Interstate 75 south
Ramps carry both the mainline of I-275 north and its exit for SR 56 above I-75 south at this southbound reassurance marker. Photo taken 03/01/13.
Interstate 75 angles southeast into the city limits of Tampa. Meeting the freeway next is Bruce B. Downs Boulevard (CR 581) at New Tampa in three miles. Temple Terrace, an incorporated city lying between Tampa and Interstate 75, follows in ten miles at Florida 582 (Exit 265). Naples (172 miles) is the last Southwest Florida city I-75 encounters before turning east toward the greater Fort Lauderdale and Miami area. Photo taken 03/01/13.
New Tampa Boulevard crosses over Interstate 75 as the second route joining western and eastern expanses of New Tampa ahead of Exit 270. The overpass was built in 2011. Photo taken 03/01/13.
One mile north of Bruce B. Downs Boulevard (Hillsborough County 581) on I-75 south. CR 581 overlays Bruce B. Downs Boulevard as the main arterial route through New Tampa. Extending north, CR 581 becomes SR 581 through Wesley Chapel in Pasco County. Photo taken 07/02/11.
Bruce B. Downs Boulevard continues southwest from Interstate 75 to reach Fletcher Avenue (CR 582A), the University of South Florida campus Busch Gardens in Tampa. Heading northeast the boulevard serves a bevy of subdivisions making up the New Tampa area. Photo taken 02/17/14.
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Tremendous commercial and residential growth transformed Hillsborough County 581 (Bruce B. Downs Boulevard) into a multi-lane suburban arterial from Exit 270 to the Pasco County line. Mostly unsigned, the county road totals 12.55 miles from SR 580 (Busch Boulevard) north to SR 56. Photo taken 07/02/11. Second photo taken 02/17/14.
To alleviate growing traffic problems near the interchange, a flyover ramp was constructed from Bruce B. Downs Boulevard southbound to Interstate 75 south. The new ramp opened to traffic in December 2008. Photo taken 07/02/11.
Interstate 75 winds southeast from New Tampa along side the Hillsborough Wildlife Management Area to County Road 582A west (Fletcher Avenue) in three miles. Unincorporated Brandon follows via SR 60 in 15 miles. Photo taken 02/17/14.
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Fletcher Avenue constitutes an east-west suburban arterial connecting Interstate 75 with the north side of Temple Terrace, Lettuce Lake Park and the University of South Florida in Tampa.
Lettuce Lake Park is a 240 acre county park situated along the Hillsborough River and Fletcher Avenue (CR 582A) west of Exit 266. The park opened to patrons in 1982. Photo taken 07/02/11. Second photo taken 02/17/14.
One half mile north of the partial-cloverleaf interchange (Exit 266) with Fletcher Avenue west and Morris Bridge Road east on I-75. Sign changes made by 2014 added Morris Bridge Road to Exit 266. Morris Bridge Road continues Fletcher Avenue east as CR 579 through a number of parks including Morris Bridge Wilderness Park and Hillsborough River State Park. Photo taken 02/17/14.
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Motorists depart Interstate 75 south for both Fletcher Avenue (CR 582A) west and Morris Bridge Road (CR 579) north. CR 582A constitutes an unsigned route 6.03 miles west to U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue) at Florida 579. Photo taken 11/10/07. Second photo taken 07/02/11. Third photo taken 02/17/14.
A short distance southward from Fletcher Avenue is the directional-cloverleaf interchange (Exit 265) with Florida 582 (Fowler Avenue). SR 582 overlays Fowler Avenue 7.83 miles west from U.S. 301 to U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) near Exit 51 of I-275. Photo taken 07/02/11.
Exit 265 quickly leaves Interstate 75 south for Florida 582 (Fowler Avenue). SR 582 bisects Temple Terrace west through to SR 583 (North 56th Street). The USF campus lies west of there.
Busch Gardens theme park is also reached via Florida 582 as the most direct route from Interstate 75. Opened in March 1959, Busch Gardens theme park features gardens, attractions and thrill rides, including SheiKra (with a near 200 foot vertical drop), Cheetah Hunt (their newest coaster), Montu, Kumba, Gwazi and the Scorpion. Photo taken 07/02/11.
A loop ramp facilitates movement to Florida 582 east to U.S. 301. There is no direct access otherwise between I-75 and the US route from Thonotosassa. Photo taken 07/02/11.
Interstate 75 transitions into a concrete freeway ahead of the U.S. 301 under crossing and bridge over the Tampa Bypass Canal. Mileage for Brandon (via SR 60) and Port Tampa Bay (via SR 618 west) appears at seven and eight miles out. Photo taken 02/17/14.
Interstate 75 south approaches junction Interstate 4 and Exit 261 in two miles. I-4 stretches 132.4 miles across the central portion of the Florida peninsula, connecting the greater Tampa and St. Petersburg area with Orlando and Daytona Beach. The intrastate freeway doubles as the hidden State Road 400. SR 400 emerges from the freeway east end for 4.22 miles between I-95 and U.S. 1 in South Daytona. Photo taken 07/02/11.
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One mile north of Exit 261 and Interstate 4 on I-75 south.
Prior to its current western terminus at I-275, Interstate 4 continued west along the current I-275 alignment over the Howard Frankland bridge and into the northern reaches of St. Petersburg. Unrealized plans called for Interstate 4 to end near the Gulf of Mexico west of St. Petersburg. Interstate 4 instead ended near Downtown St. Petersburg, at least until 1971, when the route was truncated to its current terminus coinciding with the proposed extension of Interstate 75 southward through St. Petersburg. That changed when I-75 shifted eastward onto its current alignment around Tampa with the designation of I-275 created over the former routes of both Interstates 4 and 75 between St. Petersburg and Tampa. Photo taken 04/20/09. Second photo taken 07/02/11.
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All traffic bound for Interstate 4 departs in unison at Exit 261. A turbine interchange shuttles drivers between the two freeways. Photo taken 05/29/06. Second photo taken 07/02/11.
Traffic partitions into ramps for Interstate 4 west to Downtown Tampa (nine miles) and east to Lakeland (24 miles) and Orlando (72 miles). Photo taken 05/29/06.
Still within the confides of Exit 261, Florida 574 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard) approaches in one mile. Photo taken 07/02/11.
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Florida 574 travels 23.04 miles between its western terminus at U.S. 92 (Dale Mabry Highway) at Drew Park in Tampa and its eastern terminus at U.S. 92 (Thonotosassa Road) in Plant City. Photo taken 03/12/06. Second photo taken 07/02/11.
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A partial-cloverleaf interchange joins Interstate 75 with Florida 574 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd) at Exit 260. The unincorporated area of Mango spreads along Florida 574 east of I-75 while the Florida State Fairgrounds lie to the west. The fairgrounds reside alongside U.S. 301 north of Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and south of U.S. 92. The grounds are home to the annual state fair and multiple venues including an open air amphitheater. Photo taken 03/12/06. Second photo taken 07/02/11.
Continuing south, Interstate 75 enters the Brandon area over the next four miles. Sun City Center, a retirement community, follows in another 16 miles in southern Hillsborough County. Naples is still 158 miles away. Photo taken 07/02/11.
Florida 60 (Adamo Drive) crosses Interstate 75 at Exit 257. Another trans-peninsular state road, Florida 60 stretches from Clearwater Beach near the Gulf of Mexico east and southeast to Vero Beach and Florida A1A, blocks from the Atlantic Ocean. The Selmon Crosstown Expressway (Florida 618) parallels SR 60 immediately to the south. Photo taken 07/02/11.
Interstate 75 south enters the Exit 257 six-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange with Florida 60 (Adamo Drive). SR 60 comprises an industrial route west to Port Tampa Bay and YBor City while taking a commercialized route through the heart of Brandon.
SR 618 (LeRoy Selmon Crosstown Expressway) follows to provide a limited access route west from Brandon, Port Tampa Bay, Downtown Tampa and U.S. 92 (Gandy Boulevard) ahead d of the Gandy Bridge. Photo taken 07/02/11.
As Interstate 75 south passes over Florida 60 (Exit 257) a collector/distributor roadway from Florida 60 west comes into view, paralleling the freeway main line for the next three miles. A slip-ramp for U.S. 301 (Exit 254) departs 0.75 miles ahead to access the c/d roadway for Riverview. Photo taken 07/02/11.
A slip-ramp to the c/d roadway provides access to Toll Florida 618 (Selmon Crosstown Expressway) west at Exit 256. The Crosstown (as known by locals) extends 14.1 miles west through Downtown Tampa to end at U.S. 92 (Gandy Boulevard) near South Tampa and MacDill Air Force Base. Photo taken 07/02/11.
The dual-laned c/d roadway separates weaving traffic between SR 60, SR 618 and U.S. 301 from the I-75 mainline. Motorist depart for Toll Florida 618 west in one-quarter mile while the slip-ramp for U.S. 301 (Exit 254) enters the c/d roadway. U.S. 301 previously passed under I-75 at Temple Terrace, having looped west through to Exit 254. Photo taken 07/02/11.
SR 618 was once part of a larger limited-access network planned for the Tampa area in the 1970's, but local opposition and finances canceled most plans. The first segment of SR 618 opened in 1976 between U.S. 92 (Gandy Boulevard) and Florida Avenue with the remaining segments opening in later years. The final segment between Falkenburg Road and Interstate 75 opened in 1987.
An elevated reversible section of SR 618, from the intersection of Meridian Avenue and Twiggs Street near Downtown Tampa to just east of I-75 at Town Center Boulevard in Brandon, opened in September 2006. As of 2010, Toll Florida 618 (mainline and elevated reversible lanes) is an all-electronic toll facility, meaning cash collection no longer exists. Photo taken 07/02/11.
Passing underneath the Crosstown Expressway (SR 618), the c/d roadway and Interstate 75 continue south toward the six-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange (Exit 254) with U.S. 301. Photo taken 07/02/11.
Main line Interstate 75 south and the c/d roadway share this reassurance marker placed south of the Causeway Boulevard (unsigned CR 686) overpass. Photo taken 07/06/13.
The c/d roadway separates for return access to I-75 south and Exit 254 to U.S. 301. U.S. 301 north returns toward Tampa while southbound bisects the unincorporated community of Riverview. Photo taken 07/02/11.
Exit 254 splits into ramps for U.S. 301 north and south. U.S. 301 parallels Interstate 75 south from Citra and Ocala. The two come together again at Ellenton. Photo taken 07/02/11.
Interstate 75 south next meets Gibsonton Drive at Exit 250. The east-west arterial connects Gibsonton (along U.S. 41) with nearby Riverview (along U.S. 301). Photo taken 03/01/13.
The limited-access freeway prepares to cross over the Alafia River as it approaches Exit 250. The river begins in central Hillsborough County and meanders 25 miles westward before depositing into Tampa Bay west of I-75 and nearby U.S. 41. Photo taken 07/06/13.
Southbound at the diamond interchange (Exit 250) with Gibsonton Drive. Gibsonton Drive becomes Boyette Road east of U.S. 301 en route to the suburban communities of Bloomingdale and Fishhawk. Photo taken 07/06/13.
Interstate 75 reduces to six overall lanes south of Gibsonton Drive. Photo taken 07/06/13.
Elevating to pass over Symmes Road, drivers see a mileage sign posted seven miles ahead of Apollo Beach and 13 miles from Ruskin. Both unincorporated towns lie to the west of I-75 along the U.S. 41 corridor. The city of Naples is still nearly a two hour drive away. Photo taken 07/06/13.
Hillsborough County 672 (Big Bend Road) runs east-west and connects Interstate 75 with Apollo Beach via U.S. 41 to the southwest. The coastal community lies halfway between Tampa and Bradenton. During its history, Apollo Beach has undergone a few name changes, including once being referred to as Tampa Beach as well as La Vida Beach. Photo taken 07/06/13.
Interstate 75 crosses over both Old Big Bend Road and Big Bend Road at the folded-diamond interchange (Exit 246) with CR 672. Big Bend Road intersects U.S. 41, 1.8 miles to the west and stretches 5.4 miles east to end approximately 0.8 miles east of Balm-Riverview Road. Hillsborough County 672 exists for 4.02 miles on the portion of Big Bend Road between the Manatee Viewing Center on Big Bend to U.S. 301. Photo taken 07/06/13.
Shifting more to the west, Interstate 75 passes by the Bullfrog Creek Scrub Preserve on the six mile drive to Sun City Center. An age-restricted community, Sun City Center lies east of forthcoming Exit 240 along Florida 674. Photo taken 07/06/13.
Approaching the six-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange with Florida 674 (Exits 240AB). Beyond Exit 240 is the longest exit less stretch of I-75 between White Springs (12 miles) and Alligator Alley (21 miles) at 11 miles. Photo taken 07/02/11.
Exit 240B takes motorists to Florida 674 (College Avenue) west and Ruskin. The 25.51-mile route of SR 674 concludes at U.S. 41. Photo taken 03/01/13.
Exit 240A loops away from I-75 south onto Florida 674 (Sun City Boulevard) east toward Sun City Center and Fort Lonesome. The retirement community is large enough to have its own hospital, as well as its own zip code.
Florida 674 continues 22.4 miles east of Interstate 75 to end at Florida 37 in adjoining Polk County. Photo taken 03/01/13.
Turning more southwesterly, Interstate 75 leaves City City Center for a rural stretch preceding the Little Manatee River. Photo taken 03/01/13.
Interstate 275 reconvenes with its parent in 11 miles at Exit 228. Though not mentioned, Interstate 75 south will first encounter Mocassin-Wallow Road (Exit 229) at the next interchange. Bradenton appears for the first time on I-75 signs at 25 miles out. Photo taken 03/01/13.
Interstate 75 travelers reach the Hillsborough County rest area in one mile. The southbound side rest area was not added until the early 2000's, while its northbound counterpart has existed since the mid-1980's completion of the freeway. Photo taken 03/01/13.
Sandwiched between a tree and shrub line and adjacent suburbia, drivers depart for the southbound rest area near Ruskin. The next I-75 rest area facility resides east of Lee County 876 (Exit 131) 108 miles to the south. Photo taken 03/01/13.
Sarasota and Fort Myers debut on Interstate 75 signage after the Little Manatee River and before Valroy Road. Sarasota lies south of Bradenton along U.S. 41 and U.S. 301 near the Gulf Coast while Fort Myers is the regional center of Southwest Florida along the Caloosahatchee River and U.S. 41 in Lee County. Photo taken 03/01/13.
Paralleling Curiosity Creek in a rural area, Interstate 75 angles southwest into Manatee County west of Sundance. Founded in 1855, the county is named after the official marine mammal of Florida. Photo taken 03/01/13.


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