Interstate 75 north
Interstate 75 travels a half mile north of the county line to Lee County 865 (Bonita Beach Road) and Exit 116. Lee County 865 consists of county and state maintained sections on its course from Bonita Springs to Tice. Photo taken 03/04/14.
The freeway reaches Lee County 865 (Exit 116). County Road 865 west (Bonita Beach Road) extends from Interstate 75 through the central business district of Bonita Springs before turning northward along Hickory Boulevard toward Fort Myers Beach. Bonita Beach Road stems east 5.1 miles to end in the middle of undeveloped land. The road was extended eastward due to increased housing construction in the area during the early 2000s. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Interstate 75 continues north from Lee County 865 and Bonita Springs toward Fort Myers and beyond. Photo taken 11/25/12.
Passing under Terry Avenue, I-75 will next meet Lee County 850 (Exit 123) in six miles, linking the interstate with Estero. Tampa now lies 148 miles to the north. Photo taken 11/25/12.
I-75 north on the 1.25-mile approach to Corkscrew Road (former Lee County 850) and Exit 123. Corkscrew Road stems west connecting the freeway with U.S. 41 and the village of Estero. To the east Corkscrew Road provides access to nearby Germain Arena, home of the Florida Everblades ECHL hockey team. Photo taken 11/25/12.
The freeway kinks northwest one half mile out from Corkscrew Road (Exit 123). Corkscrew Road is the main east-west corridor through Estero. The entire area exploded with growth throughout the 2000s, becoming an essential hub for southern Lee County. Estero became an incorporated area by December 2014. Photo taken 03/04/14.
I-75 north reaches the diamond interchange with Corkscrew Road (Exit 123). Use Corkscrew Road (former CR 850) east to Corkscrew Swamp located in east Lee County. Nearby retail centers, Germain Arena, and Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) can also be reached via Corkscrew Road east. Koreshan State Park lies at the west end of Corkscrew Road beyond U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail). Photo taken 11/25/12.
A reassurance marker stands along I-75 north beyond the access ramp from Exit 123 as the freeway passes to the west of Germain Arena. Photo taken 04/05/15.
Estero Parkway passes overhead on the three mile approach to Alico Road (Exit 128), while Downtown Fort Myers lies 18 miles further ahead. A 141-mile drive awaits Tampa-bound drivers. Photo taken 04/05/15.
Alico Road (Exit 128) connects Interstate 75 with nearby San Carlos Park in 1.25 miles. Travelers bound for Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) will also depart the upcoming ramp for Exit 128. Photo taken 04/05/15.
I-75 north passes between Miromar Lakes Golf Club gated subdivision and Three Oaks Park on the one half mile approach to Alico Road. Alico Road runs west to its end at U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) north of San Carlos Park. East of I-75, Alico Road continues toward east Lee County eventually meeting Corkscrew Road. Photo taken 04/05/15.
An Arrow Per Lane (APL) directs motorists onto the collector-distributor ramp for Alico Road (Exit 128) and RSW. The c/d roadway will reconvene with I-75 north of the upcoming trumpet interchange with the airport access road. Photo taken 04/05/15.
A separate ramp leaves for Exit 128 to Alico Road as the collector-distributor roadway continues onward. Several commercial facilities, including Gulf Coast Town Center, line Alico Road immediately east of I-75. Otherwise the c/d roadway beelines for the airport access road and a return to the freeway. Photo taken 04/05/15.
A c/d roadway lines either side of the I-75 carriageways shuttling traffic between Alico Road, Terminal Access Road and the freeway. Photo taken 04/05/15.
Terminal Access Road provides a direct connection to Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) from I-75 without having to use local roads. The airport access road opened to traffic March 2015 at a $54 million price tag1. Construction commenced April 2016 to expand the four-lane facility to six overall lanes between Treeline Avenue and Air Cargo Lane.2 Photo taken 04/05/15.
The collector-distributor roadway prepares to merge into mainline I-75 north 1.25 miles out from Lee County 876 (Daniels Parkway). Exit 131 provides the first of three access points into Cape Coral located west of the Fort Myers. A rest area for travelers also resides to the east of the upcoming interchange. Photo taken 04/05/15.
This mileage sign was added along the mainline by 2015 as part of the overall "Direct Connect" project linking I-75 with RSW. Fort Myers lies 11 miles ahead with Sarasota debuting at 90 miles out. Tampa is still over a two hour drive from this point. Photo taken 04/05/15.
This reassurance marker for I-75 north stands along the shoulder at the ingress point from the Alico Road (Exit 128) / Terminal Access Road c/d roadway. Photo taken 04/05/15.
I-75 north gains an auxiliary lane in anticipation of the upcoming departure for Daniels Parkway (Exit 131). Lee County 876 is sporadically signed along its 10.6-mile trek across Lee County. The county road indirectly links Cape Coral with I-75 and Lehigh Acres. Photo taken 04/05/15.
Traffic peels off for CR 876 (Daniels Parkway) and Exit 131. Daniels Parkway carries CR 876 west along a six-lane developed arterial to U.S. 41 (Cleveland Avenue). Cypress Lake Drive continues CR 876 between U.S. 41 and Florida 867 (McGregor Boulevard). Eastward, CR 876 and Daniels Parkway continue to Florida 82 and Lehigh Acres. Photo taken 04/05/15.
A reassurance shield for Interstate 75 north of Lee County 876 (Exit 131). Photo taken 11/22/12.
Florida 884, the first of four interchanges serving Fort Myers, will cross Interstate 75 in four miles while North Fort Myers (18 miles) is accessed via Florida 78 north of the Caloosahatchee River. Photo taken 11/22/12.
1.25 mile guide sign for the forthcoming junction with Florida 884 (Colonial Boulevard) at Exit 136. Florida 884 leads west to U.S. 41 (Cleveland Avenue) in Fort Myers, continuing as Lee County 884 to enter Cape Coral via the tolled Midpoint Memorial Bridge. CR 884 also extends east from the freeway to enter Lehigh Acres. The county road eventually turns north via Joel Boulevard to end at Florida 80 near Alva. Photo taken 11/22/12.
Florida 884 (and subsequently Lee County 884) has become a vital east-west intra-county corridor linking the west and east portions of Lee County. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Interstate 75 north reaches Florida 884 (Exit 136). Use Florida 884 west (Colonial Boulevard) to nearby Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium. Use Lee County 884 (Colonial Boulevard and Lee Boulevard) to reach Lehigh Acres. Photo taken 03/04/14.
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2 photos
Two lanes facilitate direction to both Florida 884 west and Lee County 884 east. Florida 884 continues east another 0.5 miles to Cypress Slough where Lee County 884 takes over through to Lehigh Acres. Photos taken 03/04/14.
Crossing over Florida 884, Interstate 75 reaches the 1.25-mile approach to Florida 82 (Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard). The 29.9-mile state highway stems from U.S. 41 in downtown Fort Myers, spoking southeastward through central and southeastern Lee County before ending at Florida 29 in northeastern Collier County, north of Immokalee. Photo taken 11/22/12.
Interstate 75 turns northeasterly in between Exit 136 and the forthcoming diamond interchange of Exit 138. Photo taken 11/22/12.
Florida 82 affords travelers one more attempt to reach Immokalee via SR 82 east to SR 29 south. Immokalee is still one of the largest tomato growing centers in the U.S. Photo taken 11/22/12.
Interstate 75 reaches the departure ramp for Florida 82. The state road follows Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (former Anderson Avenue) west directly into downtown Fort Myers, where it meets U.S. 41, McGregor Boulevard (former Florida 867), U.S. 41 Business and Florida 80 (Main Street) at the Five Points interchange. Heading southeast, Florida 82 skirts Lehigh Acres to the south. SR 82 briefly enters adjoining Hendry County before entering Collier County and terminating at Florida 29 north of Immokalee. Photo taken 11/22/12.
Next for Interstate 75 north is Luckett Road (Lee County 810) and Exit 139. Luckett Road west links the interstate with nearby Lee County 865 (Ortiz Avenue) in the vicinity of Tice. Like other county-maintained roads in Lee County, Luckett Road is only signed along Interstate 75. Photo taken 11/22/12.
Northbound motorists prepare to depart for Luckett Road. Ortiz Avenue runs parallel to Interstate 75 lying 0.8 miles west of the diamond interchange. Photo taken 11/22/12.
Florida 80 (Palm Beach Boulevard) lies next for travelers along Interstate 75 north in 1.25 miles. State Road 80 stretches across the peninsula 123.5 miles from downtown Fort Myers to Palm Beach. Photo taken 04/15/16.
I-75 north gains an auxiliary lane in preparation of the upcoming interchange with SR 80 (Exit 141). Photo taken 04/15/16.
On its trek across the state, the canvas for Florida 80 changes from suburban sprawl to orange groves to sugar cane fields. Palm Beach Boulevard is so named as the eastern terminus of the state road lies within the city of Palm Beach near the Atlantic Ocean. Photo taken 04/15/16.
I-75 north reaches State Road 80 (Palm Beach Boulevard) and Exit 141. La Belle lies 22 miles to the east in neighboring Hendry County. Otherwise, Palm Beach Boulevard leads SR 80 west toward the central business district of Fort Myers. Photo taken 04/15/16.
Immediately following Florida 80 (Exit 141) I-75 prepares to cross the Caloosahatchee River en route to Florida 78 (Exit 143) in 1.75 miles. State Road 78 (Bayshore Road) stems westward connecting the freeway with North Fort Myers and Cape Coral while connecting with SR 31 to the east. Photo taken 04/15/16.
The Caloosahatchee River provides an important link between the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Okeechobee. Flowing nearly 67 miles from its man-made connection with Lake Okeechobee, the Caloosahatchee River meanders westward through Glades, Hendry, and eastern Lee Counties before widening to nearly one-mile in width as it bisects Fort Myers and Cape Coral. The river empties into Punta Rassa just north of Sanibel Island. Photo taken 04/15/16.
Two high rise spans carry motorists across the Caloosahatchee River on Interstate 75. The freeway bridges are the highest in Lee County, at nearly 55 feet vertical clearance. Photo taken 04/15/16.
Another auxiliary lane joins Interstate 75 between State Road 80 (Exit 141) and the upcoming State Road 78 (Bayshore Road) interchange. Bayshore Road carries SR 78 westward from I-75 to North Fort Myers and U.S. 41 Business (Tamiami Trail). Pine Island Road continues the state road west and southwest toward Cape Coral. Photo taken 04/15/16.
I-75 traverses Caloosahatchee Creek Preserve en route to State Road 78 (Bayshore Road). The preserve is broken into a western and eastern component, each accessible via Bayshore Road. Photo taken 04/15/16.
Motorists leave for the diamond interchange with Florida 78 and Exit 143. The state road continues east an additional 3.2 miles, ending at Florida 31 near the Lee County Civic Center. Photo taken 04/15/16.
Interstate 75 makes a northwest turn as it leaves Exit 143 for Charlotte County and points north. Photo taken 11/22/12.
Interstate 75 will next meet Charlotte County 762 (Tuckers Grade) in 13 miles. North Port lies in south Sarasota County 38 miles ahead with Tampa now a 121 mile drive. Photo taken 11/22/12.
Continuing northwest on I-75 through north Lee County, drivers pass this mileage sign showing distances to major freeway-to-freeway exchanges along the corridor. I-75 will meet I-275 in 84 miles in northern Manatee County while the freeway crosses I-4 to Tampa and Orlando in 117 miles. Photo taken 11/22/12.
I-75 north enters Charlotte County 5.8 miles north of SR 78 (Exit 143). Tuckers Grade (Exit 158) provides a quick connection to U.S. 41 south of Punta Gorda in seven miles. Photo taken 11/22/12.



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