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The business loop in Burlington joins Interstate 70 with the city center between Exits 437 and 438. The 1.97 mile route overlaps with U.S. 385 north from I-70 along Lincoln Street to U.S. 24 (Rose Avenue) east. The three routes combine east through the business district to 8th Street. U.S. 385 leads north from the Kit Carson County seat to Wray while U.S. 24 spurs northeast. Rose Avenue (Route 070Q) returns Business Loop I-70 to I-70 in 0.24 miles.

Signs from Interstate 70 acknowledge Business Loop I-70 from both ends. The route however is not cosigned along either U.S. 24 or U.S. 385.

U.S. 385 North Business Loop I-70 East
U.S. 385 confirming marker posted along Lincoln Street north from I-70. Business Loop I-70 provides an array of traveler services along Lincoln Street north to U.S. 24 (Rose Avenue). 10/17/04
Northbound U.S. 385/Business Loop I-70 (Lincoln Street) advance to U.S. 24 (Rose Avenue). U.S. 24 enters Burlington from Bethune, seven miles to the west. 10/17/04
Route 024C ends as U.S. 24 combines with Business Loop I-70 and U.S. 385 along Rose Avenue through Downtown Burlington. 10/17/04
U.S. 24 Business Loop I-70 East U.S. 385 North
U.S. 24 is referenced as the through route for Rose Avenue, despite it being inventoried as Route 385C. Business Loop I-70 remains unsigned. 10/17/04
Route 024D spurs northeast from Business Loop I-70 (Rose Avenue) along Old Highway 24 for 1.41 miles. 10/17/04
U.S. 24 West
Old US Highway 24 lines the north side of Interstate 70 west from Kanorado, Kansas toward Burlington. The western most 1.41 miles leading into the city of Burlington are state maintained as Route 024D. U.S. 24 signage appears where the route combines with Business Loop I-70 along Rose Avenue. 10/17/04
Business Loop I-70 West
Business Loop I-70 (Route 070Q) lines Rose Avenue 0.24 miles west from I-70 at Exit 438 to U.S. 24 (Old US Highway 24). 04/23/17
Business Loop I-70 U.S. 24 West
Business Loop I-70/U.S. 24 combine one block ahead of U.S. 385 (8th Street). U.S. 385 travels north to the Yuma County seat of Wray and the Phillips county seat of Holyoke. 04/23/17
U.S. 24 Business Loop I-70 West U.S. 385 South
Confirming markers posted along Rose Avenue west ahead of 10th Street. 04/23/17
The Burlington business district lies three blocks north of U.S. 24/385 (Rose Avenue) along 14th (Main) Street. 04/23/17
Rose Avenue west at 18th Street north and Mike Lounge Drive south. 04/23/17
Business Loop I-70 accompanies U.S. 385 (Lincoln Street) south back to Interstate 70 at Exit 437. 04/23/17
The Cheyenne County seat of Cheyenne Wells lies 37 miles south of Burlington along U.S. 385. 04/23/17
U.S. 24 (Rose Avenue) continues west from Burlington to Bethune, Stratton and Seibert. 04/23/17
Business Loop I-70 West U.S. 385 South
Business Loop I-70 and U.S. 385 proceed 0.52 miles south from Rose Street to the exchange with Interstate 70. 04/23/17
Motorist services line both sides of Lincoln Street south from U.S. 24 (Rose Avenue) to Interstate 70. 04/23/17
Interstate 70 runs across the south side of Burlington east toward Goodland, Kansas and west to Limon. 04/23/17
14th Street - North
14th Street heads two blocks north from Business Loop I-70/U.S. 24-385 (Rose Avenue) to the first of three vintage traffic lights. 04/23/17
14th (Main) Street north at Senter Avenue in Downtown Burlington. 04/23/17
14th Street north at Martin Avenue. One block ahead, Railroad Avenue west to Lincoln Street and east to 8th Street is the historic alignment of U.S. 385 through Burlington. 04/23/17
14th Street - South
14th Street south at Senter Avenue in the Burlington business district. 04/23/17
14th Street south at Lowell Avenue. 04/23/17
14th Street continues south to Rose Avenue and Business Loop I-70/U.S. 24-385. 04/23/17

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