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Interstate 75 North
Locally known as the Apex, an end sign for the northern terminus of Interstate 275 appears beyond the County Line Road overpass. Photo taken 08/17/18.
2009-11 construction along I-75 relocated the Exit 275 gore point for SR 56 nearly two miles further south, with its egress point preceding the mainline merge with northbound I-275. Subsequent work completed a third travel lane for I-75 north to CR 54 by October 2013. Photo taken 08/17/18.
State Road 56 measures 12.85 miles between SR 54 and U.S. 301. Part of a heavily traveled route with SR 54, the six-lane arterial serves commuter interests to Land O' Lakes, Wesley Chapel, the New Tampa community and Zephyrhills. Photo taken 06/10/20.
New Port Richey and Tarpon Springs are both located along U.S. 19 near the coast. Mileage statistics referenced here are inaccurate, as they were carried over from the CR 54 off-ramp at Exit 279. Photo taken 06/28/16.
The ramp for SR 56 extends 2.1 miles. SR 56 opened to traffic east from Meadow Pointe Boulevard to U.S. 301 on July 10, 2019. An FDOT study (project ID 443367-1-22-01) is underway to lengthen the four lane highway further east to SR 39. Photo taken 06/28/16.
SR 56 was constructed during a $31.2 million project from June 14, 1999 to June 2002.1 Upon completion, the new four to six lane roadway created a shorter route between Land O' Lakes and Interstate 75 while also opening up land along the Hillsborough-Pasco county line for further development. Future work here will convert Exit 275 to a diverging diamond interchange (DDI). Photo taken 03/01/13.
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2 photos
I-75 advances 1.4 miles north from SR 56 to the Pasco County Rest Areas. Work underway from October 2017 to early 2019 added sensors in the truck parking areas to indicate space availability to drivers.2 Photo taken 09/17/19. Second photo taken 08/17/18.
Six-lane widening of Interstate 75 from south of SR 56 to north of County Road 54 (Exit 279) at Wesley Chapel was completed by early 2013. Started on March 14, 2011, the $22.5 million project included the addition of an auxiliary lane in each direction between Exits 275 and 279.3 Photo taken 08/17/18.
The succeeding exit joins I-75 with County Road 54 (Wesley Chapel Boulevard) in two miles. Still displayed as SR 54 here, the section of SR 54 along Wesley Chapel Boulevard at I-75 was downgraded when SR 56 opened to traffic in 2002. Photo taken 08/17/18.
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2 photos
Both rest areas along Interstate 75 in Pasco County were demolished and rebuilt as part of $25.1 million project between July 12, 2010 and March 9, 2012.4The facilities allow travelers to avoid the suburban exits in southern Pasco County. Photo taken 11/11/19. Second photo taken 08/17/18.
One mile south of CR 54 (Wesley Chapel Boulevard) to SR 54 east on Interstate 75 north. Exit 279 serves the north end of Wesley Chapel, a fast growing community spreading north along Wesley Chapel Boulevard and SR 581 (Bruce B. Downs Boulevard). Photo taken 08/17/18.
Pasco County Road 54 (Wesley Chapel Boulevard) measures 5.07 miles between SR 56 and SR 581 in unincorporated Wesley Chapel. The county road transitions into SR 54 just east of Exit 279 at Bruce B. Downs Boulevard. Photo taken 08/17/18.
Two lanes leave for Exit 279 and CR 54 (Wesley Chapel Boulevard). Photo taken 08/17/18.
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2 photos
SR 54 resumes east from CR 54 at SR 581 and extends 10.97 miles to U.S. 301 in Zephyrhills. Traveling wholly within Pasco County, SR 54 overall ends at U.S. 19 in Elfers to the west. Photos taken 08/17/18.
Expansion of Interstate 75 north from County Road 54 to a point north of State Road 52, ran from May 29, 2014 into early 2018. The $72 million project added a third lane along both roadways, upgraded drainage facilities, replaced signage, and added high mast landing.5 Photo taken 08/16/18.
A six mile exit less stretch leads drivers along Interstate 75 north to Exit 285 with SR 52. U.S. 98 and SR 50 lie 21 miles further at Exit 301 in Hernando County, while Ocala edges closer at 75 miles. Photo taken 08/16/18.
Interstate 75 progresses north to within one mile of Exit 285 with SR 52. The state road measures 33.40 miles in length connecting Bayonet Point with Dade City, wholly within Pasco County. Photo taken 08/16/18.
One half mile ahead of Exit 285 on I-75 north. West of I-75, SR 52 ventures 23 miles to Bayonet Point and U.S. 19, crossing U.S. 41 at Gowers Corner and SR 589 (Suncoast Parkway) en route. Photo taken 08/16/18.
2014-18 construction at State Road 52 included expansion of the diamond interchange (Exit 285) with a new loop ramp from SR 52 west to I-75 south.5 Photo taken 08/16/18.
Home of Saint Leo University, San Antonio lies 3.2 miles to the east of the freeway. Dade City is located another six miles further along U.S. 301/98. The East Campus of Pasco-Hernando State College is ten miles away via SR 52 and CR 41 (Blanton Road) north. Photo taken 03/27/20.
2014-18 work at Exit 285 also expanded SR 52 to a six-lane arterial between Old Pasco Road and Corporate Lake Boulevard. This widening preceded further expansion of SR 52 in both directions.5 Photo taken 03/27/20.
This reassurance marker stands just beyond an underpass added during the $72 million widening project in 2014-18. Work rebuilt both roadways, raising each in elevation. Photo taken 08/16/18.
Pasco County Road 41 provides travelers another connection to Dade City in seven miles while Ocala is now within 69 miles. The ensuing 7.8 mile section of I-75 was widened from four to six overall lanes during a $47 million project from April 14, 2014 to Summer 2016.6 Photo taken 04/17/19.
Interstate 75 commences a five mile shift longitudinally east through northern reaches of Pasco County. The winding stretch of freeway is the highest along I-75 in Florida, with elevations reaching 200 feet above sea level. Photo taken 05/05/16.
Interstate 75 crosses a causeway over Moody Lake on the one mile approach to the rural exchange with Pasco County Road 41 at Exit 293. Photo taken 05/05/16.
CR 41 (Blanton Road) approaches Dade City from the northwest and travels along 21st Street to SR 52 (Meridian Avenue). A second segment of CR 41 leads south from Dade City to Zephyrhills. Photo taken 05/05/16.
Entering the parclo B2 interchange (Exit 293) with County Road 41 (Blanton Road) on I-75 north. CR 41 turns north along Lake Iola Road 0.8 miles to the west en route toward the community of Spring Lake and U.S. 98/SR 50 as Hernando County Road 541. Photo taken 05/05/16.
Travelers on I-75 north continue between Mud and McClendon Lakes over the next two miles. Photo taken 07/28/18.
Gainesville makes its debut along Interstate 75 north at 94 miles out while Ocala is now about an hour's drive away. The lone interchange in forthcoming Hernando County joins the freeway with U.S. 98 and SR 50 in seven miles. Photo taken 08/16/18.
Passing by the northeast edge of Mud Lake, Interstate 75 enters Hernando County. The county was created in 1843 and named for Hernando de Soto, a Spanish explorer and conquistador. Photo taken 07/28/18.
Interstate 75 navigates through a series of S-curves through hilly terrain in southern Hernando County. This scene looks north of the Church Road overpass, east of Robison Lake. Photo taken 11/11/19.
New guides signs installed in 2018 highlight the SR 50 destinations of Weeki Wachee, where the state road ends at U.S. 19, and unincorporated Ridge Manor. Weeki Wachee lies 22 miles to the west while Ridge Manor is three miles to the east along U.S. 301. Photo taken 07/28/18.
A $96.7 million project underway from July 2016 to Fall 2019 completed the six-laning of I-75 through Hernando County and reconfigured Exit 301 to a single point interchange. The northbound off-ramp to U.S. 98/SR 50 was lengthened significantly to better handle truck traffic.7
U.S. 98 crosses the Sunshine State along a nearly 600 mile course, from the Alabama-Florida state line west of Pensacola, to West Palm Beach along the Atlantic coast. Photo taken 09/17/19.
U.S. 98/SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard) overlap for 11.22 miles from Brooksville, seat of Hernando County, east to the unincorporated community of Ridge Manor. SR 50 crosses the width of the Florida Peninsula, connecting Spring Hill, Clermont, Orlando and Titusville. Photo taken 09/17/19.
The $96.7 million expansion project for Interstate 75 at U.S. 98/SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard) included the addition of new steel bridges for both freeway roadways. The nearly 300 foot long spans provide increased clearance for Cortez Boulevard, which was widened to six lanes in the immediate vicinity.7 Photo taken 09/02/19.
The Sherman Hills golf course community abuts the east side of Interstate 75 by this confirming marker. Photo taken 09/17/19.
I-75 continues north by wetlands associated with Oriole Lake beyond this mileage sign. The succeeding exit is with Sumter County Road 476B in eight miles. Photo taken 09/17/19.
Passing over Croom Rital Road and the Withlacoochee State Trail, travelers approach the next rest area along the rural interstate. The Withlacoochee State Trail follows a former Seaboard Coast Line railroad (CSL) along a 46-mile long path through Citrus, Hernando and Pasco counties. Photo taken 11/11/19.
Interstate 75 north enters Sumter County across Silver Lake and the Withlacoochee River. The Villages comprises the majority of the population for Sumter County. Bushnell is the seat. Photo taken 09/02/19.

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