Business Loop I-72 follows the former alignment of U.S. 36 through the city of Jacksonville along Morton Avenue west from Exit 68 to an overlap with Illinois 104. The business route and Illinois 104 share 3.9 miles of Morton Avenue across the southern half of the city to a split just east of the U.S. 67 bypass freeway. U.S. 67 returns the business loop south to Interstate 72 at Exit 60.

U.S. 67 North
Drivers depart U.S. 67 north for Interstate 72 & U.S. 36 east to Springfield as Business Loop I-72 begins. 05/07/10
Business Loop I-72 East U.S. 67 North
A loop ramp follows for Interstate 72 & U.S. 36 west to Quincy and Hannibal, Missouri. 05/07/10
Business Loop I-72 overlays 2.6 miles of the U.S. 67 freeway northward to Morton Avenue. The lone reassurance marker on this stretch, since replaced with a larger shield, ignores the business route. 05/07/10
Leach Farm Road passes over Business Loop I-72 east & U.S. 67 north one mile ahead of their split. 05/07/10
The U.S. 67 freeway traverses open agricultural land west of Jacksonville. Morton Avenue (former U.S. 36) provides the main route into the city of 19,446 (2010 census). 05/07/10
Entering the diamond interchange with Morton Avenue, Business Loop I-72 east parts ways with U.S. 67 north for old U.S. 36 across south Jacksonville. 05/07/10
Business Loop I-72 west & U.S. 67 south
Business Loop I-72 combines with U.S. 67 south back to Interstate 72. The freeway lowers from a bluff (The Mound) to meet I-72 in 2.6 miles. 05/07/10
Interstate 72 travels 179 miles across Illinois from the Mark Twain Bridge over the Mississippi River to Champaign east of Interstate 57. 05/07/10
One half mile north of the cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 72 & U.S. 36 on Business Loop I-72 west & U.S. 67 south. U.S. 36 follows all of I-72 west to Hannibal, Missouri and east to Decatur. 05/07/10
Business Loop I-72 west concludes at the westbound on-ramp to Interstate 72 & U.S. 36. The tandem ventures 56 miles west to I-172, which leads north to the Mississippi River city of Quincy. 05/07/10
Business Loop I-72 east
Business Loop I-72 (Morton Avenue) continues east from IL 104 to span a BNSF Railroad line ahead of Black Lane and Morgan County 32 (Mobil Road). 05/07/10
1.6 miles further east, Business Loop I-72 reaches the diamond interchange with Interstate 72 & U.S. 36. Old US 36 extends east from the business route end to Orleans and Alexander as the freeway parallels to the north en route to Springfield. 05/07/10
Business Loop I-72 west
The first shield of Business Loop I-72 resides just west of the Exit 68 diamond interchange near an industrial park and a prison. Morton Avenue travels west as a four lane divided highway to Blacks Lane ahead of a BNSF Railroad underpass. 05/07/10
IL 104 parallels the BNSF Railroad line northwest from Franklin and Pisgah along a rural route to enter southeast Jacksonville. 05/07/10
Traveling 106 miles from Quincy to Taylorville, IL 104 combines with Business Loop I-72 (Morton Avenue) west along a commercial strip 0.75 miles south of the city center. 05/07/10
Business Loop I-72 west at IL 104 southeast to Franklin and Waverly. 05/07/10
IL 104 east
Beyond the partition with Business Loop I-72, IL 104 east leaves Jacksonville for a 19 mile drive to Waverly. The east end occurs in 56 miles at Taylorville. 05/07/10
IL 104 west
IL 104 prepares to merge with Business Loop I-72 (Morton Avenue) west into Jacksonville. The business loop follows old U.S. 36 east across the city. 05/07/10
Signs posted at the signalized intersection with Morton Avenue omit Business Loop I-72 and instead direct motorists east to Exit 68 of I-72 and IL 104 west to the Jacksonville street grid. 05/07/10

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