. The original eastbound facility was replaced with the current area. Photo taken 02/29/12.
East of the rest area, Knightstown (via Exit 115 with Indiana 109) is ten miles away. New Castle (via Exit 123 with Indiana 3) is 20 miles away. Columbus, Ohio, Interstate 70's previous control city is 151 miles away. While Dayton is now the main control city, Columbus will still make appearances every now and then on mileage signs. Photo taken 02/29/12.
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A view of Interstate 70 in eastern Hancock County, there are no more exits within the county itself. In the second picture, Interstate 70 enters Henry County. Photos taken 02/29/12.
Unusual, a guide sign announcing the attractions of the Hoosier Gym (where the basketball game scenes from the movie Hoosiers was filmed) and Garden of Memories Veteran Memorial, come before the first sign announcing Exit 115. Photo taken 02/29/12.
The first Henry County interchange of Interstate 70 east joins the freeway with Indiana 109 two miles north of Knightstown. The Hancock County town of Wilkinson lies six miles to the northwest of Exit 115. Photo taken 02/29/12.
A parclo interchange joins Interstate 70 and Indiana 109 at Exit 115. Indiana 109 exists in two portions; the southern section here travels between Knightstown (U.S. 40) to Anderson (Interstate 69) for a distance of 21.8 miles. At the time of these pictures, there was no sign at this interchange. Photo taken 02/29/12.
East of Exit 115 (Indiana 109), Interstate 70 is 11 miles from the Henry County seat of New Castle. Richmond lies ahead at 36 miles with Columbus, Ohio at 142 miles. Photo taken 02/29/12.
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Interstate 70 heads into the valley of the Big Blue River as the roadways split in between Exits 115 and 123. Photos taken 02/29/12.
Indiana 3 meets Interstate 70 at a folded diamond interchange for Exit 123. Indiana 3 exists for 178.8 miles from Charlestown to Fort Wayne and again for 44.8 miles from Fort Wayne to Brighton. Photo taken 02/29/12.
The Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, honoring the Hoosier State's greatest sport, is located north off of Indiana 3 in New Castle. Photo taken 02/29/12.
Exit 123 turns off of Interstate 70 onto Indiana 3, which consists of a four-lane expressway north for seven miles into New Castle and around 30 miles to the Delaware County seat of Muncie. To the south, Indiana 3 goes into Spiceland before meeting up with U.S. 40 in Dunreith. From there, it's a 14 mile journey to the Rush County seat of Rushville. Photo taken 02/29/12.
East of Exit 123 (Indiana 3), Interstate 70 passes underneath the Indiana 103 overpass. Indiana 103 goes for 14 miles from U.S. 40 to U.S. 36 across central Henry County and through the city of New Castle. Photo taken 02/29/12.
Now a mile away from Exit 131 with Wilbur Wright Road in eastern Henry County. Photo taken 02/29/12.
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Wilbur Wright Road heads less than a mile north to the town of New Lisbon, and continues from there on a zigzagging route to the town of Millville. Millville is the birthplace of Wilbur Wright, one of the two famous Wright Brothers of aviation fame. Photos taken 02/29/12.
Exit 131 departs Interstate 70 at the diamond interchange with Wilbur Wright Road. To the south, Wilbur Wright Road connects with U.S. 40 east of the town of Straughn. To the north of New Lisbon, Dublin Pike connects with the city of New Castle. Photo taken 02/29/12.
East of Exit 131, Connersville is 19 miles away via Indiana 1 and Richmond is 21 miles away to the east along Interstate 70. Dayton reappears as the control city at 69 miles. Photo taken 02/29/12.
A couple of miles east of Exit 131, Interstate 70 enters its final Indiana county, Wayne County. Photo taken 02/29/12.
Crossing paths with Interstate 70 next is Indiana 1, a two-segment route stretching 139.8 miles from Lawrenceburg to Fort Wayne and for 40.7 miles between Fort Wayne and Ellis. Photo taken 02/29/12.
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Indiana 1 connects Interstate 70 with the Wayne County town of Hagerstown four miles to the north and with the Fayette County seat of Connersville 15 miles to the south. Cambridge City, a historic National Road town along U.S. 40 is two miles to the south from Exit 137. Photos taken 02/29/12.
Exit 137 departs Interstate 70 at a diamond interchange with Indiana 1. Photo taken 02/29/12.
East of Exit 137, the Wayne County town of Centerville is eight miles away with Richmond at 14 miles. Dayton, Ohio is 62 miles away. Photo taken 02/29/12.
View of Interstate 70 as it heads east toward the Centerville-Richmond area. Photo taken 02/29/12.
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Centerville Road meets Interstate 70 at a diamond interchange at Exit 145. A former rest area served eastbound motorists on the other side of a newly-constructed welcome center that serves westbound travelers. The eastbound rest area no longer exists. Photos taken 02/29/12.
Exit 145 turns off of Interstate 70 for Centerville Road, which heads south to the town of Centerville at U.S. 40. To the north, the road connects with U.S. 35 at Williamsburg. Photo taken 02/29/12.
Past the Centerville exit, Richmond is the last community along Interstate 70 in Indiana at six miles. Dayton and Columbus are 52 and 109 miles away respectively. Photo taken 02/29/12.
The next four interchanges (and the last four in Indiana) serve the Wayne County seat of Richmond. Photo taken 02/29/12.
Interstate 70 is 3/4 mile away from Exit 149 A-B which serves U.S. 35 north with access to Indiana 38 west. U.S. 35 runs for 210 miles across Indiana from Michigan City to the north through LaPorte, Logansport, Kokomo, Gas City, Muncie and Richmond. Indiana 38 begins a half mile north of the interchange and continues for 116.4 miles through the communities of New Castle, Pendleton, Noblesville and Frankfort before ending at U.S. 52 in Lafayette. Photo taken 02/29/12.
Earlham College, a liberal arts college founded in 1847 by Quakers, is located south in the city of Richmond off of Exit 149A. Photo taken 02/29/12.
Williamsburg Pike consists of the former routing of U.S. 35 to the south into the city of Richmond to a junction with U.S. 40 (National Road). U.S. 35 has since been rerouted along Interstate 70 around the north side of the city of Richmond. In the past, U.S. 35 followed Williamsburg Pike south to U.S. 40 (National Road) and the two highways multiplexed to the east out of the city of Richmond into Ohio. Photo taken 02/29/12.
A loop ramp takes travelers from Interstate 70 east onto U.S. 35 north toward the city of Muncie. Indiana 38 heads west back toward Hagerstown. Photo taken 02/29/12.
Interstate 70 east & U.S. 35 south
Chester Boulevard, which is also U.S. 27, is one mile away at Exit 151. For some reason, the U.S. 27 shield is omitted from this sign. Chester Boulevard consists of a newly rebuilt four-lane highway from the town of Chester one mile to the north of Exit 151 into downtown Richmond a couple of miles to the south, along with its new single-point urban interchange with Interstate 70 & U.S. 35 south. Photo taken 02/29/12.
Reassurance shields for Interstate 70 & U.S. 35 south mark the multiplex that follows the interstate for the duration of its trip in Indiana. U.S. 35 will cross into Ohio and depart at Exit 1 northwest of Eaton. Photo taken 02/29/12.
U.S. 27 goes for 117.78 miles across Indiana from southeast of Liberty through the city of Richmond and north toward Fort Wayne where it ends at Interstate 69/Indiana 3. Nationally, the highway goes for 1,373 miles from Fort Wayne south through Richmond and beyond toward Cincinnati and the highway's southern terminus at Miami, Florida. Photo taken 02/29/12.
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The Richmond Municipal Airport, Ivy Tech Community College and Indiana University-East are all reached via Exit 151. The Randolph County seat of Winchester and Jay County seat of Portland are 25 and 42 miles away to the north along U.S. 27. Photos taken 02/29/12.
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Exit 151 departs Interstate 70 & U.S. 35 south at a single-point urban interchange with U.S. 27 (Chester Boulevard). The interchange replaced an older parclo interchange in 2008. The previous interchange had loop ramps in the northeast and southeast quadrants and was built in 1958 when Interstate 70 was built across the north side of Richmond. Exit 153 with Indiana 227 is one and a half miles away. Photos taken 02/29/12.
U.S. 40, which represents the final interchange in Indiana, is five miles away. Dayton and Columbus are 46 and 103 miles away respectively. Photo taken 02/29/12.
Exit 153 departs Interstate 70 & U.S. 35 south at a folded diamond interchange with Indiana 227. SR 227 goes for 37 miles from the junction with Ohio 117 in Union County and north through Richmond via U.S. 27 before heading northeast in the direction of Union City in eastern Randolph County, where it ends at the junction with Indiana 32. Photo taken 02/29/12.
A final button-copy mileage sign along Interstate 70 & U.S. 35 south in Indiana gives the distances to Dayton (45 miles) and Columbus (102 miles). Photo taken 02/29/12.
U.S. 40 meets Interstate 70 & U.S. 35 south at Exit 156 A-B, a parclo interchange on the far east side of Richmond. Photo taken 02/29/12.
At the one-mile approach to U.S. 40 (National Road) along Interstate 70 & U.S. 35 south. Motorists' services can be found on the west side of the interchange for those passing through Richmond. U.S. 40 is a four-lane highway west into the city of Richmond. Photo taken 02/29/12.
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A half-mile away from Exit 156 A-B with U.S. 40 (National Road). The Old National Road Welcome Center (the default westbound Interstate 70 welcome center until the Centerville Welcome Center was rebuilt) and the Haynes Arboretum are both west along U.S. 40 in Richmond. Photos taken 02/29/12.
Exit 156 A for U.S. 40 west (National Road) turns off toward the east side of Richmond. Unlike the Terre Haute area, U.S. 40 leaves Indiana along its own alignment. Photo taken 02/29/12.
Exit 156 B consists of a loop ramp from eastbound Interstate 70 & U.S. 35 onto U.S. 40 east across the Ohio state line to the town of Lewisburg, along with New Paris (via Ohio 320). The state line lies just east of the interchange. Photo taken 02/29/12.
East of the entrance ramp from U.S. 40 east (National Road), Interstate 70 & U.S. 35 south enter the Buckeye State of Ohio. Photo taken 02/29/12.

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