Interstate 75 south
A mere eight seconds (given the 70 mph speed limit) travelers exit the corner of DeSoto County for Charlotte County. Photo taken 04/05/14.
Kings Highway (former Charlotte County 769) ventures south from Exit 170 to U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) in Charlotte Harbor. East of I-75, Kings Highway crosses into DeSoto County, becoming CR 769 en route to Florida 72. Arcadia can be reached via DeSoto County 769 north, Florida 72 east, and Florida 70 east. Photo taken 04/05/14.
Motorists reach the off-ramp for Kings Highway (Exit 170). After opening in the early 1980's, the area surrounding the diamond interchange saw growth in the form of commercial centers, restaurants, and hotel out parcels. Photo taken 04/05/14.
Kings Gate golf course community abuts the west side of Interstate 75 as the freeway travels through Deep Creek. Photo taken 04/05/14.
Harborview Road crosses paths with I-75 at Exit 167 in two miles. Punta Gorda (7 miles) is located southwest of the interstate along the banks of the Peace River. Photo taken 04/05/14.
The limited-access freeway encounters Charlotte County 776 (Harborview Road) in 1.25 miles. The county-maintained road travels between U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) in Charlotte Harbor and the small community of Harbour Heights. The southern reaches of Port Charlotte may also be reached via CR 776 and Edgewater Drive. Photo taken 04/05/14.
Locally known as Harborview Road, Charlotte County 776 travels 3.4 miles southwest from Exit 167 to Harborview and U.S. 41 at Charlotte Harbor. Harbour Heights lies one mile to the east along the north banks of the Peace River. Photo taken 04/05/14.
Interstate 75 reaches Charlotte County 776 (Exit 167). CR 776 totals 4.46 miles overall between U.S. 41 and Harbor Heights. The interstate will next reach the Peace River in one mile. Photo taken 04/05/14.
Curving southward, Interstate 75 crosses the Peach River to the east of Harborview. U.S. 17, located just south of the Peace River at Solana, joins I-75 with Downtown Punta Gorda and Arcadia in two miles. Photo taken 04/05/14.
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3 photos
3 photos
I-75 crosses over the Peace River between mile markers 167 and 165. The river originates northeast of Bartow and parallels U.S. 17 for most of its 106 mile journey into Charlotte Harbor. The original twin span bridges crossing the river were modified in the early 2000's as part of an improvement project, with a new southbound span constructed between the existing spans preceding the removal of the original southbound span. The overall construction resulted in the addition of a lane in each direction between Exit 167 and Exit 164. Photo taken 04/05/14. Second photo taken 04/05/14. Third photo taken 03/04/14.
Interstate 75 south approaches the folded diamond interchange (Exit 164) with U.S. 17. The U.S. highway serves nearby Punta Gorda to the west while heading northeast toward Arcadia in adjacent DeSoto County. Punta Gorda is also the southern terminus of U.S. 17, with Winchester, Virginia serving as the northern terminus of the 1,189-mile U.S. route. Photo taken 04/05/14.
The auxiliary lane gained at Exit 167 leaves the interstate at U.S. 17 (Exit 164). U.S. 17 north constitutes a four-lane divided highway up to the Fort Ogden where it reverts two-lane status. The city of Arcadia, seat of DeSoto County, lies 23 miles northeast of Interstate 75. Photo taken 04/05/14.
U.S. 17 (Duncan Road) south splits into a one-way couplet 0.7 miles from Exit 164. U.S. 17 south follows Marion Avenue to its terminus at U.S. 41 south (Cross Street), west of Downtown Punta Gorda. Photo taken 04/05/14.
A rest area once resided to the east of the North Jones Loop Road interchange (Exit 161) but was closed in April 2015 due to lack of use. The next rest area lies 30 miles to the south in Lee County along Daniels Parkway (Exit 131). Photo taken 04/01/14.
Fort Myers is now 28 miles to the south, followed by Naples in less than an hour. Photo taken 04/01/14.
South of the Airport Road overpass, I-75 approaches Charlotte County 768 (Exit 161). CR 768 follows along North Jones Loop Road to the east and west of the upcoming interchange. The county road also serves as the access point to nearby Punta Gorda Airport (PGD). Photo taken 04/14/16.
Jones Loop Road forms a 7.1-mile elongated loop connecting U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) with CR 765A (Taylor Road) and I-75. The northern segment begins at U.S. 41 and CR 765 then heads east to meet both Taylor Road and the freeway. Beyond I-75, CR 768 continues along North Jones Loop Road through to Alfred Boulevard where the county road curves south. On its return west, CR 768 follows South Jones Loop Road back to CR 765A (Taylor Road), with Acline Road continuing west across U.S. 41 through to CR 765 to complete the loop. Photo taken 04/14/16.
Motorists prepare to depart for CR 768 (North Jones Loop Road) and Exit 161 along I-75 south. Several food, fuel, and lodging services populate the two western quadrants of the diamond interchange. Photo taken 04/14/16.
The ramp leading to CR 768 expands to four lanes, with two departing west for CR 765A (Taylor Road) and U.S. 41 to Punta Gorda. Also use CR 768 west to CR 765A north to Florida Southwestern (FSW) State College. Otherwise, the left two lanes connect with CR 768 east for Punta Gorda Airport. Photo taken 04/14/16.
The final southbound weigh station for Interstate 75 resides one mile south of the crossing over South Fork Alligator Creek. Photo taken 04/01/14.
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2 photos
Interstate 75 plies southeast from Exit 161 as it makes its way closer to the Fort Myers and Naples areas. Lehigh Acres, reached in 33 miles, is an unincorporated pre-platted subdivision east of I-75 and Fort Myers along the Lee County 884 corridor. Photos taken 04/01/14.
South Jones Loop Road (CR 768) passes over I-75 immediately north of weigh stations lining both sides of the freeway. Photo taken 07/02/11.
Meeting I-75 next is Tuckers Grade (former CR 762) in 1.25 miles. Exit 158 is the final interchange within Charlotte County.
Tuckers Grade provides the quickest and most direct route to access North Fort Myers and Cape Coral (both located in north and west Lee County, respectively) via U.S. 41 south. Photo taken 04/01/14.
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2 photos
Tuckers Grade is a short one mile connector between Interstate 75 and U.S. 41 near the community of Tropical Gulf Acres. Exit 158 represents the closest encounter between the interstate and U.S. highway in the state, other than when U.S. 41 (along with U.S. 441) and I-75 meet directly at Exit 414 in Columbia County. Photo taken 07/02/11. Second photo taken 04/01/14.
Traffic departs I-75 south for Tuckers Grade (Exit 161). Tuckers Grade east ends at a gate to the Fred C Babcock-Cecil M. Webb State Wildlife Management Area. This wildlife management area covers 65,758 acres and is home to hunting, fishing, and camping. Photo taken 04/01/14.
Interstate 75 angles southeast across the Fred C Babcock-Cecil M. Webb State Wildlife Management Area through to the Oil Well Road overpass. A CSX Railroad line parallels to the west. Photo taken 03/04/14.
Thirteen miles separate Tuckers Grade (Exit 158) from Florida 78 (Exit 143). Interstate 75 reaches the Lee County seat of Fort Myers in 21 miles. Photo taken 03/04/14.
A typical scene of Interstate 75 as it traverses rural southern Charlotte County. Photo taken 01/02/06.
The 22.01-mile jaunt through Charlotte County concludes as I-75 travelers enter Lee County between mile markers 150 and 149. Widening of the freeway to six lanes commences here and runs through 2015. Photo taken 03/04/14.


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