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Inventoried as Route 070F, unsigned Business Spur I-70 in Eagle follows Eby Creek Road from the north side ramps with Interstate 70 (Exit 147) south to U.S. 6 (Grand Avenue). Four roundabouts line the 0.346 mile route. CDOT recorded 18,000 vehicles per day (vpd) on the route in 2015.

Pre-fabricated sections of the pedestrian bridge spanning Interstate 70 at Eagle were transported to the work site and assembled during a full closure of the freeway on September 10 and 11, 2014.2 08/11/16

The multi phase project to replace at-grade intersections with roundabouts along the Eagle business spur kicked off in July 2013 with reconstruction of Exit 147 into a dumbbell interchange. Side roads were also redesigned in an effort to reduce congestion.1 Associated work included the installation of a pedestrian bridge across I-70 to the east. The overall CDOT/Town of Eagle project was completed in December 2014.2

Business Spur I-70 North
Eby Creek Road heads north from the roundabout with Grand Avenue east, U.S. 6 west and Church Road to span the Eagle River. Considered a major collector by CDOT, two lanes continue north to I-70. 08/11/16
Motorists enter a roundabout with Chambers Avenue beyond the UP Railroad overpass. 08/11/16
Businesses occupy all four quadrants of the Chambers Avenue roundabout. 08/11/16
Business Spur I-70 (Eby Creek Road) continues north to Loren Lane and a roundabout with the south side ramps of Interstate 70. 08/11/16
Painted shields accompany overhead signage on Eby Creek Road north for the eastbound ramp to Avon, Vail and Denver. 08/11/16
A bypass lane allows motorists bound for Interstate 70 east to avoid the roundabout with the eastbound off-ramp for Eagle. Eby Creek Road sees additional roundabouts at I-70 west and Market Street. 08/11/16
Business Spur I-70 South
The exit from Interstate 70 eastbound ties into the Eagle Business Spur at a roundabout. 08/11/16
Motorists heading south on Business Spur I-70 from Eby Creek Road and the north side ramps to I-70 enter a third successive roundabout at Chambers Avenue. 08/11/16
Chambers Avenue leads west to the Eagle Visitor Center. Signs for an off freeway rest area from I-70 were removed after 2018. 08/11/16
Fairgrounds Road extends west from Chambers Avenue and the nearby rest area to the Eagle County Fairgrounds and sports facilities. 08/11/16
Eby Creek Road continues south from Chambers Avenue toward U.S. 6. Chambers Avenue spurs east to several traveler services and an industrial park. 08/11/16
Business Spur I-70 (Eby Creek Road) sinks below a Union Pacific Railroad bridge ahead of Nogal Road east. 08/11/16
A roundabout lies just beyond the Eagle River with U.S. 6 east at Grand Avenue and Church Street south. 08/11/16
Grand Avenue (old U.S. 6) angles southwest to Broadway Street, which leads south to Downtown Eagle. Further west, Sylvan Lake Road heads south from Grand Avenue to suburban areas of south Eagle and Eagle Ranch Golf Course. 08/11/16

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  2. "Pedestrian Bridge to be installed over I-70 near Eagle this week." Colorado Department of Transportation, news release. September 8, 2014.

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