The Limon business loop coincides with portions of U.S. 24, U.S. 40 and U.S. 287 along a 4.26-mile route through the city. Business Loop I-70 sees three interchanges with I-70 while joining the freeway with Downtown along Main Street.

Before the Limon bypass (I-70) was constructed, U.S. 40 & 287 expanded into a dual highway at West Limon, with a grade separation for U.S. 24 above the eastbound lanes. This configuration was later replaced with a folded diamond interchange. Main Street was eventually relocated northward to an at-grade intersection with Business Loop I-70 in place of those ramps.

Business Loop I-70 U.S. 40 East U.S. 287 South
Business Loop I-70 follows Route 024F (U.S. 24 spur) and U.S. 287 south from I-70 to Main Street. Main Street connects with SH 71 (Indiana Avenue) south to Punkin Center and Ordway. 10/17/04
Approaching the intersection with U.S. 24 (Main Street), where Business Loop I-70 turns east with U.S. 40-287 to Downtown Limon. 10/17/04
U.S. 24, 40 and 287 combine for 3.7 miles through Limon. U.S. 24 west travels 16 miles to Matheson and 65 miles to Colorado Springs. Route 040G spurs 1.50 miles west along the I-70 frontage road. 10/17/04
Business Loop I-70 U.S. 24 U.S. 40 East U.S. 287 South
Business Loop I-70 and U.S. 24-40-287 overlap along Main Street east to Colorado 71 south and the Limon business district. This stretch is inventoried as Route 024G. 10/17/04
Business Loop I-70 U.S. 40 West U.S. 287 North
Entering the diamond interchange where the Limon business loop returns to Interstate 70. U.S. 40 west & 287 north follow the freeway to Denver. 10/17/04

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Interstate 70
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