Interstate 75 north
Welcome to Kentucky sign posted in southern Whitley County on Interstate 75 north. A Kentucky welcome center lies ahead near the community of Saxton. Interstate 75 otherwise travels 11 miles to its first interchange. Photo taken 05/01/05.
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Meeting the freeway at Exit 11 is Kentucky 92, an east-west highway linking the county seat of Williamsburg with Hollyhill and Pine Knot to the west. Photo taken 05/01/05. Second photo taken 11/03/11.
Northbound Interstate 75 at the Exit 11 diamond interchange with Kentucky 92. Kentucky 92 merges briefly with the parallel U.S. 25W before meandering east along the Cumberland River to Julip and Pineville. Photo taken 05/01/05.
U.S. 25W travels through Williamsburg before meeting Interstate 75 at the Exit 15 diamond interchange. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Interstate 75 replaced U.S. 25W as the main route north to Corbin. The US highway remains on its original alignment through Goldbug at Exit 15. Photo taken 05/01/05.
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U.S. 25W turns northwest to junction Kentucky 90 at Youngs Creek before again bending northeast to Interstate 75 at Exit 25. Cumberland Falls State Resort Park lies along Kentucky 90 west of U.S. 25W. Photo taken 05/01/05. Second photo taken 11/03/11.
Interstate 75 northbound at the Exit 25 diamond interchange with U.S. 25W (Cumberland Falls Highway). U.S. 25W follows 18th Street to Main Street through downtown Corbin. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Continuing north, Interstate 75 travels 61 miles to Richmond and 86 miles to Lexington, the state's second largest city. Photo taken 11/03/11.
Kentucky 312 (Keavy Road) stems west from Corbin and passes over Interstate 75 at the one-mile guide sign for Exit 29. U.S. 25E and 25W combine to form U.S. 25 on the north side of Corbin. Connecting Interstate 75 with U.S. highways was Kentucky 1783, an extension of the Cumberland Gap Parkway. This stretch was renumbered to an extension of U.S. 25E for continuity purposes. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Kentucky 770 ties into the Exit 29 diamond interchange from Kentucky 312 near Laurel River Lake to the west. Interests to the Daniel Boone National Forest and Laurel River Lake Recreation Area should take Kentucky 312 west to Kentucky 192. Corbin meanwhile is where Colonel Sanders started his restaurant business of what would later be known as Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Photo taken 05/01/05.
Cumberland Gap Parkway carries U.S. 25E east from Corbin as a divided highway to the Knox County seat of Barbourville. U.S. 25E continues from the town to Pineville, Pine Mountain State Resort Park, and Cumberland Gap National Park. U.S. 25 leads north parallel to Interstate 75 from Corbin to Lily, Fariston, and London. Photo taken 05/01/05.
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Kentucky 192 travels northeast from Baldrock and Daniel Boone National Forest to meet Interstate 75 at the Exit 38 diamond interchange. Photos taken 11/12/04.
Kentucky 192 constitutes a four-lane bypass of London to the south, providing a direct link between Interstate 75 and the Hal Rogers Parkway. Hal Rogers Parkway, formerly the Daniel Boone Parkway, represents a super-two freeway leading east to both Manchester and Hazard. Tolls were lifted on June 1, 2003 as bonds were paid off on the formerly-tolled parkway. U.S. Representative Hal Rogers made appropriations within the federal budget to have the bonds paid off in 2003. Then-Governor Paul Patton, in an effort to thank Rogers, renamed the parkway after him.1 Photo taken 05/01/05.
Exit 38 carries two lanes to Kentucky 192 from Interstate 75 north. Kentucky 192 acts as a bypass, but has succumbed to commercial and industrial development eastward to Kentucky 80. Exit 38 also serves interests to Levi Jackson State Park and the Laurel River Lake Holly Bay Recreational Area. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Interstate 75 northbound at the first of two London area exits. Kentucky 192 ends at the Hal Rogers Parkway near its intersection with Kentucky 80. Kentucky 80 shadows the super-two freeway eastward from London to its end and is a part of an expanding cross-state route. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Trailblazers for Hal Rogers were replaced from the brown and white scheme to the blue Unbridled Spirit scheme. Photo taken 11/03/11.
Kentucky 80 meanders through London, joining U.S. 25 along Main Street in downtown. Interstate 75 meets the state highway at the Exit 41 diamond interchange with Hal Rogers Parkway. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Interstate 75 northbound expands to four overall lanes in London. The right-hand lane becomes exit-only for Kentucky 80 and Hal Rogers Parkway east. Kentucky 80 meets the freeway (Exit 41) at an industrial area northwest of London. Hal Rodgers Parkway begins here but constitutes an at-grade route with private driveway access through to the junction of Kentucky 192. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Another Exit 41 sign bridge for Kentucky 80 & Hal Rogers Parkway posted ahead of the diamond interchange on Interstate 75. A new alignment of Kentucky 30 ties into Hal Rogers Parkway on the north side of London. Old Kentucky 30 is now Kentucky 3094 through the community of East Bernstadt as Kentucky 30 now ends at the parkway. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Exit 41 leaves Interstate 75 north for Kentucky 80 west to Somerset and the Cumberland Parkway and Hal Rogers Parkway / Kentucky 80 east on respective paths to London. Kentucky 80 continues all the way west to the Mississippi River and east to U.S. 23 at Watergap. Photo taken 05/01/05.
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Interstate 75 leaves London for an eight-mile drive into Daniel Boone National Forest at Exit 49. Livingston represents the nearest community at five miles north via U.S. 25. Photo taken 05/01/05. Second photo taken 11/03/11.
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Kentucky 909 constitutes a short connector between the Exit 49 diamond interchange and parallel U.S. 25. A National Forest road ties into the exit from the west. Photo taken 05/01/05. Second photo taken 11/03/11.
The Rockcastle River separates Laurel and Rockcastle Counties in this rainy northbound scene. Photo taken 11/03/11.
Drivers exit the National Forest on the approach to Exit 59 and U.S. 25 to U.S. 150 west at Mt. Vernon. Photo taken 05/01/05.
One mile south of the Exit 59 diamond interchange with U.S. 25 at Mt. Vernon. U.S. 25 acts as a business loop through the Rockcastle County seat, meeting the east end of U.S. 150 in downtown. Use Exit 59 for the William Whitley State Historic Site. Photo taken 05/01/05.
U.S. 25 meanders northwest seven miles from Livingston to Interstate 75 at Exit 59. Two miles west of the freeway is the westbound beginning of U.S. 150. U.S. 150 travels 571 miles from Mt. Vernon to Moline, Illinois. Photo taken 05/01/05.
U.S. 25 follows Richmond Street north from downtown Mt. Vernon to junction Kentucky 461 on the north side of town. Exit 62 rejoins the US route with Interstate 75 near Lake Linville. Photo taken 05/01/05.
Nearing the Exit 62 ramp departure to U.S. 25 north of Mt. Vernon on Interstate 75 north. U.S. 25 stays close to the freeway and enters Renfro Valley nearby. The Kentucky Music Hall of Fame & Museum is a notable point of interest along U.S. 25 south into Mt. Vernon. Photo taken 05/01/05.



  1. - Daniel Boone Parkway/Hal Rogers Parkway

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  • 05/01/05 by Carter Buchanan.
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