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Interstate 76 U.S. 6 West
Although still appearing rural, suburban development encroaches from Brighton to the west along the ensuing stretch south to 160th Avenue (old SH 7) and Bromley Lane (Exit 22). Photo taken 04/22/17.
Bromley Lane is the first of six exits along Interstate 76 & U.S. 6 west for the city of Brighton. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Bromley Lane extends west from 152nd Avenue and a diamond interchange (Exit 22) to the Adams County government complex and U.S. 85 at the Brighton Mall retail area. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Prairie Center Parkway winds south from Bromley Lane to Platte Valley Medical Center and the Prairie Center Village retail area. Renamed Eagle Boulevard, 144th Avenue was realigned west from Exit 21 to 27th Avenue to accommodate the new development. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Guide signs for Exit 21 were greened out to show Eagle Boulevard in place of 144th Avenue. 144th Avenue extends west from 27th Avenue to Brighton Road. Photo taken 04/22/17.
As Interstate 76 becomes more urban, interchange sequence signs are used along the freeway west into Commerce City. Photo taken 04/22/17.
The diamond interchange (Exit 21) with Eagle Boulevard west also connects with Telluride Street south along Barr Lake. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Continuing south, Interstate 76 & U.S. 6 next meet 136th Avenue at a diamond interchange (Exit 20) in one mile. Photo taken 04/22/17.
The southbound ramp (Exit 18) to the E-470 tollway is the first of six exits for Commerce City along I-76 west. Photo taken 04/22/17.
136th Avenue ends at the Barr Lake Meadows subdivision, just east of Exit 20. West from I-76 & U.S. 6, 136th Avenue heads 3.5 miles to Brighton Road (old U.S. 85). Photo taken 04/22/17.
This ground level sign was posted one mile ahead of the loop ramp (Exit 18) for E-470 south on I-76 west. Photo taken 08/29/04.
Presently only two ramps connect the E-470 beltway with Interstate 76. Exit 18 provides southbound access to Denver International Airport (DEN), and a flyover facilitates the connection from the toll road north to I-76 east. Photo taken 04/22/17.
What was the 2.25 mile advance sign for Sable Boulevard and SH 2 south (Exit 16), was replaced with an overhead for the E-470 beltway (Exit 18). SH 2 was truncated north of I-76 in 2010, with Sable Boulevard reverting to city of Brighton maintenance.1 Photo taken 08/29/04.
The E-470 beltway wraps around the east side of the Denver metropolitan area, providing a 46 mile bypass of Interstate 25 from Broomfield south to Lone Tree. Photo taken 04/22/17.
The closest northbound on-ramp for E-470 from I-76 west requires navigating along a surface route using Sable Boulevard north and 120th Avenue east. Photo taken 08/29/04.
Exit 18 opened to traffic in 2003, the same year that the E-470 beltway was completed. The bypass switched to all electronic tolling (AET) in 2009. Photo taken 04/22/17.
Signs for E-470 along I-76 west were changed by 2017 to display the new trailblazer for the tollway. Photo taken 08/29/04.
Back to back trumpet interchanges previously linked Interstate 76 & U.S. 6 west with Colorado 51 (Sable Boulevard) north and Colorado 2 (historic U.S. 6) to the south. Construction from summer 1998 to September 2001 consolidated the two exchanges into a single diamond interchange with a realignment of Sable Boulevard.1 Photo taken 08/29/04.
Colorado 2 shields on overheads for Exit 16 were replaced with an airport trailblazer by 2016. Colorado 2 otherwise branches south from Interstate 76 to Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge and Commerce City. The state highway runs 19.94 miles overall from Exit 16 to U.S. 285 (Hampden Avenue) in Denver. Photo taken 08/29/04.
SH 44 overlays a 4.96 mile section of 104th Avenue west from SH 2 in Commerce City to Colorado Boulevard in Thornton. The state highway crosses over Interstate 76 just east of U.S. 85 and north of Exit 12. Photo taken 08/29/04.
Road work underway from October 2016 to late 2017 or early 2018 improved the westbound curve of Interstate 76 & U.S. 6 at the wye interchange (Exit 12) with U.S. 85. With four lanes, U.S. 85 varies as a divided highway, expressway or arterial north from Commerce City to from Brighton, Fort Lupton, Platteville and Greeley. Photo taken 08/29/04.
Interstate 76 U.S. 6 West U.S. 85 South
U.S. 85 south combines with I-76 & U.S. 6 west to a dumbbell interchange (Exit 11) with 96th Avenue. Photo taken 08/29/04.
Ramps at Exit 11 tie into 96th Avenue and the adjacent Brighton Road frontage road system. 96th Avenue west links I-76 with Mckay Road to Thornton and suburban areas north of Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. Photo taken 08/29/04.
88th Avenue crosses Interstate 76 west from the Irondale community of Commerce City at forthcoming Exit 10. Photo taken 08/29/04.
West from Exit 10, 88th Avenue takes a causeway like road across the Gravel Lakes and South Platte River, entering Thornton ahead of the Thornton Valley East subdivision and Thornton Mobile Estates. Photo taken 08/29/04.
U.S. 6 separates from Interstate 76 at Vasquez Boulevard and Exit 9, 81.5 miles west from there it joined the freeway outside Brush. Photo taken 08/29/04.
Vasquez Boulevard takes U.S. 6 west & 85 south through Commerce City to Interstate 70 at Elyria Swansea in Denver. Colorado 2 briefly accompanies the arterial to its exchange with I-270, before joining Colorado Boulevard south into Northeast Park Hill in Denver. Photo taken 08/29/04.
The 5.34 mile section of Vasquez Boulevard south from the wye interchange (Exit 9) with I-76 to Interstate 70 is inventoried by CDOT as Route 006H. This is the last signed section of U.S. 85 until south of Colorado Springs and U.S. 6 west until the 6th Avenue Freeway at Sun Valley, Denver. Photo taken 08/29/04.
Interstate 76 West
Dahlia Street spans Interstate 76 two miles ahead of Exit 6 with Interstate 270. The freeway traverses an area of wetlands between Thornton Lakes and the O'Brian Canal over the next mile to SH 244. Photo taken 08/29/04.
An on-ramp adds traffic to Interstate 76 west from SH 244 (74th Avenue) by Engineer Lake. Curving west, travelers cross the South Platte River ahead of Interstate 270 (Exit 6). Photo taken 08/29/04.
The 2003-completed extension of Interstate 270 west links with Interstate 25 north to Thornton, Northglenn and Fort Collins. Photo taken 08/29/04.
I-270 constitutes a busy urban loop with just four lanes to U.S. 36 (Denver-Boulder Turnpike) northwest to Boulder and Interstate 70 east to Aurora. Photo taken 08/29/04.
A directional cloverleaf interchange with a distributor roadway facilitates movements west from I-76 to Interstate 270 at Exit 6. Photo taken 08/29/04.
Exit 6 partitions into ramps for U.S. 36 west to Westminster and Boulder and I-270 & U.S. 36 east to Stapleton in Denver and Limon for the continuation of I-70. Photo taken 08/29/04.
Interstate 76 proceeds west to quickly meet Interstate 25 at Exit 5A. There is no Exit 5B, as that ramp was permanently closed with the completion of I-270 west to I-25 nearby. Photo taken 08/29/04.
Paralleling Clear Creek through industrial North Washington, the subsequent exit along Interstate 76 west is with Pecos Street. Photo taken 08/29/04.
Ramps from I-25 form a westbound auxiliary lane for Interstate 76 to the diamond interchange (Exit 4) with Pecos Street. Photo taken 08/29/04.
This interchange sequence sign outlines the final two mainline exits from Interstate 76 west. Both fall within unincorporated areas of Adams County. Photo taken 08/29/04.
U.S. 287 (Federal Boulevard) heads north from Regis and Chaffee Park in Denver to a diamond interchange (Exit 3) with Interstate 76 by the Westmoreland neighborhood. Photo taken 08/29/04.
Interstate 76 crosses Clear Creek three times over the course of 3.25 miles between U.S. 287 (Federal Boulevard) and the exchange with Interstate 70 and SH 121 (Wadsworth Boulevard). Photo taken 08/29/04.
Westbound at the ramp departure (Exit 3) to U.S. 287 (Federal Boulevard) south to Denver and north to Westminster and Federal Heights. Photo taken 08/29/04.
Colorado 95 (Sheridan Boulevard) straddles the Jefferson County line north from Lakeside and Regis in Denver to meet Interstate 76 next at Exit 1B. Photo taken 08/29/04.
With just four lanes, Interstate 76 advances west from U.S. 287 to pass over Lowell Boulevard. 84,000 vpd were recorded here by CDOT in 2015. Photo taken 04/23/17.
Motorists staying on the freeway west of the Wadsworth Boulevard off-ramp will reach the I-70 exit for SH 391 (Kipling Street) in north Wheat Ridge in 3.75 miles. Photo taken 04/23/17.
Sheridan Boulevard constitutes a five lane urban arterial south along the Denver city and county line to Edgewater, east Lakewood and Yale Avenue, where it wholly enters the city at Bear Valley. SH 95 follows Sheridan Boulevard south to the U.S. 285 freeway and north to U.S. 36 (Denver-Boulder Turnpike) in Westminster. Photo taken 04/23/17.
The directional cloverleaf interchange (Exit 269A) joining Interstate 70 and Colorado 121 (Wadsworth Boulevard) intertwines with ramps from I-76 west and to I-76 east. Wadsworth Boulevard forms a busy commercial arterial north through south Arvada. Photo taken 04/23/17.
Completed in 1985, the final 1.6 miles of Interstate 76 curve southwest and nip the corner of the city and county of Denver. Photo taken 04/23/17.
Interstate 70 runs west from the merge with Interstate 76 through north Wheat Ridge to SH 72 (Ward Road). SH 121 (Wadsworth Boulevard) travels south from the freeway to the Wheat Ridge municipal building. Photo taken 04/23/17.
Exit 1A parts ways with the ending Interstate 76 west for Colorado 121. Two lanes continue west onto Interstate 70 to Golden, Idaho Springs and Grand Junction. Photo taken 04/23/17.
Following Wadsworth Boulevard or Parkway, the state highway stretches nearly 31 miles south to Lakewood and Ken Caryl Ranch and north to U.S. 287 in Broomfield. Photo taken 04/23/17.
An end shield for Interstate 76 stands within the wye interchange at Interstate 70 in south Arvada. Photo taken 04/23/17.

  1. Colorado Routes 1-19 (Matt Salek).

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08/29/04, 04/22/17, 04/23/17 by AARoads

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