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Interstate 76 U.S. 6 East
The first exit along eastbound Interstate 76 & U.S. 6 in Morgan County is U.S. 6 Business for the town of Wiggins. Inventoried as Route 006I by CDOT, the defacto business loop runs 3.178 miles between Exits 64 and 66A-B. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Unsigned U.S. 6 Business separates from I-76 at a half diamond interchange with County Road 300. Wiggins lies at an elevation of 4,548 feet and is home to around 900. Like other towns along I-76, Wiggins has its economy based on the railroad and agriculture. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Interstate 76 & U.S. 6 shift one mile north to bypass Wiggins from Kiowa Creek to the merge with U.S. 34. Photo taken 04/22/17.
The off freeway rest area at Wiggins lies just south of Exit 66A in two miles. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Colorado 39 south and Colorado 52 east come together at a three quarter diamond interchange with Interstate 76. Colorado 39 travels 7.57 miles north to Colorado 144 in Goodrich, near Jackson Lake State Park. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Exit 66A departs I-76 & U.S. 6 east for SH 39 north to U.S. 34 west and SH 52 south to adjacent Central Avenue (Route 006J). SH 52 ventures due south 12 miles to County Road F, and 33 miles west to the previous meeting with Interstate 76 at Hudson. Photo taken 04/22/17.
The CDOT Rest Area at Wiggins resides just south of Interstate 76 along Central Avenue (Route 006J) and west of the wye interchange where U.S. 34 merges onto the freeway from Greeley. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Interstate 76 U.S. 6 U.S. 34 East
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Four bridges cross over the wash of Bijou Creek at milepost 67. They carry the I-76 freeway mainline, the north frontage road (old U.S. 6 & 34) and the BNSF Railroad. Photos taken 04/22/17.
Julesburg debuts on eastbound mileage signs at 112 miles out. The first of four interchanges for Fort Morgan lies eight miles ahead. Photo taken 04/22/17.
High winds regulatory sign and wind sock posted by milepost 70 and the railroad siding of Valley. The freeway travels around 4,500 feet above sea level on this stretch. Photo taken 04/22/17.
A rural diamond interchange (Exit 73) joins Interstate 76 & U.S. 6-34 with Morgan County 12 (Long Bridge Road), one mile east of Griffin. Photo taken 04/22/17.
County Road 12 (Long Bridge Road) runs north 5.1 miles from Exit 73 to SH 144 at the Narrows along the South Platte River. Southward the road becomes unpaved to the Ashley oil and gas field. Photo taken 04/22/17.
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Interstate 76 curves north, gaining one and a half miles of attitude from Long Bridge Road to milepost 77. A pair of weigh stations operate in both directions along the stretch. Photos taken 04/22/17.
U.S. 34 separates from its implied overlap with Interstate 76 & U.S. 6 to accompany Business Loop I-76 east through Fort Morgan and Brush. The business route also links with the continuation of SH 52 (Main Street) north from Downtown Fort Morgan. U.S. 6 remains as the unsigned counterpart of U.S. 6 to bypass both cities. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Business Loop I-76 follows a combination of U.S. 34, U.S. 34 Spur, and U.S. 6 from Exit 75, west of Fort Morgan, to the south Sterling limits, 48.6 miles to the northeast. U.S. 34 (Platte Avenue) stays south of Interstate 76 to Brush, where it leaves the corridor for good en route to Akron. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Interstate 76 U.S. 6 East
Continuing north from the parclo interchange (Exit 75) with U.S. 34 and Business Loop I-76 east on I-76, drivers are again advised of potential high winds. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Interstate 76 & U.S. 6 gradually turn east to parallel the South Platte River to northern reaches of Fort Morgan. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Colorado 144 returns to Interstate 76 from Goodrich and Weldona to end at Interstate 76 & U.S. 6 in one mile. Photo taken 04/22/17.
SH 144 runs along side Fort Morgan Canal as it crosses Interstate 76. A folded diamond interchange (Exit 79) joins the two routes on the south side of Log Lane Village. Photo taken 04/22/17.
East from Exit 79, SH 144 follows Riverview Avenue into Fort Morgan. The state highway concludes a 28.80 mile route at SH 52 (Main Street) nearby. Photo taken 04/22/17.
SH 52 (Main Street) crosses paths with Interstate 76 again at a diamond interchange (Exit 80) on the north side of Fort Morgan. The state highway north ends in 24.3 miles at SH 14. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Interstate 76 enters the Fort Morgan municipal limits at forthcoming Exit 80. A city of over 10,000, Fort Morgan was founded in 1884. A regional hub, its website extolled the fact that it is less than an hour's drive from Denver International Airport (DEN). Photo taken 04/22/17.
Exit 80 leaves I-76 & U.S. 6 east for SH 52 north to Raymer. SH 52 forms the south leg of the 128-mile Pawnee Pioneer Trails scenic byway, which includes SH 14 east to Sterling and CR 129 north from Raymer. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Interstate 76 & U.S. 6 advance east one mile to a diamond interchange (Exit 82) with Barlow Road. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Confirming marker for Interstate 76 east posted east of the Upper Platte and Beaver Canal and Riverside Park. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Barlow Road spurs north from Exit 82 to a campground along the South Platte River and south from Interstate 76 to Morgan Community College and Business Loop I-76 (Platte Avenue) in 0.6 miles. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Leaving the Fort Morgan city limits, Interstate 76 travels between the South Platte River and Upper Plate and Beaver Canal. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Neighboring Brush, a city of over 5,000, is located eight miles to the east along Business Loop I-76 and U.S. 34. Julesburg is less than 100 miles away. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Dodd Ridge Road (County Road 24) and Interstate 76 come together at Exit 86 in one mile. Exit 86 was revamped from a tight parclo A2 to a diamond interchange as part of overall reconstruction of I-76 between mile markers 84.9 and 91.1 from April 2013 to the end of 2014.1 Photo taken 04/22/17.
Dodd Ridge Road (County Road 24) extends north across the South Platte River through agricultural areas to County Road Y and south to Business Loop I-76 & U.S. 34. Photo taken 04/22/17.
This reassurance marker stands ahead of the County Road 25 underpass. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Hospital Road connects Interstate 76 & U.S. 6 with the west side of Brush via Exit 89. The road leads south to Business Loop I-76 & U.S. 34 (Edison Street) within the vicinity of East Morgan County Hospital. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Through traffic bound for U.S. 34 east to the Yuma County seat of Wray or Colorado 71 south to Limon are advised to remain on Interstate 76 east to Exit 92. Business Loop I-76 & U.S. 34 Spur connect with the freeway there, 0.93 miles north of U.S. 34 on the outskirts of Brush. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 89) with Hospital Road south to Brush and County Road 27 north. Founded in 1884, the city of Brush has an agricultural based economy. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Interstate 76 & U.S. 6 pass 0.9 miles north of Downtown Brush, meeting SH 71 (Colorado Avenue) next. A multi state route, SH 71 is a major north-south corridor that follows the Heartland Expressway from Rocky Ford in Otero County north to South Dakota, passing through Limon, Brush, Kimball and Scottsbluff through eastern Colorado and western Nebraska. Photo taken 04/22/17.
The $37.6 million reconstruction of Interstate 76 through Morgan County included the building or replacement of 13 bridges along a six mile stretch. Included in the work was the resurfacing with concrete and the addition of auxiliary lanes between Exits 89 and 90.1 Photo taken 04/22/17.
MSR 71 travels six miles north from Exit 90 to Snyder and 72 miles to Interstate 80 at Kimball, Nebraska. The state highway south combines with Business Loop I-76 & U.S. 34 (Edison Street) for 1.2 miles east from the Brush city center. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Exit 90 was converted from a full cloverleaf into a standard diamond interchange during 2013-14 construction. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Interstate 76 traverses open farm land to the northeast of Brush. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Continuing east, U.S. 6 separates from Interstate 76 to combine with Business Loop I-76 northeast to Hillrose, Merino and Atwood. U.S. 34 Spur ties in from U.S. 34 near Brush Municipal Airport (7V5) to the south. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Leading south from Business Loop I-76 & U.S. 34, Colorado 71 ventures 20 miles to Woodrow and 73 miles to Limon. The multi state route ends in 174.36 miles at U.S. 350 near Timpas. Photo taken 04/22/17.
A 1966-built bridge carries Interstate 76 across both Beaver Creek and the BNSF Railroad just prior to Exit 92. Originally a full cloverleaf interchange joined I-76 with U.S. 6 at Exit 92. Loop ramps from the freeway to the surface route were eventually removed. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Travelers headed to U.S. 34 east to Akron, Wray and McCook, Nebraska part ways with Interstate 76 east at Exit 92. U.S. 34 Spur overlaps with Business Loop I-76 west back toward Brush while U.S. 6 overlays the remainder of the route north to Sterling. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Interstate 72 East
Interstate 76 travels solo for the rest of its route northeast to Nebraska. Photo taken 04/22/17.
North 31 miles to Sterling and 90 miles to Julesburg, I-76 runs along the bluff line south of the South Platte River. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Next in line for eastbound motorists is the diamond interchange (Exit 95) with Morgan County 33. Photo taken 04/22/17.
County Road 33 links Interstate 76 with Business Loop I-76 & U.S. 6, 1.4 miles to the north at the small town of Hillrose. Photo taken 04/22/17.
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2 photos
Interstate 76 bee lines six miles northeast to the Merino exit. Julesburg is now 84 miles away. Photos taken 04/22/17.
A dairy farm operation lines the north side of the freeway at the County Road X underpass by forthcoming milepost 99. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Eastbound Interstate 76 crosses into the northwest corner of Washington County just beyond County Road X. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Interstate 76 Archive - east
Prior to 2013-14 reconstruction of Interstate 76 east of Fort Morgan and north of Brush, Colorado 71 was signed as the through route for the continuation of U.S. 34 east to Akron and Wray. Photo taken 08/29/04.
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3 photos
3 photos
A full cloverleaf interchange (Exits 90A/B) originally joined Interstate 76 & U.S. 6 with Colorado 71 at Brush. Photos taken 08/29/04.
A replacement of the one mile sign for Exit 92 added Business Loop I-76. Photo taken 08/29/04.
Signs for Exit 92 were changed by 2014 to reflect Akron in place of Brush and to direct through traffic to SH 71 south around the city. Photo taken 08/29/04.

  1. "Construction starts on I-76, interchanges." Journal-Advocate (Sterling, CO), March 15, 2013.

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