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Interstate 75 North
Two miles into Hillsborough county, Interstate 75 north approaches the first rest area since the shuttered facility in Charlotte County, located 78 miles previous. Photo taken 11/23/13.
Heading north from the Valroy Road overpass, I-75 crosses over the Little Manatee River. The river winds nearly 40 miles from its head waters near Fort Lonesome into Tampa Bay west of Ruskin. Both Little Manatee River and Cockroach Bay Preserve State Parks line the river. Photo taken 03/22/20.
The rest area for northbound is located beyond Little Manatee River Preserve. The next facility lies in Pasco County.
FDOT project 437638-1-52-01 replaces the existing facility, including the building, parking lots and ramps with Interstate 75. The design build project commenced on June 13, 2019. Photo taken 11/23/13.
Progressing northeast beyond the 24th Street SE overpass, I-75 comes to within one mile of Exit 240 with SR 674. SR 674 (College Avenue / Sun City Center Boulevard) links the freeway with Ruskin to the west and Sun City Center to the east. Photo taken 03/22/20.
A six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 240) joins I-75 with SR 674 at Ruskin and Sun City Center. The state road stretches 25.51 miles overall between U.S. 41 and SR 37 in Polk County. Photo taken 03/22/20.
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I-75 crosses over SR 674 midway between U.S. 41 and U.S. 301. SR 674 east serves unincorporated Sun City Center and Wimauma over the ensuing five miles. Photo taken 03/22/20. Second photo taken 11/24/07.
Interstate 75 turns 1.25 miles north by the Cypress Creek golf course community before shifting eastward again beyond the 19th Avenue NE overpass. Photo taken 03/22/20.
Advancing from Exit 240 (SR 674), I-75 next connects with Apollo Beach and Gibsonton. Both unincorporated areas line U.S. 41 south of the Alafia River. Photo taken 03/22/20.
I-75 passes by the Bullfrog Creek Wildlife Environmental area ahead of the folded diamond interchange (Exit 246) with CR 672 (Big Bend Road). Photo taken 03/22/20.
Mostly unsigned, CR 672 follows Big Bend Road between U.S. 41 near Apollo Beach and U.S. 301 near Riverview. CR 672 continues east along Balm Road from U.S. 301 south to CR 39 in east Hillsborough County.
Improvements at Exit 246 anticipated for 2021 will widen Big Bend Road to six lanes between Covington Garden Drive and Simmons Loop. Photo taken 03/22/20.
Interstate 75 presses northward by the Golden Aster Scrub Preserve over the next two miles. Photo taken 11/23/13.
Riverview (5 miles) and Brandon (12 miles) are ever growing suburbs of Tampa, which lies 19 miles to the northwest from Exit 246. Photo taken 03/22/20.
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Exit 250 joins I-75 with Gibonston Drive one mile north of the Symmes Road underpass. The arterial connects the freeway with the nearby community of Gibsonton and the more suburban area of Riverview. Photos taken 03/22/20.
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Exit 250 leaves I-75 north for Gibsonton Drive. The diamond interchange serves both Gibsonton and Riverview, which lie along the Alafia River. Photo taken 03/22/20. Second photo taken 03/02/14.
The Alafia River meanders 25 miles from near Lithia to Hillsborough Bay at Gibsonton. Photo taken 11/23/13.
Interstate 75 expands to eight overall lanes from Exit 250 northward to Brandon. Photo taken 03/22/20.
Advancing north through the Riverview area, the succeeding exit along Interstate 75 is with U.S. 301. U.S. 301 serves a bevy of suburban development from Sun City Center northward, with very little rural frontage left. Photo taken 03/22/20.
With five northbound lanes on a concrete surface, Interstate 75 passes under Progress Boulevard (CR 676A) ahead of the six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 254) with U.S. 301.
A distributor roadway (Exit 256) follows within the exchange for SR 618 (Selmon Expressway) west to Port Tampa Bay and Downtown Tampa. Photo taken 03/22/20.
Exit 254 partitions with separate ramps for U.S. 301 at Riverview. U.S. 301 generally stays east of the Tampa city limits through a mixture of industrial and office parks north to the outskirts of Temple Terrace. The arterial route switches sides with Interstate 75 once more prior to SR 582 (Exit 265). Photo taken 03/22/20.
The two-lane distributor roadway for SR 618 separates from the northbound mainline next. A c/d roadway follows in one mile, linking the U.S. 301 entrance ramp with I-75 north and SR 60 at Brandon.
Originally referred to as the Southern Crosstown Expressway, SR 618 was renamed in 1999 to the Lee Roy Selmon Crosstown Expressway (Selmon Expressway for short) in honor of the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end. Photo taken 03/22/20.
The on-ramp from U.S. 301 to I-75 north forms the initial c/d roadway for SR 60 at Brandon. A slip ramp provides access to the adjacent Exit 256 distributor roadway for the tolled Selmon Expressway west. Photo taken 09/28/13.
Exit 256 parts ways from I-75 north for SR 618 (Selmon Expressway) west. SR 618 constitutes a major east-west route with connections to the Port Tampa Bay, the Tampa Central Business District, MacDill Air Force Base, and the Westshore area.
Opened to traffic in 2006, reversible express lanes (SR 618A) run in tandem with the expressway from east of I-75 to near Nebraska Avenue (Exit 8), with an elevated portion between Exits 12 and 8. Photo taken 03/22/20.
Traffic from U.S. 301 and Riverview bound for SR 618 (Selmon Expressway) west splits from the c/d roadway preceding SR 60.
SR 618 did not connect to the Tampa freeway system until 1986, when it was extended to Interstate 75. A westward extension is under construction through fall 2020, from South Tampa to the Gandy Bridge (U.S. 92). Photo taken 09/28/13.
The c/d roadway from U.S. 301 continues north a half mile through the trumpet interchange with the Selmon Expressway to SR 60 (Exit 257). The major state road extends 162 miles across the Florida Peninsula from Clearwater Beach to Vero Beach. Photo taken 03/22/20.
A slip ramp leaves the I-75 mainline 1.6 miles south of the upcoming parclo interchange (Exit 257) with SR 60. Numerous commercial centers line SR 60 (Brandon Boulevard) east of I-75 into the center of Brandon and Valrico. Traveling west, SR 60 (Adamo Drive) provides an alternative route into downtown Tampa. Photo taken 03/22/20.
Passing below the Selmon Expressway, the Exit 257 c/d roadway advances north toward the separation for I-75 and SR 60. $52.3 million in Interchange improvements underway at SR 60 between September 2018 and summer 2022 rebuilds the loop ramp from SR 60 east to I-75 north and lengthens the entrance ramp from SR 60 west to I-75 north. Photo taken 09/28/13.
Within the greater Tampa Bay area, SR 60 originates at a roundabout in Clearwater Beach, near Pier 60. East from there, it extends through Clearwater and across Old Tampa Bay via the Courtney Campbell Causeway, connecting with SR 589 (Veterans Expressway) west of Tampa International Airport (TPA). The arterial crosses Tampa along John F. Kennedy Boulevard and Adamo Drive before continuing east to Brandon and Bartow. Photo taken 09/28/13.
This reassurance marker stands along I-75 north between the CSX Railroad and Woodberry Road underpasses. Photo taken 09/02/15.
The upcoming exchange with Interstate 4 follows a parclo interchange (Exits 260AB) with SR 574 (Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard). Photo taken 09/02/15.
Motorists pass west of the Woodbury Estates subdivision en route to SR 574 (Exit 260A) and Mango. Ocala, seat of Marion County, debuts along I-75 north at 97 miles out. Photo taken 09/02/15.
SR 574 (Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard) connects I-75 with Orient Park, Tampa and Drew Park to the west and Mango, Seffner, Dover and Plant City to the east. Photo taken 03/22/20.
Exit 260A leads motorists to SR 574 east to the nearby bedroom communities of Mango and Seffner. SR 574 west meets U.S. 301 just south of the Florida State Fairgrounds. Photo taken 03/22/20.
Exit 260A leaves I-75 north for SR 574 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard) east to Plant City. Within Plant City, SR 574 (Reynolds Street) passes by the grounds for the annual Florida Strawberry festival, typically held in late February or early March. Photo taken 03/22/20.
Exit 260B loops away from I-75 north to SR 574 (MLK Jr. Boulevard) west. The six-lane arterial leads west to U.S. 301 and Interstate 4 near Orient Park. This ramp will be eliminated during future construction converting Exit 260 into a diverging diamond interchange (DDI). Photo taken 03/22/20.
An auxiliary lane joins I-75 north between SR 574 and the two-lane off-ramp (Exit 261) to Interstate 4. Weaving traffic is a consistent problem between the two interchanges due to their close proximity. Work anticipated for 2022 will add a two-lane c/d roadway northbound from the DDI at SR 574 to I-4. Photo taken 03/22/20.
Interstate 4 travels 132.4 miles overall between I-275 at Downtown Tampa and I-95 and SR 400 at Daytona Beach. Photo taken 03/22/20.
Doubling as a commuter freeway, Interstate 4 connects I-75 with Plant City and Lakeland. Photo taken 03/22/20.
I-75 passes over U.S. 92 (Hillsborough Avenue) as traffic departs for Interstate 4. I-4 is the primary link for drivers headed to Orlando and its tourist-based offerings, as well as the only freeway connecting Tampa with the Space Coast. The freeway doubles as SR 400, which remains hidden until it emerges east from I-95 to U.S. 1 at South Daytona. Photo taken 03/22/20.
A series of painted shields aid in the separation of traffic for Interstate 4 west and east at Exit 261. $26.9 million in repaving work along I-4 between fall 2018 and summer 2020 includes modifying the ramp from I-75 north to Interstate 4 eastbound. Photo taken 06/29/13.
Plant City and Lakeland lie 14 and 26 miles respectively to the east along I-4 from the turbine interchange with Interstate 75. Photo taken 03/22/20.
Interstate 4 continues west nine miles to the Downtown Interchange with I-275. Photo taken 03/22/20.
Interstate 75 curves northwest by Tampa Executive Airport (VDF) through a rural swath west of Thonotosassa. Photo taken 08/21/18.
Temple Terrace is reached via SR 582 west (Fowler Avenue) while Land O' Lakes is 18 miles to the northwest in Pasco County. The Marion County seat is still a 1.5 hour drive from this point. Photo taken 05/22/20.
Exit 265 joins I-75 with SR 582 (Fowler Avenue) in one mile. Fowler Avenue west provides an indirect connection to the Busch Gardens/Adventure Island theme parks via McKinley Drive (CR 585A) south. Photo taken 05/22/20.
I-75 crosses over U.S. 301 one final time on the half mile approach to SR 582 (Exit 265). A six to eight lane arterial, Fowler Avenue represents the primary commercial corridor linking I-75 with Temple Terrace, the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI), and the University of South Florida (USF). Photo taken 05/22/20.
Bending back to the north, I-75 enters the directional cloverleaf interchange (Exit 265) with SR 582 (Fowler Avenue). SR 582 measures 7.83 miles in length east to U.S. 301 near Thonotosassa and west to U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) at north Tampa. Photo taken 05/20/18.
A two lane directional ramp takes motorists to SR 582 west and Temple Terrace. SR 582 concludes at U.S. 301 (Fort King Highway) just east of the Tampa Bypass Canal. Photo taken 09/07/16.
Spanning Fowler Avenue (SR 582), I-75 advances one mile north to the exchange (Exit 266) with Fletcher Avenue (CR 582A) west and Morris Bridge Road (CR 579) east. The freeway carries four general purpose lanes northbound to CR 581 (Exit 270). Photo taken 08/17/18.
I-75 gains an auxiliary lane on the approach to CR 582A (Fletcher Avenue). Photo taken 08/17/18.
I-75 passes over E 127th Avenue just ahead of Exit 266. Like Fowler Avenue, Fletcher Avenue represents an important thoroughfare connecting the freeway to north Tampa and Lake Magdalene. Photo taken 02/27/16.
A two lane loop ramp departs at Exit 266 for Fletcher Avenue and Morris Bridge Road. Fletcher Avenue (CR 582A) lines both Lettuce Lake Park and the University of South Florida (USF) campus west to U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue) at SR 579. Photo taken 02/27/16.
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Fletcher Avenue extends west to SR 597 (Dale Mabry Highway) at Village Drive in the Carrollwood area. Morris Bridge Road (CR 579) runs northeast from CR 582A to Pasco County and Zephyrhills. Photos taken 05/22/20.
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Interstate 75 recurves northwest as it crosses the Hillsborough River and skirts the western boundary of the Lower Hillsborough Wilderness Preserve. The preserve is one of the largest park areas within Hillsborough County. Photo taken 08/17/18. Second photo taken 06/28/16.
Interstate 75 north will meet CR 581 (Bruce B. Downs Boulevard) at New Tampa in the next two miles. Land O' Lakes lies in Pasco County 14 miles ahead at the crossroads of U.S. 41 and SR 54, while Ocala is at 88 miles out. Photo taken 09/02/15.
The freeway prepares to meet CR 581 (Exit 270) in one mile. Bruce B. Downs Boulevard is a primary north-south thoroughfare linking north Tampa with the New Tampa area and southern Pasco County. The road was named in honor of a former Hillsborough County deputy public works administrator who was instrumental for improving the local infrastructure during the early 1980s. Photo taken 09/02/15.
CR 581 follows Bruce B. Downs its entire length from SR 582 (Fowler Avenue) to SR 56 in Wesley Chapel. SR 581 continues north from that point along Bruce B. Downs to its end at SR 54. Photo taken 08/17/18.
Two lanes depart for County Road 581 as I-75 north reduces to three overall lanes. Bruce B. Downs Boulevard constitutes an often congested arterial lined with several big box commercial centers between Exit 270 and State Road 56. Photo taken 08/17/18.
County Road 581 shields posted along the off-ramp (Exit 270) from I-75 north to Bruce B. Downs Boulevard. County Road 581 was expanded to eight overall lanes through New Tampa during construction through 2018. Photo taken 09/04/17.
A reassurance shield stands by the shoulder of Interstate 75 north beyond the on-ramp from CR 581 (Exit 270). Photo taken 09/02/15.
I-75 will next meet SR 56 near the merge from I-275 north at the Hillsborough/Pasco County line. A 20-mile drive still awaits travelers headed to the central Pasco County city of Zephyrhills via SR 54 east (Exit 279). Photo taken 08/17/18.
New Tampa Boulevard spans I-75 near mile 271.5. Opened in 2013, the route provides a connection between Commerce Park Boulevard and CR 581. New Tampa Boulevard is part of the once planned East-West road that would have linked Bruce B. Downs Boulevard with Interstate 275. Photo taken 09/02/15.
Traffic will depart for SR 56 (Exit 275) in one mile. The ramp was extended by 2.1 miles during a $32.7 million project from October 17, 2009 to September 17, 2012 to handle the influx of commuter traffic that uses the upcoming diamond interchange. The new ramp opened on August 16, 2011.1 Photo taken 08/17/18.
State Road 56 provides Interstate 75 a direct link to State Road 54 west to Land O' Lakes and Tarpon Springs. Eastward, SR 56 continues 5.8 miles to Meadow Pointe Boulevard. Construction through late 2019 extends the state road further east an additional six miles to U.S. 301 south of Zephyrhills. Photo taken 09/02/15.
The ramp for SR 56 (Exit 275) leaves I-75 just ahead of the wye interchange merge with Interstate 275. Heavy commuter traffic often leads to congestion along this ramp, with back ups even stretching this far south from SR 56. Photo taken 09/02/15.
Interstate 75 passes under the northbound mainline of Interstate 275 and then County Line Road. Photo taken 08/17/18.
The off-ramps from both I-75 and I-275 north to SR 56 converge ahead of the County Line Road overpass. A separate Pasco County entrance sign stands along this connection. Photo taken 09/02/15.

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