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Following a combination of U.S. 40, Missouri 5 and Missouri 87, Business Loop I-70 at Boonville consists of a 6.7 mile loop north of I-70 between Exits 101 and 106. U.S. 40 & MO 5 overlay the western half of the route to Downtown Boonville. U.S. 40 east leaves the I-70 corridor via this path for a trek across the Missouri River to the Rocheport area and Midway. The US highway west from Exit 101 shares pavement with I-70 to Grain Valley and Blue Spring in the east Kansas City suburbs.

Missouri 5 links Boonville with New Franklin to the north and Syracuse to the south. The state highway doubles alongside both U.S. 40 and Business Loop I-70 between Exit 101 and Main Street. Missouri 87 joins the Business Loop east along Bingham Road to Exit 106 while en route to Jamestown. The state highway also combines with U.S. 40 & MO 5 across the Missouri River to join Boonville with Glasgow to the northwest.

The official 1964 Missouri State Highway Map shows Business Loop I-70 cosigned with Missouri 41. MO 41 now ends at Exit 98, opposite Missouri 135 south to Pilot Grove.

Business Loop I-70 U.S. 40 East Missouri Route 5 North
The first shield assembly for Business Loop I-70 appears along Missouri 5 just north of the diamond interchange with Interstate 70. U.S. 40 is omitted from this assembly posted on Ashley Road. 10/16/04
The trio leave the intersection with Sportsman Road west, which is the historic alignment of U.S. 40 leading west from Boonville to Missouri 41. 10/16/04
Business Loop I-70, U.S. 40 and Missouri 5 (Ashley Road) lower from a bluff toward the street grid of Columbia. A truck climbing lane accompanies the westbound direction. 10/16/04
Sombart Road links Business Loop I-70 with parallel Santa Fe Trail to the north. Santa Fe Trail leads east to become Spring Street into Downtown Boonville. Use the route for a Lewis & Clark Historical Marker at Harley Park. 10/16/04
Business Loop I-70 & U.S. 40 turn onto Elm Street from Ashley Street ahead of Missouri 87 (Main Street). 10/16/04
U.S. 40 east & Missouri 5 north combine with Missouri 87 north along Main Street through Downtown Boonville while Business Loop I-70 turns south along Main for Bingham Road east with MO 87. 10/16/04
Main Street bisects the Boonville business district north to the Missouri River Bridge into Howard County. Missouri 87 splits with U.S. 40 east & MO 5 north at the north end of the span for Glasgow while U.S. 40 & MO 5 continue toward Franklin and New Franklin. 10/16/04
Business Loop I-70 U.S. 40 West Missouri Route 5 South
Elm Street leads Business Loop I-70 and U.S. 40-Missouri 5 away from Main Street (Missouri 87) to Ashley Road for an exit of the Boonville street grid. 10/16/04
A deactivated four-way flasher hangs above the intersection of Elm and 3rd Streets as Business Loop I-70 climbs westward. 10/16/04
A shield assembly for Business Loop I-70-U.S. 40 west and Missouri 5 south follows the intersection with Sportsman Road west. Sportsman Road is the historic alignment of U.S. 40 leading west from Boonville to Missouri 41. 10/16/04
Entering the diamond interchange with Interstate 70, Business Loop I-70 ends as U.S. 40 merges with the freeway west to Grain Valley. Missouri 5 continues south toward Billingsville and Bellair. 10/16/04
U.S. 40 East Missouri Route 5 Missouri Route 87 North
U.S. 40 and Missouri 5 & 87 combine for 1.3 miles from Elm Street north to Howard County. Main Street enters the Boonville business district just north of Business Loop I-70. 10/16/04
Main Street north at Locust Street as U.S. 40 & MO 5-87 enter Downtown Boonville. Locust Street is a former alignment of both MO 87 and 98 heading east to 11th Street south. Missouri 98 begins outside of Boonville via Business Loop I-70 east & MO 87 south. 10/16/04
Northbound Main Street at Spring Street, which leads west to become Santa Fe Trail. The Santa Fe Trail was an 1800s transportation route from Franklin, just north of the Missouri River, to Santa Fe, New Mexico. The paved route heads west from Boonville to Arrow Rock and Independence, mostly mirroring the course of the river to the north.1 10/16/04
U.S. 40 west & Missouri 5-87 (Main Street) north next intersect Morgan Street. Morgan Street ventures west to Harley Park and east to a prison and fiberboard plant. 10/16/04
The Boonslick Bridge carries U.S. 40 & Missouri 5-87 across the Missouri River from Main Street to Howard County. 10/16/04
Completed in 1995, the Boonslick bridge replaced a 1924-through truss bridge over the Missouri River. The 2,666-foot bridge accommodates two travel lanes with a 18.1 foot wide deck.2 10/16/04
Lowering onto an agricultural plain north of the Missouri River, Missouri 87 prepares to part ways with U.S. 40 east & Missouri 5 north for Boonesboro. 10/16/04
Missouri 87 journeys northward 20.4 miles from the Cooper County line to end at Missouri 5 and 240 in Glasgow. Missouri 5 loops north and west from New Franklin via Estill and Fayette beyond its split with U.S. 40. 10/16/04
U.S. 40 east & Missouri 5 north continue another mile before separating to Rocheport and New Franklin respectively. 10/16/04
U.S. 40 West Missouri Route 5 Missouri Route 87 South
Missouri 87 combines with U.S. 40 west & Missouri 5 south to immediately cross the Missouri River on the Boonslick Bridge. 10/16/04
An abandoned lift bridge remains in place west of the Boonslick Bridge. The span was a part of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas (M-K-T) Railroad line. The railroad discontinued operations in 1986, leading to its acquisition by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources for the eventual establishment of Katy Trail State Park. This span is not a part of the 240 mile long trail, which utilizes the Boonslick Bridge across the Missouri River.3 10/16/04
The Boonslick Bridge opened in 1995 to replace a six-span through-truss bridge built in 1924.2 10/16/04
U.S. 40 west & Missouri 5-87 south enter both the city of Boonville and Cooper County midway across the Boonslick Bridge. Main Street carries the trio through the business district. 10/16/04
Morgan Street intersects U.S. 40 & MO 5-87 at the first of two Downtown Boonville traffic lights. 10/16/04
Spring Street follows, heading west from 9th Street to become Santa Fe Trail by Harley Park. 10/16/04
Locust Street ties into Main Street just north of this former shield assembly for U.S. 40 & Missouri 5-87. The assembly, removed after 2004, was a leftover from when Locust Street was in the state system as both Missouri 87 south & 98 east to 11th Street south to Bingham Road. 10/16/04
Main Street lowers toward the signalized intersection with Business Loop I-70, which follows Elm Street west to Ashley Road through southwest Boonville. 10/16/04
U.S. 40 west & Missouri 5 south part ways with Missouri 87 (Main Street) south for Business Loop I-70 west to Exit 101 of I-70. Missouri 87 south joins Business Loop I-70 east to Exit 106. 10/16/04
U.S. 40 scenes
A portion of old roadbed remains in tact east of the Boonslick Bridge from the former alignment of U.S. 40 & MO 5-87 that led to the 1924-truss bridge across the Missouri River. 10/16/04
Looking north at Old U.S. 40 & Missouri 5 from the original split with Missouri 87 north. The new alignment travels just west of this abandoned stretch of highway. 10/16/04

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