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Interstate 73 U.S. 220 North Interstate 74 West
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2 photos
The Seagrove Welcome Center and rest area lies just north of the Randolph County line. Rest areas in both directions of I-73/74 were completed in mid January 2010. Photos taken 12/21/08.
NC 705 heads 0.81 miles east from I-73/74 at Exit 61 to U.S. 220 ALT (Broad Street) in Seagrove. The area is home to the North Carolina Pottery Center. Photo taken 12/21/08.
One half mile south of the diamond interchange (Exit 61) with NC 705 (Little River Road). Little River Road (SR 1119) continues 3.63 miles southwest to Black Ankle Road at the county line. Photo taken 12/21/08.
NC 705 angles southeast from Seagrove to Whynot, Westmoore and Robbins. The route forms a 26.01 mile arc from Exit 61 to NC 211 east of Candor. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Confirming markers for I-73/74 and U.S. 220 posted northbound between the town of Seagrove and Wagners Branch. Photo taken 12/21/08.
New Hope Church Road (SR 1121) heads 4.76 miles north from Little River Road to I-73/74 at Exit 66. Photo taken 12/21/08.
New Hope Church Road (SR 1121) north to U.S. 220 ALT connects I-73/74 with NC 159 (Zoo Parkway) to North Carolina Zoological Park. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Exit 66 leaves I-73/74 and U.S. 220 north for New Hope Church Road south of Ulah. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Monterey Road (SR 1256) runs along the west side of I-73/74 north from New Hope Church Road to NC 134. Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 220 Alternate ties into U.S. 220 Business north from Exit 68 and Dawson Miller Road (SR 1138). Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 220 Alternate lines the east side of I-73/74 by Pinewood Country Club to Exit 68. NC 134 ties into the exchange with U.S. 220 Business from the west via Dawson Miller Road. NC 134 is a 19.08 mile route south to Troy. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Anticipated to open in September 2020, the Asheboro Bypass will connect with I-73/74 at a cloverleaf interchange 1.6 miles north of Exit 68. The 16.1 long freeway takes U.S. 64 south around Asheboro. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Construction on the $355.6 million Asheboro Bypass started in August 2016. The freeway will connect with NC 159 (Zoo Parkway) at one of four interchanges in the Asheboro area. Photo taken 12/21/08.
McDowell Road (SR 1150) serves the industrial south side of Asheboro east from I-73/74 to U.S. 220 Business (S Fayetteville Street). Photo taken 12/21/08.
McDowell Road continues west from the diamond interchange (Exit 71) with I-73/74 to residential areas at Mack Road (SR 1144). Photo taken 12/21/08.
Entering the city of Asheboro, I-73/74 and U.S. 220 curve northwest from Randolph Community College and parallel Industrial Park Avenue (SR 1191). Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 64 and NC 49 combine along Dixie Drive through the Randolph County seat of Asheboro. A cloverleaf interchange joins the arterial with I-73/74 at Exit 72. Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 64/NC 49 combine east from Asheboro to the town of Ramseur, where they separate to Siler City and Burlington respectively. U.S. 64 continues along a four lane corridor to Pittsboro, Cary and Raleigh. Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 64/NC 49 constitute a commercial arterial east from Exit 72A to U.S. 220 Business (Fayetteville Street), the north end of NC 159 (Cox Road), and eastern reaches of Asheboro. Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 64 and NC 49 split 0.33 miles to the west at Albemarle Road (SR 1713). U.S. 64 branches northwest 21 miles to I-85 outside Thomasville. NC 49 turns southwesterly to Concord. Photo taken 12/21/08.
I-73/74 originally ended at the exchange with U.S. 64/NC 49. Photo taken 12/21/08.
NC 42 (Salisbury Street) connects I-73/74 and U.S. 220 with Downtown Asheboro at the ensuing exit. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Sunset Avenue (SR 1442) branches east from Lexington Avenue (SR 1004) through the inverted split diamond interchange (Exit 74) with I-73/74 east to Downtown. Photo taken 12/21/08.
NC 42 travels 226 miles from I-73/74 at Asheboro to Colerain in the northeastern part of the state. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Left Exit 74 departs I-73-74/U.S. 220 northbound ahead of Sunset Avenue (SR 1442). SR 1004 (Lexington Road) extends northwest from NC 42 (Salisbury Street) to Back Creek Lake. Photo taken 12/21/08.
The next northbound exit joins I-73/74 with Presnell Street (SR 1462). Photo taken 12/21/08.
The left entrance ramp from NC 42 merges onto I-73/74 north near McCray Park. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Park Drive (SR 1462) heads west from the diamond interchange (Exit 75) with Presnell Street to leafy residential areas. Presnell Street leads southeast to U.S. 220 Business (Fayetteville Street) and U.S. 64/NC 49 in east Asheboro. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Vision Drive (SR 2269) connects I-73/74 at Exit 76 with U.S. 220 Business (Fayetteville Street) 0.98 miles to the east in North Asheboro. Photo taken 12/21/08.
A trumpet interchange (Exit 75) connects Vision Drive (SR 2269) and I-73-74/U.S. 220 between Daves and Hedrick Mountains. Photo taken 12/21/08.
2 photos
2 photos
I-73/74 advances north through a wooded area from Vision Drive to Exit 77 for Spero Road (SR 1504). Photos taken 12/21/08.
Spero Road (SR 1504) meanders through rural areas northwest from the diamond interchange (Exit 77) with I-73/74. Eastward, Spero Road splits into Central and Balfour Avenues en route to U.S. 220 Business. Photo taken 12/21/08.
2 photos
2 photos
Pineview Street / Road (SR 1712) meets I-73/74 and U.S. 220 at a diamond (Exit 79). Photos taken 12/21/08.
Pineview Street (SR 1712) stems west from U.S. 220 Business (N Fayetteville Street) to a quarry entrance near Exit 79 and Spero Road. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Auxiliary lanes accompany both directions of I-73/74 between Pineview Street (SR 1712) and the modified trumpet interchange (Exit 80) with Interstate 74 west. Photo taken 01/17/19.
Interstate 74 northwest to Winston-Salem was completed on June 7, 2013 when the segment between I-73 and Glenola opened to traffic. I-74 replaced U.S. 311, which opened as a freeway to High Point on November 22, 2010. Photo taken 01/17/19.


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