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Interstate 75 South
The first of four Cordele exits on Interstate 75 is the diamond interchange (Exit 104) with Farmers Market Road near Watermelon Capital Speedway. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Farmers Market Road links U.S. 41 & Georgia 7-90 to the west of Exit 104 with Georgia 257 at Tremont Road to the east. Photo taken 08/07/13.
An empty space on this overhead at the Exit 104 off-ramp alludes to the former status of Farmers Market Road west as Business Loop I-75. The Cordele Business Loop for Interstate 75 followed the rural road west to U.S. 41 south into Downtown. U.S. 280 returned the business route east to I-75 at Exit 101. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Georgia 257 continues south from Farmers Market Road to end at a diamond interchange (Exit 102) with Interstate 75. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Reassurance marker posted by the stub end of Blackshear Road near Crisp County-Cordele Airport (CKF). Photo taken 08/07/13.
Southbound I-75 on the half mile approach to Exit 102 for 8th Avenue west and Georgia 257 north back to Hawkinsville. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Tifton and Lake City debut on this mileage sign posted 13 miles north of Arabi. Valdosta returns to signs beyond Arabi. Photo taken 08/07/13.
8th Avenue extends west from the end of Georgia 257 and Exit 102 to the Cordele street grid and U.S. 41 & Georgia 7-90 (7th Street) north of Downtown. Georgia 257 otherwise totals 69 miles from I-75 northeast to Dublin. Photo taken 08/07/13.
U.S. 280, Georgia 30-90 and Business Loop I-75 overlap along 16th Avenue East from U.S. 41 (7th Street) to a commercialized diamond interchange (Exit 101) with Interstate 75. Photo taken 08/07/13.
U.S. 280 & Georgia 30 join Cordele with the Wilcox County seat of Abbeville, 27 miles to the east. Georgia 90 partitions with the pair just to the east of Exit 101 for a southerly course 14 miles to GA 159 and 21 miles to Rebecca. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Interstate 75 spans a CSX Railroad line just ahead of the Exit 101 off-ramp to U.S. 280 & Georgia 30-90 (16th Avenue). U.S. 280 & Georgia 30 exit Cordele for Georgia Veterans State Park and Americus, home of Georgia Southwestern State University. Photo taken 04/16/12.
An array of motorists services line U.S. 280, Georgia 30-90 and Business Loop I-75 within the vicinity of Exit 101.
U.S. 280 goes for 392 miles from Birmingham, Alabama east to U.S. 80 at Blitchton. The route parallels the Heart of Georgia Railroad line for most of its journey across the Peach State. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Georgia 300, the Georgia-Florida Parkway, begins at the next interchange (Exit 99) of Interstate 75 south. The mostly four-lane divided highway provides a direct route from Interstate 75 southwest to Albany. Photo taken 08/07/13.
A frontage road accompanies the west side of Interstate 75 from 24th Avenue to Kelly Road and Georgia 300 (Georgia-Florida Parkway). Photo taken 08/07/13.
One half mile out from the diamond interchange (Exit 99) with Georgia 300 south and Georgia 300 Extension, a county-maintained roadway linking the Georgia-Florida Parkway end with Georgia 90. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Albany lies 37 miles to the southwest along Georgia 300. There the state route and Georgia Florida Parkway combine with U.S. 19 south to Camilla, Thomasville and the Florida state line north of Monticello.
Georgia 300 replaced the route of Georgia 257 southwest from Cordele. The route represents a downgraded version of the planned Interstate 175 linking I-75 with Albany.1 Photo taken 08/07/13.
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2 photos
Reassurance shield and mileage sign posted ahead of the Old Hatley Road overpass. I-75 leaves Cordele and reaches Arabi in nine miles and Tifton in 36 miles. Lake City, Florida is two hours away. Photos taken 08/07/13.
Georgia 33 Connector (Rockhouse Road) links Interstate 75 with U.S. 41 & Georgia 7 and Georgia 33 at Wenona. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Rockhouse Road extends east from Exit 97 as an unpaved road to Rockhouse Road East, which leads north to Old Hatley Road and Georgia 90. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Southbound at the diamond interchange (Exit 97) with Georgia 33 Connector west. Georgia 33 splits with U.S. 41 at Wenona to commence a 81-mile path south to Sylvester, Moultrie and U.S. 84 at Boston. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Continuing southward, Interstate 75 traverses more open farm land and pockets of forest through southern Crisp County. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Next in line for southbound drivers is the town of Arabi at Exit 92. Photo taken 08/07/13.
1st Street leads east from U.S. 41 & Georgia 7 (Bedgood Avenue) in Arabi to meet Interstate 75 at a diamond interchange (Exit 92). Photo taken 08/07/13.
East from Exit 92, 1st Street becomes Hawpond Road beyond the Arabi town limits to agricultural areas. U.S. 41 & Georgia 7 remain to the west from Arabi south to Dakota and Worth. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Interstate 75 continues south through the town limits of Arabi for another couple of miles, leaving the municipality at the county line Photo taken 08/07/13.
The Turner County seat of Ashburn is ten miles further south along Interstate 75. Valdosta reappears on mileage signs at 77 miles out. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Drivers cross into Turner County just east of Sibley. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Unpaved Alberson Road spans Interstate 75 east from U.S. 41 & Georgia 7 at Dakota. A large pecan orchard lies along both Alberson Road to the north and I-75 to the west along this stretch. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Georgia 159, a 19-mile route from Pitts to Ashburn, crosses paths with Interstate 75 in one mile. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Georgia 159 provides one of two routes into the city of Ashburn from Interstate 75. The city limits extend outward to encompass the freeway from Exit 84 to south of Exit 82. Photo taken 08/07/13.
A diamond interchange joins Interstate 75 with Georgia 159 at Exit 84. Georgia 159 follows North Street south to end at U.S. 41 & Georgia 7 (Main Street) just outside the city center. The state route leaves Ashburn otherwise for a six mile drive to Amboy. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Interstate 75 bypasses most of Ashburn to the east. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Forthcoming Exit 82 connects Interstate 75 south with Georgia 112 (Washington Street) west to Downtown Ashburn and the beginning of Georgia 107 east to the Ben Hill County seat of Fitzgerald. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Tifton is now just 21 miles away while Valdosta remains an hour's drive. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Georgia 107 & 112 share three miles of pavement east from I-75 and Ashburn before splitting on respectively paths to Rebecca and Fitzgerald. GA 107 totals 62 miles from Exit 82 to U.S. 221 in Jeff Davis County. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Exit 82 leaves Interstate 75 south for Georgia 107 & 112 east and Georgia 112 (Washington Avenue) west. Georgia 112 travels 98 miles overall from Milledgeville east of Macon to Cairo in Southwest Georgia. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Sylvia Drive accompanies the west side of Interstate 75 south to Rock House Road near Turner County Airport as motorists pass by this shield assembly. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Southbound mileage sign posted 19 miles north of Tifton and 66 miles from Valdosta. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Two exits connect Interstate 75 with the city of Sycamore to the west. Exit 80 provides the north entrance into town. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Bussey Road leads west from Exit 80, 1.1 miles to U.S. 41 & Georgia 7 at Collins Street in Sycamore. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Interstate 75 travelers reach the diamond interchange (Exit 80) with Bussey Road, 1.25 miles north of Georgia 32, which exits Sycamore eastward to the Irwin County seat of Ocilla. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Georgia 32 stretches 189 miles across South Georgia from Dawson to Leesburg, Sylvester and Sycamore to a diamond interchange (Exit 78) with Interstate 75. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Denham Road spans the freeway beyond this shield assembly. The rural highway becomes Willis Street in Sycamore to the west. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Drivers bound for Georgia 32 west to U.S. 41 in Sycamore and east 24 miles to Ocilla part ways with Interstate 75 south. GA 32 continues east from Ocilla to Douglas, Alma, Patterson and Sterling outside Brunswick. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Hat Creek parallels Interstate 75 south to the Tift County line along an otherwise agrarian landscape. Photo taken 08/07/13.
The Tift County seat of Tifton is now 16 miles away while Valdosta is another 47 miles further south. Photo taken 08/07/13.
The second to last Georgia rest area is next along Interstate 75 south. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Inaha Road and Interstate 75 come together at a diamond interchange (Exit 75) in one mile. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Southbound at the rest area off-ramp. The final facility is another 23 miles to the south. Photo taken 08/07/13.
One half mile north of Inaha Road on I-75 south. Inaha Road treks west 1.8 miles from Exit 75 to U.S. 41 & GA 7 at the railroad siding of Inaha. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Inaha Road continues another 2.1 miles east from Exit 75 through more farm land to Searcy Road. Photo taken 08/07/13.
34,940 vehicles per day (vpd) were tallied on the stretch of Interstate 75 between Exits 75 and 71 in 2012. Photo taken 08/07/13.
The third to last county for Interstate 75 is Tift County, which the freeway enters northeast of Sunsweet. Photo taken 08/07/13.
The rural diamond interchange (Exit 71) with Willis Still Road is the first of 11 Tift County exits along Interstate 75 south. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Willis Still Road travels 3.8 miles west from the Irwin County line to U.S. 41 & Georgia 7 at the settlement of Sunsweet. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Exit 71 departs Interstate 75 south for Willis Still Road. Parallel U.S. 41 & Georgia 7 moves closer to I-75 from Sunsweet south to Chula. Photo taken 08/07/13.
A short distance further along I-75 is the diamond interchange (Exit 69) with Chula-Brookfield Road. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Chula-Brookfield Road stems east from adjacent U.S. 41 & Georgia 7 near Chula to Whitewater Road in Irwin County. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Southbound at the Exit 69 off-ramp to Chula-Brookfield Road. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Approaching the Tifton area, Interstate 75 remains rural along side farm land. This stretch saw 35,910 vpd recorded in 2012. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Motorists reach a diamond interchange (Exit 66) with Brighton Road in one mile. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Brighton Road links Interstate 75 with U.S. 41 & Georgia 7 to the west and Georgia 125 to the east. Photo taken 08/07/13.
East from Exit 66 and GA 125, Brighton Road advances another 3.5 miles to Old Ocilla Road and the outlying suburbs of Tifton. Photo taken 08/07/13.
U.S. 41 & Georgia 7 cross paths with Interstate 75 again, having last met the freeway directly at Unadilla. The route into Tifton doubles as Business Loop I-75, though signs for the business route are no longer posted along U.S. 41. Photo taken 08/07/13.
The diamond interchange with Business Loop I-75 south, U.S. 41 and Georgia 7 lies just east of the campus of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC). Photo taken 08/07/13.
Exit 64 is the first of five interchange for the city of Tifton. Business Loop I-75 coincides with U.S. 41 to Downtown, following 12th Street and Love Avenue. The business route returns to I-75 via Southwell Boulevard (Exit 59). Photo taken 08/07/13.
Taking the Exit 64 off-ramp, drivers see only a shield assembly for U.S. 41. Some Business Loop I-75 signs were posted for the surface route until 2005. Photo taken 11/26/10.
Crossing over both a Norfolk Southern Railroad line and Baldwin Drive, Interstate 75 sees the first guide sign for Exit 63B to 8th Street east and Whiddon Mill Road west. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Curving westward toward back to back diamond interchanges (Exits 63B/A) with 8th and 2nd Streets. Photo taken 08/07/13.
8th Street lines the north end of a retail corridor flanking the east side of Interstate 75 en route to the residential street grid north of Downtown Tifton. Whiddon Mill Road extends northwest from Exit 63B to the western suburbs and Whiddons Millpond. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Frontage roads link 8th and 2nd Streets, with slip ramps connecting the freeway to the surface roads. 2nd Street bisects the retail corridor east of I-75 to Downtown. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Exit 63A joins the service road ahead of 2nd Street. 2nd Street becomes King Road west of Interstate 75 to E.B. Hamilton Drive and Friendly City Park. Photo taken 08/07/13.
A folded diamond interchange follows 2nd Street to join Interstate 75 south with U.S. 82 & Georgia 520 (7th Street), just west of their split with U.S. 319 south to Moultrie and Thomasville. Georgia 520, also known as Corridor Z, overlays a number of routes from the Alabama state line at Columbus to Jekyll Island on the Atlantic Coast. The state route was commissioned in 1988, joining U.S. 280 south from Columbus to Richland, replacing GA 55 south to Dawson, and supplementing U.S. 82 east to Waycross.2 Photo taken 08/07/13.
Traffic merges onto Interstate 75 south from 8th Street ahead of the former Seaboard Coast Line railroad underpass. Photo taken 08/07/13.
Exit 62 loops away from I-75 south to U.S. 82 & Georgia 520 (7th Street). The pair advance westward eight miles to Ty Ty, 20 miles to Sylvester and 36 miles to Albany while U.S. 82 east & 319 progress eastward through Downtown to split for Pearson and Ocilla respectively. Photo taken 08/07/13.

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