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Interstates 75 north & 640 east
Interstates 75 north & 640 east pass under Middlebrook Pike (Tennessee 169) one mile ahead of Exit 1 with Tennessee 62 (Western Avenue). Photo taken 10/15/11.
What would be Exit 105 of Interstate 75 is instead signed as Exit 1 of Interstate 640. SSR 62 (Western Avenue) meets Interstates 75 & 640 at the West Haven community of Knoxville. Photo taken 10/15/11.
The Exit 1 interchange constitutes a partial cloverleaf interchange with two northbound ramps to Western Avenue. A collector/distributor roadway segregates the movements onto the respective directions of SSR 62 from the six-lane freeway mainline. Photo taken 10/15/11.
Tennessee 62 continues west from Knoxville to West Haven. The east-west arterial follows Oak Ridge Highway westward from Ridgedale toward Oak Ridge. Photo taken 10/15/11.
The only set of Interstate 75 northbound & Interstate 640 eastbound mainline reassurance shields are posted at the Pleasant Ridge Road overpass. Photo taken 08/23/03.
Several traffic movements occur at the Exit 3 stack interchange. First, Interstate 75 departs the Interstate 640 Knoxville bypass, returning to its original north-south alignment. Second, Interstate 275 ends, culminating a 2.98 mile freeway between Interstate 75 & 640 and downtown Knoxville. Third, U.S. 25W (Clinton Highway) enters the Interstate system from the northwest to begin a seven mile overlap with Interstate 640 east. Photo taken 08/23/03.
Wilson Road passes over Interstates 75 north & 640 east ahead of their split at the southbound beginning of Interstate 275 (Exit 3). The forthcoming junction lies north of Sharp Gap and southeast of Norwood. Photo taken 10/15/11.
Exit 3B comprises an eastbound only off-ramp to Gap Road for interests to U.S. 25W (Clinton Highway) northbound. Wilson Road extends Gap Road northward to Tillery Drive and U.S. 25W. Photo taken 10/15/11.
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2 photos
A diagrammatical overhead replaces individual sign panels for the Interstate 640 east and 75 northbound split at Gap Road (Exit 3B). Interstate 75 turns northwest from Knoxville to Jacksboro, and Williamsburg and Lexington, Kentucky while Interstate 640 continues the eastward drive toward Interstate 40 at Loveland. Photo taken 08/23/03. Second photo taken 10/15/11.
Overheads for Exit 3 were originally attached to the Gap Road overpass. Interstate 275 was commissioned in 1982 when Interstate 75 was relocated to the bypass route. Photo taken 08/23/03.
A set of shields are all that remain that outline that the right-lane is for Interstate 275 south and that the number three lane is for the Interstate 75 northbound mainline. Photo taken 10/15/11.
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2 photos
Interstates 75 & 640 conclude their their-mile overlap at Exit 3. Ramps for I-75 and I-275 southbound depart ahead of the U.S. 25W merge onto Interstate 640. Photo taken 08/23/03. Second photo taken 10/15/11.
Taking the Exit 3 ramp to the partition of Interstate 275 southbound from Interstate 75 northbound. Interstate 275 directly connects Interstate 75 & 640 with Interstate 40 and U.S. 441 (Henley Street) at Downtown Knoxville. Photo taken 08/23/03.
Interstate 640 maintains five lanes above the Interstate 275 mainline. The eastbound carriageway was expanded from two to three lanes. Photo taken 10/15/11.
Interstate 75 North
Interstate 75 faces northbound for the first time in 23 miles as it approaches the Exit 103 diamond interchange with Merchants. Merchants Drive travels east from Pleasant Ridge Road and U.S. 25W (Clinton Highway) to Central Avenue Pike and Cedar Lane. The overpass in the background carries Tillary Drive. Photo taken 08/23/03.
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2 photos
One quarter mile south of the Exit 108 diamond interchange with Merchants Drive at the Inskip Drive overpass. Sign changes between 2003 and 2011 reflect the ramp expansion from one to two lanes. Photo taken 10/15/11. Second photo taken 05/01/05.
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2 photos
Exit 108 carries drivers from Interstate 75 onto Merchants Drive at the Inskip and Norwood communities of north Knoxville. Photo taken 10/15/11. Second photo taken 05/01/05.
Interstate 75 north at the Exit 110 diamond interchange with Callahan Drive. Callahan Drive straddles the north edge of the city between Central Avenue Pike at Inskip to U.S. 25W (Clinton Highway) at Schaad Road in Norwood. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Continuing through the north suburbs, Interstate 75 next meets Tennessee 131 (Emory Road) at Exit 112. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Northbound Interstate 75 reduces from three to two lanes at a diamond interchange (Exit 112) with Tennessee 113 (Emory Road). Tennessee 113 ventures southwest to Powell and U.S. 25W (Clinton Highway) and northeast to Halls Crossroads and U.S. 441 (Maynardville Highway). Photo taken 05/01/05.
Interstate 75 meanders northwest across Brushy and Bullrun Valleys and then over Bullrun Ridge through Diggs Gap. Tennessee 170 (Raccoon Valley Road) crosses paths with the freeway at a diamond interchange (Exit 117). Photo taken 05/01/05.
Tennessee 170 (Raccoon Valley Road) joins Interstate 75 (Exit 117) with Heiskell to the southwest and U.S. 441 (Norris Freeway) at Cedar Grove to the northeast. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Motorists along Interstate 75 north cross over Lone Mountain and Bluebird Ridge and enter Anderson County. Tennessee 61 (Andersonville Highway) interchanges with the freeway at Exit 122. The state highway follows a four-lane divided highway southwest into Clinton. Northeastward, Tennessee 61 continues to parallel U.S. 441 (Norris Freeway) and the community of Andersonville. Photo taken 05/01/05.
U.S. 441 (Norris Freeway) meets Interstate 75 for the first time since Lake City, Florida (Exit 414) at Lake City, Tennessee. Interstate 75 crosses the Clinch River on the approach to the Exit 128 partial-cloverleaf interchange with Norris Freeway. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Interstate 75 northbound at the off-ramp (Exit 128) to U.S. 441 (Norris Freeway). U.S. 441 travels a short distance west to its northern terminus at U.S. 25W (Main Avenue) in Lake City. U.S. 441 south meanders eastward to Norris Dam State Park, Norris Lake and Norris Dam. Photo taken 05/01/05.
U.S. 25W follows Main Avenue north from U.S. 441 (Norris Freeway) to its merge onto Interstate 75 north at Exit 129. Tennessee State 116 begins and follows the original U.S. 25W route parallel to Interstate 75 to Caryville. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Exit 129 consists of a diamond interchange with U.S. 25W south and Tennessee 116 (Main Avenue) in north Lake City. Both Interstate 75 & U.S. 25W and Tennessee 116 cross into Campbell County east of Walden Ridge on their respective drives to Caryville. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Interstate 75 & U.S. 25W travel five miles together, passing through Indian Gap, before splitting at Exit 134 in Caryville. U.S. 25W resumes its original course from Tennessee 116 (John McGhee Boulevard) northward to Jacksboro and La Follette. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Cove Lake State Park lies at Exit 134 in Caryville. The 673-acre park contains Cove Lake and offers hiking, camping, boating, and even a restaurant. Photo taken 05/01/05.
U.S. 25W (Veterans Memorial Highway) shares pavement with Tennessee 63 eight miles from Caryville to La Follette. Tennessee 63 continues 32 miles east to U.S. 25E and Cumberland Gap National Historic Park. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Justin P. Wilson Cumberland Trail State Park, a 300-mile linear park, travels from Signal Point near Chattanooga to Cumberland Gap at the state line. The trail meanders through Caryville and northeast to Jacksboro and La Follette. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Northbound Interstate 75 at the Exit 134 partial-cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 25W north & Tennessee 63 (Veterans Memorial Highway) east and Old Tennessee 63 northwest to High Point. A four-lane divided highway carries U.S. 25W north & Tennessee 63 east to Jacksboro. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Tennessee 63 west abandoned its original alignment for the Interstate 75 freeway north six miles to Exit 141 near Royal Blue. Pictured here are reassurance markers for Interstate 75 north & Tennessee 63 west as they travel between Fork and Cumberland Mountains. Photo taken 11/12/04.
Old Kentucky Road crosses Cumberland Mountain north of Caryville and appears next to Interstate 75 south of Exit 141 with Tennessee 63. Little Cumberland Mountain rises to the east of Interstate 75 & Tennessee 63 in this scene to the northeast. Exit 141 serves interests to Big South Fork National Recreation Area via Tennessee 63 west to U.S. 27 near Helenwood. Photo taken 11/12/04.
Tennessee 63 leaves Interstate 75 at a diamond interchange (Exit 141) and follows Howard Baker Highway west to Royal Blue and Tennessee 297 at Pioneer. Old Kentucky Road ties into the interchange from the southeast. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Interstate 75 north & Tennessee 63 part ways at Exit 141 (Old Kentucky Road south / Howard Baker Highway north). Tennessee 63 leads west to the Scott County seat of Huntsville; Tennessee 456 north links the state route with U.S. 27 at Oneida. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Stinking Creek Road crosses paths with Interstate 75 at the Exit 144 folded-diamond interchange between Chestnut Ridge and Little Cumberland Mountain. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Northbound at the Exit 144 off-ramp to Stinking Creek Road. Stinking Creek Road south straddles Chestnut Ridge to Tennessee 63 at Sharp Gap; the road north continues along Stinking Creek to U.S. 25W near Morley.
Interstate 75 turns northeast along a 16-mile drive straddling Pine Mountain and Hells Point Ridge. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Exit 156 joins the freeway with Rock Quarry Road and continues toward Jellico and U.S. 25W (5th Street). U.S. 25W loops north and west from Morley to Jellico, meeting Interstate 75 at a parclo interchange (Exit 160). Photo taken 05/01/05.


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  • 08/23/03 by AARoads and Justin Cozart.
  • 11/12/04 by Carter Buchanan.
  • 05/01/05 by Carter Buchanan.
  • 10/15/11 by Carter Buchanan.

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