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Interstate 75 North
Interstate 75 commences its 1,786 mile route to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan from the interchange joining SR 924 (Gratigny Parkway) and SR 826 (Palmetto Expressway) at Hialeah. The freeway has three northbound through lanes to start, with a left side flyover adding traffic from SR 826 north. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Heading west for a half mile, Interstate 75 sees a pair of wye interchanges (Exit 2) with NW 138th Street and Hialeah Gardens Boulevard. Photo taken 04/01/14.
The second reassurance shield for Interstate 75 precedes the NW 78th Avenue overpass linking Hialeah with Miami Lakes. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Exit 2 curves away from Interstate 75 north onto NW 138th Street west at Hialeah Gardens Boulevard south. Graham Dairy Road ties in nearby as a south side frontage road to I-75 east to NW 87th Avenue in Hialeah. NW 138th Avenue otherwise heads west to Hialeah Gardens and U.S. 27 at Pennusco. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Four lanes of Interstate 75 turn northward into the wye interchange with the north end of Hialeah Gardens Boulevard. The freeway maintains a northern heading to Weston. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Interstate 75 separates Hialeah to the west with Miami Lakes to the east to NW 170th Street. Photo taken 04/01/14.
A trumpet interchange (Exit 4) joins the west end of SR 860 (NW 186h Street / Miami Gardens Drive) in one half mile. Photo taken 04/01/14.
The fourth reassurance marker for I-75 follows the NW 170th Street overpass in unincorporated Miami-Dade County. Photo taken 04/01/14.
State Road 860 leads east 12.98 miles from Interstate 75 to U.S. 1 at Aventura. Miami Gardens Drive winds east into Miami Gardens via Carol City. Photo taken 04/01/14.
A flyover joins Interstate 75 north from Florida's Turnpike Homestead Extension north as part of a wye interchange between the two limited access highways. Photo taken 04/01/14.
The ramp from the Turnpike merges onto I-75 north after this shield assembly posted for motorists emanating from SR 860 west. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Crossing Snake Creek Canal, Interstate 75 enters Broward County. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Sound walls appear alongside Interstate 75 through south Miramar. Speed limits remain at 70 miles per hour. Photo taken 04/01/14.
A six-ramp parclo interchange (Exits 7A/B) joins Interstate 75 with Miramar Parkway as the lone Miramar exit. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Miramar Parkway ventures east to the Miramar city line at U.S. 441 and West Park. There State Road 858 takes over along Hallandale Beach Boulevard east to Pembroke Park and SR A1A in Hallandale Beach. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Exit 7B loops onto Miramar Parkway west. The suburban boulevard extends west to neighborhoods surrounding Harbour and Sunset Lakes. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Interstate 75 winds northeast toward the Pembroke Pines city line. Photo taken 04/01/14.
SR 820 (Pines Boulevard) crosses paths with Interstate 75 in one mile. The state road travels across Pembroke Pines between U.S. 27 and Florida's Turnpike. Photo taken 04/01/14.
East from Exit 9A, SR 820 extends from Pembroke Pines to Hallandale Beach, concluding an 18.25-mile alignment at SR A1A just off the Atlantic Ocean. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Pines Boulevard constitutes a commercial arterial west from Exit 9B to the Silver Lakes area. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Sheridan Street straddles the Pembroke Pines and Davie city line at forthcoming Exit 11. Photo taken 03/21/20.
Curving westward, Interstate 75 passes by a preserve area to the west to Sheridan Street. Photo taken 03/21/20.
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A third six-ramp parclo interchange along Interstate 75 north in Broward County joins the freeway with Sheridan Street at Exit 11. Photos taken 03/21/20.
Sheridan Street connects the freeway with Southwest Ranches to the west and Cooper City to the east. Photo taken 03/21/20.
Sheridan Street west leaves the commercialized stretch at I-75 along the Southwest Ranches and Pembroke Pines city line to Keystone Lake. Further west the road becomes rural by Chapel Trail Nature Preserve to U.S. 27. Photo taken 03/21/20.
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The I-75 Express Lanes through the exchange with Sheridan Street to the next egress point for Griffin Road (Exit 13) and Royal Palm Boulevard (Exit 15). Photos taken 03/21/20.
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An ingress point for the I-75 Express Lanes follows the connection to Exits 13 and 15 northbound. Photos taken 03/21/20.
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Interstate 75 leads north through a swath of Davie to the six-ramp parclo interchange (Exits 13A/B) with Griffin Road. Photos taken 03/21/20.
Griffin Road parallels South New River Canal along the Southwest Ranches city line to Cooper City and southeast Davie. The multi-lane arterial becomes a part of SR 818 east of SR 823 (Flamingo Road) and to U.S. 1 by Dania Beach. Photo taken 03/21/20.
Griffin Road extends west from Exit 13B along South New River Canal between Weston and Southwest Ranches to U.S. 27. Photo taken 03/21/20.
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A toll collection point along the I-75 Express Lanes precedes the SW 36th Street overpass, two miles from the I-595 Express Lane flyover. Photos taken 03/21/20.
Interstate 75 arcs west into the city limits of Weston beyond SW 36th Street. Photo taken 03/21/20.
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Royal Palm Boulevard stems west from a trumpet interchange (Exit 15) with Interstate 75 in one half mile. Photos taken 03/21/20.
Royal Palm Boulevard, originally named Arvida Parkway, winds northwest through Weston to Saddle Club Road, where it becomes Glades Parkway north to Interstate 75 and SR 84 at Exit 22. Photo taken 03/21/20.
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Continuing north, Interstate 75 reaches a multi-level interchange with both I-595 east and SR 869 north. I-595 is the Port Everglades Expressway running east along the Davie city line to Dania Beach, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) and Port Everglades. Photos taken 03/21/20.
Interstate 595 comprises the lone east to west freeway in Broward County as it joins Alligator Alley with Fort Lauderdale. Photo taken 03/21/20.
State Road 869 follows the tolled Sawgrass Expressway northward from the I-595 west end around Sunrise, Tamarac and Coral Springs. Photo taken 03/21/20.
Reversible toll Express Lanes accompany Interstate 595 east to Florida's Turnpike. Photo taken 03/21/20.
Turning back to the east, Interstate 75 enters a notch of the Sunrise city limits to Exit 19 with I-595 east and SR 869 north. Photo taken 03/21/20.
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Providing an uninterrupted drive east to the Turnpike and I-595 ahead of I-95, the managed lanes run between the main freeway roadways. The tolled roadway flows eastbound weekday mornings and on weekends all day. Photos taken 03/21/20.
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SW 14th Street passes over I-75 at the Davie and Sunrise city line, one half mile from a three-lane ramp for both the Port Everglades and Sawgrass Expressways. Photos taken 03/21/20.
The I-595 Express Lanes opened to traffic in March 2014. Photo taken 03/21/20.
Painted shields accompany overhead guide signs for Exit 19. Interstate 595 east to Fort Lauderdale provides the last connection to I-95 and the coastal cities as I-75 turns more inland. Photo taken 03/21/20.
Three lanes continue westward along Interstate 75 north to the tolled Alligator Alley and Naples as SR 869 north begins a 20.81 route to Florida's Turnpike at Coconut Creek. Photo taken 03/21/20.
Another set of painted shields precede the departure of Exit 19. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Interstate 595 heads east 12.86 miles to U.S. 1 while SR 869 totals 23.99 miles to Interstate 95 in Deerfield Beach. Photo taken 04/01/14.
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The systems interchange joining I-75, I-595 and SR 869 is nearly symmetrical. A number of storm water ponds were incorporated into the design of the exchange. Photos taken 03/21/20.
Leading west from I-595, Interstate 75 parallels North New River Canal with six overall lanes. Photo taken 03/04/14.
SR 84, the frontage road system of Interstate 595, accompanies I-75 west along the Weston city line and North New River Canal to U.S. 27. Photo taken 03/21/20.
Lands north of Interstate 75 and SR 84 fall within Everglades Wildlife Management Area. Photo taken 04/23/16.
Upcoming Exit 21 onto SR 84 west is the first of two Weston interchanges preceding Alligator Alley. SR 84 connects the freeway with Indian Trace, a residential arterial leading southeast to SW 14th Street in Sunrise. Photo taken 03/21/20.
Entering the half diamond interchange (Exit 21) with SR 84 west ahead of Indian Trace. Photo taken 04/23/16.
Motorists are alerted to the lack of travel services between Exit 21 and Miccosukee Indian Reservation (Exit 49). Photo taken 04/23/16.
A diamond interchange (Exit 22) follows in one mile with SR 84 at Glades Parkway south. Photo taken 04/23/16.
Glades Parkway was previously named Arvida Parkway, and is the same roadway beginning at Exit 15 to the southeast. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Exit 22 leaves I-75 north for adjacent SR 84 west. State Road 84 merges onto the freeway and ends ahead. Historically SR 84 was the designation for Alligator Alley across the Everglades. Replaced by Interstate 75, a short section of SR 84 remains signed in Naples. Photo taken 04/23/16.
U.S. 27 crosses paths with Interstate 75 at the northwest corner of Weston. The exchange is the final departure point of I-75 north before a 26-mile exit less stretch along the Alligator Alley toll road. Photo taken 03/21/20.
Interstate 75 drops the third northbound lane for the Exit 23 off-ramp to U.S. 27. U.S. 27 lines western reaches of the Miami metropolitan area southward to Miramar, where the route turns eastward through Hialeah and its terminus in Miami. Photo taken 04/23/16.
Another sign advises that Interstate 75 (Port Everglades Expressway) will become the tolled Alligator Alley after the U.S. 27 interchange (Exit 23). Alligator Alley, sometimes referred to simply as "The Alley", is the popular name for Everglades Parkway, the formal name of the I-75 toll road west to Naples. Photo taken 04/23/16.
All traffic bound for U.S. 27 departs in unison at Exit 23. U.S. 27 north traverses the expansive Everglades Wildlife Management Area to agricultural areas ahead of South Bay and Lake Okeechobee. Photo taken 04/23/16.
A left side on-ramp merges onto Interstate 75 north from U.S. 27 north on the two mile approach to the Alligator Alley toll plaza. Photo taken 04/23/16.
U.S. 27 travels nearly 500 miles in Florida, heading north through the middle of the Florida peninsula to Ocala, where it crosses paths with Interstate 75 again. The U.S. 27 and I-75 corridors intermingle several times to Cincinnati, Ohio. Photo taken 04/23/16.
Turning fully westward across Everglades Wildlife Management Area, Interstate 75 approaches the Alligator Alley toll plaza. Photo taken 03/04/14.
The on-ramps from U.S. 27 at Andytown tie into I-75 north ahead of this shield assembly. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Interstate 75 crosses the first in a series of canals running across the Everglades, one half mile ahead of the toll barrier. Photo taken 04/23/16.
Alligator Alley toll plazas remain with attended toll booths. The outside booth was converted for Sunpass operations, but motorists must still slow to 25 miles per hour. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Toll schedule sign posted as the onset of the toll plaza. Photo taken 03/04/14.
The toll plaza collects fares in the westbound direction with just five lanes wide. A similar plaza lies at the eastbound beginning to the Alley. Photo taken 04/23/16.
The first of two Everglades Wildlife Management Area recreation areas along Interstate 75 north across Alligator Alley lies two miles ahead. Photo taken 03/04/14.
The forthcoming facility includes picnic pavilions and a boat ramp onto the adjacent canal. A similar area lies to the south of I-75 along southbound. Photo taken 04/23/16.
Northbound Interstate 75 at the first recreation area. Canals lining both sides of the freeway are linked periodically with cuts under the freeway. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Leaving the recreation area near milepost 31 on Interstate 75 north. Photo taken 04/23/16.
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2 photos
The second Everglades Wildlife Management Area recreation stop follows a short distance to the west. A modern rest area lies just south of the freeway, affording motorists tourist information and restrooms. Photos taken 04/23/16.
A split parclo interchange links access roads on either side of a northwest to southeast canal. Four sets of boat ramps are available here. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Another I-75 shield stands west of the rest area near milepost 37. Photo taken 04/23/16.
A third recreation area precedes the northern kink of Interstate 75 into the Miccosukee Indian Reservation. Photo taken 03/04/14.
This recreation stop, just east of milepost 39, includes a boat ramp and picnic pavilions as well. Photo taken 04/23/16.
With consistency, a reassurance marker follows the last Broward County recreation area. Photo taken 04/23/16.
Interstate 75 crosses a six mile swatch of the Miccosukee Indian Reservation between Everglades WMA and Big Cypress National Preserve. Photo taken 03/04/14.
A split diamond interchange lines a Canal L-28 west of the Reservation boundary. The exit is for a South Florida Water Management District Pump Station and is not open to the public. Photo taken 04/23/16.
Snake Road, signed here as Broward County Road 833, runs north from Interstate 75 through Miccosukee Indian Reservation. Photo taken 04/23/16.
Snake Road winds northward to Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation. The rural road becomes County Road 833 (Josie Billie Highway) west across the Hendry County line. Photo taken 04/23/16.
The forthcoming diamond interchange (Exit 49) provides the only traveler services such as gas and food along The Alley. Photo taken 04/23/16.
One half mile ahead of Exit 49 for Snake Road on I-75 north. Points of interest for Exit 49 include the Billie Swamp Safari and the Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum. Photo taken 04/23/16.
Interstate 75 northbound reaches Exit 49 to Snake Road. County Road 833 (Josie Billie Highway) ventures northwest through Big Cypress Seminole Reservation to County Road 846, which leads west to Immokalee. Photo taken 04/23/16.
Interstate 75 curves more westerly again beyond Snake Road for the trek across Big Cypress National Preserve. Photo taken 03/04/14.
The 45.36 mile stretch of Interstate 75 north through Broward County concludes as motorists enter Collier County. Photo taken 03/04/14.


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