Interstate 75 north
Drivers depart for the first Alachua County interchange along I-75 north. Alachua County 234 stems east providing access to Micanopy (locally famous for its small town charm and antique shops) and to U.S. 441. The county road enters Marion County just west of Exit 374 to become Marion County 329. Photo taken 03/02/13.
Interstate 75 continues northwest from Alachua County 234 (Exit 374) on a 10-mile exit less stretch to Gainesville. Photo taken 03/02/13.
Lake City debuts at 52 miles out in neighboring Columbia County while downtown Gainesville resides 18 miles ahead. Photo taken 03/02/13.
The freeway bisects the middle of Paynes Prairie State Preserve on its final approach to the Gainesville area. Paynes Prairie encompasses nearly 21,000 acres of savanna on the southern periphery of Gainesville. A rest area for travelers is situated on the northern edge of the prairie in two miles. Photo taken 11/05/14.
Motorists can capture a glimpse of Paynes Prairie from the forthcoming rest area. The next four exits along I-75 north provide access to Gainesville and surrounding areas. Photo taken 11/05/14.
Leaving Paynes Prairie and the rest area, the first of three University of Florida (UF) exits occur in 0.75 miles at Florida 121 (Williston Road) and Exit 382. SR 121 is a multi-state road originating at U.S. 19 & 98 near Lebanon Station, traveling north through Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina before ending at Interstate 77 & U.S. 21 near Rock Hill. Photo taken 03/02/13.
Local commercial trucks bound for both SR 24 and SR 26 east are encouraged to depart at Exit 382 and follow Williston Road. Photo taken 03/02/13.
Interstate 75 reaches the folded-diamond interchange with Florida 121 (Williston Road). Williston Road carries SR 121 southerly to adjacent Levy County and the town of Williston while east of Exit 382, Florida 121 immediately follows SW 34th Street north. Florida 331 continues along Williston Road through south and east Gainesville to reach Florida 20, 24, and 26 east of downtown. Photo taken 11/05/14.
A diamond interchange with Florida 24 (Archer Road) occurs in the next half-mile along Interstate 75 north. SR 24 is a 71.5-mile road connecting Cedar Key (near the Gulf of Mexico) with Gainesville and Waldo. In Gainesville, Archer Road forms the southern border of the University of Florida main campus. Photo taken 11/05/14.
The freeway reaches the departure ramp for Florida 24 (Exit 384). The state road shoots southwest 9.7 miles to Archer before continuing onward toward Cedar Key. Use SR 24 (Archer Road) east to reach the UF Medical Center and Museum of Natural History. Photo taken 11/05/14.
Interstate 75 continues northwest from Exit 384 on the west side of Gainesville. The next exit for the freeway occurs at Florida 26 (Newberry Road) in three miles. Photo taken 11/05/14.
Crossing over Hogtown Creek, I-75 briefly enters Gainesville city limits. Photo taken 11/05/14.
Florida 26 (Newberry Road) enters Gainesville from the west and will cross under Interstate 75 in one mile. Newberry Road connects the freeway with the towns of Newberry and Trenton to the west and Melrose to the east. SR 26 also provides the final access point for the UF main campus. Photo taken 11/05/14.
Traffic leaves for Florida 26 and Exit 387. Newberry Road transitions into University Avenue as it carries SR 26 east to the University of Florida and downtown Gainesville. University Avenue also carries Florida 20 & 24 with Florida 26 through downtown before all three state roads split for their destinations. Photo taken 11/05/14.
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2 photos
Interstate 75 leaves Gainesville proper as it rolls northward toward Lake City (39 miles). Lying east of the freeway along U.S. 441, Alachua is only a 13-mile drive from here. Photo taken 03/02/13. Second photo taken 11/05/14.
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2 photos
The freeway begins its approach to the final Gainesville interchange at Florida 222 (Exit 390) in one mile. SR 222 east follows NW 39th Avenue from Interstate 75 to Gainesville Regional Airport (GNV) and Florida 26. Signs are in place to alert morning commuters of potential congestion at the exit ahead. Photo taken 11/05/14. Second photo taken 03/02/13.
Modifications to the interchange in 2003 expanded Florida 222 (NW 39th Avenue) with added lanes and improved traffic flow. The state road ends at Interstate 75 with Alachua County 222 continuing west along NW 39th Avenue to Alachua County 241 (NW 143rd Street). Use SR 222 east to NW 83rd Street south to access Santa Fe Community College. Photo taken 11/05/14.
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2 photos
Motorists will travel nine miles from Florida 222 (Exit 390) along I-75 before encountering U.S. 441 (Exit 399) to Alachua (10 miles) and High Springs. 36 miles remain to reach the Columbia County seat of Lake City. Photos taken 11/05/14.
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2 photos
Interstate 75 north maintains a rural setting as it traverses undulating hills in northern Alachua County. Photos taken 11/05/14.
The freeway makes its one mile approach to the folded-diamond interchange with U.S. 441 (Exit 399). Photo taken 11/05/14.
U.S. 441 travels 5.3 miles northwest to reach High Springs, where the U.S. highway picks up U.S. 41 continuing northward toward Lake City. Heading southeast U.S. 441 immediately enters the city of Alachua on its return trip to Gainesville. Photo taken 11/05/14.
A reassurance shield is posted for travelers beyond the merge from U.S. 441 (Exit 399). Photo taken 11/05/14.
Interstate 75 north continues four miles to CR 236 (Exit 404) while Lake City is now only a 30-minute drive. Photo taken 11/05/14.
One mile guide sign for the forthcoming interchange with Alachua County 236 to High Springs and Lake Butler. Photo taken 11/05/14.
A loop ramp facilitates movement from I-75 north to Alachua County 236 (Exit 404). The county road connects the freeway with High Springs to the southwest (4.7 miles) and Lake Butler via Florida 121 to the east (18 miles). Photo taken 11/05/14.
Oncoming drivers from Exit 404 heading to Lake City and points beyond see this reassurance shield upon entrance to the freeway. Photo taken 11/05/14.
Eight miles separate Alachua County 236 from the diamond interchange with U.S. 41 & 441 in south Columbia County. Lake City is 22 miles away via I-75 north. Photo taken 11/05/14.
Interstate 75 enters Columbia County as it crosses the Santa Fe River. The 75-mile long river flows from the headwaters of Santa Fe Lake near Keystone Heights to the Suwannee River southeast of Branford. An unusual feature, the Santa Fe River disappears underground for approximately three miles within O'Leno State Park. Photo taken 11/05/14.


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