Interstate 75 south
Approaching back to back interchanges with Moccasin-Wallow Road (Exit 229) and Interstate 275 (Exit 228) on I-75 south.
Moccasin-Wallow Road connects U.S. 41 to the west with the community of Parrish and U.S. 301 to the east. Signed as Manatee County 6 along Interstate 75 signs for years, Moccasin-Wallow Road indirectly connects motorists with Florida 62 via U.S. 301 south. Photo taken 03/01/13.
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As of mid-2011, Exit 229 signs along I-75 for Moccasin-Wallow Road were altered to reflect County Road 683 instead of CR 6. Although unsigned, Moccasin-Wallow Road doubles as CR 683 east from U.S. 41 to 36th Avenue East at Gillette and as CR 675 east from the unmarked CR 683 southward turn to U.S. 301. Photo taken 07/02/11. Second photo taken 03/01/13.
The high-speed three-wye interchange with Interstate 275 (Exit 228) follows in one mile. The 60.64-mile loop returns to I-75 via the tolled Sunshine Skyway Bridge from St. Petersburg and Pinellas County. Photo taken 03/01/13.
An important port along Tampa Bay, Port Manatee, may be reached via Interstate 275 and U.S. 41 north of Gillette. The port is fast becoming an important transportation link for Florida's shipping industry, moving about nine million tons of cargo annually as the closest deep water seaport to the Panama Canal. Photo taken 07/02/11.
Downtown St. Petersburg lies 23 miles to the northwest via Interstate 275. The urban freeway winds through the city en route to Pinellas Park, Largo and the Howard Frankland Bridge across Old Tampa Bay. Use I-275 north also for Fort DeSoto Park via the Sunshine Skyway and the tolled Pinellas Bayway (Florida 682). Photo taken 03/01/13.
A single lane ramp facilitates movement onto Interstate 275 north. The freeway initially leads west to Terra Ceia before turning north onto the Sunshine Skyway bridge across Tampa Bay.
Historically I-275 was the initial route of I-75 while the freeway east of Tampa Bay was designated Interstate 75E. I-75E was renumbered as I-75 by the mid 1970s. Photo taken 03/01/13.
A high speed flyover shuttles drivers from I-275 south onto I-75 north beyond this reassurance marker. Photo taken 03/01/13.
As traffic merges from Interstate 275, I-75 south comes to within 1.25 miles of the folded diamond interchange with U.S. 301 at Ellenton.
Exit 224 serves the adjacent Prime Outlets at Ellenton, which house a tourist information center. Photo taken 07/02/11.
One half mile north of U.S. 301 and the Manatee River along I-75 south. U.S. 301 has its beginning in Sarasota at U.S. 41. The highway travels northward through Tampa and Ocala to exit the state northwest of Jacksonville along the U.S. 1 and U.S. 23 corridor. Measuring just shy of 1100 miles, U.S. 301 has a northern terminus at an intersection with U.S. 40 and SR 896 in Glasgow, Delaware. Photo taken 07/02/11.
Interstate 75 reaches U.S. 301 (Exit 224). Taking U.S. 301 east and north returns drivers towards the communities of Parrish and Sun City Center. Photo taken 07/02/11.
Both Ellenton and Palmetto lie to the west of Exit 224. Ellenton, home to Gamble Plantation Historic State Park--a one time site of an extensive sugar plantation and the only surviving plantation house in south Florida, is to the immediate west. Palmetto lies a few miles further and is where U.S. 301 joins U.S. 41 for a southward overlap across the Manatee River into Bradenton. Photo taken 01/02/07.
U.S. 301 straddles the Manatee River west through Ellenton. A short stretch of former alignment parallels the six-lane arterial just to the south at I-75. Photo taken 10/28/06.
Measuring approximately 36 miles, the Manatee River begins in the northeast corner of the Manatee County and flows westward to end at the Gulf of Mexico west of Bradenton. Photo taken 01/02/06.
Curving to the southeast from the Manatee River, Interstate 75 approaches the six-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange (Exit 220) with Florida 64. The state road extends from Holmes Beach on Anna Maria Island east through Downtown Bradenton to Zolfo Springs, south of Wauchula, and Avon Park. Photo taken 07/02/11.
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All traffic bound for State Road 64 departs in unison from Interstate 75 south at Exit 220. Heading east from I-75, SR 64 passes through northern reaches of the upscale Lakewood Ranch community before transitioning into a rural two lane highway en route to Bradenton Motorsports Park, Lake Manatee State Park, Myakka Head and Hardee County. Photo taken 03/24/06. Second photo taken 07/02/11.
The Exit 220 off-ramp expands to four lanes now with two joining SR 64 west toward Downtown Bradenton and Anna Maria Island. Widening of SR 64 from four to six lanes between 2012 to 2014, brings the route to six overall lanes from Interstate 75 west to the one-way couplet of Manatee Avenue (west) and 6th Avenue (east) through the Bradenton central business district. Photo taken 03/24/06.
Interstate 75 traverses a rural swath between SR 64 and Williams Creek. Photo taken 04/05/14.
Exit 217 (Florida 70) in two miles, is the final exit completely within Manatee County. University Parkway, straddling the Sarasota-Manatee county line across I-75, follows in six miles. For travelers continuing through Southwest Florida, Naples is 120 miles away. Photo taken 04/05/14.
Interstate 75 turns to nearly due south from Williams Creek toward the six-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange (Exit 217) with Florida 70. A trans-peninsular route, SR 70 stretches from U.S. 41 in the Bradenton area east across the state ending at U.S. 1 in Fort Pierce.
The state road sees a north-south branch at Bradenton as well. Lining 15th Street East for 3.03 miles, SR 70 branches north from CR 683 (301 Boulevard) to Samoset and SR 64 (Manatee Avenue). Photo taken 04/05/14.
Southbound I-75 at the Exit 217 off-ramp to Florida 70. SR 70 joins Interstate 75 with Lakewood Ranch nearby on the 41-mile drive to Arcadia, seat of DeSoto County. The state road consists of a six-lane urban arterial (53rd Avenue East) west to Oneco and U.S. 41 (14th Street West), midway between Bradenton and Sarasota. Photo taken 04/05/14.
The six lane freeway runs between The Preserve at Tara golf course community to the west and the Ranch Lake Boulevard frontage road to the east. 114,500 vehicles per day (vpd) were recorded along this stretch of I-75 in 2013 by FDOT. Counts increase to 123,500 south of forthcoming University Boulevard. Photo taken 04/05/14.
Fort Myers reappears on I-75 southbound mileage signs at 81 miles out. Drivers bound for the Collier County seat of Naples have another 116 miles to go. Photo taken 04/05/14.
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I-75 meets University Parkway (unsigned County Road 610) at Exit 213 in 1.25 miles. University Parkway straddles Manatee and Sarasota Counties as it connects the freeway with Lakewood Ranch and U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail).
Pentagons on Exit 213 guide signs for County Road 750 were replaced with those for CR 610 during 2013. Photo taken 07/02/11. Second photo taken 07/07/17.
Both New College of Florida and USF Sarasota-Manatee County campuses are located near the west end of University Parkway off Sarasota Bay. Photo taken 04/05/14.
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One-half mile approach to Exit 213 along I-75 south. Construction through spring 2017 reconfigured the traditional diamond interchange into Florida's first diverging diamond interchange (DDI). University Parkway consists of a busy six lane commercial arterial west to U.S. 301, Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport (SRQ) and U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) in north Sarasota. A portion of the route, between Washington Boulevard and 15th Street East, doubled as U.S. 301 until the mid 1980s. Photo taken 07/02/11. Second photo taken 07/07/17.
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Two travel lanes leave for University Parkway (Exit 213). Commercial and residential growth along the University Parkway corridor, along with persistent traffic congestion, led to conversion of the existing interchange into a DDI. Photo taken 07/02/11. Second photo taken 07/07/17.
Part of the modification into a DDI, the departure lanes have been widened to five overall lanes; three lanes joining University Parkway west to nearby shopping complexes and two lanes connecting with University Parkway east to Lakewood Ranch. Though indicated on these overhead signs, no other visible evidence of CR 610 exists along the 6.93 mile long University Parkway. Photo taken 07/07/17.
Interstate 75 enters Sarasota County at the apex of University Parkway interchange. The freeway travels through the county for the next 42.62 miles. Photo taken 04/05/14.


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