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Interstate 75 South
Exit 241 departs from the I-75 southbound mainline at the South Split interchange with Interstate 85. The slip ramp joins a collector distributor roadway leading south from Langford Parkway to Cleveland Avenue. Photo taken 05/29/07.
Two lanes leave the c/d roadway at the parclo interchange between Interstate 75 and Cleveland Avenue. Cleveland Avenue leads west to the city of East Point by way of Hammond Park and east between Glenrose Heights and Browns Mill Park to Georgia 54 (Jonesboro Road) at Rosedale Heights. Photo taken 08/07/13.
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Next in line for Interstate 75 south is the cloverleaf interchange with both U.S. 19 & 41 (Central Avenue) and Old Dixie Highway. A c/d roadway facilitates the movements to those roads in addition to Charles W. Grant Parkway.
Sign changes made between 2007 and 2012 greened out Henry Ford II Avenue, as the street through Hapeville was renamed Porsche Avenue in October 2012.1 Photo taken 05/29/07. Second photo taken 08/07/13.
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Additional sign changes made ahead of Exit 239 were made with the opening of the International Terminal of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). International flyers are directed onto Exit 239 for Maynard H. Jackson, Jr. Boulevard west from C.W. Grant Parkway while Domestic traffic should take Interstate 285 (Exit 238B) to the west side of the airport. Photo taken 05/29/07. Second photo taken 08/07/13.
Porsche Avenue extends Old Dixie Highway northwest into the city of Hapeville along the parallel Norfolk Southern Railroad. A $100-million complex, including a test track, is under construction just west of I-75 through late 2014. What will be the North American headquarters for Porsche, the European automaker, prompted the renaming of Henry Ford II Avenue to Porsche Avenue.2 Photo taken 08/07/13.
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U.S. 19 & 41 take Metropolitan Parkway south from near Downtown Atlanta to exit the city via Hammond Park onto Dogwood Drive into Hapeville. The pair turn southeast along North Central Avenue to Interstate 75, reentering a wedge of Atlanta through Blair Villa/Poole Creek. Exit 238B departs in one mile to join the same c/d roadway that connects with Charles W. Grant Parkway. Photo taken 05/29/07. Second photo taken 08/07/13.
The Exit 239 c/d roadway partitions into ramps for U.S. 19 & 41 (Central Avenue) to Hapeville and Porsche Avenue north and Old Dixie Highway south. The NS Railroad separates the two parallel roadways. Photo taken 08/07/13.
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The c/d roadway continues to a folded diamond interchange with C.W. Grant Parkway, which leads west to Loop Road around ATL Airport and the Maynard H. Jackson, Jr. International Terminal.
Exit 238B departs in one half mile for Interstate 285 west to I-85 south for Montgomery and I-85 north for the Domestic Terminal of ATL Airport. Photo taken 05/29/07. Second photo taken 08/07/13.
Interstate 75 south leaves the city of Atlanta and Fulton County for Clayton County just beyond the cloverleaf interchange with Porsche Avenue and U.S. 19 & 41. The county line sign was relocated slightly southward between 2007 and 2013. Photo taken 08/07/13.
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2 photos
Ramps for Interstate 285 west (Exit 238B) depart from both the I-75 mainline and c/d roadway. West from Interstate 75, the Perimeter Highway passes below the fifth runway of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) en route to College Park and south Fulton County. There I-285 turns northward to East Point and Southwest Atlanta while I-85 leads southwest to Union City, Fairburn and Columbus. Photo taken 05/29/07. Second photo taken 08/07/13.
HOV-ramps connect the carpool lanes of Interstate 75 in both directions with Aviation Boulevard west to the International Terminal of ATL Airport and C.W. Grant Parkway east to U.S. 19 & 41 (Old Dixie Highway) at Mountain View. Photo taken 08/07/13.
The ramp to C.W. Grant Parkway is the final HOV exit of Interstate 75 south. These HOV lanes were added in 1996. Future HOV lanes are planned for Henry County. Photo taken 08/07/13.
A loop ramp (Exit 238A) joins Interstate 75 south with Interstate 285 east to Dekalb County in one half mile. Photo taken 08/07/13.
A directional cloverleaf interchange with left side off-ramps from I-285 to I-75 facilitates the movements between Interstate 75 and the Perimeter Highway at Exit 238A. I-285 leads northeast 13 miles to I-20 (to Augusta) near Panthersville.
The north end of Georgia 85 interacts with some of the I-285 ramps at forthcoming Exit 237A. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Georgia 85 constitutes a 96.5-mile route leading south from Exit 237A to Riverdale, Fayetteville and ultimately Columbus. Photo taken 08/07/13.
A parclo interchange joins Interstate 75 next with Georgia 331 (Forest Parkway) at the State Farmers Market. The state route ventures east from adjacent GA 85 through the city of Forest Park to Georgia 54 (Jonesboro Road) at Lake City and Fort Gillem. Photo taken 08/07/13.
U.S. 19 & 41 (Old Dixie Road) and Interstate 75 come together again at a wye interchange and half diamond (Exit 235) in one mile. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Interstate 75 passes by a quarry to the west and an industrial area lining U.S. 19 & 41 to the east on the half mile approach to Exit 235 for U.S. 19 & 41 south to Jonesboro and Griffin. Photo taken 08/07/13.
A two-lane off-ramp handles commuter movements to Jonesboro from Interstate 75 south via Tara Boulevard south to U.S. 19 & 41. The ramp ends at Upper Riverdale Road, which links Old Dixie Road with the city of Riverdale. Photo taken 08/07/13.
U.S. 19 leaves the Interstate 75 corridor with U.S. 41 to Griffin. There U.S. 19 branches southwest to Zebulon and Thomaston while U.S. 41 diverges southeast to Barnesville and Forsyth. U.S. 19 comes close to I-75 again at Palmetto, Florida and its southern terminus. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Turning more easterly, Interstate 75 continues from Jester Creek to meet Georgia 54 (Jonesboro Road) at a diamond interchange (Exit 233). Photo taken 08/07/13.
Georgia 54 began at Exit 244 of the Downtown Connector in Atlanta. The state route follows Jonesboro Road south from Southeastern Atlanta to Lake City and the city of Morrow. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Beyond Exit 233, Georgia 54 (Jonesboro Road) heads south by Mt. Zion Road west to Southlake Mall to Jonesboro and overlaps with GA 138 and U.S. 19 & 41. The 70-mile route ends at U.S. 27 west of Hogansville. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Mt. Zion Boulevard meanders northeast from McDonough Street in Jonesboro to cross paths with Interstate 75 in one mile at Exit 231. Photo taken 08/07/13.
A small reassurance shield posted as the freeway parallels a retail corridor lining adjacent Mt. Zion Road. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Entering the six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 231) with Mt. Zion Boulevard along Interstate 75 south. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Mt. Zion Boulevard arcs northeast from Exit 231 by a number of car dealerships to suburban areas and an end at Rex Road. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Spanning the eastern extent of Mt. Zion Road, drivers see this reassurance marker for Interstate 75 south. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Georgia 138, an east-west route stretching 59 miles between GA 92 in Fairburn and U.S. 78 at Monroe, is next on I-75 south in one mile. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Exit 228 claims the right lane of Interstate 75 south as the freeway prepares to merge with the south end of I-675. GA 138 constitutes a four-lane divided arterial west to Walt Stephens Road and its bypass of Downtown Jonesboro. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Interstate 75 crosses the Henry County line at the Exit 228 ramp departure for Georgia 138. GA 138 curves eastward to an interchange with Interstate 675 and an overlap with U.S. 23 south through the city of Stockbridge. Photo taken 08/07/13.
A wye interchange adds traffic from Interstate 675 south at Reeves Creek. Photo taken 08/07/13.
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A fourth southbound lane joins I-75 south from I-675 to the Hudson Bridge Road west and Eagles Landing Parkway east diamond interchange. The fourth lane was extended northward to I-675 after 2007. Photo taken 05/29/07. Second photo taken 08/07/13.
Hudson Bridge Road extends Eagles Landing Parkway west from Exit 224 to Jodeco Road at the Jodeco Station subdivision entrance. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Eagles Landing Parkway east was expanded in 2011 to a four-lane divided arterial to U.S. 23 at East Lake Parkway. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Two lanes part ways with Interstate 75 south for Exit 224 to Piedmont Henry Hospital and southern reaches of Stockbridge. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Span-wire supported signs direct commuters from Exit 224 onto Eagles Landing Parkway east to adjacent Rock Quarry Road north into Stockbridge. Photo taken 05/29/07.
Jodeco Road, former Georgia 351, travels west from U.S. 23 through the unincorporated community of Flippen to meet Interstate 75 at a diamond interchange (Exit 222) in one half mile. Photo taken 08/07/13.
$15.6-million in road work underway at Exit 222 to April 30, 2015 involves replacement of the overpasses above the freeway to accommodate expansion of Jodeco Road.3 Jodeco Road otherwise continues west to become Lake Jodeco Road through Clayton County and Jonesboro. Photo taken 08/07/13.
A commercialized diamond interchange (Exit 221) joins Interstate 75 south with Jonesboro Road in a half mile. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Jonesboro Road meanders west to become McDonough Road along a partially rural course to the city of Lovejoy in south Clayton County. East from Exit 221, the road leads to Downtown McDonough and Georgia 20-81 and U.S. 23. Photo taken 08/07/13.
The first mileage sign for southbound motorists since Atlanta lies five miles west of the McDonough city center and 59 miles from Macon. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Forthcoming Georgia 20 (Hampton-McDonough Road) ventures seven miles west to Lower Woolsey Road just south of Atlanta Motor Speedway. The track at Hampton includes an annual race on the NASCAR Sprint Cup circuit. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Georgia 20 & 81 combine west from central McDonough along Hampton Street southwest to exit the city en route to a diamond interchange (Exit 218) with Interstate 75. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Georgia 20 & 81 part ways just west of Exit 218 for separate paths west to U.S. 19 & 41. GA 20 takes a southerly course that includes an expressway bypass of Hampton to its western terminus. GA 81 follows a northerly route eight miles to its end near Lovejoy. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Southbound I-75 at the Exit 218 off-ramp to Georgia 20 & 81 (Hampton-McDonough Road). The pair separate from a one-way couplet through Downtown McDonough for Conyers and Covington respectively. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Georgia 155 enters McDonough from Dekalb County to the north. The state route interacts with the couplet of GA 20 & 81 in Downtown before taking Zack Hinton Parkway south to bypass its original alignment along Old Griffin Road. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Zack Hinton Parkway leads GA 155 directly onto McDonough Road south to Exit 216 of Interstate 75. The state route continues south five miles to Luella. Photo taken 08/07/13.
A folded diamond interchange (Exit 216) facilitates traffic to Georgia 155 (McDonough Road) south of Blacksville and the city of McDonough. Photo taken 08/07/13.
GA 155 south concludes its 57-mile route in 19 miles at U.S. 19 & 41 south of Griffin. McDonough Road parallels a Norfolk Southern Railroad line at Exit 216 otherwise. Photo taken 05/29/07.
Interstate 75 becomes vastly more rural south through the outskirts of Locust Grove on the 55-mile drive to Macon. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Bill Gardner Parkway (Exit 212) provides the main access point to Locust Grove from Interstate 75 south in one mile. Photo taken 08/07/13.
One half mile north of the diamond interchange (Exit 212) with Bill Gardner Parkway. The parkway joins I-75 with parallel U.S. 23 just north of the Locust Grove city center. Photo taken 08/07/13.
West from Exit 212, Bill Gardner Parkway links I-75 with Georgia 155 at Hampton Locust Grove Road. U.S. 23 diverges eastward from the freeway corridor to the Butts County seat of Jackson. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Reassurance marker posted as southbound travelers leave the city limits of Locust Grove through a wooded area by Indian Creek. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Aforementioned Jackson is a 14-mile drive via I-75 south to GA 16 east. Macon is now 50 miles to the southeast. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Spanning the Towaliga River, Interstate 75 enters the eastern wedge of Spalding County. Photo taken 08/07/13.

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