Following Edwards Access Road, Business Spur I-70 links U.S. 6 in Edwards to the south with a dumbbell interchange with I-70 and Beard Creek to the north. The 0.577 mile road is inventoried by CDOT as Route 070G. There are no signs posted for the route otherwise.

Accelerated by the America Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), the $6.4 million contract for the Edwards Interchange Improvements project was awarded in December 2009. Construction commenced on March 10, 2010 and was completed on November 19, 2010. Total costs for the addition of four roundabouts along Edwards Access Road was $10.7 million.1

Business Spur I-70 north
A deceptively rural view along Business Spur I-70G (Edwards Access Road) north from U.S. 6 at the Eagle River. 08/11/16
In addition to connecting the Edwards business district along U.S. 6 with I-70, Edwards Access Road also links the freeway with a CDOT maintained rest area. 08/11/16
Spanning the Union Pacific Railroad, the northbound business spur enters the first of four roundabouts. 08/11/16
Two lanes enter the roundabout with Miller Ranch Road east across from the Northstar Center retail plaza. 08/11/16
Miller Branch Road stems southeast to Colorado Mountain College, Battle Mountain High School and the Freedom Park Memorial. 08/11/16
A bypass lane opens along Edwards Access Road northbound for the eastbound on-ramp to Interstate 70. The left lane enters the roundabout with the eastbound off-ramp otherwise. 08/11/16
The roundabout with the south side ramps at I-70 replaced a signalized intersection in 2010. 08/11/16
The succeeding roundabout along Business Spur I-70G directs travelers onto I-70 west and the final roundabout with Beard Creek Road west and Berry Creek Road east. 08/11/16
Business Spur I-70 south
Entering the roundabout with Edwards Access Road from the eastbound off-ramp of Interstate 70. 08/11/16
A landscaped median separate two lanes of southbound traffic on Business Spur I-70G from a single northbound lane. 08/11/16
A diagrammatic sign outlines the adjacent roundabout along Business Spur I-70G south at Miller Ranch Road. Miller Ranch Road meanders east between I-70 and the Union Pacific Railroad to Colorado Mountain College and an array of schools to U.S. 6. 08/11/16
An Edwards welcome monument, listing the elevation of 7,221 feet, resides within the traffic island at Miller Ranch Road. 08/11/16
The Northstar Center commercial area driveway ties into the business spur from the west. 08/11/16
Edwards Access Road reduces to two lanes leaving the Miller Ranch Road roundabout. 08/11/16
Business Spur I-70G spans the UP Railroad ahead of the CDOT rest area and County Lane north. 08/11/16
Spanning the Eagle River on a 1970-built bridge, Edwards Access Road approaches the commercialized intersection with U.S. 6 and Edwards Village Boulevard. 08/11/16
A small street sign is the lone reference for U.S. 6 at the south end of unsigned Business Spur I-70G. 08/11/16

  1. "I-70 Edwards Interchange." CDOT project web site. Accessed April 7, 2017.

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