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The Green River business loop serves the city of Green River by following the old alignment of U.S. 6/50. The 4.55 mile route runs concurrent with Utah State Route 19 as it travels north of Interstate 70 and U.S. 6-50-191 between Exit 160 and Exit 164. The business route is fully signed.

Business Loop I-70 Utah State Route 19 East
Milepost zero for Business Loop I-70 and SR 19. 08/09/14
Interstate 70 leads west from Gunnison Valley to Salina. U.S. 6 west & 191 north split with the freeway at the next exit. 08/09/14
A trailblazer for Business Loop I-70 directs motorists northeast to Main Street. 08/09/14
A Union Pacific Railroad line passes over Business Loop I-70 & SR 19. The line also carries AMTRAK trains as part of the California Zephyr passenger service linking Chicago and Emeryville, California. 08/09/14
Green River attractions include Green River State Park and the John Wesley Powell River History Museum. Both points of interest are located along Main Street. 08/09/14
SR 19 appears for the first time as Business Loop I-70 approaches the Green River street grid. 08/09/14
Main Street expands to five lanes ahead of 350 West (Mulberry Street) through the Green River city center. 08/09/14
Business Loop I-70 east narrows back to two lanes ahead of the Green River. 08/09/14
Crossing the Green River just ahead of the John Wesley Powell River History Museum on Main Street eastbound. 08/09/14
Rising from Green River Valley, trailblazers direct motorists on Business Loop I-70 back to I-70 and U.S. 191. U.S. 6 & 50 remain paired with I-70 east into Colorado, which may be why they are omitted from signs here. 08/09/14
The frontage road referenced at the southerly turn of Business Loop I-70 is the former alignment of U.S. 6 & 50 paralleling the UP Railroad line east to Exit 175. 08/09/14
Veering south, Main Street crosses both Browns Wash and the UP Railroad. 08/09/14
Continuing south of milepost 4, Business Loop I-70 reaches the diamond interchange with Interstate 70. 08/09/14
The westbound ramp takes U.S. 191 north toward Price and I-70 to Salina. 08/09/14
The Grand County line generally lines the Green River to the north and south, but shifts east so that the city of Green River lies wholly within Emery County. 08/09/14
U.S. 6-50-191 are omitted from shields posted at the on-ramps for I-70 at the Business Loop east end. 08/09/14
Crescent Junction is an 18 mile drive to the east. There U.S. 191 drops southeast toward Arches National Park, Moab and Monticello. 08/09/14
Interstate 70 & U.S. 6-50 overlap east to Grand Junction, Colorado. An end state maintenance sign ahead marks the end of SR 19. 08/09/14
Business Loop I-70 Utah State Route 19 West
Main Street heads north from a local ranch road to become Business Loop I-70/SR 19 west at a diamond interchange (Exit 164) with Interstate 70. A button copy guide sign, replaced by 2012, preceded the ramps for I-70/U.S. 6-50-191. 10/18/04
Main Street passes over I-70/U.S. 6-50-191 as Business Loop I-70/SR 19 head north toward the Green River city center. The westbound entrance ramp for I-70 departs for Price and Salina. 10/18/04
Replaced by 2012, this button copy sign precedes the Union Pacific Railroad underpass along Main Street west, one mile south of the Green River city center. 10/18/04
Business Loop I-70 and SR 19 overtake the original alignment of U.S. 6 & 50 west toward the Green River. 10/18/04
A welcome sign greets motorists along Main Street west ahead of the first traveler services along Business Loop I-70. 10/18/04
San Rafael Reef lies along the western horizon as Main Street descends into Green River. Several lodging options and other services line Main Street west. 10/18/04
Green River derives its name from its position along the Green River. The waterway bisects the community east of the city center. 10/18/04
Westbound Business Loop I-70 & SR 19 (Main Street) at Long Street in the heart of Green River. Long Street connects Main Street with Green River Avenue and Airport Road to Green River Municipal Airport south of town. 10/18/04
Advancing westward from the Green River street grid, Main Street reduces from five to four lanes ahead of this reassurance marker for SR 19 west. 10/18/04
A trailblazer assembly includes all three U.S. highways co-signed with Interstate 70. U.S. 6-50-191 otherwise are sporadically signed along their respective overlaps with the freeway. 10/18/04
The last Business Loop I-70 reassurance marker follows as Main Street approaches two final gas stations. 10/18/04
A mileage sign includes the destinations to Salina (via I-70 & U.S. 50), Price (via U.S. 6 & 191) and Salt Lake City (via U.S. 6 and I-15). The sign is somewhat appropriate considering that the business loop follows the original U.S. 6 & 50 alignment town. 10/18/04
Approaching the diamond interchange with Interstate 70 & U.S. 6-50-191. 10/18/04
A second mileage sign found along Business Loop Interstate 70 & SR 19 westbound lists the Interstate 70 split with U.S. 6 (and U.S. 191), SR 24, and U.S. 89 (and the split with U.S. 50). 10/18/04
Dipping below the Union Pacific Railroad via a narrow two lane subway on Business Loop Interstate 70 & SR 19 westbound. 10/18/04
U.S. 6 emerges on the shield assembly with U.S. 191 for the Interstate 70 westbound on-ramp. U.S. 6 & 191 split for Price at the next exit. U.S. 50 remains overlapped with I-70 to Salina. 10/18/04
Business Loop Interstate 70 & SR 19 end as motorists depart for I-70 & U.S. 6-50-191 east. U.S. 191 leaves the freeway 22 miles to the east. U.S. 6 & 50 remain overlapped to Grand Junction, Colorado. 10/18/04

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