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Interstate 75 North
Crossing from Hamilton County, Florida into Lowndes County near Enoch Pond, Interstate 75 officially enters the state of Georgia. The freeway maintains six lanes northward to southern Bibb County (Macon). Photo taken 07/02/14.
The first interchange along Interstate 75 within the Peach State is with Bellville Road southeast of Valdosta. Bellville Road travels northward out of Florida as Hamilton County Road 145, 1.2 miles to a diamond interchange (Exit 2) with the freeway. Photo taken 01/16/04.
One half mile south of Exit 2 to Bellville Road on Interstate 75 northbound. The north-south road becomes Main Street as it enters the village of Lake Park three miles to the north. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Interstate 75 north at Exit 2 (Bellville Road). Bellville Road ends as Main Street at U.S. 41 & Georgia 376 (Marion Avenue). One block to the east, Georgia 376 (East Street) commences its 7.5 mile course to Georgia 94 and Statenville. Photo taken 07/02/14.
State-named shield posted along Interstate 75 north of Bellville Road. Unlike Florida, this shield type is more common along freeways and side roads in the Peach State. Photo taken 07/02/14.
A welcome center for travelers lies one mile ahead between the freeway and Mill Store Road. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Drivers enter the welcome center along I-75 north. Patrons may obtain travel and lodging information during typical business hours, seven days a week while other facilities remain open 24 hours a day. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Passing by the welcome center, Interstate 75 north approaches Georgia 376 (Lakes Boulevard) to Lake Park in 1.25 miles. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Georgia 376 connects I-75 with Clyattville to the west and Lake Park and Statenville to the east. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Interstate 75 north at the off-ramp (Exit 5) to Georgia 376 (Lakes Boulevard). Lakes Boulevard merges with U.S. 41 (Marion Avenue) 1.5 miles to the east at Lake City. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Both Macon (159 miles) and Atlanta (240 miles) debut along the freeway 12 miles out from Valdosta. I-75 will next meet Georgia 31 at Exit 11. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Georgia 31 (Madison Highway) is the first of four Valdosta exits along Interstate 75. The state route becomes SR 145 nine miles to the south en route to Madison, Florida. Exit 11 also serves nearby Valdosta Regional Airport (VLD). Photo taken 07/02/14.
One half mile ahead of the diamond interchange with Georgia 31 (Madison Highway) on Interstate 75 north. Georgia 31 travels 4.4 miles southward to Clyattville and the western terminus of Georgia 376 (Clyattville Lake Park Road). Photo taken 07/02/14.
Traffic leaves I-75 north at Exit 11 to Georgia 31 (Madison Highway). Madison Highway continues five miles north of the freeway into Downtown Valdosta while Georgia 31 follows Inner Perimeter Road to U.S. 41 & Georgia 7 (Patterson Street). Photo taken 07/02/14.
Old Clyattsville Road meets Interstate 75 at a modified diamond interchange west of Valdosta Regional Airport. The north-south road parallels Georgia 31 northward from Clyattsville to Valdosta and Exit 13. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Exit 13 provides a connection between the freeway and Wild Adventures Theme Park. Opened in 1996 the park offers thrill and family rides as well as its own water park (Splash Island). The park is situated along Old Clyattsville Road 4.2 miles south of I-75. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Interstate 75 north reaches the off-ramp to Old Clyattsville Road (Exit 13). Old Clyattsville Road passes by Airport Road and Gil Harbon Industrial Boulevard before entering Valdosta south of Downtown. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Reassurance shield for northbound motorists beyond the on-ramp from Exit 13. Photo taken 07/02/14.
I-75 passes near Mud Swamp on the one mile approach to U.S. 84 & 221 (Exit 16). Though not signed along the freeway, Business Loop I-75 leaves Exit 16 for Downtown Valdosta, following U.S. 84 & 221 east to U.S. 41 Business north. Georgia 94 previously followed the U.S. highways and business loop into Downtown but was truncated to U.S. 41 Business sometime after 2004. Photo taken 07/02/14.
U.S. 84 & 221 run in tandem for a distance of 17.3 miles between Quitman and Downtown, meeting Interstate 75 at a folded diamond interchange. U.S. 84 links Valdosta with Thomasville and Waycross on its trip across southern Georgia. Quitman lies 14.8 miles to the west in neighboring Brooks County and is where U.S. 221 drops southward into northern Florida. Photo taken 07/02/14.
A loop ramp departs I-75 north at Exit 16. U.S. 84-221 & Business Loop I-75 travel east along Hill Avenue to Downtown where the business loop turns north alongside U.S. 41 Business. U.S. 84 and 221 part ways at U.S. 41 (Inner Perimeter Road) on the east side of Valdosta. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Interstate 75 approaches Georgia 133 (St. Augustine Road) near Troupville in one mile. Georgia 133 links Valdosta with Moultrie in Colquitt County. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Georgia 133 follows St. Augustine Road along a busy commercial arterial southeast from the diamond interchange with I-75. Photo taken 07/02/14.
The freeway reaches the departure ramp for Exit 18 to Georgia 133. The state route continues northwest from I-75 and Valdosta 13 miles to Morven and 37.6 miles to Moultrie. Ultimately Georgia 133 concludes at U.S. 19 north of Albany. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Interstate 75 continues northward as it pulls away from Valdosta toward Tifton and beyond. Photo taken 07/02/14.
U.S. 41 will connect the freeway with Hahira in 11 miles while Macon is still a 146-mile drive away. Photo taken 07/02/14.
The freeway spans the Withlacoochee River north of Georgia 133 (Exit 18). The river meanders 115 miles southward from Berrien County to the Suwannee River in north Florida. Photo taken 07/02/14.
One mile approach to U.S. 41 & Georgia 7 south (North Valdosta Road) to Moody Air Force Base (AFB). The U.S. highway will run concurrent with I-75 to Exit 29 (Hahira). Photo taken 07/02/14.
Exit 22 also sees the return of Business Loop I-75 to the freeway. Moody AFB is located 12.6 miles to the northeast on Georgia 125 (Bemiss Road). Photo taken 07/02/14.
Drivers leave for the off-ramp to U.S. 41 & Georgia 7 south. U.S. 41 encircles Valdosta by way of Inner Perimeter Road while U.S. 41 Business travels through Downtown. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Interstate 75 U.S. 41 State Route 7 North
Not signed, Interstate 75 carries U.S. 41 & Georgia 7 a total of seven miles before the two depart at Exit 29. The U.S. and state route were siphoned onto the freeway by 1983. Photo taken 07/02/14.
A set of weigh stations occupy both directions of I-75 as it passes to the west of Tillman. Photo taken 07/02/14.
This reassurance shield is posted just beyond the weigh station merge. Again U.S. 41 & Georgia 7 are omitted along this stretch of freeway. Photo taken 07/02/14.
U.S. 41 north will depart in one mile for Hahira at a diamond interchange with Georgia 122 (Exit 29). Photo taken 07/02/14.
Georgia 122 extends west from Interstate 75 toward the community of Barney and east toward Lakeland. The 98.2-mile state route connects the cities of Thomasville and Waycross. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Interstate 75 and U.S. 41 & State Route 7 part ways as the freeway reaches Exit 29. U.S. 41 will follow Georgia 122 east 0.9 miles through Hahira before turning north toward Cecil. The U.S. highway closely parallels I-75 to Tifton. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Interstate 75 North
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2 photos
Traveling solo once more, I-75 continues northward through rural Lowndes County to Adel and Tifton. The freeway will pass by Adel in 10 miles. Photos taken 07/02/14.
Old Coffee Road will meet Interstate 75 in one mile. Exit 32 links the limited access freeway with the town of Cecil. Photo taken 07/02/14.
I-75 north crosses into Cook County on the approach to Old Coffee Road (Exit 32). Photo taken 07/02/14.
The first of six exits in Cook County, Old Coffee Road heads southwest from the upcoming diamond interchange to meet Old Valdosta Road. To the east, the local road connects with U.S. 41 at Cecil, and continues on as Fellowship Church Road. Photo taken 07/02/14.
The freeway reaches Exit 32 to Old Coffee Road. Use Old Coffee Road east to U.S. 41 north to reach South Georgia Motorsports Park. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Interstate 75 curves northwest as it leaves Cecil for Adel. The motorsports park lies ahead between I-75 and U.S. 41. Photo taken 07/02/14.
One mile approach to Old Quitman Road (Exit 37) to the town of Adel. Old Quitman Road is a pre-1950 alignment of Georgia 76 between Adel and Barney. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Old Quitman Road once carried the Adel-Sparks business loop of Interstate 75 between the freeway and U.S. 41 & GA 7 (Hutchinson Avenue) before it was decommissioned. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Traffic arrives at the departure ramp for Exit 37 to Adel. Old Quitman Road spurs southwest from I-75 a distance of 3.3 miles to an end near Whitehurst Pond. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Interstate 75 north next approaches the second interchange to Adel. Exit 39 connects the freeway with Georgia 37 west to Moultrie and east to Nashville. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Spanning a rail line and Georgia 76, I-75 comes to within one half mile of GA 37 (Exit 39). Photo taken 07/02/14.
Georgia 37 is a 153.6-mile route continuing from Alabama 10 at Fort Gaines cutting across the state to its end at U.S. 84 near Homerville. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Georgia 37 (4th Street) expands to a five lane arterial within the vicinity of I-75 while it serves a number of traveler services and Cook County Airport (15J). Downtown Adel lies a short distance to the east via 4th Street (GA 37 and GA 76). Photo taken 10/22/15.
Reassurance shield posted beyond the diamond interchange with Georgia 37 (Exit 39). Mitchell Street crosses over the mainline ahead and generally follows the northern Adel city limits. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Exit 41 joins Interstate 75 with Colquitt Street (east) to Sparks, Sparks Cutoff Road (west) and Roundtree Bridge Road (north) ahead. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Former Business Loop I-75 returned to the freeway at Exit 41, following Colquitt Street from nearby U.S. 41 & Georgia 7 (Goodman Street). Photo taken 07/02/14.
Sparks Cutoff Road connects the town of Sparks with Georgia 37 to Moultrie while Roundtree Bridge Road spokes westward to Ellenton in adjoining Colquitt County. Use Colquitt Street east to reach Sparks. Photo taken 07/02/14.
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2 photos
Traveling northward from Adel and Sparks, the town of Lenox next appears for Interstate 75 north, while Macon remains a 122-mile drive. Photos taken 07/02/14.
A diamond interchange (Exit 45) links Interstate 75 with Barneyville Road in one mile. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Barneyville Road travels northwest from Exit 45 to Kinard Bridge Road near the Little River and the Colquitt County line. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Interstate 75 north reaches the rural interchange with Barneyville Road. To the east, Barneyville Road continues through central Cook County providing additional access to Nashville in Berrien County. Photo taken 07/02/14.
A rest area for northbound travelers resides between Exit 45 and the upcoming interchange with Kinard Bridge Road (Exit 49). Photo taken 07/02/14.
Drivers leave for the rest area facilities along Interstate 75 north. A similar rest area is located along southbound ahead of Exit 49. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Kinard Bridge Road snakes southwest from I-75 in one mile toward the Little River and Colquitt County. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Exit 49 provides a direct connection to the city of Lenox along the U.S. 41 & Georgia 7 corridor via Central Avenue. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Interstate 75 north at the ramp to the diamond interchange with Kinard Bridge Road. Central Avenue bisects Lenox to the east and becomes Judge Lott Road. Photo taken 07/02/14.
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2 photos
Tifton reappears 13 miles out along I-75 north of Exit 49. The city of Tifton lies in adjacent Tift County. Photos taken 07/02/14.
The freeway enters Tift County midway between Kinard Bridge Road (Exit 49) and Omega Eldorado Road (Exit 55). The county was created in 1905 with Tifton as its County seat. Photo taken 07/02/14.
I-75 will encounter Omega Eldorado Road at a rural diamond interchange (Exit 55) in one mile. Photo taken 10/22/15.
Eldorado is a community lying just east of the freeway along U.S. 41 & GA 7 while the city of Omega resides seven miles to the west along the U.S. 319 corridor. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Road work in 2013 resulted in an upgraded Exit 55 to Omega Eldorado Road. Magnolia Plantation lines Omega Eldorado Road just to the east of the diamond interchange. The plantation store offers travelers a variety of southern treats. Photo taken 07/02/14.
2 photos
2 photos
Motorists enter from Exit 55 as I-75 north nears the Tifton area. Downtown Tifton lies seven miles ahead while 108 miles separate drivers from Macon. Photos taken 07/02/14.
Interstate 75 approaches the first of seven exits serving Tifton in 1.25 miles at Southwell Road (Business Loop I-75). The business loop generally follows U.S. 41 & GA 7 (Main Street) through Downtown returning to the freeway on the north side of Tifton at Exit 64. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Southwell Road joins Interstate 75 with Union Road to the west and Georgia 125 to the east.
Note that signs for Exit 59 reference Business Spur I-75 instead of Loop. Photo taken 07/02/14.
A ramp leaves I-75 for Exit 55 and Business Loop I-75 north. Most signage along the loop has been removed and is only referenced along the freeway. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Passing under Southwell Road motorists reach the 1.25-mile approach to South Central Avenue (Exit 60). Photo taken 07/02/14.
Interstate 75 curves northwest bypassing the Unionville neighborhood to the south. Photo taken 07/02/14.
South Central Avenue meets the freeway opposite Union Road at Exit 60. South Central Avenue heads north to U.S. 82 (7th Street West) just west of the central business district. Photo taken 07/02/14.
I-75 north quickly approaches the third Tifton exit with Old Omega Road in 0.75 miles. Photo taken 07/02/14.
A spur rail line travels underneath Interstate 75 as it nears the folded diamond interchange (Exit 61). Photo taken 07/02/14.
The freeway briefly gains an auxiliary lane between Exit 60 and Old Omega Road. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Signed along I-75 as Omega Road, Old Omega Road ties into U.S. 319 (Alabama Avenue) west of Exit 61 and Park Avenue to the east. Exit 62 departs in 0.75 miles to U.S. 82 and Georgia 520 to U.S. 319. Photo taken 07/02/14.


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