Interstate 75 north
An end sign appears for the northern terminus of Interstate 275 (locally known as the Apex) beyond the County Line Road overpass. Photo taken 11/11/13.
A distributor roadway for Florida 56 (Exit 275) parallels the mainline to the upcoming diamond interchange. A 2011-12 modification shifted the northbound off-ramp almost two miles further south, with its egress point lying south of the I-275 merge.
As of October 2013 all "Right Lane Ends" warning signs have been removed as construction progressed along the freeway to Pasco County 54. Photo taken 03/01/13.
A historical look at I-75 north approaching the previous off-ramp for Exit 275 and Florida 56. Cypress Creek Preserve (county maintained) sits along this stretch of freeway between County Line Road and SR 56. Photo taken 11/26/07.
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Before and after looks at I-75 north at SR 56.
When Florida 56 opened in 2002 it created a shorter route between Land-O-Lakes and Interstate 75 while also opening up land along the Hillsborough-Pasco county line for further development. As of October 2013 the lane ends sign was removed as three lanes are open through to Pasco County 54 (Exit 279). Photo taken 11/26/07. Second photo taken 11/25/12.
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Florida 56 shields posted at the end of the Exit 275 northbound off-ramp. The 6.73 mile route sees moderate traffic volumes due to the encroachment of Wesley Chapel in southern Pasco County meeting the northern boundary of the New Tampa community. Photos taken 03/01/13.
Six-laning of Interstate 75 through southern Pasco was underway through to 2014. Photo taken 11/11/13.
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The second iteration of a carbon-copied sign since 2005 still indicates Florida 54 will meet Interstate 75 in two miles (Exit 279), but rather the freeway will encounter Pasco County 54 next instead. The state-maintained portion of Florida 54 between Florida 56 and Florida 581 was downgraded to county status when SR 56 opened to traffic, thus creating two segments of SR 54 with Pasco County 54 connecting the two. Some signage along the interstate still indicates a state road designation for the forthcoming diamond interchange. Zephyrhills, lying along U.S. 301 to the east of I-75, is reached via Exit 279 while arrival in Ocala occurs in 79 miles. Photo taken 05/28/05. Second photo taken 11/11/13.
A newly remodeled rest area resides between Florida 56 (Exit 275) and County Road 54 (Exit 279) for travelers not wishing to get off the suburban exits in southern Pasco County. Photo taken 11/25/12.
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One mile south of CR 54 and the Quail Hollow community along Interstate 75 north. Use Pasco County 54/Florida 54 east to Wesley Chapel, a fast growing community situated south along Florida 581 (Bruce B. Downs Boulevard) and east on Florida 54.
New advance signage in place for the interchange utilizes the "Overhead Arrow-per-Lane" (OAPL) standard recently adopted by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Photo taken 11/25/12. Second photo taken 12/19/13.
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Pasco County 54 (Wesley Chapel Boulevard) exists for 5.07 miles between Florida 56 and Florida 581 near Wesley Chapel. The county road transitions into Florida 54 just east of Exit 279 at the northern terminus of Florida 581 (Bruce B. Downs Boulevard).
Recent sign replacements swapped positions for the county pentagon and state shield to indicate the interstate will encounter the county road. A "TO" banner would better clarify the alignment of Florida 54 in conjunction with the interchange. Photo taken 11/25/12. Second photo taken 12/19/13.
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Two lanes leave for Exit 279 and Pasco County 54. Florida 54 resumes and travels 10.97 miles from SR 581 to U.S. 301 in Zephyrhills. Pasco County 54 west continues another 4.8 miles, mostly parallel to I-75, to meet the western segment of Florida 54 at Florida 56 as the former beelines west toward Land-O-Lakes and beyond. Florida 54 ends at U.S. 19 in Elfers. Photo taken 11/26/07. Second photo taken 11/25/12. Third photo taken 12/19/13.
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The next exit along Interstate 75 north happens in five miles at a diamond interchange with Florida 52 (Exit 285). U.S. 98 and Florida 50 lie 21 miles further at Exit 301 in Hernando County and Ocala is edging closer at 75 miles. Photo taken 11/26/07. Second photo taken 11/25/12.
Interstate 75 will reach Florida 52 (Exit 285) in one mile. The state road measures 33.40 miles in length connecting Bayonet Point with Dade City, wholly within Pasco County. Photo taken 11/25/12.
Motorists leave for Exit 285 and Florida 52. San Antonio lies 3.2 miles to the east of Interstate 75 and is the home of Saint Leo University. Dade City is located another six miles further along the U.S. 301 & 98 corridors. West of I-75, SR 52 ventures 23 miles to Bayonet Point and U.S. 19, crossing U.S. 41 at Gowers Corner and Toll 589 en route. Photo taken 11/25/12.
A reassurance marker greets motorists entering Interstate 75 north from Florida 52 (Exit 285) as the freeway continues through central Pasco County. Photo taken 11/25/12.
Pasco County 41 provides travelers another connection to Dade City in seven miles while Ocala is now within 69 miles. Photo taken 11/25/12.
Interstate 75 approaches the rural interchange with Pasco County 41 (Exit 293) one mile ahead. Pasco County 41 (Blanton Road) approaches Dade City from the northwest and travels along 21st Street to SR 52 (Meridian Avenue). A second segment of CR 41 leads south from Dade City to Zephyrhills. Photo taken 11/25/12.
A loop ramp takes motorists from I-75 north to Pasco County 41 (Blanton Road) at the four ramp partial cloverleaf. CR 41 turns north along Lake Iola Road 0.8 miles to the west en route toward the community of Spring Lake and U.S. 98 & Florida 50 as Hernando County 541. Photo taken 11/25/12.
Travelers continue between Mud and McClendon Lakes over the next two miles. Photo taken 11/25/12.
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Gainesville makes its debut along Interstate 75 north at 94 miles out while Ocala is now about an hours drive away. Two modifications occurred raising the mileage of Gainesville first from 90 miles to 99 miles, then lowering it to the current 94 miles. Subsequent mileage signs along the freeway also indicate a change in overall mileage to the University of Florida city. The only interchange in forthcoming Hernando County, I-75 encounters U.S. 98 and Florida 50 in seven miles. Photo taken 07/13/07. Second photo taken 11/25/12.
Interstate 75 enters Hernando County as it passes by the northeast edge of Mud Lake. The county was created in 1843 and named for Hernando de Soto, a Spanish explorer and conquistador. Photo taken 11/25/12.
Bucolic scenery unfolds along Interstate 75 through rural eastern Hernando County. Photo taken 11/26/07.
U.S. 98 and Florida 50 (Cortez Boulevard) cross paths with Interstate 75 at the lone Hernando County exit in one mile. U.S. 98 tallies nearly 660 miles, stretching from the Alabama-Florida state line west of Pensacola in Florida's panhandle, to West Palm Beach along the Atlantic coast. Florida 50 crosses the peninsula connecting Weeki Wachee, Brooksville, the metro Orlando area and Titusville. Photo taken 09/02/13.
A diamond interchange (Exit 301) facilitates movement between Interstate 75 and U.S. 98 & Florida 50 (Cortez Boulevard). Brooksville, situated 10.2 miles to the west, is the county seat for Hernando County. The U.S. highway and state road share 11.22 miles of pavement between Brooksville and Ridge Manor. Florida 50 continues east into Sumter and Lake Counties toward the Orlando metro area while U.S. 98 turns south to meet U.S. 301 ahead of Dade City and Lakeland. Photo taken 11/25/12.
Shield and mileage sign assemblies posted along the Exit 301 off-ramp to Cortez Boulevard. Ridge Manor lies three miles to the east. The west end of SR 50 at U.S. 19 in Weeki Wachee is 22 miles to the west. SR 50 also connects I-75 with the sprawling Spring Hill community in southwestern Hernando County. Photo taken 07/13/07.
The Sherman Hills golf course community abuts the east side of Interstate 75 before the freeway returns to forested environs ahead of Oriole Lake. Photo taken 11/25/12.
I-75 north continues toward Ocala and Gainesville, with the former being about 45-minutes (53 miles) ahead. Florida 48 (Exit 314) links Interstate 75 with Bushnell in 11 miles but the freeway will first meet Sumter County 476B eight miles from here. Photo taken 11/25/12.
Passing over Croom Rital Road and the Withlacoochee State Trail, travelers approach the next rest area along the rural interstate. The Withlacoochee State Trail follows a former Seaboard Coast Line railroad (CSL) along a 46-mile long path through Citrus, Hernando and Pasco counties. Photo taken 11/25/12.
Interstate 75 north enters Sumter County as it crosses Silver Lake prior to the upcoming rest area. Bushnell is the county seat with the retirement community of The Villages comprising the majority of the population for the county. Photo taken 11/25/12.


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